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Leadership crisis

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					Leadership crisis
2008 outbreak of the financial crisis sweeping the globe, in this crisis, not a single
country and enterprises from the impact, Lehman Brothers and General Motors came
crashing down the old business tycoon, is in serious danger of SMEs is more firm,
bankruptcy The countless.
Entered in 2010, macroeconomic policy in the country under the guidance of the
stimulus and the global economy bottomed out, into the "post-crisis
era", "environment of uncertain future of non-measurable;
situation is very state, the power asymmetry; competition of non-equilibrium,
development of non-linear; measures atypical, non-traditional methods; information
of non-complete, incomplete contract. "
In this era of global turmoil, uncertainty as the key management, crisis management,
the ability to handle complicated situations and the arts more important,
"how the leadership to lead the enterprise to Win, out of the
crisis" has become a business, academic community and even the
government and society to discuss the issue of reflection.
So in the end what is leadership? Kai-fu Lee said: Leadership is an art, the art
generally include a macro-decision making, management practices and the three
aspects of the personal qualities; macroeconomic policy is a forward-looking and
planning for arts, management behavior is a communication and coordination art,
personal qualities is a sincere and balanced artistic.
Chinese Academy of Sciences building on the leadership of the process of leadership
"five forces model" that: five key leadership form the five-force
model of leadership, namely, corresponding to the target group or organizational goals
and strategies for the development of capacity (power forward); corresponds or from
the ability to be a leader, including the ability to attract was the leader (appeal), and
affect the ability of leaders and situations (impact); corresponds to the target group or
organization the ability to achieve the process, including correct and decisive
decision-making capacity (decisiveness), and control objectives to achieve the
capacity of the process (control).
In fact, with regard to leadership, there are several different definitions, but in the
final analysis, leadership behavior can be described as a combination of these actions
will inspire people to follow the leadership to go to the place, not a simple subject.
In times of crisis, leadership, interpretation of this definition is more accurate, and
business leaders strongly reflected in the body, that is: through a series of acts of
corporate leaders combination, motivating people to follow the leader Qu destination.
Business leaders of this series of behavior combination, is the business need in times
of crisis leadership. Then, mix in the end this series of acts is it?
We look at Lenovo's "The Godfather" Liu, no doubt,
Liu always in China, and the world have excellent leadership of the company one of
the leaders in the association of the 2009 crisis, Liu Zong was taken back after a series
of what behavior combined with his outstanding leadership to lead Lenovo out of the
May 21, 2009, Lenovo released in Hong Kong the fourth quarter of fiscal year
2008/09 and full year results for the fourth quarter loss of 264 million U.S. dollars, the
annual net loss 226 million U.S. dollars, becoming the largest loss in history Lenovo
reports. For Lenovo, this is the second consecutive quarter the company financial
losses. Filing shows as of December 31, 2008 third quarter earnings from continuing
operations of consolidated sales fell 20% to 3.59 billion U.S. dollars, a deficit of more
than 9,000 million. Acquisition of less than four years after the IBM PC world,
Lenovo is facing a huge crisis, it is in such a crisis, Liu Zong back and quickly
adopted a series of measures:
(1) strategic adjustment: focus on implementation of association within is known as
the "two fist" strategy, that is, a fist defense, holding the large
Chinese market and overseas customers two core businesses; another fist attack, open
up new markets and consumer business, with an offense.
(2) organizational restructuring: the establishment of two new business groups - one
focused on customers in mature markets, and the other focusing on emerging market
customers; products organizations, are divided into groups of new products and new
THINK IDEA Products Group; the new structure to replace Maps of the original
company to make and the company's strategic direction and market
properties more matches and better serve our customers.
(3) personnel adjustments: Liu Zong Chairman of the Board, Yang served as
CEO ... ...; Liu Zong's association staff to bring back more confidence,
strong execution, Yang returned to the CEO role, but also play Director.
(4) the return of entrepreneurship, give us more confidence and encouragement:
internal, and above all the middle-depth exchange of cadres; outside, all the agents in
the agent 11 to thank the General Assembly, and hope for support.
After nearly a year of development, as of December 31, 2009 ended the third quarter
results: During the quarter, Lenovo's worldwide PC shipments rose 42%
market share for the third consecutive quarter a new record high, reaching 9 %; year
in annualized sales in the global market as a whole increased by 17% annualized
growth in consolidated sales of 33% to 48 million; third quarter pre-tax profit of 9,400
million U.S. dollars, the success recorded in the third quarter of last year Loss
attributable to shareholders of 9,700 million U.S. dollars into the black. The more
leadership in Liu Zongzhuo under the leadership of the initial association was finally
out of the crisis.
We associate a time of crisis from Liu Zong in the series of acts combination of view,
leadership in times of crisis mainly as follows: strategic guidance, strategic initiatives
and personal charm. If the business compared to sailing ships at sea, the crisis is the
emergence of light and dark rocks in the sea, in times of crisis is the vessel has come
to a place surrounded by reefs, wrecks about to hit the rocks; At this point, the captain
is the business leader to guide the strategic guidelines like vessels traveling in the
ocean "Lighthouse", the captain should be based on his
experience, his observation or can pool their wisdom to find the right route or
"beacon" to the command vessel, if not find the correct route,
only can be grounded boat crash; strategic initiatives like the captain issued the right
orders, and allows each person according to their instruction operation, if you know
the correct route, but the instructions issued by mistake or because of to the wrong
person to carry out instructions lead to the implementation in place, and can only be
the outcome of boat crash; captain charisma is reflected in: in this boat crash face the
critical moment, to be able to let everyone calm, not in disarray, so that everyone can
rally around their own, their duties, to strictly abide by regulations, or any person of a
small mistake will result in grounding of ship crash.
"Two fist" strategy to re-adjust the association for the crisis to
find      the      right   route      or      the     "lighthouse";
"organizational             restructuring",             "staff
adjustments" such as the implementation of strategic initiatives to ensure
that the captain ordered the effective implementation of the correct order; and Liu
Zong's personal charm is evident in his return brings Lenovo employees,
partners, markets and investors more confidence, Liu Zongxuan cloth to get back in
the day, Lenovo's shares soared 10.96%, around him their staff members
are also rising passion.
As Liu Zong said: the future of a business depends on the quality of its top leadership,
depending on whether the top leadership team really knows the business, whether to
build a fighting team, develop the right strategy. Times of crisis leadership is
charismatic business leader, strategic guidance capabilities, ability to execute strategic
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