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					Learning ability

Sequence 2
Chapter 1 Organizational Learning: From theory to practice
Why focus on learning: "choppy" business environment
Scenting What is organizational learning?
The three components of organizational learning
Action "to promote organizational learning
Book structure
Chapter 2 A New Organizational Learning: Four learning styles
A Brief History of Learning Organization
The definition of organizational learning and positioning
1. Learning organization not only focus on learning, but also achieve the goal
2. Organizational learning and individual learning related, but not limited to
individual learning
3. Learning from the failure of many small
4. Learning usually follows a predictable process
5. The two major sources of organizational learning "experience and learn
from others
6. Organizational learning two directions: the development of new fields and the use
of existing opportunities
A New Organizational Learning: the four learning styles
The first learning method: experimental study
The second learning: capacity building
A third approach to learning: Benchmarking Study
The fourth learning: continuous improvement
Organization learning: Different Roads Different return
Chapter 3 Organizational Learning Capacity building model: three components
The first component: the creation of an influential new ideas
The second component: the promotion, application of new ideas influence
Principle 1: To promote the new ideas must first recognize the existence of boundaries,
but also a clear understanding of where the line
Principle 2: The promotion of innovative strategies related to the company
Principle 3: Promotion, Application innovative thinking should be adopted contingent
Principle 4: the process must be institutionalized to promote new ideas
Principle 5: the promotion and application of new ideas to influential
The third component: play and to overcome learning disabilities
One obstacle: the visually impaired
Obstacles II: simplified
Three obstacles: the homogenization of
Four obstacles: tight coupling
Barriers 5: Organizational paralysis
Obstacles 6: error learning
Obstacles 7: Diffusion capacity is not strong
... ...
Chapter 4 to create innovative strategies
Chapter 5 promotion rules apply innovative
Chapter 6 to identify barriers to organizational learning
Chapter 7 evergreen way - General Electric's learning ability
Chapter 8 Learning to create a miracle - China Europe International Business School
Chapter 9, the blueprint for the establishment of organizational learning ability
Chapter 10 Learning Organization Log

Arthur Yeung (ArthurYeung), one of the World Outstanding Chinese management
guru, the current China Europe International Business School Philips Chair Professor
of Human Resource Management, University of Michigan Business School Professor
of Business Administration, Dean of Acer standard straw. Was the base group CHO, to
assist the successful completion of Acer Group, the second largest ever reconstruction
project, to promote the transfer Acer management team of five people. In addition to
research and teaching in addition, Dr. Yang has also been involved in North America,
Asia and other regions with many large companies Consultation training projects,
including the BenQ Group, Boeing, China Mobile, CNOOC, TCL, China Steel, Ford,
HP, ING ING, Philips, TSMC, and Kingdee software. David Ourui Qi, University of
Michigan Business School to teach, the global authority and resource management, in
2001 the United States, "Business Week" cut of the most
influential management guru, whose book on the organization and management of
European and American multinational corporations have a profound impact.
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Author: Arthur Yeung