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L_amp;_39;Oreal personnel


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									L'Oreal personnel
Open up channels for promotion
L'Oreal, a vice president once said: younger workers began to experience a
little less, we train him driving the boat captain; more experience, we train him on the
ship's captain, has been to the manager, president ... ...
From the general staff to the president, L'Oreal encourage each employee
have to build their own career aspirations, have their own dreams and create the
conditions for a successful start to motivate staff to achieve the dream, this is the
L'Oreal of employment ideas.
In addition to vertical development, employees can also be a parallel career, or even
Vertical: younger workers, "bungee jumping"
As a "Campus Marketing Challenge" the first Chinese Division
champion, Ivy may not have thought that with their annual promotion, after 5 years
would one day become a famous brand L'Oreal Group, the marketing
manager. And the brand and the sector did not exist 5 years ago, was himself still a
college student.
In 2001, Ivy graduated to the status of a management trainee in the
"Lancome" marketing department. After 3 months, an
unexpected task handed her hands: Independent for "Lancome"
skin care products to market. At that time, skin care products in the
"Lancome" products accounted for 70% of sales, but will such a
large project management training was born to a responsible, very bold indeed. A year
later, just as the end of management trainee, she immediately became a
"Biotherm" product manager.
This is employing the unique L'Oreal: dare to assume greater responsibility
for young people, give them chance to grow.
Horizontal: rotation ignite Vocational Passion
And Ivy vertical "bungee jump" in different ways, the mass
cosmetics, director of the Department of Logistics Sophie is a typical horizontal
I had heard in the French L'Oreal headquarters staff, the average length of
service up to 14 years. As the saying goes "time will kill off all the
passion," has been on the L'Oreal (China), a 7-year old
employees (L'Oreal into China only nine years), we wanted to see if she
still maintained L'Oreal trademark passion, be listening to her legend.
About Sophie's office, the first instinct is accident, hanging on the wall
around are full of childlike watercolor, red through the sun, there are fantastic little
house with crooked bridge ... ... Is not Olle Masato called "poetic
Answers quickly announced: These paintings are all primary school students in
Suzhou, "I love the Yangtze River, Save the Chinese river
dolphin" in the collection to large-scale exhibition, the L'Oreal
factory in Suzhou sponsor of this event.
In fact, Sophie's enthusiasm was no less than the imagination of these
watercolors are displayed, because L'Oreal has given her a wealth of
experience and more than enough challenges, it is her pleasure to behold:
One day in July 2004 as Chief Financial Officer of Yue-Sai brand is only six months,
Sophie has faced a choice, the company arranged for her to serve as Director of
Logistics Department of the mass cosmetics, this is already seven years, changing of
the guard of the seventh.
Chief Financial Officer to work as director of logistics? Some challenge! And more
than 300 new jobs need to dealers, domestic and five large factories to communicate
at any time. Also need to manage more than 30 people within the team, needs and
sales department, the public many of the brand cosmetics department coordination.
Although she did not experience in logistics, but still accepted this new challenge.
Because the boss every time we do this, she said: "Since you are new, you
can give us different proposals, we need these."
The first 30 people in the leadership team and after dealing with many distributors,
she found herself very much enjoy working with people, and re-understanding the
other side of his ability. Despite the many changing of the guard, Sophie found their
ability and interest has not just and digital deal with the.
Cross: "The posts were to go" mechanism
During the interview, Sophie's boss came to her to talk about the subject
again to her for work! This served as logistics director from her less than a year.
Unlike in the past, this is Sophie due to family reasons, the initiative hopes to work in
Beijing, but Beijing still do not have jobs, how do? To create jobs! This is the
L'Oreal "jobs with the people" mechanism, creating a
new post for you, the specific content of the work is your current job and hope to
work in the new collection.
At the same time, Sophie's team also has a very important staff like her,
think of working in areas close to home, but not so high local jobs. The other was to
go local sales departments, Sophie is not blindly block, but try to bring this matter.
She said that with local sales department, this position could not leave her 2 months,
so my side of her work came to an end, and then to you that? This way, the two sides
to step in, not only to retain the talent, but also meets the practical needs of
L'Oreal has great respect for staff's self-interest and hobbies, to
fully exploit the capacity of staff do best and give maximum trust, employee career
development opportunities.
Spire: the global pass senior staff
In L'Oreal, no nationality restrictions on the promotion of employees, as
long as you have enough capacity and performance to be proved. Paolo said,
"we like because of different ethnic, occupational, cultural background and
personality to bring the diversity."
In fact, good at using a wide range of talents, is the L'Oreal corporate
culture in a deep bone marrow. L'Oreal Group has 18 international
well-known big brands, these brands from around the world, product development,
manufacturing also vary. In operation, L'Oreal is the standard globalization
strategy, which require global, diversified talent support.
In order to develop international human resources, product manager for
L'Oreal also often assigned to training in other countries. Thus, China
began a career employee will experience a completely different market, such as Japan
or Italy, which will increase the person's creativity.
Individual channel design
"All roads lead to Rome." But the trail to the future
entrepreneurs, who choose which one development line, L'Oreal
employees and employers have a tacit understanding between.
Ivy 4 times to upgrade are not put forward their own initiative. She said:
"Whenever I do anything, they feel more than enough time, new
challenges to come."
Sophie is also exactly the same answer. This understanding is how it formed?
Vocational dialogue
Ms. Le Ya think twice-yearly examination and assessment of the company played a
very important role. One in each of the years of dialogue on career development. This
is mainly employees and their immediate superiors on the status of work now, what
hope for the future direction to develop capabilities which need upgrading. Another
one is the end of the assessment, this is the year of assessment results to see how well
the completion of this year, next year, etc. What is the goal. Then, the company will
not only arranged according to the development needs of staff related to training
programs, will also work with the distribution of content to enhance the capacity of
staff to arrange a more targeted employees and challenging task.
Both the annual assessment and dialogue, on the one hand for the HR professional
development staff collected the information needed to plan the next stage in time for
the employee's career; the other hand, to help staff a career summary and
The timely development of tracking
L'Oreal to pay attention to each one of the staff development,
L'Oreal also has a special position, called "Professional
Development Manager." Its role is from the employees entered the
company began tracking them, concerned about their growth for the company
selecting, appointing key staff excellent training, and provide information.
Ivy is in such a fast track for promotion under the guidance of up to. She just did
management trainee, they will ask for her ability to master management products to
market as soon as possible the burden of independent market, a qualified product
manager. And so she became a product manager, they gave her direction more than
just products to market, and also asked her to manage the product line's
ability to have the ability to lead subordinates; when she was promoted to Senior
Product Manager When they asked her to see the whole and all aspects related to
market, such as customer relations, promotion, finance, and this is her present job -
Marketing Manager required capability.
With "on-demand training"
New       employees        to   the     "future    entrepreneurs",
L'Oreal employees never lack "nutrition."
L'Oreal training system is very strict, new staff training, professional skills
and management skills training, overseas training, and leadership training in practical
work, a chain, at every step.
However, Lok Nga said that in addition to induction training for new employees, not
everyone will like the food as "food" training, the emphasis is
on "on-demand training" for employees to answer:
"What you need training in the end ?, "she readily took up the
table a thick staff training programs and plans, told us about the above for different
needs, different levels of the various training programs.
Three or four months each year when the personnel department of each employee
with a higher level through the communication, to develop training programs against
him. Staff performance assessment, as long as the employees that need training and
tasks of their work, they can take the initiative to make higher level training
requirements. In order to improve staff skills and management ability, to adapt to this
challenge, the company needs in a timely manner in accordance with arrangements to
attend the training staff.
In L'Oreal, we heard more than once, "I believe
employees" of the faith. They do not need any training contract, Lok Nga
said: "We believe that investing in employees pays off for decades has not
wavered. We do not want people to use the contract form will be
'tied' together, but in favor of letting Each post is the
company's attractive. "
"Discovery" induction
For new employees, starting with a period of two weeks of the
"discovery" induction, in the process-intensive industries to
learn the basic knowledge and business ideas, full understanding of the
company's history, culture, business processes, organizational structure ,
the fashion industry's current situation and development trend of
commercial operation of the basic knowledge and concepts, understanding of
L'Oreal on quality and strict quality requirements, experience of mutual
cooperation in the L'Oreal team work. In the new position, the instructor
will begin counseling. Recruitment of new managers, human resources will be
specifically tailored to two-week orientation training for the entry, and where the
department staff and managers of other departments of communication, exchanges, in
a short time to establish working relationships and networks for their smoothly into
the role, to strengthen cooperation with other departments.
Young Manager of Customized Training
Employee to a managerial position, the management skills training followed. In China,
L'Oreal and the China Europe International Business School and other
cooperation, as has the development potential of the staff in-service courses and other
courses MBA education for the young Chinese managers customized long-term career
development plan, L'Oreal will mold them into future senior management
personnel. Through collaboration with well-known consulting firm, for the
L'Oreal young managers tailor-made, such as leadership, effective team,
time management and so on.
Global management of international training
April 15, 2005, L'Oreal management development training center in Asia
from Singapore to Shanghai, which means that the staff of China's
geographical proximity to the door in their own managers and other Asian countries to
communicate, share experiences, expand international of vision, to enhance
L'Oreal to recruit talented employees as the top priority. Management
development training center in Asia first and foremost task is to, through the package
of the special needs of each employee's tailored training programs to help
employees develop "expertise." Meanwhile, L'Oreal
will be more actively with leading universities and business schools cooperation,
strive to become influential in their areas of "learning"
L'Oreal employees value the most is the Paris of the training time of up to
one year. Only the most outstanding annual performance of the management to get to
L'Oreal Paris headquarters of the training opportunities. Been sent to Paris
to train not just to learn a skill and an internal working relationships, it is an honor.
While "the first French business school," said the Paris Higher
Business School (HEC) in the past 25 years, L'Oreal has been providing
professional business management training.
Rescue "drowning"
"Horse stumbles, people stumble," L'Oreal is
encouraging the staff bold challenge, but if the storm too, the young captain did not
travel up the sea, drowning, and did not dare to water, it would mean the future can
never      be     Entrepreneur?      L'Oreal      has      its   own       rescue
"drowning" approach and mechanisms.
"Mentoring" the missionary
For new recruits, L'Oreal launched a 2-year integration plan in two years
for new employees closely track the progress of the work to understand and based on
the needs of staff to provide all help to make it as soon as possible integration into the
company. The "mentoring" a very special project.
Companies, a management trainee for every arrangement of a senior manager as a
"mentor", to implement one to one counseling. Management
Trainee at the same time assigned to each business unit organized and carried out 6 to
12 months of job rotation. During this period, in addition to where the department
manager to accept the work of guidance and professional training, senior managers
spend time teaching their own knowledge and experience to the young, and very
tolerant towards them. Ivy was the instructor is now general manager of Yue-Sai
brand also joined the L'Oreal just graduated, and in career development is
very experienced, he gave Ivy a lot of advice and recommendations.
L'Oreal has been a tradition for new employees to give more attention and
protection, the growth of staff performance appraisal is one of leadership.
"Beach lifeguard" guardian
When a new employee to operate independently of a brand, L'Oreal in the
"beach lifeguard"'ll be looking and provide timely
guidance. L'Oreal Group, the immediate past president of Irving has said
he is on the biggest "lifeguard." He said: "Brand
management is a young man of the game, so we have some way to give young people
in power to have the flexibility and adaptability of internationalization. They
understand today's music, to understand today's video and film,
and I work is to ensure that each brand has its existence is reasonable, has a unique
personality, and the company will not conflict or compete with other brands.
Sometimes I would like a lifeguard stationed at the beach, like difficulties in their
When a helping hand, they towed them to shore when drowning. I will always watch
them, let them alone, to ensure their loyalty to the brand's meaning. So you
put the onus on young people, but not laissez-faire Otherwise, we may destroy the
20-year effort to create a brand. I am proud that we have a large number of qualified
(brand management) young man. "
As the internal division of labor, whether policy-making or implementation of all the
team division of labor, big mistake is difficult to occur, so the "complete
trust + full protection" to L'Oreal rapid growth of the young
Mistakes "immunity"
If the staff really made a mistake, L'Oreal culture is tolerant enough. Owen
even in a culture of tolerance, I was the beneficiary of L'Oreal. So in 1988
he became chairman of L'Oreal, the creation of a policy so that employees
can make mistakes and learn from failure. And stating: "You must give
people a second chance.". He is so not shy about his failure in human:
It was in France in 1969, when I was a hair spray product manager, this is a very
successful product called "Elnett", is a major brand. About 40
years ago, when the hair spray is very important because the European women are set
up and do the hair shape. At that time I thought I discovered a new concept, that is, all
women will want a submissive type of spray, I call Elnett Toute Douceur. Later, it
became a disaster. I did not think was that people like my idea, but do not like my
product. This reminds me to be successful in this industry, customers purchase only
one is not enough. They have bought me this product, they like this idea, my intuition
is correct. But they did not buy the second time, because they are not satisfied with
the product. This has left an indelible impression on me - only they repeatedly
purchase, you can succeed. And you must resist the temptation of the concept,
because they might be good advertising theme, but it is not a good product.
Is a very serious mistake committed staff became president of L'Oreal and
L'Oreal in his term to help achieve double-digit growth for 21 consecutive
years of profit performance, which in the history of multinational companies are very
rare .
Management of the cosmetics industry is in the ratio of the speed, everything changes
quite quickly, you have to intuition, with individual creativity and personal sense of
customer needs to decision-making. Of course, you do as much testing, but eventually
many of your decisions or beliefs based on personal intuition and made. This is a very
difficult matter, because no one willing to take such a risk. This means that you must
allow the risk to build a corporate culture existed to accept the "right to
make mistakes." If we do not give people "the right to make
mistakes," we can not succeed. So, you have to give them when they make
mistakes immunity, and to support them, you can create a risk culture. To make them
happy and excited, so that they attach importance to the challenge, they will become
more creative.

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