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					Large speculators Top Trader internal reference (2009-07-07)
Large speculators afternoon gold stocks: 000 416 Minsheng investment:
   Minshengtouzi Yu April 20, 2009 had a very large shareholder, Shanghai Hua Xin
Investment Co., Ltd. notice, Shanghai Hua Xin Yu April 19, 2009 and Fan Hai Group
Limited, sea Holdings Limited and China, Fan Hai Holding Group Co., Ltd. signed
the "Asia Standard Group Limited, sea Holdings Limited, Asia Standard
Holdings Group Ltd. and Shanghai Hua Xin Investment Co., Ltd. of China Holdings
Limited, Asia Standard Capital Increase Agreement", the Shanghai Hua
Xin held to be its 119,981,428 shares of restricted company shares as an investment
sale, a price of RMB 146,357,892 yuan on China Asia Standard for replenishment.
The capital increase is completed, Shanghai Hua Xin will become a shareholder of
Asia Standard, China Asia Standard will hold a sale of the company's
limited terms of outstanding shares 119,981,428 shares, representing 22.56% of the
company's total share capital, to be our largest shareholders. Shanghai Hua
Xin will no longer hold any shares.

 ?Investment Highlights:
   1 and biomedical concepts, the company invested 6 million yuan and Engineering
Co., Ltd. Sichuan Hui Yang life of its own "re-effective
interferon" project co-operation, all made using recombinant interferon
effective prevention, treatment, virus ( corona virus) Respiratory Syndrome, caused
by the drug are included in the project.
   2, the retail industry: the company 36.38 million yuan and 31.62 million yuan in the
prices of the company held by transferee exchange Hai Lida Qingdao, Qingdao, and
Lai Tai-commerce business and 45% stake each. Goods retail is at a relatively steady
growth in the industry cycle and the new stage of adjustment and innovation, the
company will integrate business resources, and continuously adjust the Industry
structure, speed up the breakdown of the existing department stores, personalized

Large speculators see the situation: the broader market yesterday, steel, finance, coal,
weight plates, driven by continued strong gains, although the session has been
repeated, but still broke the 3100 point closing mark, and created a new round of
market closing high, and yesterday's volume can significantly enlarge the
market still maintains a strong short-term, the market outlook, we continue to believe
that broader market this week will face a significant adjustment, which is the current
state of market-determined, yesterday Liangnengfangtai show the firm in the market
after the 3000, some early bearish turn over the funds, entering grab chips, which
would undoubtedly upset the rhythm of the main force, so the chips were on the floor
Zhu Li Qing Xi is the current most important work , the internal structure of the
market, claims are relatively strong, therefore, in this dual role, the
market's adjustment has been a flashpoint, index of re-Hui do not rule out
the possibility of probe test 3000 points, in the process, the main will be completed
profitable chips cleaning, lay a solid foundation for future market. Starting yesterday,
the market focus of view, we have been promising early yesterday, the overall strong
performance of the steel plate, plate rose as high as 6%, many steel stocks sealed daily
limit, while the strength of steel plates, mainly in the pre-adjusted fully, therefore, this
give us a revelation, the current operation must grasp the plate and the rhythm of
wheeled units, ahead of the layout, to the initiative. Today the market is expected to
show high and volatile consolidation, pre-strong real estate, coal blocks have been
exposed yesterday to adjust the situation, the overall shot up yesterday after the steel
plate will also face shocks, adjust the main plate is also a precursor to broader market
to be revised, therefore, plate and rhythm wheeled units would be mainly Lun Zhang,
compensatory growth the main level can be adjusted to fully focus on early
automobiles, new energy and wines and spirits section.
Hot money, Sector Information Summary (09-07-07)
2009-07-06 Day in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock agencies, private line net inflows
top five (unit: RMB): Shanghai Stock Exchange before the 5 - 4.58% 28,342 Haitong,
Maanshan Iron & Steel shares 10.06% 21237, 8.36% 12,700 Baosteel,
China Aluminum 4.93% 12 685, gold shares 1.74% 9815 Mo. Shenzhen City Top 5 -
7.22% 15,823 Tangganggufen, Yunnan Copper 4.57% 15 822, TISCO Stainless Steel
9.96% 15,189, 7.89% Zoomlion 9995, Hongyuan Securities 6.24% 7985.
2009-07-06 Day in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock agencies, private net capital
outflow of top five departments (unit: RMB): Shanghai Stock Exchange before the 5 -
Tianwei change -3.07% -13317 Paul, Poly Real Estate -2.82 % -11596, China
Shenhua 0.12% -11,284, Shandong Gold -1.40% -9820, Golden Group -0.65% -7854.
Shenzhen City Top 5 - Chenzhou Mining -2.92% -9,658, -7,587 Xishan Coal and
Electricity 2.53%, Hang Bong shares -2.44% -7 331, COFCO Property -1.08% -6 347,
3.11% -6 254 Gree.
2009-07-06 on the Shanghai and Shenzhen City, the parties take the initiative to buy
financial      institutions    among        the    top      21     traded      stocks      -
19,600435 , 600379,601899,000665,002105,600258,600138,000428,600408,002205.
(Active purchase transactions: When transaction price to sell one, sell two, three or
even selling price of a direct transaction, the purchase transaction is active, often long
on rich atmosphere, while more than to see the data plate inside and outside the main
collection of chips is easy to see efforts to pay more attention to emerging stock in the
rankings. stocks represent a collection of signs of rank, does not mean that we
recommended selling points).
Exchange to the latest data show that as of this week (July 6) closing, the total market
value of Shanghai Stock Exchange was 16.8083 trillion yuan, the market value of
7.718236 trillion yuan in circulation, the average price-earnings ratio is 26.74 times;
Shenzhen City, the total market value of 4.4449 trillion yuan, the market value of
2.729968 trillion yuan in circulation; Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 constituent stocks
of the average price-earnings ratio is 26.19 times. The total market value of 21.2532
trillion yuan cities, increase of 314.5 billion yuan over the previous day.
China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Audit Committee of Listed Companies
M & A is scheduled July 8, 2009 the 15th convened in 2009 M &
A conference committee, to examine the merger and reorganization of the applicant 1,
Luoyang shaft Research Corporation (Issue of shares purchase of assets 暨关联交易)
2, Hebei Jinniu Energy Co., Ltd. (issue of shares to buy assets 暨关联交易).
Kazuma cable (002 276) announced the initial public offering of the evening A shares
of Yaohao ballot results, the sign number as follows: at the end of the
"three" median: 281 at the end of "four"
digits: 052155218993 Last "Five" digit : 608,431,084,308,635
at the end of "Six" median: 193 475 693 475 End
"7"              digits:      39572615957261          79572619957261
19572616322608          end     of    "eight"        bits:  06406391
3,399,940,928,366,612 who participate in online pricing issue stock purchase
Zhejiang Wanma Cable Co., Ltd. purchase held by investors with numbers ending
with the numbers the same, compared with the ballot number. The Yao Hao produced
a total of 80,000 ballot numbers, each ballot numbers can only subscribe 500 shares
Zhejiang Wanma Cable Co., Ltd. A shares.
Xinxiang Chemical Fiber (000 949) Monday night to amend notice issued
performance, said the market rebound because of viscose fiber, the first half
performance of the company is expected to reverse their losses. According to the
announcement, the company expects 2009 first half net profit of 600 million, about
0.01 yuan per share. Previously, the company had expected, the medium-term loss of
about 60 million yuan. Company said the second quarter of this year, viscose fiber
market is gradually pick up, viscose staple fiber, spandex fiber prices compared with
the first quarter of this year, significant growth is expected in 2009 from January to
June the company to achieve business performance deficits.
Gujing Distillery (000 596) Monday night announcement, the company expects
operating performance in the first half surged 80% -100%. The company expects 2009
net profit of about 35 million yuan in the first half, up 80% over the same period the
previous year -100%. Earnings per share 0.15 yuan, an increase of approximately
87.5% over the same period last year. Net profit growth was mainly attributable to
improved sales structure, product gross margin increased due.
China's sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corporation has
commissioned an economic and investment by the international advisory committee
composed of experts in the company's growing overseas investment to
provide advice.
Large speculators rumor confirmation:
Recent market rumors spread among: Country Hang Rail (000 594) is the Investment
and Financing Reform of Railways during the first participation of private enterprise,
has the upper hand in iron feast. Recently the company intends to launch private
placement. It is reported that the program have submitted, approved more likely.
Recent market rumors spread among: China State Construction Engineering
Corporation, a close high-level insider has revealed. "Year-long
preparation for a construction Co., Ltd. China Securities Regulatory Commission has
recently received approval to market, raising expected to reach 426 100 million yuan,
to be issued share capital not exceeding 120 million shares. "
Recent market rumors spread among: Black of shares (600 179) is the three
northeastern provinces and Inner Mongolia, the largest coal chemical base in the
eastern region, with annual production capacity of 1 million tons of coke. As the
anchor of coke futures market, the company has a very small number of Chinese
international prices of energy products, the right words, there is some concern value.
Recent market rumors spread among: China Merchants Securities is strongly
recommended Shenhuo shares (000 933), that the current share price is far below the
company's value, fair value 40 yuan, about to launch the report.
Recent market rumors spread among: Dragon Net Environment (600 388) 3 weeks
advance notice by 120%.
Recent market rumors spread among: Guanlu shares (000 831): After the White
Minmetals Group, recently was discussing the project in Gansu 300,000 tons
aluminum assets into the program.
Recent market rumors spread among: Hefei Sanyo (600 983) weeks advance notice by
3 120%, and is prepared to small appliance into tin assets of Qingdao.
Recent market rumors spread among: Hualan matter (002 007) recently announced
amendments to the performance, up by 50% of the pre-amendment
Recent market rumors spread among: Chongqing Brewery (600 132) is a beer,
beverage, bio-pharmaceuticals in one large enterprise groups. Breakthrough annual
production capacity of 2.8 million tons of beer. Recent roadshow Industrial Securities
upcoming fund, it was revealed growth of the company's performance two
catalysts: a private placement this month to acquire the assets .2 Beer Group is the
interim results in August out of vaccine.
Recent market rumors spread among: Shuangliang shares (600,481) at No. 7 this
month issued forecasted to notice the performance increase of 50% mid-year report.
Recent market rumors spread among: Jinling Pharmaceutical (000 919): mid-year
report by 200%.
Recent market rumors spread among: Chinese workers and Technology (000988)
Wednesday announced mid-year report by 150-200% pre-
Recent market rumors spread between: purple shares (000 938) Relying on abundant
scientific research strength, Tsinghua University, with its own brand and technology
innovation to develop new products to vigorously develop the market. Than the
company's investment Thunis network is the Gateway leading network
equipment suppliers. Recently the company has increased the introduction of
high-end product development, optimize and standardize business processes, is
expected to gain more space for development.
Recent market rumors spread between: the same side shares (600 100) is the leading
high-tech enterprise in China on behalf of the company's prestige as the
security services remained the world's top three, is the world's
largest container inspection equipment suppliers. Company In the military business
channel of the breakthrough performance of the next three years will be about 50%
-80% growth.
Recently there were rumors circulating in the market, said between: Jinling
Pharmaceutical (000 919) and gradually formed a proprietary Chinese medicine-based,
natural medicines and marine drug was given priority, biotechnology and
pharmaceutical industry as a strategic pattern of development goals. Products
"thread Injection "Jiangsu Province is the only one of three
brand-name medicine focus, mid-year report is expected to grow by 200% or so.
Recent market rumors spread among: Telling Holdings (000 829) recently voted to
purchase shares of Jiangxi fuzhoucheng profit more than 1 million.

Large speculators Financial Comments:
Shenzhen Stock Exchange: seven major focus of unusual transactions will be subject
to supervision
   Panorama News Network on July 6: In order to strictly prevent the first day of IPO
trading risk, safeguard the securities market order and protect the legitimate rights and
interests of investors, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has issued the "perfect
SME board on IPO trading debut Monitoring and risk control notice
"defined" through large centralized reporting, continuous
reporting, reporting high or revoke declarations, etc. often affect securities trading
price or trading volume of securities accounts, will be based on the requirement to
restrict trade, reported the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission measures will
be investigated. " The following seven major irregularities and seven
suspected cases are the major exception of illegal transactions, the exchanges focused
on the object of supervision. First, false statements; second lift, pressure; third
agreement transactions; Fourth, since the purchase from the sale; five in a row
focused on transactions; 6 is unusual turn transactions; seven are suspected of insider
trading related transactions.
【Comment】 from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the seven major
irregularities and that the market often mentioned "Zhuanggu"
behavior, is often hailed for the market "daily limit Gansi on
the"          behavior       is     not       standardized,        contrary     to
"Excellencies," the principle of behavior. A small number of
institutions and large for the pursuit of speculative profits, use of financial advantages,
including the seven in connection with illegal major trading irregularities involved in
securities trading, price manipulation, and cause significant price fluctuations,
resulting in the interests of small investors to suffer losses. There is a saying in China:
Mo hand, hand must be caught. Recently, the management means of false declarations
on Developing Patterns of use of stock market manipulation case and the way the text
of water, Liu Yanze manipulation reduction of lifting the ban severely limits sale of
shares in case of investigation on certain institutions and individuals to raise a
warning. GEM in the IPO and the upcoming resumption of the occasion, the
management made a significant unusual transactions on the seven key regulatory
measures, is to act against manipulation of stock prices to hard-won market good
situation to be sustainable. (The long-term good news for the market)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Establishment of an international reserve currency over
the sovereignty of Chinese Government's position
   Xinhua: Chinese Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei said in Rome on the 5th, the
creation of super-sovereign international reserve currency, but at present, the
academic discussion, not the Chinese Government's position. Day, He
Yafei held in the Chinese delegation and foreign media briefing to answer a
reporter's question, said that the dollar is today a major international
settlement and reserve currency, the U.S. government has the responsibility to
maintain the dollar's stability. Over the years, many countries have called
for the U.S. government to take action to protect the value of the dollar's
stability, the Chinese are also concerned about the safe representation of dollar assets,
"it is natural". He said China welcomes the U.S. Government to
earnestly strive to maintain a stable dollar.
【Comment】 from Chinese Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei of the above remarks one
sees that what is diplomatic. Because, articles and speeches published in the previous
phase continuous, on the creation of an international reserve currency over
sovereignty put forward their views, even the central bank announced in the 26
"China Financial Stability Report (2009)" on the creation of
formal sovereignty over the international reserve currency, and Now officially
launched the pilot cross-border trade in RMB and to allow the yuan trade settlement
in Hong Kong start-up business. Therefore, is not how to say, but rather how to do it,
China is only at the G8 meeting dilute the sovereignty over the currency, forcing
dollar rebound, the dollar index rapidly pulled up really crashed, rose to 80.70 from
80.30 over the bottom. Although the short term the U.S. dollar as the number one
reserve currency status is still very strong, the dollar suffered recent
"super-sovereign syndrome" fully demonstrated against the
reform of the international reserve currency system is imminent. (The message macro
The next 5 years, energy-saving environmental protection industry in China reached
450 billion yuan in investment demand
   Xinhua: the National Development and Reform Commission, Xie Zhenhua, deputy
director has revealed the next five years, the Chinese environmental protection
industry demand for investment up to 450 billion yuan, a new energy-saving
environmental protection industry is facing unprecedented development opportunity.
Xie Zhenhua at the Tsinghua University in Beijing, China circular economy research
center, said the inaugural meeting, China is implementing the 4 trillion 210 billion
yuan in investment plans for energy conservation, the development of recycling
economy and ecological environment construction, a series of Industrial restructuring
and rejuvenation program will also develop recycling economy as industrial
upgrading and structural adjustment of the important measures.
【Comment】 environmental protection industry as an economic restructuring of key
industries is deeply rooted among the top which has a more urgent demand for
industrial investment is also one of the measures to promote economic growth.
Although the overall proportion of funds invested and can not play the role of radical
transformation of power, but the industrial development perspective the strength of its
guidance or less significant, investors in the bright future of the industry should
maintain a high degree of attention. Estimated investment needs in order to achieve
objectives, the state may increase the policy of concessions. (The good news for the
Two sets of home loans in July to improve the overall tightening of the housing needs
of inhibition of type
   Daily Commercial News: "At the end of June, our company has received
more than four cooperative banks in the oral notice that starting from July from the
two sets of tight mortgage policy, we hastened to urge the handle in the office before
July The two sets of mortgage business to dispose of. "industry, a real
estate agent told reporters. The one hand, most banks have excess of the annual credit
target, on the other hand also to avoid the risk of major banks began to tighten last
two sets of Hangzhou, the mortgage policy, but not the same stringent. In response,
many industry insiders believe that this will somehow affect the signal from the
compact to improve the type and investment-oriented needs of the next release, which
can be said to bear the brunt of the demand to improve the model. Yesterday afternoon,
reporters call the part of the developers, are aware that the real estate or started to
implement this policy, two sets of mortgage has been difficult to play the
"edge ball."
【Comment】 June 24 China Banking Regulatory Commission issued an emergency
"to further strengthen credit management on notice," which,
"to prevent the inflow of credit funds in the capital market and real estate
market" on the market has signaled that the credit funds on the stock
market and real estate tightening, now see the credit tightening measures on the two
suites are quietly implemented. The first half of bank loans in order to complete the
task, the two sets of mortgage businesses put a policy "edge
ball" violation of property, "two sets of favorable mortgage
interest rates do not enjoy Qizhe" policy expressly provides that led to
rising real estate prices One of the reasons. Now, after two sets of mortgage tightening
will certainly improve the model needs to defer part of the purchase plan will restrict
the real estate market, "investment" demand, the impact of news
on the real estate section how, remains to be seen. (The bad news for the industry)
Ministry of Railways data show: in June the steady rise of the national railway
transport indicators
   Xinhua: the Ministry of Railways statistics: in June, the national railway
transportation and production operating conditions continue to improve the transport
indicators show steady rise of the trend; railway fixed assets investment growth.
Goods transport, in June, the national railway freight, sending completed 273.55
million tons of total, with basically the same as last year, the chain average daily
increase of 10 million tons, up 1.1%. Investment in infrastructure, in the first half, the
national railway infrastructure investments were completed 201.456 billion yuan, up
155.1 percent over the same period the previous year. National railway has completed
laying a new line of 2739.7 km, 2435.9 km double-track laying; production 1,681.2
km electrified railway.
【Comment】 transport data also reflect an important indicator of economic vitality,
iron boss of data from the infrastructure investment and capacity both reflects
China's strong economic recovery, which also shows the state, including
railway construction funds 4000000000000 desired effect. At the same time, the
relative stagnation of the market in the current transport plate and the consolidation of
railway construction in the long-form positive plate. Recommendations concern
sections of railway construction and rail transport. (The good news for the industry)
Weifang Diesel Engine Ⅳ the country launched the Blue Engine
   Xinhua: Weichai Power Co., Ltd. announced on the 6th, the upgraded version of
Weifang Diesel Engine Ⅳ the country listed on the Blue Engine, this engine will be
matched with Foton Co. test, the two sides of the strategic alliance will be further
deepened. At present, the country has not officially launched Ⅳ emission standards.
【Comment】 Weichai Power announced the listing of the blue engine States Ⅳ
engine, an upgraded version of the new development, with low emission, high
economy and high power performance and driving comfort, etc., with the
country's core technology Ⅳ diesel, which is A core technology industry
progress by leaps and bounds. With last year's car and Weifang Diesel
Fukuda signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, that the
development of the central pillar of China's automobile R & D
Start the engine and vehicle industry, the organic integration of the Chinese
automotive industry is very favorable. (The good news for the industry and individual

Large speculators daily limit of units released tomorrow:
We stock about 14:00 pm today the successful completion of the layout of a 4-point
gain the day, the stock of high tomorrow is expected to open three points a
conservative, is expected to impact the session limit up, then we will be based on the
session, and organize investment near the ship in the daily limit, please pay attention
investors! The Unit welcomes the net video (600 403).

Investors have not yet registered please go to website users to register, we will register your phone number, you send in 14:30 to
operate individual stocks, mainly for the first two 100 for feedback Songgu.

Large speculators night before the stocks added in the plate:
Huayin Electric (600 744):
     Company as the largest power plants in Hunan Province, in the share reform, the
five major power groups in Hunan Province, China Datang Group, an alternative
power company to become the largest shareholder of the company, Datang Power
Group for the State Department directly under the large enterprise, with strong
economic strength, the power industry in the country with a very prominent position.
Shareholders of the company entered the power is expected to provide strong
momentum sustained development. More noteworthy is the company holding shares
Haitong 4064, by the IPO market continues to restart, and drive strength, Hai Tong
Securities has soared, the company will share the brokerage feast.

Hebei Vision Works (000 923):
  Share trillion in investment performance is expected to grow

   Countries in recent years to increase investment in infrastructure, and construction
machinery industry of national key projects directly related to total investment
remained strong, including the South, electric power, railway construction,
construction of a series of major projects have entered the peak period related to
construction machinery, especially earth earth-moving machinery and lifting
machinery demand will remain strong. Among them, more than 100 billion yuan
investment Huangpu River in Shanghai World Expo venue development and
construction, will effectively stimulate domestic demand for construction machinery
products. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail in particular, the current national
requirements to speed up the construction progress of the Shanghai high-speed rail,
increasing the amount of daily work of construction machinery will require more
investment to protect, to the close of Hebei Vision working there, sales and service
Regional advantages are obvious. Investment in infrastructure to benefit from a series
of pull, the company's future product demand will significantly increase,
performance is expected to continue high growth. 4 trillion national launch of large
investment projects, and over also brought out its own Investment Promotion Scheme,
the total investment has more than 10 trillion, much of which is to invest in
infrastructure construction, infrastructure construction within the next two years will
to maintain high growth.
   Obvious geographical advantages of brand prominence
   China's production of bulldozers is an important backbone enterprise of
a class of large state-owned enterprises in Hebei Province, one of major pillars of the
company production and sales industry for seven years in the nation's first
bulldozer. Production capacity is 2500, 250 tons of accessories, while providing
various types of plateau bulldozer. The business scope is: bulldozers, loaders, rollers
and a series of products and accessories production and sales.
"Vision" brand of Quality Supervision General Administration
of bulldozers was awarded "China Top Brand", TY165-2, SD7
bulldozer are the two products as a provincial high-tech products, the largest trial to
date the success of the country's SD9 high-horsepower Caterpillar
bulldozer driver , optimize and upgrade the product to lay a solid foundation. Through
asset restructuring, Hebei state-owned assets into a real major shareholder holding
company, committed to the future profitability of listed companies will be very poor
asset stripping, and cash assets into listed companies, listed companies to enhance
operating efficiency. Actual shares of stock outstanding, only 8800, is typical of small
cap high growth companies. Caterpillar bulldozers have been produced in Hebei
Province famous brand, the company is listed as 520 key large enterprises. Hebei
Xuanhua Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a machinery industry in Hebei Province,
the first listed company.
   Work performance is expected to increase foreign giants
   Caterpillar Inc. and the United States for technical cooperation with developed
SD6D bulldozers, SD6E bulldozing winch, the level of their technical development
and production capability well received by U.S. companies in recent years,
China's strong demand for construction machinery construction machinery
to attract large foreign Big eyes, Caterpillar, KOMATSU, Hyundai and other foreign
companies through joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions continued to enter the
domestic construction machinery, for the foreseeable future, the domestic construction
machinery enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and other
integration, the industry is expected to bring investment opportunities. Since last year,
steel, coal, electricity and other raw material prices increase company's
costs run high, restricting the company's profits, and as steel, coal, prices
quickly dropped greatly save the company costs and revenues and by 4 trillion
infrastructure investment needs of Tai Hing The wind steadily increased, the actual
earnings of listed companies is rare. 2008, three quarterly disclosure, 08
January-September operating income rose 19.12%, mainly sales and prices this year
has increased compared with last year; operating profit of 6,368,200 yuan, up 23.94%,
mainly due to increase in operating income; results are fully protected. Face of the
global financial crisis has moved from the development of the financial sector into the
real economy, and make real economic growth there has been a significant decline in
the adverse situation, declared the goal of work to determine this year are: operating
income of 882.36 million yuan, total profit 17.71 million yuan, compared with 2008
to a new level.

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