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					Joan Chen
Joan Chen

Chen Chong (Joan Chen)
Birthday: January 3
Native: Sichuan Yongchuan
Place of Birth: Shanghai
Debut: "Youth"
English Name: Joan Chen
Occupation: actor, director, producer, writer

    National Geographic magazine photographer and director, Discovery television
director, Association of American filmmakers, Oscar Review Committee. Served as
guest Oscars, Los Angeles Film Festival jury, Berlin Film Festival jury, the Venice
Film Festival jury, the Spanish Film Festival, Shanghai Film Festival Jury and other
important film festival jury duty.
   Joan Chen was born in Shanghai in 1961, well-known Chinese American film actor,
grew up in a family of medical workers, affected by their parents, develop a love of
reading habits. Shanghai International Studies University English graduate school and
went to the United States, has studied at New York University to study medicine
Passy campus California State University, Northridge to study film production.
1976 because of the "Youth" (1977) 1 in the canvas, begun to
move into film.
1979, participated in the "flower" of the shooting was third in
1980, Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress Award, the same year by the Yugoslav
Film Festival Best Actress Award.
1994 due to star in "Red Rose and White Rose" (Red Rose
White Rose) won Golden Horse Best Actress. She also participated in the film
directed by Wang Ying, "Dim Sum", the Australian film
"The future of Revelation," the U.S. film "days to
trade through" performance.
1997 directorial debut, "Xiu Xiu" won Taiwan's
Golden Horse Award Best Director 7.
2000, directed 50 million dollars investment, "Autumn in New
York" for the film company earned 100 million dollars.
Joan Chen in the Mainland in recent years been the director of the film appeared, the
role of image variety. These include "Sunflower",
"Jasmine Women" and Jiang Wen new work "The
Sun      Also     Rises",      Ang     Lee's        "Lust,
Caution," Australian film "Hometown Story",
"17" and so on.
    Joan Chen has been in Hollywood career in 26 years. From the
"Taipan" to "The Last Emperor" to
"Heaven and Earth", "home of the story,"
she laid a step by step his Hollywood status. And the domestic situation, she staged
and unless they take the road, from the "bath day" to
"Autumn in New York," a Chinese actress born female director
to guide the star of the independent film, which is very rare in Hollywood . However,
under the prestigious Joan Chen, life, playing a mother, daughter, wife, the role of the
    2007 - "17" by 80 after the new directors - Ji Cheng
independent directed. Golden Horse award winner Joan Chen Shuang Zou together
young actor, popular idol Wei Chen, a famous actor Yao Qian An, Xu Zaisong close
ranks with such interpretation. In "Mother's Day" to
you about the dawn of a mother and son in a touching story of a beautiful mountain
Joan Chen of "Meaning" won the 44th session of Golden Horse
Best Actress Award, to win the title again.
In 2008, Joan Chen with "The Sun Also Rises" was the second
Asian Film Awards Best Supporting Actress.
Production experience:
1995 "Wild Edge" (Wild Side)
(Associate producer)
1998, "Xiu Xiu" (Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl)
(Executive producer)
Screenplay experience:
"Tin Bath" (and Treats cooperation)
"Battlefield Orphans" (and Treats cooperation)
"Fuso" (and Treats cooperation)
Chili novella "startlingly ambitious," the film adaptation rights.
Director Experience:
"Tin Bath" (1997)
"Autumn in New York" (2000)

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