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					L'Oreal: the staff in the relaxed environment of their talent

L'Oreal L'Oreal anti-wrinkle effect of cosmetics in the world
dream of eternal beauty of women in mind, because it symbolizes beauty, fashion,
taste, etc. ladies dream of that all! Ladies and well-known brands, in addition to
L'Oreal Paris, there are Maybelline, Lancome, L'Oreal Vichy
and so both are owned brand. In 2002, sales of L'Oreal L'Oreal
counter sales of 14.3 billion euros, net profit of 1.46 billion euros, and realized 18
consecutive years of double-digit profit growth. L'Oreal shares in France
25 years the best performing shares of listed companies in 1978, 1000 U.S. dollars of
investment in this stock has risen now to 86,500 dollars.
Such a proud achievement for the L'Oreal company has won numerous in
the world. In addition to listed in the "Fortune" and
"Forbes"           magazine's        Global     500,     the
L'Oreal company was also the "Fortune" magazine
as the world's 50 most admired companies (ranked 23) and the European
10 large employers. In China, according to "China Youth Daily,"
a survey of young people in China, L'Oreal ranked the ten most foreign
employers list. According to ChinaHR more than 600 colleges and universities
nationwide survey students, L'Oreal L'Oreal counter sales are 50
students in mind one of the best employers.

The standard global Draft
q: L'Oreal in human resources have a very well-known statement that the
poet + farmers employing standard, please explain the seemingly contradictory
tony russell: As a special counter in the cosmetics company, we emphasize the
creative, forward-looking. Between personal care and cosmetics are among a fashion
industry to lead the fashion in this industry, then ask our employees to the United
States, the understanding of the humanities with L'Oreal, requires people to
have a rich imagination and creativity. This imagination is to the whole concept of
originality, to depth, to challenge the existing concept. This is not just in marketing,
but also counter sales of L'Oreal products, research and development,
imagination and creativity and love of art itself will be converted into a drive product
innovation. Therefore, this quality is what we have to the. L'Oreal asked
the staff, especially marketing officers to have the quality in this area. This is what we
call the counter sales of quality. Naturally, this does not require them to do to write
q: So, how to understand this meaning of what L'Oreal?
tony russell: On the other hand, L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics Eye is a great
price for the industry. Staff is full of concepts, and ultimately to the implementation of
the business, this is the concept of farmers. Full of imagination but also foot on the
ground, L'Oreal liquid foundation is all right down to earth very close to
our customers. Even if you are full of imagination, you have very modest in front of
customers listen to customer needs, find their needs, understand their needs, to be able
to work very hard. The industry is closely related with the retail trade, and sometimes
require employees to go behind the counter on weekends, it is very difficult. This
hard-working, able to solve problems and to close to the L'Oreal counter
sales customers, we are called farmers. Meanwhile, the management of resources for
the company to value their own seed, as farmers and land, every penny must flower to
the right place, to be able to play these resources most effectively. Finally, we need
have perseverance. Farming is hard, but you must always strive to do so, but also to
adapt to changes in the weather until the harvest day.
q: With the standard, then you in the hiring, development and deployment of
employees, what specific areas?
tony russell: Of course, we have a well-established practice in this regard, these
practices around the world to promote the company L'Oreal. To recruit, for
example, we have the "L'Oreal Campus Planning
Competition-marketing award" and "L'Oreal global
online business strategy competition-l 'oreal e-strat challenge".
These two events is the L'Oreal on a global scale an important means of
selecting talented people, each year attracting thousands of students worldwide, mba
participate. Planning Competition for college students third grade and above,
participants should be in 3-4 months to design and produce sample products, develop
sales, marketing, advertising plans and financial balance. The whole event focused on
creativity, new product concepts and design ideas. "Online strategy
competition," the simulation of the new economic environment the reality
of the international cosmetics market with all kinds of commercial competition, let the
managers of the future through the network running a virtual company, R &
D, marketing, sales, brand positioning, advertising, etc. to make strategic decisions.
The event focused on the non-sales decision-making capacity of the calcined under
the leadership training.

Internationalization and localization simultaneously
q: L'Oreal in staff training and professional development What are the
tony russell: L'Oreal employee career development plan is very
comprehensive in the industry. Each company's senior managers will have
the opportunity been sent to the French headquarters in Paris to attend
L'Oreal Group and co-leading European business school insead called
"leadership for growth" leadership training. Participants and the
management elite from around the world access to the top mba professor, learn
advanced management concept. In Singapore, with Asia Pacific Management
Development Centre, L'Oreal Asia-Pacific region to train employees. The
Centre for the Asian market characteristics and specific needs of Asia-Pacific staff,
organization of various seminars and training courses. L'Oreal China sent
every year a large number of corporate elites to Singapore to participate in various
training courses, so that they and other Asian countries to exchange manager. In China,
in addition to the entry and professional skills training, we and China Europe
International Business School in cooperation with the development of potential
employees for the job mba courses and a variety of courses tailored for young Chinese
managers long-term career development plan.
L'addition to providing attractive salary, also paid attention to career
development, attention to individual value. In L'Oreal, employee career
development can be parallel and can also be staggered. Many people may not know
when he first entered the company, but after some time familiar, to understand the
specific operation of the company, they can choose their own career development
direction. Example, the market can change so do sales, so sales can also switch to the
personnel, the company will provide staff with appropriate technical and management
q: as a highly international company, L'Oreal how to deal with the
management team of the localization problem?
tony russell: L'Oreal is a highly international company, it needs to have
international exposure and experience at the same time understand the local market
and international management talent. In this regard, we implement the combination of
internationalization and localization practices.
China's rapid development, China's position in the
L'Oreal will be more important, the rapid expansion of China's
market, ask China's rapidly growing staff. In China, we must continue to
focus on human resources management career development, because a company is
also fast, but then fast pace of development staff.
We very much hope that the senior group native to China's most senior
management team, because China's future development for
L'Oreal has important strategic significance.

Corporate culture and connected
q: As an international company from France, L'Oreal in China is how to
handle a particular corporate culture and the relationship between Chinese culture?
tony russell: L'Oreal never use so-called corporate culture to employees
based framework. In L'Oreal, employees have great freedom, there is
sufficient space to display their talent, but also includes the right to make mistakes. Of
course, the company seems to learn and grow from our mistakes is a measure of
employee career development potential as an important basis. In L'Oreal,
senior management is to encourage subordinates challenge for the
company's development comments and suggestions.
The corporate culture is very important to the development of enterprises,
L'Oreal from France, is an international technology company. In fact,
L'Oreal and the Chinese culture there are many things in common. For
example, people here like to own and dynamic, successful together, hope and fashion
together, like a learning opportunity, social status, work inside the company brand.
From the broad terms, the Chinese economy in a very active phase, is a great
flexibility in cultures. L'Oreal is true, it does not like rules and prohibitions,
has a very large and inclusive, giving employees broad space for development.
Meanwhile, L'Oreal cosmetics in the field of competitiveness in the
world's first, our brand and business strategy is very mature, acclaimed
around the world. So, we happen to these qualities and the modernization of Chinese
youth culture and the pursuit of relative fit, Culture and connected to

From behind
Founded in 1907, L'Oreal, is a latecomer to the Chinese market until late
1996 before entering China. However, the establishment of more than six years,
L'Oreal has come from behind, showing the king style, L'Oreal
China sales in 2002 reached 886 million yuan, jumped 61.3% over the previous year.
Among them, Lancome, Maybelline, Vichy were three brands account for high-end
cosmetics market, mass market and pharmacy activity of healthy makeup cosmetics
market first. According to the China Industrial Information Release Center, in 2002
China accounted for Maybelline lipstick is the market share of 23.9% of the market, is
the second of 2.5 times.
As tony russell said, L'Oreal is a very dynamic company with many
opportunities, one of the L'Oreal company's development. He
said: "We are a people-oriented company, we have to create an atmosphere,
so that each employee to put forward their ideas and opinions, in a relaxed
environment to play their own talent."

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