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                             Best News Website - Qantas Media Awards       Tuesday August 17, 2004

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                   School governor smuggled $3m of P                                                         White powder alert at US
JOB SEARCH         A man who smuggled nearly $3 million                                                      embassy
NEWS               worth of 'P' into the country while sitting on                                            Bid for DB nears conclusion
                   the board of one of Auckland's top private
                                                                                                             Nike tennis coach ad
NZ News            schools has pleaded guilty to his part in an
World News         international drug ring. David Cyrus Shaida
                                                                                                             Helicopter crash survivor found
Business           faces life imprisonment after drugs...
                                                                                                             in Borneo
Money              Another head rolls at Cambridge High                                                      Michael Jackson not
Technology         Troubled Cambridge High School was last                                                   manhandled, Attorney-General
                   night hit with a second top-level                                                         finds
                   resignation. The chairwoman of the board
Entertainment                                                                                                Fischer's chess mate is
                   of trustees, Diana Grantham,...                                                           Japanese woman
                   Shot man's widow to take body to Iraq                                                     Shell NZ's earnings decline
Features           The wife of a man shot dead by police as he stabbed her in their East Auckland home
Weather            will return to Iraq with his body. Haidar Ebbadi Mahdi was...
Marine             Snowballs in the CBD and on the beach
Employment         The blizzard that has now affected most of the country in some form is likely to hang
Property           around until Thursday, meaning more snow, high winds,...

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                   • NZ sailors in hospital after Sydney lifeboat crash
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                   • Winds sweep island blaze near homes
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                   • Minister fires on Destiny Church                                                                                                                     16/08/2004
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• Search Help          • Many men and women in uniform not exactly fighting fit
                       • Bogus vehicle repairs put lives at risk

AD LISTINGS            • Murder trial ends abruptly
                       • Cullen says growth won't solve social ills
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                       Olympics: Eventers could ease NZ medal anxiety
Feature Properties
                       Double scull gold medal hopefuls Caroline (left) and
Rural Property         Georgina Evers-Swindell at the Olympic Village. Picture /
Farms                  Reuters Medal-anxious New Zealanders must remain
Businesses             patient and look to the three-day equestrian team to break
Investment Property    the Olympic drought. New Zealand competitors,
                       traditionally slow starters in the Olympic arena, could
To Let or Lease
                       break through with a first medal in the early hours of
                       Thursday. Led by 1996 gold...
Public Notices         New Zealand's Blyth Tait rides Ready Teddy in the training area at the
                       Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian centre. Picture / Reuters
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Birth Notices          • Canoeing: Paddlers not worried by Athens wind
Family Notices         • Wynne Gray: Henry's sidestep - Blaming the public
For Sale/Wanted        • QC to rule on Bourke's Shield status
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                       • Cycling: Australian winner focuses on the finish line
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                       • Badminton: Cold reality for doubles combo
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                       • Athletics: Just turning up not good enough for Smith
                       • Log o' Wood catches Bay on back foot
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                       • Athletics: Former champions still cherish the good times
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• Search Help          • Howard lied over 'children overboard' affair, says senior aide
• Maps                 • Seoul prepares citizens for terror from North
                       • Bush poised to pull 70,000 troops out of Europe, Asia
                       • Bomb threats on planes force landings
                       • Authorities to 'target' criminals' children
SCHOOLS &              • Chavez claims referendum victory after early results                                                                      16/08/2004

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