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Basic Information
Name: Liu Dong Sex: Male Nationality: Han
Date of birth: 198611 Native place: Shandong Zaozhuang health status: excellent
Tel: 13654319459
Address: Changchun Yatai Street 2525 No. E-mail:
Educational Background
Graduate school: Changchun University Guanghua School of Professional:
International Marketing
AWARDS: Second and third prize is a 3 times each class advanced individual Class 2
outstanding cadres
Practical / work experience
November 2005 -2 008 years in January
Jilin University Students Business Network Station Leader
In January 2007 in October -2,007
China's higher education network, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of
the Second National Organizing Committee of Jilin Province, the organizers of
professional e-business competition
October 2006 -2 008 years in May
Travel agencies and other collaborators in Changbai Mountain
May 2008 -2 008 years in August
Jilin Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. China Merchants member Bonin
September 2008 - present
Guangdong Green Century Health Industry Co., Ltd. Changchun Branch Chain
                              Service Supervisor
Other related presentations
Personal Basic
In the university four days I've got basically a part-time can do so,
including: billing staff member of a salesman tally clerk caring volunteers, the
campus agency placards, etc.
Which also organized the second national professional organization of e-commerce
competition planning Division of Jilin Province and received praise and a smooth
leadership, led by two students in Beijing took part in the National Finals
Changchun branch now in the green century market for 1 year and a half to do a good
teamwork exercise capacity and customer communication skills
Personal Evaluation
Continuing ability to learn the correct values of life and strong convictions to
encourage me to do all the work can be completed
There are many school hopes to learn from your organization can give me a chance to
grow must give you a satisfactory answer

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