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As mentioned fart, you noticed a pattern, that is:
Thin yellow noodles barren, smelly fart listless;
The large Biaofei, fart like thunder?
There are people who break wind in public places sum up strategy:
Fart sound small target difficult to find;
Fart too loud, its embarrassing.
Angle from the fart smell is:
Fart taste is not heavy, up to a coax;
Fart taste does not light, a complaint.
Anyway, farting is a natural phenomenon, no fuss. But also to pay attention to
dialectics, we listen to right:
A fart and hold Bie bad five internal organs;
No fart mob, squeeze the bad body. "
One of my surname and my silver friend loves jokes.
  Time, he pointed at my head and said: "I see how you wear
'green hat' out?"
   I said: "is not your fault! (He laughs) ... ... who told you they got married
the daughter of silver at home before going to their first taste it?!"
Embarrassment of a
After a long wait, finally raining! Not much, so he took a rundlet work in her way.
"You did not take an umbrella? I take you home!"
"Never mind, the rain is not, I appropriately take up. Umbrellas are so
small, you make your call!"

Embarrassing 2
Dinner party, of course, she is also. Satiated, he shouted: This Brighton I invited! Take
the initiative to go to the front desk to pay the bill, come back later with the one lady.
Because not enough money.

Embarrassment 3
First meeting, take a long time. He said: "I'm hungry, do
"A little."
"The dinner, you go home."
"Today, nobody home, I eat the outside."
"Oh, I know that one side is also true that we go together?"
Then go with little more than two stops, to a large food stalls.
"Boss, to two bowls of Sam Sun surface. Su Sam Sun. I do not want eggs,
you? Do not you? Boss, bowls are not to add eggs."
"I have something, walk first."
"Look, is not to say What a meal together? How left you? I give you ... ...
and so on, the boss, as long as the bowl down!"
Embarrassed 4
She often borrow books from him, the book will be sandwiched often little notes. But
once, she accidentally took the wrong book, and found that there are a lot of paper.
Certainly not to her.

Embarrassing 5
Night until she finally had. He called in the past.
"Hey, are you? What do ah?"
"Hey, lacks something ... ..."
"Oh, I have something. Nothing to do after the call came."
"Toot - toot - ... ... ... ..."

Embarrassing 6
Many people on the bus, he was in there, not very crowded. But suddenly found a
door up beauties! So think hard and squeeze the car door. Finally pushed her side, and
not enough time to carefully look at, she finally said, and spit him one, and then
simply said, sorry to get off.

Embarrassing 7
Godsend: rain, she was not any umbrella. So he volunteered to ride her home, she sat
in the back seat of his umbrella. More romantic! Did not walk a few steps, fell with
puddles. So she hit car first, the car carrying his own home.

Embarrassing 8
He changed his new clothes, waiting for her downstairs. In order to give her a
"surprise", he decided to jump out Congshu Hou threatened her.
Who knows when the chance to step out of the watermelon rind, and that they are not
sitting in puddles, said she also splashed one of the mud.

Embarrassing 9
He was invited to play with friends and found a lot he gave his girlfriend.
Qiangyanuhuo a question, friends are proud to say that his girlfriend sent.

Embarrassing 10
Feel very good relationship, she asked: "how did you think of it I wrote a
note to it?"
"I gave each girl wrote a class, only you have the echo."
A woman: "I am married with her husband to now, seven years, her
husband treated me, always with the same wedding day."

Maiden: "I also heard the two of you fight last night too!"

A woman: "Yes! Husband and my wedding day, on the quarrel."
There are two good friends, usually inseparable, food and clothing worn should be the
same, to be friendly, one day they both went to a restaurant meal, waiters end to two
soup in front of them, including one where there is death flies, and one was very
embarrassed and the other who are not seized usher shouted: "how two
different soup? we want exactly the same."

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