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          NFRW Bronze Achievement Award, 2006-2007                                               October 2009
        CFRW Award Winning Newsletter—2006, 2007, 2008                                        Volume 24, Issue 10

October 5: TCRWF Board Mtg                           Trinity County Republican Fair Booth
November 2: TCRWF Board Mtg
November 9: TCRWF Membership                                      AUGUST 28-30, 2009
December 7: TCRWF Membership
   Lunch and 2010 Officer Installation
December 14: TCRWF Board Mtg
October 16-18: CFRW Convention,
November 13-15: CFRW ND
   Convention, Concord

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   President’s Message           2
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   Membership Application       9                         Shirley Dills, Sally Styczynski, Joann Mathis

   President Joann Mathis (530) 286-2217 Email: president@tcrwf.org
   Membership Sally Styczynski (530) 623-5145 Email: membership@tcrwf.org
                                                                                              Photos by Diana Sheen
   Newsletter Editor Patsy Nelson (530) 623-2443 Email: editor@tcrwf.org

                                     “As Republican Women, we can overcome seemingly impossible difficulties, follow
                                     our dreams into uncharted territories and rise to incredible heights of achievement
                                     and success. “                   Joann Mathis, TCRWF President
TCRWF IN CYBERSPACE                               PRESIDENTS MESSAGE                         Joann Mathis, President
John   Nelson, Webmaster

          Visit us on the Internet                                                           wonderful time to connect with Doug.
                                                   YOUR PRESENCE IS SO IMPORTANT!
              www.tcrwf.org.                      The presence of Republican Women           Everyone had a chance to ask questions
We have all the history of the past two           at the Trinity County Fair was so          and express their concerns over the
years which includes our photo album of           important this year. This was our first    problems in California.
events and what the club has been                 time setting up a booth and we were        The Problem: President Obama and
doing. The website also has all the               very well received. Doug LaMalfa told      members of Congress want to solve
newsletters back to 2006. This is great           me “your presence is so important”.        America’s health care problems by
if you are new to the club or are missing
                                                                                             centralizing decisions in Washington. For
a newsletter. We also post the monthly            We connected with many people.             further information go to
luncheon meetings and planned speakers            Republicans, Democrats, Independents       http://www.myheritage.org or go to the
for the next few months. We welcome               and everything in between were in the
                                                                                             Heritage Foundation website.
any comments you may have, so please              mix of people we talked to. We as
contact me if you have any questions or           Republican Women need to be out            Coca Cola CEO Muhtar Kent in reference
suggestions                                       where we can talk to people, to hear       to arguments against soda taxes, “I have
                                                  their issues and concerns. We did gain     never seen it work where a government
  MEMBERSHIP CORNER,                              a few new prospective/new members          tells people what to eat and what to
            Sally Styczynski,                     and will be traveling to other parts of    drink. If it worked, the Soviet Union
                                                  the county in the future because of        would still be around.”
  Membership Secretary and Ways and
                                                  the interest shown by people at the
  Means Chair
                                                  fair.                                      “America is no stronger than its people--
                                                  Doug LaMalfa came on Saturday and          -and that means you and me. Well, I
TCRWF now has 48 members and 17
                                                  Rick Keene on Friday evening to meet       believe in you, and I believe that if we
associate members in 2009. Our total
membership includes 13 new members                people. We enjoyed their visits and        work together, then one day we will say,
and 5 new associate members.                      they were a welcome addition to our        ‘We fought the good fight. We finished
                                                  booth. Thank you both for coming!          the race. We kept the faith.’ And to our
Invite a friend to our monthly lunch                                                         children and our children’s children we
meetings. Share our Newsletter.                   Our evening with Doug LaMalfa was          can say, ‘We did all that could be done
Provide your friends with our website             well received by all members and           in the brief time that was given to us
address. They will be inspired and                guests present at our September            here on earth’. Ronald Regan
informed about the politics and legisla-          meeting. The food was delicious
                                                  (thank you TCRWF board) and it was a             Your President, Joann Mathis
tive news from fascinating speakers and
share a common interest with women
who have a true passion about making              CHAPLAIN’S CORNER
this County, State, and Nation the best                              Beverly Leeder, Chaplain
ever. Our meetings are the focal point
for political information in Trinity County.
                                          Recognize the Season You Are In…                  Our TCRWF members extend our deepest
                                          In the Old Testament Nehemiah was                 condolences to the family and friends of
Please call me and share any ideas you    moved to tears for his nation so he               Ruth Brandes with her passing on August
may have that will help our Club increase sought God, developed a plan, put                 17, 2009. Ruth was 92 and was a long
the revenue needed to support our Club’s together a team and began to rebuild.              time member of TCRWF before she moved
newsletter and activities.                Everything in life has a season and a             to Grants Pass, Oregon to be closer to her
                                          reason (Ecclesiastes 3:1-4). Those                family. Ruth was an enthusiastic
        Let’s get involved!
                                          who understand the reason and maxi-               supporter of the Advocacy Program and
                                          mize the season make the most of it               our scholarship program. We know that
                                          and keep moving forward. As Ameri-                she will be deeply missed by her family
                                          cans, and as Republicans, we need to              and many friends.
                                          know when to stop “weeping” and
                                          start to work “reaping” as the seasons            We also want to send our thoughts ,
                                          change. We pray, Lord, for the wis-               prayers and support to Donna McKinney,
                                          dom to know how to develop a plan                 our Second Vice President. Donna asks
                                          and be ready to rebuild our party and             that we hold her, Jack, and her family in
                                          our nation in the season to come.                 prayer as she fights to regain her health.

  Trinity County RWF Elephant Talk October 2009                                                                             Page 2
                                September Evening Meeting with Doug LaMalfa
                                                   (Photos by Diana Sheen)

      Doug LaMalfa, President Joann Mathis, and Hal Mathis            Diana Sheen, Doug LaMalfa, and Willie Preston

                                         TRINITY COUNTY REPUBLICAN WOMEN FEDERATED
                                             REGULAR MEETING—SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

President Joann Mathis called the meeting to order at 6:20 p.m. at the Victorian Inn Restaurant in Weaverville,
California. She welcomed everyone and explained that there would be a short business meeting to select a
Nominating Committee for next year. Joann then introduced our honored guest, State Senate candidate Doug
LaMalfa. Beverly Leeder gave the invocation and Diana Sheen led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.

Joann introduced Shirley Dills, Parliamentarian, who explained that in September each year our bylaws require
our club to select a Nominating Committee to be charged with nominating candidates for the elected offices for
the coming year. Election of these officers will be held at our November meeting or by mail. She then opened
the floor for nominations for members to serve on the Nominating Committee this year. Nominations were as fol-
       Patsy Nelson nominated Pat Hamilton
       Diana Sheen nominated Ann Humphreys
       Sally Styczynski nominated Beverly Leeder

Judy Pfleuger seconded these nominations. Shirley then asked for any other nominations from the floor. There
being none, the nominations were closed and the above slate was elected to serve on the Nominating Committee
for 2009.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by Joann at 6:30 p.m. She then invited everyone
present to join us for open discussion with Doug LaMalfa and refreshments were served.

Secretary, Beverly Leeder

 Trinity County RWF Elephant Talk October 2009                                                              Page 3
LEGISLATIVE UPDATE Diana Sheen, 1st Vice President, Americanism and Legislative Chair

                                                  Afghanistan. Both General David        The Senate may also have to make a
                                                  Petraeus, head of U.S. Central         decision about increasing debt limits.
                                                  Command, and Admiral Mike
                                                  Mullen, Chairman of the Joint          House and Senate Republicans are
                                                  Chiefs of staff, have endorsed         taking a closer look at ACORN's
                                                  General McChrystal's                   private sources of funding.
             Political News                       assessment of the war in
 Legislative News for the week of                 Afghanistan.                       Paul Kirk was sworn in as the tempo-
       September 29, 2009                                                            rary replacement for Senator Edward
                                                  The President has remained         Kennedy. He was a former aide and
        Afghanistan Strategy                      silent about what he intends to do confidant of the late Senator.
                                                  in the wake of the request for
"This is not a war of choice. This is             additional troops and resources.   House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is
a war of necessity. Those who at-                 He has stated that his Administra- reviewing ways to bring down the
tacked America on 9/11 are plot-                  tion is conducting a comprehen-    cost of the House Health Care bill to
ting to do so again. If left un-                  sive assessment of the strategy in $900 billion over the next decade.
checked, the Taliban insurgency                   Afghanistan that he will take into
will mean an even larger safe haven               consideration before he makes any House Republicans and some
from which Al Qaida would plot to                 decisions. Will President Obama    Democrats are partnering on a
kill more Americans. So this is not               stay committed to this necessary   discharge petition which would force
only a war worth fighting; this is                war?                               a vote on a bill requiring 72 hour
fundamental to the                                                                       review period before the House can
defense of our people."                                    ACORN Update
                                                                                         vote on legislation.
        -President Barack Obama
               (8/17/2009)                        On September 17, the House
                                                  passed HR 3571, the Defund             House Minority Whip Eric Cantor
In his own words, President Obama
                                                  ACORN Act in a 345-75 vote. This       (R-VA) and House Majority Leader
has labeled the war in
                                                  bill was introduced by House           Steny Hoyer (D-MD) have agreed to
Afghanistan as a "necessary
                                                  Minority Leader John Boehner and       meet to discuss areas of bipartisan
war." He deployed an additional
                                                  other Republicans and terminates       agreement on health care reform.
21,000 troops in the spring to
                                                  federal funding of ACORN.
bolster US and NATO forces
serving in Afghanistan. In May,                             On The Hill
President Obama appointed
General Stanley McChrystal as                     The Senate Finance Committee will
Commander of the American                         continue mark-ups on the Baucus
and NATO forces in Afghanistan.                   health care bill . They will also be
                                                  considering two public option
In August 2009, General
McChrystal has issued his own
                                                  The Senate is debating the $636          National Federation of Republican Women
assessment of the critical situation
                                                  billion Defense appropriations           124 N. Alfred Street Alexandria, VA 22314
in Afghanistan in which he
                                                  bill. This bill eliminates the $133
requested more troops and                                                                           703.548.9688 (phone)
                                                  million the House had set aside to                 703.548.9836 (fax)
resources to help in his expanded
                                                  purchase 2 Gulfstream jets for the              1-800-373-9688 (toll free)
counterinsurgency campaign in
                                                  use of Members of Congress.                    www.nfrw.org mail@nfrw.org

WANT TO ATTEND A TEA PARTY? Check out www.teapartyexpress.org and
find everything you want to know about Tea Parties. Look at their upcoming schedule.
We have one coming up right here in Northern California. One is scheduled in Redding at
10:00 A.M. on Thursday October 29th and another one in Medford at 4:00 P.M. that
same day. Let’s get involved and let Congress know how we feel!

  Trinity County RWF Elephant Talk October 2009                                                                           Page 4
 Political Trends Shift to Republicans
   Ron Nehring on Fox and Hounds Daily, September 29, 2009
The political landscape is changing rapidly as the public     ● Generic ballot strength reflects Republican ad-
rejects the most extreme elements of the governing            vantage. Asking likely voters to indicate which party's
agenda Democrats continue to pursue. Several leading          candidate for Congress they intend to support in the
political indicators have moved decidedly in favor of         next election is a key indicator of how voters view each
the Republican Party, and no significant indicator            party, and can serve as a valuable predictor of voting
shows any substantial movement in favor of the De-            behavior.
mocrats.                                                      At no point in 2008 did Republicans lead Democrats in
                                                              this key test, serving as a predictor of the further gains
News reports covering the current political environ-          the party would enjoy in the November election. That
ment rarely draw a distinction between leading indica-        situation, however, has completely reversed.
tors showing where we are going, versus lagging indi-
cators pointing to where we have been. To understand Republicans now lead in the generic ballot test by sin-
current political trends, it's important to understand    gle digits, and have held that lead since June, accord-
which indicators demonstrate change is taking place,      ing to Rasmussen Reports.
and in which direction.
                                                          • Steep decline in presidential approval
In reviewing the current political landscape, three indi- rating. Although Barack Obama will not appear on the
cators provide a picture of where the American elector- November 2010 ballot, his public approval rating will
ate is going: party self-identification, generic ballot   have a direct correlation with his party's performance
strength and presidential approval. I discussed each of in the mid-term election.
these in my report to the state party convention on       In 10 of the last 12 mid-term elections, the party in
Sunday.                                                   control of the White House has experienced a net loss
● Republican Party self-identification up from                of seats in Congress, as well as total state legislative
35% to 40%. Partisan affiliation is one of the strong-        seats held. There is also a direct correlation between
est predictors of voting behavior. Over 80%, and often        the incumbent President's approval rating on Election
over 90%, of voters will cast ballots for the candidate       Day, and the number of seats his party has lost. This
of the party in which they are registered. Higher party       is because the President is the single largest defining
self-identification rates mean a larger base of likely        factor for his party in the minds of voters.
support for candidates of that party.
                                                              Barack Obama's public approval rating has plummeted
The number of Americans identifying themselves as
                                                              since he took office, according to all major polling
Republicans has risen substantially while Democrat
                                                              firms. Rasmussen Reports shows Obama's approval
self-identification has fallen, according to
                                                              rating has dropped from a high of 65% upon his taking
Gallup. Democrats enjoyed a 52% to 35% lead in
                                                              office, to 48% today, a decline of 17% in eight
party identification in January. Today, their lead is
                                                              months. On average, Presidents whose approval rating
only 5%, 45% to 40%.
                                                              was under 50% on the day of their mid-term elections
                                                              have experienced an average loss of 41 House seats.
Party identification is a leading indicator in part be-
cause it is a measure of preference. Voter registration
                                                              Taken together, these trends indicate a Democratic
statistics, by contrast, are a lagging indicator due to
                                                              Party on the decline, and a Republican Party in ascent
the fact that voters who change their party preference
                                                              as Americans look for an alternative to the direction
do not automatically or instantly re-register as a mem-
                                                              Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress intend to
ber of that party. Sustained changes in party identifi-
                                                              take the country.
cation statistics can take months or years to be
reflected in changes in voter registration statistics.

                                     You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
                                  You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
                                  You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
                             You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
                             You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
                 You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiate and independence.
            You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.
                                                     Abraham Lincoln

  Trinity County RWF Elephant Talk October 2009                                                                   Page 5
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          Newsletter Editor at editor@tcrwf.org or call (530) 623-2443. We ask our members and supporters to support our ad-
          vertisers. When you stop in to see them, please say Thank You for their support

 BOOK REVIEW by Patsy Nelson                            UPCOMING TCRWF PROGRAMS
             CATASTROPHE by                                     Joann Mathis, President and Program Chair
 How Obama, Congress, and the special                    OCTOBER — NO TCRWF LUNCHEON MEETING
 interests are transforming...A slump                         Redding RWF extends an invitation to TCRWF
 into a crash, freedom into socialism,                        members to attend their October 14th lunch.
 and a disaster into a CATASTRO-                              Contact Betty Collins at 530-604-4426 for more
 PHE...and how to fight back. Dick and                        information. RSVP by October 9th.
 Eileen saw the meltdown coming. They                    NOVEMBER — Rick Keene, candidate for 4th District State
 take a hard look at American in free                                Senator in 2010—The Victorian Inn,
 fall—and how Obama is transforming a                                Weaverville
 vulnerable America into a socialist                     DECEMBER — Christmas Party and 2010 Officer Installation
 state. It is time to get our Country                                 — The Victorian Inn, Weaverville
 Back!                                                   JANUARY — NO TCRWF LUNCHEON MEETING

 Voter registration forms are available at the Trinity County Elections Office located in the
 Trinity County Courthouse at 101 Court Street, Weaverville CA 96093. Forms are also
 available at the Department of Motor Vehicles and at the county libraries. You may call
 the Trinity County Elections Office at 530-623-1220 to receive a form in the mail.
 Fax 530-623-8398 or E-Mail requests will also be accepted. Forms may also be requested
 from the Secretary of State. Go to www.trinitycounty.org/ for additional information.

 Trinity County RWF Elephant Talk October 2009                                                                            Page 6
                                                               CONGRESSMAN WALLY HERGER ON OBAMACARE
                                                               Update on Health Care Reform—September 14, 2009

                                                              After President Obama’s speech last week, I wanted to take
                                                              the opportunity to share my thoughts on his plan and up-
REPORT       FROM        WASHINGTON                           date you on what I saw and heard from fellow Northern
 by Congressman Wally Herger                                  Californians during the August district work period.
    Herger Calls on House to Advance Fire
                                                              Regarding his speech, I must say I’m concerned that
           Prevention Legislation                             President Obama is continuing his pattern of saying one
Congressman Wally Herger (R-CA) issued the fol-               thing and doing something different. And despite his claims
lowing statement after requesting a committee                 of looking for a bipartisan solution, the President hasn’t held
                                                              a meeting with House Republicans since April.
hearing on legislation he introduced earlier this
year. The California Catastrophic Wildfire Pre-               Moreover, Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee
vention and Community Protection Act focuses                  offered 38 amendments during committee consideration to
on limiting the restrictions on removal of hazard-            improve the bill, including an amendment to require mem-
ous fuels from national forests. These fuels often            bers of Congress to enroll in the new government option
lead to yearly forest fires that endanger Northern            and my amendment to ensure that new government-funded
California communities.                                       “comparative effectiveness research” will not be used to
                                                              ration care. All of these common sense amendments were
“While the North State has thus far been extremely            rejected, mostly along party lines. I believe that the Presi-
fortunate in avoiding a repeat of last year’s horrific fire   dent and Speaker Pelosi are rushing a government takeover
season, the next catastrophic wildfire remains only a         of health care through Congress against the wishes of the
stray spark away. I firmly believe that the key to            American people. And I believe that the President’s speech
reducing the risk of wildfire year after year is to reduce    shows that he’s not listening to the majority of Americans
the fuels that make them so devastating. In many              who have expressed strong concerns with this approach.
cases, our Northern California forests are now ten
                                                              During the August district work period, I traveled around
times denser than they were historically, and are a
                                                              our Northern California Congressional District to talk to
ticking time bomb that threatens the lives and                doctors, nurses, health care administrators, small business
property of those who call these forests home.                owners, and other citizens to share my thoughts on health
                                                              care reform and better understand your opinions. In
“Earlier this year, in response to this growing threat to     addition to meetings, we held three town halls and I was
                                                              encouraged to see a record breaking number of our citizens
our communities and their citizens, I introduced a
                                                              taking an active role in our democracy. These meetings
commonsense bill designed to reduce the threat of fire        were productive, educational and had two things in
by streamlining the environmental review and appeal           common.
process to expedite hazardous fuels reduction and for-
est management projects surrounding forest communi-           First, I heard loud and clear about people’s concerns with
ties. This legislation has significant support, including     the unacceptable growth in government spending and the
endorsements from numerous forestry groups and                intrusion of government into Americans’ everyday lives.
affected county governments. Although management              Secondly, the people I met with told me over and over that
is needed beyond the immediate vicinity of our homes          a government takeover of health care is not wanted nor is
                                                              it necessary. Despite President Obama’s claims to the
and businesses, I believe this legislation is a reason-
                                                              contrary, independent studies have shown that tens of
able ‘first step’ towards reducing dangerous fuels, and       millions of Americans stand to lose the health care they
I will continue to urge my fellow members to join me          have now and would be forced into a government-run
in enacting a bipartisan solution to ensure the health        program that will explode our deficit. His plan would raise
and safety of our communities.”                               taxes by $828 billion and lower the quality of care.
                                                              We do need health care reform. We need to bring down
You can view Herger’s letter requesting the                   costs and extend access to quality, affordable coverage. I’m
hearing on Congressman Herger’s website at                    supporting proposals that would help reform our system and
http://house.gov/herger/                                      have an immediate effect on costs. By implementing serious
                                                              medical liability reform, we can save up to $200 billion per
Matt Lavoie, Communications Director for                      year... We can lower costs and extend access to affordable
                                                              coverage. And we can do all of this without a government
Congressman Wally Herger
                                                              takeover, higher taxes on the American people or an
202-225-3076 (Office)                                         unsustainable new entitlement.
202-225-3078 (Direct)

  Trinity County RWF Elephant Talk October 2009                                                             Page 7
PRESIDENT Barack Obama (D)                                    TRINITY COUNTY SUPERVISORS:
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 20500
                                                              PO Box 1613, Weaverville, CA 96093-1613
Comment Line: (202) 456-1111 or e-mail:
                                                              (530) 623-1217
 comments@whitehouse.gov or his website at http://
                                                              Meet: First and third Tuesdays of each month
                                                              Time: 9:00 am - Board Chambers, Trinity County Library in
                                                              Weaverville, CA
                                                              Website: http://trinitycounty.org for meeting dates, agendas,
                                                              minutes. Direct phone numbers and addresses for contacting
                                                              individual Supervisors are:
Senator Barbara Boxer (D)
District Office: 1700 Montgomery St, Ste 240, San Fran-       DISTRICT 1: Judy Pflueger
cisco CA 94111, (415) 403-0100 or 112 Hart Senate Office      Home phone: 266-3236, PO Box 187, Trinity Center, CA
Building, Washington DC 20510, (202) 224-3553 or her          96091 Email: jpflueger@trinitycounty.org
website at http://boxer.senate.gov/
                                                              DISTRICT 2: Judy Morris
Senator Dianne Feinstein (D)                                  Phone: 623-1217, PO Box 1998, Weaverville, CA 96093
District office: 1 Post St, Ste 2450, San Francisco, CA       Email: jymorris@trinitycounty.org
94104, (415) 393-0707 or 112 Hart Senate Office Building,     DISTRICT 3: Roger Jaegel
Room 331, Washington, DC 20510, (202) 224-3841 or her         Home phone: 628-5776 PO Box 283, Hayfork, CA
website at http://feinstein.senate.gov/                       96041-0283 Email: rjaegel@trinitycounty.org

US REPRESENTATIVE                                             DISTRICT 4: Howard Freeman
Congressman Wally Herger (2nd District) (R)                   Home phone: 623-4664, PO Box 1173, Weaverville, CA
District Office: 410 Hemsted Dr. Ste. 115, Redding, CA        96093-1173 Email hfreeman@trinitycounty.org
96002 (530) 223-5898 or 2433 Rayburn House Office Build-      DISTRICT 5: Wendy Reiss
ing, Washington, DC 20515, (202) 225-3076 or his web-         Home Phone: 628-4168, PO Box 1613, Weaverville, CA
site at http://house.gov/herger/
                                                              Email: wreiss@trinitycounty.org
GOVERNOR Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)
Office of the Governor, State Capitol, Sacramento, CA
95814, (916) 445-2841, FAX: (916) 445-4633 or his web-
site at http://gov.ca.gov/site/contact-governor                 LOCAL NEWS SOURCES:
                                                                Trinity Journal
STATE SENATOR Samuel Aanestad (4th District) (R)
District Office: 777 Cypress Ave, Redding, CA 96002, 225-
                                                                Email: trinityjournal@dcacable.net
3142 or State Capitol, Room 3063, Sacramento, CA 95814,         The Record Searchlight
(916) 651-4004 or on his website at http://cssrc.us/web/4/      PO Box 492397, Redding, Ca. 96049-2397
                                                                Email: letters@Redding.com
STATE ASSEMBLY MEMBER Wesley Chesbro (1st Dis-
                                                                Fax (530)225-8236
trict) (D) District Office: 710 E St, Ste 150, Eureka, CA
95501 (707) 445-7014; 311 N. State Street, Ukiah, CA            The Sacramento Bee
95482 (707) 463-5770 or State Capitol, Room 2176, Sacra-        2100 Q Street, PO Box 15779
mento, CA 94249-0001, (916) 319-2001 or his website at          Sacramento, Ca. 95852
http://democrats.assembly.ca.gov/members/a01/                   Email: sacbee.com/sendletter

                                                  INTERNET SITES OF INTEREST
Fact Check – http://factcheck.org is a political fact check for seeing through political spin.
Political Vanguard – http://politicalvanguard.com by Tom Del Beccaro, Vice Chairman, CA Republican Party
The American Conservative Union – http://conservative.org is the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots conservative lobby-
ing organization.
Numbers USA – http://numbersusa.com is a site on legal and illegal immigration laws.
National Federation of Republican Women – http://nfrw.org and California Federation of Republican Women –
National Federation of Republican Women Blog – http://nfrw.org/member_only/Discussion_forum/ is a blog allowing mem-
bers to post comments and interact with other NFRW and CFRW members.
California Republican Party – http://cagop.org National Republican Party – http://rnc.org or chairman@GOP.com

  Trinity County RWF Elephant Talk October 2009                                                                 Page 8
                                                                                   STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRS
               AND COMMITTEE CHAIRS                               Advocacy Workshop      Diana Sheen        (530) 623-5275
                                                                  Achievement Awards     Joann Mathis       (530) 286-2217
                   EXECUTIVE BOARD
                                                                  Americanism and
President          Joann Mathis              (530) 286-2217
                                                                   Legislation           Diana Sheen        (530) 623-5275
1st Vice President Diana Sheen               (530) 623-5275
                                                                  Bylaws                 Shirley Dills      (530) 623-4515
2nd Vice President Donna McKinney             (530)778-3331
Membership         Sally Styczynski          (530) 623-5145
                                                                   Secretary             Patsy Nelson       (530) 623-2443
Recording Secty    Beverly Leeder            (530) 623-3375
                                                                  Program and
Treasurer          Patsy Nelson              (530) 623-2443
                                                                   Publicity             Joann Mathis       (530) 286-2217
                     APPOINTED BOARD                              Scholarship            Joann Mathis       (530) 286-2217
Chaplain             Beverly Leeder          (530) 623-3375       Telephone              Sally Styczynski   (530) 623-5145
Newsletter Editor    Patsy Nelson            (530) 623-2443       Ways and Means         Sally Styczynski   (530) 623-5145
Parliamentarian      Shirley Dills           (530) 623-4514
Past President       Patsy Nelson            (530) 623-2443

 NFRW National Federation of Republican Women, founded in 1938, is a grassroots political
 organization with thousands of active members in local clubs across the nation, making it one of
 the largest and most influential women’s political organizations in the country. Our goal is to
 strengthen the Republican Party by recruiting, training and electing candidates; advocating the
 Party’s philosophy and initiatives; and empowering women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds
 in the political process. National Federation of Republican Women – http://nfrw.org and
 California Federation of Republican Women – http://cfrw.org has information on eve-
 rything you want to know about NFRW and CFRW.

                                              TRINITY COUNTY REPUBLICAN WOMEN FEDERATED
                                                   PO BOX 2302 - WEAVERVILLE, CA 96093-2302

                                                      Sally Styczynski, Membership Secretary
                                                                  (530) 623-5145
                                                                COME JOIN US!!

       NEW: ____ SPONSOR: ___________________________________________________ RENEWING: _______

       NAME: ________________________________________________________________________________________

       ASSOCIATE MEMBER NAME: ________________________________________________________________

       MAILING ADDRESS: ____________________________ CITY: _______________________ ZIP: _________

       HOME PHONE: ______________ OFFICE PHONE: _________________ CELL PHONE: ____________

       E-MAIL ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________

       DATE: ____________________ SIGNED: _________________________________________________________

                Membership dues: $25 annually                    Associate Membership dues: $10 annually

                                                   Visit our website at tcrwf.org

   Trinity County RWF Elephant Talk October 2009                                                                    Page 9
                                             WHO WE ARE … WHERE YOU CAN FIND US
                                             Trinity County Republican Women                  Our Regular membership dues are $25
                                             Federated (TCRWF) holds it regular               annually. Associate membership dues
                                             Membership luncheon the 2nd Monday               are $10.00 annually. Contact the
                                             of each month at 11:30 am. Our usual             Membership Secretary to sign up or
                                             location is:                                     renew your membership dues or you
                                                                                              can mail it to: TCRWF at PO Box
                                                 The Victorian Inn Restaurant,
                                                                                              2302, Weaverville, CA 96093-2302.
                                                  1701 Main Street (Hwy 299)
                                                                                              You can also go to our website at
                                                        in Weaverville
                                                                                              tcrwf.org to learn more about our
                                             The location of TCRWF meetings are               organization and sign up.
                                             always announced in each edition of
                                                                                     TCRWF comprises the following 20
                                             the Newsletter as well as the lunch
                                                                                     Trinity County communities: Big Bar;
   Trinity County RWF                        menu and the cost.
                                                                                     Burnt Ranch; Coffee Creek; Denny;
      PO Box 2302                            If you wish to eat and socialize, lunch Douglas City; Forest Glenn; Hawkins
                                             is served at 11:30 am. The cost is      Bar; Hayfork; Hyampom; Junction
     Weaverville, CA                         $12.00 for an “all you can eat” buffet. City; Lewiston; Mad River; Peanut;
                                             For those not wishing to eat, our guest Ruth; Sayler; Trinity Center; Van
        96093-2302                           speaker and business meeting begins     Duzen; Weaverville; Wildwood;
         tcrwf.org                           at 12:15.                               Zenia.

         TCRWF has gone “paperless” to save paper and dollars. Trinity County RWF Elephant Talk members and subscribers can receive their
                 newsletter by e-mail. If you want to receive our newsletter by e-mail, please e-mail our editor at editor@tcrwf.org.

 Trinity County RWF Elephant Talk October 2009                                                                                    Page 10

 Trinity County Republican
 Women Federated
 PO Box 2302
 Weaverville, CA 96093-2302

                                                                                                               BE H
                                                                                                              O C
                   OCTOBER 2009                                                                             CT UN
                                                                                                          O L
                                                                                                         O IP
                                                                                                        N H
              Volume 24, Issue 10                                                                     E: RS
                                                                                                     T E
                                                                                                   NO MB

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