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Jun Tang emperor workers ------


									Jun Tang emperor workers ------
  Personal Information Name: Tang Jun
  Gender: Male
  Born: 1962
  Birthplace: Changzhou, Jiangsu
  Degree: Ph.D.
  Work units: Fujian, Xinhua Du Industrial Group

Current Position: President, CEO

Tang Jun, under the leadership of Microsoft (China), in sales, is the only global
company for 6 months (July 2002 to January 2003) to create the highest sales record
in company history. Microsoft China 03 fiscal year (July 2002 2003 6 / 30) a
subsidiary of Microsoft, the world's 82 fastest-growing sales division.

February 2004, Tang Jun, president of Microsoft China from a position of retirement
and was "honorary president" title, and soon became president
of Shanda.

He himself has won the annual economic figures in China's information
industry, China top ten talents management figures, China's top ten science
and technology figures, China's top ten IT Person of the Year,
China's top ten most valuable professional managers and other awards. In
2008, Ren Xinhua all Group President & CEO of China Business Forum in

Educational Background

1980-1984 Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Bachelor of Applied

Nagoya University 1985-1990 Master Degree of Automation

1990-1993 California Institute of Technology Ph.D. in computer science
?Work experience
1990-1994 run by the United States Double Eagle Company, Hollywood Pictures, etc.

1994-1997 to join Microsoft as Microsoft's Windows NT based
development senior manager

1997-2002, general manager of Microsoft's global technology center

2002-2004 Microsoft (China) Company President
2004.2.9-2008.4 president of Shanghai Shanda Network Development Co., Ltd.

2008.4-president of Fujian, Xinhua Du Industrial Group

In 1980, one point for Chinese college entrance examination, Jun Tang has not
admitted to universities and professional ideals, when the Tang Jun some loss and
depression, some even give up on themselves;

1985 Jun Tang not only find their life companion, also a popular graduate students
admitted to, and relying on efforts to "secure personal gain"
access to study opportunities in Japan;

In 1990, Dr. Jun Tang to the United States to study, and has founded three small

1994, have the "steal a" intention, Jun Tang to give up their
"shell companies" to join Microsoft as a software engineer;

In 1997, when he was Microsoft's Windows NT based development Tang
Jun, senior manager "returned home gloriously" to set up
Microsoft's Greater China Shanghai Technical Support Center;

In 2001, for a job well done, Microsoft Greater China Shanghai Technical Support
Center has upgraded as a regional support center, global support centers, not only as a
global support center Tang Jun, president, and is also Microsoft's joint
venture - Shanghai and other minimally invasive office, President;

In 2002, Tang Jun as president of Microsoft China;

2004 Jun Tang to Honorary Life President of Microsoft China as retired from
Microsoft, and to more than 260 million shares of stock options as president of
Shanda ... ...

March 2008, transferred to Shanda director and consultant.

April 3, 2008, Shanda announced that due to personal development needs, Tang Jun
will no longer serve as the company president. Tang Jun will transfer to the CEO,
consultant, and continue to serve as grand director. Shanda CTO succeed Zhao Jun
Tang Tan group as president.

April 15, 2008, Xinhua all Group announced that Jun Tang today formally joined the
Xinhua all groups take over the Group founder Mr Chen as group president and CEO,
has overall responsibility for Xinhua all groups the daily management, long-term
strategy, the Group's operations, foreign investment and capital operation
and so the overall work.

Jun Tang retrospective analysis of ten years of career development path, we see not
only how to rely on his wisdom and efforts of the initiative to change the destiny, but
also to see the sweat behind the halo of his success. Jun Tang believed that the story
for each of our pursuit of growth, hoping to gain more successful manager is
instructive. April 15, 2008 Jun Tang joined the Xinhua is the official group, and take
over as the founder of Mr Chen, president and CEO. Jun Tang joined the Group will
be formally responsible for the daily management, long-term strategy and foreign
investment and so on. Dr. Tang Jun was the Microsoft (China) Limited. Meanwhile,
Dr. Tang Jun concurrently in Shanghai general manager of Microsoft's
global technology center post. Dr. Tang Jun is the international version of
Microsoft's operating system, computer experts and outstanding
professional managers, who joined Microsoft in 1994 as Microsoft's
Windows NT based development of senior managers. He led the department to
successfully design, develop and release a Far East version (including Japanese,
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean) Windows NT 3.51, NT 4.0 and
Windows 2000. Dr. Tang Jun was appointed in late 1997 by Microsoft's
headquarters in Shanghai, China to build Greater China Technical Support Center.
July 1999, Microsoft headquarters in view of the great achievements of the Centre
formally announced the promotion of the Centre for the Asia Technology Center.
October 2001, in view of the business areas of the Centre has been expanded to a
global scale, Microsoft officially announced the upgraded Microsoft Asian
Technology Center Microsoft global technical center. Because of its excellent
performance, in March 2002, Dr. Tang Jun was appointed president of Microsoft
China. Dr. Tang Jun's management skills highly valued by Microsoft.
Microsoft's headquarters were awarded in 98 years, the
company's highest honor - Bill Gates, President Excellence Award, and in
2000 the company awarded Outstanding Management Award, and in 2001, Microsoft
awarded its highest award - the highest honor award. Dr. Tang Jun at China, Japan and
the United States won the physics degree, electrical engineering master's
and Ph.D. in computer science.
?Tearful goodbye to Microsoft
Jun Tang has excellent results in Microsoft, a technician from the start, in just a few
years to be promoted to president of Microsoft China. He can be initiated by the
performance of China is very successful, it also directly led to his received honorary
president of the honor.

But the good thing is, from Motorola 'airborne' from the Tim
Chen, Jun Tang so smug loss. When the phone conference about the true situation -
Tim Chen will be his immediate superior, he hoped that cooperation is rational
Microsoft China to do better. However, the following personnel changes, so he had to
tearful goodbye to their beloved homeland.
He said he could call out the company employs more than 1000 Chinese One name,
he loved them like my love for my brothers and sisters. But his last, or chose to leave,
leaving only one full of deep emotion and tears of the words' I hope you I
remember, as I will always remember, just like you. '
?Jun Tang three major campaigns in the grand
Jun Tang did four years in the big three of the most important thing, namely, public
finance, acquisitions, Sina, free strategy. These three pieces of pieces are generous,
and each time can be described as leading industry in the first. Jun Tang's
three major campaigns they are also the grand status of the industry's oldest

◆ public financing


Jun Tang joined Shanda the beginning of the domestic online game industry, no one
listed company. With Wall Street's familiar with Tang Jun, Sheng Dacheng
for the first listed Chinese online game operators. Despite these unfavorable factors,
the grand circle were still billions of dollars U.S., Mr. Chen's personal net
worth, also soared to 50 billion yuan. More importantly, the grand success of market
greatly stimulated the development of the industry, until the Tang Jun, president of the
outgoing grand, the domestic online game companies have been listed 9, but is ready
to add up the listing, there were nearly 20.


Jun Tang a major work content is to persuade Wall Street to investors to explain the
situation of the domestic online game industry, firm their confidence in investing.
This behavior is in fact a greater benefit from online games industry itself, so Jun
Tang repeatedly tell ourselves that the entire industry to Roadshow. The results are
pretty close to the financing of his myth, a roadshow will bring about 800 million U.S.
dollars for the big money.

◆ acquisition of Sina

February 18, 2005 evening, Jun Tang to Mr. Chen's office by convention to
communicate with his recent. Tang Jun expression was very solemn, Chen felt
abnormal, ask Don how are you today was the total? Tang Jun said:
"President Chen, it hands us tonight." Clearly, Chen Jun Tang to
see no more gangster films, he did not react, Jun Tang said a moment's
hands are.

Tang Jun said: "I heard this morning's earnings call Sina,
Sina's earnings are bad, not bad in general. I think in the future Sina never
so bad as today's earnings report. Today Sina The price will certainly drop,
so we will do it tonight, Sharu stock market. comprehensive Sina shares to buy it.

◆ Free Strategy

Shanda free to make a transition operation, is said to be inspired by the Shi Yuzhu,
Chen Shi Yuzhu lured away by a development team, Shi Yuzhu grab Mr. Chen was
the first industrial opportunities. However, this is just hearsay, in fact, free grand
strategy of close ties with Tang Jun.

September 2005, Tang Jun, met secretly at several of the largest domestic operator of
the legendary, PW, Tang Jun in the house, he asked a lot of props on the PW to
charging problems, and asked a grand, if it be practicable for free, It is understood that
most, PW all that can be props grand charge, because all the PW is how it works.
Later, things we all know, the grand strategy began to free and struck heavy blows,
?Jun Tang grand tenure
May 13, 2004 NASDAQ-listed Shanda success

November 29, 2004 91.7 million U.S. dollars holding a grand denounced South Korea

November 28, 2005 Shanda announced that "Legend" start free

February 19, 2005 announced the official grand Sina shares

March 2005 ~ April 2006 to promote the grand test "box"

February 15, 2006 Cisco's acquisition of shares of Shanda, as the second
largest shareholder

Shanda launched in July 2007, "FY plan," the three schemes
?Jun Tang a new beginning
China's most dazzling professional managers determine the Tang Jun 4.16
to 1 billion yuan, Xinhua new owner transfer fee go over all groups. 4.16 days,
Xinhua all Group announced the appointment of Tang Jun as the
company's CEO and president. In this regard, Tang Jun said: "I
just want to give Chinese professional managers establish benchmarks to promote the
China Professional Managers System." Since then, China's
"star" Tang Jun professional managers out of service after ten
years of IT field, resolutely Select the input to the embrace of traditional industries
Jun Tang joined the Xinhua all new group is a private enterprise in Fujian Province,
including Zijin Mining's Xinhua all shopping malls, Fujian, Wuyi
Mountain in Fujian, Xinhua all tourism projects and the number of companies with
operations in tourism, chain, mining and other fields. One of the most highly attracted
much attention is already in the H shares listed Zijin Mining will be listed this month,
Xinhua shopping plaza are also about the A share market is expected within three
months of listing. Xinhua is chairman of Mr Chen to 19.93 billion yuan of assets by
"Forbes" magazine as the first rich list in 2007 to 16.

Jun Tang's success factors

Jun Tang great interpersonal skills important turning point in life occurred in 1997. He
said he "really depend on interpersonal relationships, but not specifically
for the relationship" that a large number of candidates from the Microsoft
stand, a Microsoft Technology Center in Shanghai, "the
architect" and leader.

Ji Options Committee at the time submitted lists of candidates are simply Meiyou Jun
Tang, Jun Tang Although the leadership of his time in the sector has successfully 设
计, development and release of the Far East Edition (Baokuo Japanese, Simplified
Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean version version) WindowsNT3.51, NT4.0
and Windows2000, but he is only a number of impressive Microsoft senior program
manager in one. However, including the then vice president of Microsoft, including
the 6 Qiasidiya select committee failed to find them in the candidates who are
satisfied, this time, Xuan Commission has one recommending the Tang Jun, the other
a man out of echo, The two Americans, a project manager at the time have worked
once, and Jun Tang, who had helped each other on many issues, after which they were
scattered in three of Microsoft's 15 buildings in their duties. But the New
Year, Tang Jun will email them to write on some simple greeting such as
"Merry Christmas, past co-operation with you a very happy, very
grateful" to the group, the three maintained a good relationship, did not
expect that It is an opportunity to bring this to Jun Tang.
?Jun Tang classic quotations
"Platform strategy is to set off firecrackers, have been ring; simply relying
on the so-called fine support as put firecrackers rang about gone."

---- March 2008, Jun Tang about a grand platform strategy.

"President Chen, it hands us tonight."

---- March 2005. Jun Tang one morning listening to Sina earnings conference call, that
Sina's share price would certainly fall, Mr. Chen proposed that
"Tonight gets into the medal to Sina, Sina's stock

"Will a man will work, will show a promotion for a shortcut"

"Looking back on last year, the cold sweats"

---- January 17, 2007, Tang Jun said. Grand launch of free online games at the end of
2005 models, the company also experienced a burst of low tide. In the past four
quarters, earnings from the loss of a big step toward recovery, which is free of charge
provided strong support mode.

"Success is to overcome its own"

Jun Tang define success ----

Down's four great inventions:

Kara OK score machine, stickers, matching systems, and Chinese windows.

Tang Jun Tang Jun said

My philosophy of life is relatively simple, I like happy, I do not pursue great wealth.
Even now out of work, I do not mind. I was in Shanghai a house, car, money to eat
there in the future, in this life I will be very happy. So, I will not pursue fame and
fortune, status, money, and lost happiness.

My only requirement is to do the things I want to succeed, and, in doing it I would
like to happy.

I am not adventurists, I do not take risks, do not need to take risks.

If we are to judge the length of term of office I have done good or bad, that I must try
to make my term of office than in front of any term. Since I have served this post, I
am the best.

- "Tang Jun in Microsoft wound" ("knowledge
economy" in June 2002)

Jun Tang works:

Tang Jun in the "winner Lecture Theatre" for the first time
disclosed his love stories and family life.

Jun Tang's talks from the heart, Majestic, foresight, highly contagious,
inspiring strong!

How can you miss?

Jun Tang's management in the end where the high? Let us together
"with Tang Jun learning management"

Jun Tang's friends groups .. Shanda Chen Tianqiao. Shuai Chen
internationally renowned Feng Shui Master Buddha.! Military Industrial Group Bei
Xinhua all

"Dream of China - Tang Jun Story" book for 2008
?Jun Tang emperor employees
April 15, 2008, Xinhua all Group announced the official hired Tang Jun as Group
President and CEO, to succeed the Group founder Mr Chen has overall responsibility
Xinhua both groups the daily management, long-term strategy, the Group's
operations, foreign investment and and capital operation, etc. . Mr Chen will be
followed by full-time chairman.

Tang Jun is known as the Chinese IT industry "employees" is
called, the joining Xinhua all groups will be worth 1 billion yuan of stock options.
Previously, Tang Jun, president of China at the time as Microsoft's revenue
more than 1 million; in as grand president, when more than 400 million revenue. It is
understood that in the next six months, Xinhua all groups will have two companies in
the domestic A share market.

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