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									RISS – Rotterdam International Secondary School; Bentincklaan 294, 3094KK Rotterdam, The

Phone/fax/email: +31 10 890 7744; +31 (0)10 890 7755; Administration: admin.riss@wolfert.nl;
Admissions: info.riss@wolfert.nl

Director: Aiden Campbell; Public Relations Officer: Chris Blake; Admissions Officer: Alexa

Link: www.wolfert.nl/riss

Fees: First year fees secondary student start at (age 11 to 19yrs): €6,430 per year (single
payment). Continuing students start at: €5,680 per school year (single payment).

The Rotterdam International Secondary School (RISS) is the centerpiece for expatriate high
school education in The Netherlands, located in the city of Rotterdam. RISS serves both the
global expatriate relocating to the Rotterdam area and the Dutch expatriate returning to or
preparing to leave the Netherlands. Established in 1987 as a department of the Wolfert van
Borselen family of secondary schools, RISS, as of 2004, has its own building located in
conjunction with the Wolfert van Borselen campus, Bentincklaan 294, 3094KK Rotterdam, across
from the Rotterdam Zoo.

RISS offers the renowned International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE)
 http://www.cie.org.uk/qualifications/academic/middlesec/igcse/subjects and the International
Baccalaureate (IB) program http://www.ibo.org leading to entry into universities and institutions of
higher learning worldwide. Global families can offer their students the continuity and security of
these international curriculums that are offered in hundreds of school on every continent of the
world. Graduating students are readily accepted into most universities and colleges including
those in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

What makes RISS so special?

RISS offers a personalized atmosphere for learning to its 165 students of 47 nationalities. Its
small classes are reminiscent of high-priced private schools but RISS offers this premium
education at family-friendly tuition. This is possible because RISS school fees are supported by
the Dutch Ministry of Education. The first year fees for a secondary student (age 11 to 19) are as
little as €6,430 per year (single payment). Continuing students can pay only €5,680 per school
year (single payment). These fees include books, capital fees, parent support group (PSG) and
international school trips. Convenient installment terms are also available at a nominal fee. These
fees are substantially more affordable than less convenient private secondary schools offering
comparable educational quality.

RISS has shown an ability to provide a supportive atmosphere for a wide range of students with
varying abilities and backgrounds. The EAL (English Additional Language) Program helps
students where their own language is other than English to utilize their own language in areas of
application and examination. Students receive evaluation and tutoring in order to focus resources
on personal achievement.

RISS offers expatriate families their best choice in international secondary education. Click the
RISS link above to arrange a personal interview with our Admissions Officer, Alexa Nijpels. Also
available for your questions are the RISS Director, Aidan Campbell and Public Relations Officer,
Chris Blake. See “contact us” for phone and email contact information.
        Bentincklaan 294    ∙   3039 KK Rotterdam ∙ T +31 (0)10 890 7744 ∙          F +31 (0)10 890 7755
                                   I www.wolfert.nl/riss ∙ E info.riss@wolfert.nl

            Rotterdam International Secondary School is part of the Wolfert van Borselen school group

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