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   BS yourself, how not to do so long, so long he used to know how much change in
ah, baby changing and that their changes, mood changes, the update did not come in
time, this can not be a next time . Ha ha.
   Baby has been a week and five months, become very cute, but a small baby and
thin, and really make people feel bad ah. Somehow, two months after the
baby's coughing from the until now not been broken, two months after the
vaccination to now has been not to play. Pills are not eating, I am really worried that
such a long-suppressed past, one to be lazy, another is really not in the mood, every
day in fear, the baby's coughing when Ok, fever three times in three
months are cough, then the sore throat, bronchitis, took the pills, or keep the root, the
last time last week to see a doctor, he finally did escape to injections, the first day to
find the blood vessels in the forehead, not to cut my hair, actually the next day is not
enough skilled nurses, shaved the hair were not enough, not binding, the depriving the
baby wah-wah cry for a long time, finally found medicine needle will not drop no bar
in the know, or will not hurt your baby cry stop down. Later, another nurse was found
in the forehead vascular re-bundle it, poor baby had to suffer two needles, three
needles changed, needle headlong into the baby skin that moment I did not dare look
at where the poor baby cry randomly, Fortunately, one will be stopped coax.
   Or to recall some of the things it happened more than two months, although many
will recall has been less clear.
   Said last baby eczema, the last four months when the Chinese medicine hospital
doctor, the doctor said there may be allergic to milk, the results did not add the milk to
eat rice cereal a few days, significant improvement of eczema, the baby is a milk
powder allergy, and then stopped milk, eating rice cereal plus milk was. However, the
rice cereal without milk nutrition is always good, there is no way, so I always feel the
baby long delay, had never looked too fat, thin, thin section. Fortunately, the baby
three months of physical examination, the baby, 64.5 cm, weight 12.8 kg, height was
also OK, underweight, 4 months did not go to medical examination, his home is 66
cm in height and volume, body weight did not say five amount of time on their height
68 cm. Has been said that breast milk is not enough, this really made me feel very
frustrated, ah, should not have been enough, blame their failure to open early milk.
   Since April last I have a cold, finally transmitted to the baby, your baby has a fever,
cold, and took the pills some improvement, but the cough has not quit in May they
attack once the baby has inflamed throat to The Children's Hospital to see,
eat some medicine. Cough there, they went to Fountain Chinese medicine hospital
saw a doctor read some Chinese medicine, eating a better day, heard the baby will
have three secondary cough, just Dragon Boat Festival, think of your baby more
comfortable, and baby daddy back to home see, because Grandma age of the baby
bigger, from baby born to the baby have not yet seen it, so think also, together with
the baby to go home, go back and explain before the baby grandmother has also been
good to bring their own baby food on time and quantity go back is to do so, but the
weather is too hot at home, and also every day rain, sleep well, eat well, have been
blowing fan, I feel uncomfortable, let alone the baby, because it is for new
environment, your baby will not adapt, crying, sleep well, the results came back a
cold throat angry baby daddy played two needles, I came back is sore throat, and
estimates did not sleep well lit up. Poor baby even worse, come back another serious
cough, and fever a few days on, hit two needles This has improved, this trip can be
Zhenlei people, and returned to Shenzhen is also frustrating to now, every day dark,
poor baby ye not what a day comfortable. How will the resistance of small baby so
badly it every day, gripping these things, once to the brink of collapse. Pray for your
baby better soon, health and happiness it. . I pray it flies a little more comfortable. .
   Sick baby is very gripping her mother, although I always feel the baby much longer
than imagined so good, in fact my goal needle more than this. But the past few
months, the change is to mother the baby is very happy. In fact, when two and a half
baby loves to laugh, when I woke up Qubao him, he will be exposed smiles are sick to
blame, because it is not comfortable, your baby for a long time do not want to move,
do not laugh , and the one is painful eczema, with sore throat, fever, medication, poor
baby have become not love say love laughing. But as long as the body comfortable
when the baby even if their sofa, also ah ah ah call out, will be dancing. From three
months, the weather will heat up, hold your baby to occasionally play downstairs, and
a baby is always special to the outside air, do not say do not laugh, not people funny,
who is not easily teased, smiling, Of course, we boys Well, not see anyone laughing
drops, hum.
   100 days, when photographed with a baby to Sesame hundred sunshine, the first set
of clothes is just a few days, when a hundred photos of the same, not funny, do not
listen to funny, to look at studio and sister tease him, seriously really can not easily be
smiling, because the baby has been sick the last reason, tummy is not good, according
to a set of clothes only no photo, and then about next week, a drag on to the four
months of this would have performed slightly better, one breath according to the four
other finished garments, although the photos are not particularly satisfactory, but will
with it, is the baby of the 100 memorial sunshine.
   Baby has been eating not very good, particularly uncomfortable when nothing good
to eat delicious, from less than four months he refused to drink milk, and began to
Gamus paste, rice cereal is not good taste, to Now eat so long, or not tasty, almost
filling the food, not good to eat delicious Douzhuo, is also something go an
'suck, grandmother, mother feeding baby food to be angry, grandfather and
father Dad is not fed into the bite, simply can not feed, will not Hey, baby First good
taste, has been with the pedal, the physical one, or a sudden lift of his head up, you
accidentally put rice cereal The feed to the nose, the second baby does not open
mouth, I do not know how to put rice cereal stuffed baby mouth. Until now, the baby
has not fed the baby meal Dad rice cereal, rice cereal is the impulse crossed only once,
also can not eat red was cool.
   To be continued. . .

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