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   Just read the guides channel the wealth of life is described in Lan. First know her so
personally, admire her man, a strong woman, not only in business, there are life, it is
capable of a woman. She said she was sent to the countryside in order to improve the
food when the night to the mountains arrested frog, but a lot of mountain wolves and
leopards, her pocket Chuaizhao firecrackers, holding flashlights, also scared of the
beginning, but later If the wolf will not come to feel very bored. Wolf shoulder had
been filmed, she said that time can not be turned, or the wolf will lock your throat,
this time throwing a firecracker would go out, and if the wolf would scare off the ...
She said she went abroad to hitting again working days, in order to save money rent
her basement, which is only a small bed and bedside cabinets, cupboards, on a lamp
and put pictures of their sons. a person abroad, of course they will be homesick, but
her son's photograph will buckle on ... After returning to her in preparation
for opening Alan restaurants, themselves adopted the bamboo in Sichuan and then
shipped back to Beijing, their decoration store, and then opened a unique Szechuan
Restaurant ... When the host think that part of her do hard time, she did not say a little
hard hard, because when you have so much fun, but also the respect of others, you
will think you do that is worth ...
Grow articles
Small, Lan is with the grandmother grandpa grew up with. My grandfather in the
Chaoyang Hospital animal laboratory work, also will not walk in the Lan, Lan
grandfather carrying on every day to the laboratory, and it was then, Zhang has made
the dream of surgeons, and later even went so Nurse's cousin learned
acupuncture injections. However, the special's family tragedies changed
Lan path in life.
- I left suffering
Touch the eggs of the child king
1968, 10-year-old mother, Lan followed by the delegation from Beijing to Hubei in
remote mountain villages, pastoral life gave its first visit to the countryside, Lan
special novelty and pleasure: sleeping in a foot wide of the heatable adobe sleeping
platform, see on top of his head is a chicken coop, and the foot is the pen; the most
hope is the rains, they can go to the graves on the hillside to pick mushrooms and
Despite coming from a big city child, but Lan's naughty, bold is a name,
and soon became the king of local children. She can hold a large pumpkin leaves
climb touch eggs, pumpkin leaves, why hold it? Lan explained that because there are
snakes steal eggs to eat, children head up touching nest always involuntary Zhang a
mouth, and snakes love to the hole on the drill. Local experience is that if the snake if
drilling mouth, do not pull their hands slippery snake's body, so the snake
will only to fall in., while the prickly leaves of the pumpkin to pull out the snake very
The first release water buffalo should be holding the cows go, but naughty Lan has
climbed to the cattle back, the results become a cow with a walk along. Cattle reached
a deep pond, watching the water you have not seen the bracket, you have not seen the
Cattle, not the waist over a Lan, but the stubborn Lan horror chosen not yelling for
help, wait until the cow satiate ashore, and Lan's legs have been filled with
leech bite, eager to excel Lan could not restrain a frightened cry ... ...
The children from the town 10 kilometers a day bag and walk the road, crosses two
mountains, there is no bridge over a river to go to school. Once, there was no
tie-down children's shoelaces, shoes, fell into the river washed away by
rushing water. One side of the local people to run barefoot and shout back:
"'kids' were washed away and the ... ..."
Originally the local dialect of "shoes" made into a
"child" of the sound, Zhang's mother heard, when a
sitting of the ass on the ground, "'is broken, it must be our
family Betty', because I was the most mischievous."
Mining water chestnut girl
Delegation with their mothers less than a year old brother, then her mother grow
vegetables to feed the pigs, and later be put into the bullpen to take care of younger
brother and the family fell on a small Zhang food problem Blue body.
Lan and small partners after 9 pm every day with a flashlight to the fields to catch the
frog, the frog after only 9 will crawl out. Over time, closer to home the more frogs
around the pond less arrest, Zhang proposed to places farther away, but far away is
Barren, no bits and pieces of the kerosene light, and this It is precisely the place
frequented by wolves. "Only a little girl agreed to go with me,"
Lan said the weapons were courage is the wolf can not easily see the light close to the
torch, but is suddenly running out of power this flashlight, and ridge down to the two
little girls clearly see how far away from their own 10-meter parallel to a ridge on the
other a pair of green --- quickly ran and walk. Results wolf running in the above, two
children threw away the frogs in the following bolted ... ...
To improve the food, often sitting in a Lan brought the only belongings from Beijing
--- wooden bowl, with bowl blown Hetang center to pick water chestnut.
"This little tub is also used to wash clothes, it can be said that at that time
became the family's pot of gold," Lan recalls that often saw the
dim kerosene lamps, the mother secretly Mayan Lei, but their total It is very
surprising, because the young feel very happy day, and it is these life experiences to
the next journey Lan has also never been afraid of hard.
- Return to Beijing
First met the father of 18-year-old
In 1976, the Lan is slim big girl first met after the vindication of his father, opened a
gold mine for home was labeled a rightist in 1958, sent to the home Tangshan old
father, originally of the last century 50's Tsinghua University He then
continued to instill the idea that his daughter: Be sure to go to college, knowledge is
"My father own brothers and sisters, five are university students or
graduate students, so he asked his children also have to test into college,"
Lan said that in order to meet the restoration of the first year after the college entrance
examination system, themselves strenuously in the spare time secretly study, may in
the entrance of a sudden high fever the day before, to the hospital after the skin test
done to determine whether nurses can not beat penicillin, the rush to reduce the
disease in order to be able to properly test the Lan Lian, said: "make your
call, all right all right The "result was a serious incident of penicillin
allergy. "I was drowsy, fall and feel the", Zhang said, the rescue
came back, she was still insisted on participating in and successfully pass the exam.
"I grew up on the special self-confidence, look for things to do, and very
optimistic, and never consider the negative. I look around my friends are willing to
talk, they always say when there are problems, if this fails how to do, But I have to
advise them: Why did not you see that 9999 then? "
"How high is not my wisdom, but a kind of entrepreneurship
that" until today, Zhang still learning, have in the China Europe
International Business School, Cheung Kong Graduate School of the CEO class and
the EMBA class learning.
Shooters catch up on the bus
Lan beautiful walk in the street, is often invited to the shooting found shooters, and
even catch up on the bus, well read on the impact of the Lan father always politely
"At that time the Chinese women's volleyball is my idol, and
their fighting spirit inspired the team of my generation." In 1985, the
Chinese women's volleyball final four consecutive That, in order to watch
the games live television, Lan to the east four specially bought a very pretty flower
dress, "It took me a month's wages, and then carefully make-up,
and many students together to experience television in that exciting moment
", Zhang said that now young entrepreneurial opportunity Qishihenduo, but
they often lack one kind of how to deal with stress on quality, the challenges faced
may shrink.
"Company of a driver, to a city many times, but remember way every time,
but not seriously," Lan said, some bosses may fall he would open, but is
education the Lan The most common staff: If I drive you, then you may never go
beyond himself.
"Now so intense social competition, not to learn how to do it?"
Lan said, his father's influence on his own son, also affected the
educational concept of Wang Fei, his son 45 years old, Zhang has formulated its own
Life goal: I want to make enough money, will definitely let my son to study hard,
remain upright, and must allow him to accept foreign education.
With that conviction, Zhang also welcomed the opportunity, by the end of 1988, she
was followed home from visiting relatives in Canada with his uncle to a foreign
- Overseas dream
6 copies in one day to work to fight
To depend on others and extremely difficult to Lan abroad also set for myself the only
goal: I am not to enjoy, and I have come to make money, sufficient to offset 20,000
U.S. dollars. For this goal, Zhang by unregulated money, in the beauty salon workers,
to restaurants, odd jobs, even against excessive kilos of pork. A pair of old husband
and wife agreed to Taiwan's Lan to save money, as long as 6
o'clock every morning on time to the Grandfather Aohao cereals, to sick
grandmother washed well, you can live in the basement of their home. In only a bed
and a bedside cabinet in the basement, Lan get up early every day late, and one day
when up to 6 copies of work to play.
"My body is very good, but as the labor intensity, every day and I can only
put his hands stiff legs carried to bed," Today's Lan side of his
mouth gestures action, brought with 6-year-old son The photos are held hostage on
the bedside table, she missed her son was turned over to look at a fast wear.
"I'm afraid ah, afraid to see her son calls her mother's
eyes will shake the pursuit of my dream." Lan said.
Lan now has become a name is often called a strong woman, and Zhang Lan closest
family says, "Lan is not a strong woman, but a strong woman; strong
woman may be the surface of the scenery, and experienced so small more honing of
her bones is a 'strong woman', not afraid of death, how will
those who fear life? This is what Zhang Lancheng on the cause of the most important
reason. "
Eventually returned to give up beauty
Kept on the run so hard looking at the Lan, Lan cousin secretly to join the Chinese
beauty pageant, I hope she realize their value through the beauty contest, no doubt,
that for a beautiful woman, is also relatively easy to envy the road man .
Repeated customers walk in Chinatown on a beautiful high Lan easily become a
contest champion, but then a second game later that nothing Lan attended, she said:
the grandmother, father and their own capitalist origin great influence on their deeply
influenced by traditional education, not into the entertainment industry.
In 1990, the Eleventh Asian Games held in Beijing, watching a live television call Lan,
Taiwan elderly couple quick look shows, watching the athletes from various countries
gathered in their hometown, watch flag drifting away, a sudden impulse Lan to the
basement, the shower faucet into the largest of any water Jiaotou his clothes burst into
tears. "Moment long been looked down on the curb outside the feelings of
all released, as a Chinese, I feel pride and honor", Zhang said: tragicomic,
in time, I told myself I must go back to my country, sufficient to offset 20,000 U.S.
dollars on the back.
But really got 20,000 U.S. dollars when four days before Christmas, looking at the
world outside the joyous, life has begun to adapt to the local Lan was struggling in
pain: spend one million Hong Kong dollars at that time still can not get The
immigration card is also down, how can I do?
Colorful world outside does not make the final Lan lost, not make any farewell to the
uncle, Christmas Day, he bought a ticket for three years embarked on a cherished
homeland. Welcome to see from afar is clinging to the iron railings towards the son of
the airport, waving his hands, Zhang ran up a pick up the child, mixed feelings, burst
into tears ... ...
Start-up enterprises
That South Beauty, few people do not know its name, beautiful faces and they
represent the high-end restaurant industry, luxury, quality, identity, dignity, a lot of
people left a deep impression. Who can think of now annual sales of billions of
dollars in South Beauty, start-up capital is the Lan then earn 2 million; while this
Sichuan Opera face mask, in the interpretation of Zhang Lan continue to face
changing, innovation, thus there are a total investment of several billion of
China's most artistic taste of the top clubs in the world --- Orchid Society,
the concept of the domestic top fashion brand restaurant SUBU ... ...
From Alan to South Beauty Restaurant
Lan told reporters after returning to her mind all day is "I want what I want
to do," Lan Ji Piqi the bike, head wrapped in shawls withstand northerly
turn in Beijing for three days, Four of the streets in East Lan found a small piece of
paper rental housing.
This has "Alan restaurant." Lan told reporters that the career
choice dining, because the days go abroad almost every day to deal with the service.
The next few years, how tough it smoothly, Zhang has opened duck restaurant,
shark's fin Seafood Restaurant in ... ... At this time, Zhang had also realized
the dream of going abroad: in 1996, the son of Wang Fei sent to study in France.
Can only dream of their own on here? Lan said that although the business big time,
but their basically copying someone else. International restaurant brands KFC,
McDonald's, five thousand years of Chinese food culture Why not an
international brand?
"I think I want to be a disseminator of the Chinese food culture, the brand
makes one want to know from China, it is to take root in the domestic foreign
flower", Zhang said, bear the brand of Sichuan cuisine is the profound
because Sichuan food SUBWAY 100, it is easy to accept, Europe and the United
States, many Asian countries, people are "hot" taste preference.
The small bridges in the south is perhaps the eyes of foreigners with Chinese
characteristics, so I call it "South Beauty", pretty south,
positioning high-end business crowd.
Lan his hard 9 years in the liquidity of the 60 million yuan, choose a concentration of
500 --- Trade shop, Zhang said, I would like to use western management and food art
space, but the content is the flavor food. As a result, Harvard University Department
of Architecture are Lan Chinese-American designer hired Jack designed in the first
South Beauty International Trade, in order to group standardization, Zhang also from
the Coca-Cola, McDonald's, BMW introduced a number of professional
managers, while in the design of dishes, there is a natural art Lan persistent pursuit of
innovation and a variety of dishes in person: rock salad, four treasures of ... ...
Gradually, South Beauty par with international trade, many people began to smell
from Mu, Qiao Jiangnan fire up: starting from the World Trade Center, Manhattan
North Sea Building, Henderson Center, the Kerry Centre, Pacific Century, every
South Beauty The opening, with a total office accompanied by a resounding name.
SARS storm and the principle of non-price increases
8 years, Zhang has always to do some bold things to make peer incredible, but the
results have continued to prove her thinking ahead to her success, even in the
bombing of the Chinese catering industry, SARS, South Beauty has a record even
profit miracle. Mention this, Zhang has said that up or look of pride. SARS period, 11
stores in South Beauty militarization management, unified sterilized bedding, improve
employee benefits, increased food nutrition staff, experienced staff cold, Zhang
himself to employees to buy medicine. Many enterprises are in a semi-open state,
only made half of the wages, but the full payment of South Beauty, there is no default.
Food safety is strictly controlled South Beauty has been the most fundamental
problem, that year, South Beauty began to use all the open kitchen, the kitchen and
guests are only separated by a layer of transparent glass, you can watch chefs cooking,
you can also see clean and hygienic production process, South Beauty Restaurant
Association also awarded by the Chinese unit of the China Green Food.
Some say Qiao Jiangnan Gui, Zhang said, is totally a misunderstanding, Qiao
Jiangnan 16 yuan fine fish-flavored shredded pork, bean curd 9 yuan, per capita
consumption noon 50 to 80, the evening meal is the 150 business yuan to 200 yuan,
their menus are often missing peer Naqu reference, then the company altogether if
you want the menu to give away; in the CPI continued to rise, many enterprises have
to raise prices case, but a South Beauty has cents did not rise. Lan said the internal
control system is completely reliable and honest businesses, such as South Beauty is
expected to cost in 2008 will continue to rise next year in 2007, the payment will be
paid with the supplier, which is now in a buyer's market is rare, and
suppliers get paid in advance when they are willing to lower prices.
Chosen to please Philip Design
South Beauty was successful, but Lan found that business location South Beauty also
need a high-end fashion for young people and catering brands. At this point, the son
of Wang Fei studies and return home, the son of the recommendations of the plan
coincides with Zhang Lan, Zhang was the task of creating a new brand to his son.
Now, in the Chang'an Avenue Twin Towers of the "Orchid Club
(LAN CLUB)" by Wang Fei's work as a dedicated mother.
Zhang Lan Lan club still continues on the restaurant concept of artistic pursuit.
"Old heard you say a top state-owned designer Philippe Starck in particular
cattle, their numerous masterpieces, including the French president Francois
Mitterrand, the United States, Royalton, UK Sanderson hotel, but said never to China
human design ", Zhang said she thought the design is not insisted he go.
However, efforts have been unsuccessful for three years, the last son of studying
abroad through a variety of relationships has done much to get in touch, this Philip
was first sent a team made unannounced visits to South Beauty has finally come after
Lan was there learned from Philip, which was started without a good impression of
China, is due to a number of real estate tycoon before carrying money and said to him,
I give you a million you pack, you give me the design. "I let him change
the view of China and China", Zhang said proudly, Philip Orchid Society
has become the first in China can be said to be the peak of the design work, design
fees only as high as 12 million yuan, reached 300 million yuan cost the club, a chair
180 thousand yuan, a Baccarat crystal chandelier over 40 million, put up thousands of
pieces of the wall is also famous painting. Opened in 2006, became one of
China's most artistic taste of the top clubs in the world, but also identified
South Beauty Group in the luxury market, the benchmark status of club services. This
year has been designed by the restaurant Buddakan in New York's leading
international fashion designers Patrick Gilles line on the Highland club design will be
officially opened.
Family businesses do not
With the launch of Orchid Society, for young people of the country's top
fashion brands --- SUBU stylish restaurant is also on Dec. 8, 2007 opened as the
founder of the two brands, Wang Fei is also the implementation of South Beauty
Group director, "but South Beauty is a family business must
not," said Zhang Lan, Xiao-Fei Qiao Jiangnan venture is a member of the
team, as he and other employees, have signed letters of responsibility, guarantee, to
meet its target resign.
Standardized management makes South Beauty was recognized by the world, the
company has become Citigroup, UBS, and other major investment companies in
pursuit of gold objects. "Now the company is working with Goldman
Sachs, Bain Capital, Warburg Pincus and three other top international investment
bank to do the final communication, South Beauty can be said that out of the high
price they have accepted," Lan said the company eventually selected from
1-2 as a strategic investor, as planned, South Beauty achieve overseas listing this year.
South Beauty restaurant in the 2008 Olympic Games service campaign, defeated
numerous opponents, as the only Chinese food service provider, "the
Olympics is a big thing to do is the first service company, will demonstrate to the
Chinese food brand in the world, so the company will increase the Beijing market,
shop Jinnian speed, Zhihou listing delayed to the 2009 Olympic Games. "
With the Olympics approaching, Zhang youth to create an international brand of
Chinese food are also a step by step to achieve the dream, at this time Lan has a new
dream, there is work that is designed to exceed world, this dream place carrying Lan
has identified plant --- 798 Art District, Beijing, Zhang artists will personally build a
hotel, "I would like to invite some of the world's very
innovative young designers to design," in Not long ago, by Hoogewerf
invited as guests to participate in 798 factories in the afternoon at the
"2008 China Contemporary Art List" results to be published
before the ceremony, Zhang told reporters at the end of this that is far more than
five-star standard positioning at least a seven-star, the investment will certainly be
more than Orchid Society.
In 1991, Zhang returned to China from Canada into the restaurant industry, opened its
first restaurant.
After a period of 9 years of catering experience and capital accumulation, founded in
2000, South Beauty Boutique Sichuan restaurant.
2005, after another in Shanghai, Beijing to build high-end crowd for the
"881" Club and the Orchid Society (LAN CLUB).
October 2007, the start the concept of top fashion brand restaurant SUBU.
In 2006, China has won ten financial intelligence figures, China's top ten
influential people in restaurants and the top ten most influential CEO and so on.

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