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									        The World Heart Day in Slovakia as a part of the MOST campaign 2009
     On 25th september 2009 in occasion of the World Heart Day, activities called the „Day D“ as a part
of nationalwide educational the MOST campaign focused on prevention of the most important risk
factors of cardiovascular diseases in population, has taken place. The campaign was prepared by the
Slovak Heart Foundation in cooperation with the Slovak Society of Cardiology. 54% of all deaths in
Slovakia nowadays is caused by cardiovascular disease, therefore increasing awareness of the main
cardiovascular risk factors in population is very important.

     Activities during the „Day D“ has taken place in 40 Slovak cities simultaneously. Totally 37 high
schools mainly health schools (totally approximately 400 students, who created 180 Health patrols),
approximately 260 students of Pharmaceutical Faculty (in 122 pharmacies), 36 branches of Academy of
education, 22 Public Health Advisory Services on the Regional Authorities of Public Health, including 31
medical doctors and 35 nurses participated. The Minister of Health of the Slovak Republic personally
participated in the MOST campaign as he did last year.

      We are more than happy, that this year we were able to involve into the MOST campaign many
students and volunteers, who informed bystanders about risks of cardiovascular diseases, optimal
values of blood pressure and level of total cholesterol. They also provided an information about places,
where a measurements of blood pressure and level of total cholesterol is available. Volunteers created
patrols, which consisted of two students, one of them was writing down an information into
a questionaire consisted of 5 simple questions, the second one was providing an information to
bystanders. Each patrol was marked with a big heart sticked on the front side of T-shirt and was
equipped with a small card of Health life, which contained usefull information about the Code of Healthy
Life: 0-30-5-120-80 (e.g., 0 – no smoking, 30 – minutes of daily movement, 5 – level of total cholesterol,
120/80 – optimal value of blood pressure). It also contained an important telephone numbers, which
people can use in the case of emergency. Measurements of blood pressure, level of total cholesterol,
triglycerides and serum level of glucose were also available in 5 Trains of Healthy life on different
directions. The health patrols examined totally 362 people in these trains. Each participant obtained
a Card of Healthy Life and a small heart.

     An important part of the MOST campaign 2009 was an extensive medial campaign lasting almost
the whole september in television, radio, electronical and printed media. The basic consisted in TV
spots builded in conception of famous names with a purpose to capture an attention of the widest part of
population. Partners of the MOST campaign were: Television JOJ, Slovak television 1, Slovak television
2 and 12 regional televisions. Finally there were 1 320 TV spots broadcasted. There were a total
number of 226 radio spots broadcasted in nationalwide radio Slovensko, in nationalwide radio VIVA and
in couple of other regional radios. There were totally 2.3 millions of internet banners displays placed on
web page, the most visited web page of Slovak internet.

    To evaluate the effectivity of educational the MOST campaign, an objective survey on the
knowledge of cardiovascular prevention before the MOST campaign beginning was performed by
FOCUS agency in June 2009. Consequently, after the end of the campaign, a second survey with the
same questions and methodology was performed by the same agency in October 2009. A sample
consisted of 1 036 representants.

There are following findings from performed surveys:
1. Approximately 9 out of 10 respondents are thinking, the most important diseases caused death are
   cardiovascular diseases (92%) and cancer (90%).
2. Almost 2/3 of respondents are thinking they have enough information about cardiovascular
3. More than three quarters (78%) are thinking the presence of cardiovascular disease is due to high
   blood pressure. 4 out of 10 respondents are thinking the presence of cardiovascular disease is due
   to high level of total cholesterol (43%), smoking (42%) and obesity (37%).
4. The correct value of normal blood pressure, e.g, 120/80 mmHg has known more than half of
   respondents (52%).
5. The value of normal level of total cholesterol (e.g. ≤ 5 mmol/l) has known 33% of respondents.
6. Totally 3 out of 10 respondents (30%) has reported, that in previous period they have registered
   the informational campaign focused on the cardiovascular prevention. We can confirm, that this
   year the campaign has reached a higher rate of registration in the population in comparison with
   year 2008 (30% vs 25%).

     There were approximately 3 600 respondents examined during the World Heart Day and in 2 858
cases we have documented also the results of performed measurements. These results have sure a
limited value, but inspite of that they will give us a certain information we will share with others.

1. Mean age of examined respondents were 49.2 year. In three years history of the MOST campaign,
   there was relatively the oldest population. 1 070 were men (38%), 1 782 were women (62%).
2. There were 20% of smokers (22% of men, 19% of women). Very positive finding is that we have
   registered a decline in number of smokers in comparison with the year 2007 and the year 2008
   (29% in the year 2007, 23% in the year 2008 and 20% in the year 2009) including the decline in
   younger age group, e.g. until 30 years old (37% in the year 2007, 31% in the year 2008 and 24.8%
   in the year 2009). Substantially less gratifing is a fact, that we hasn’t registered a decline in
   smoking in women.
3. Mean values of blood pressure in whole examined population were signifficantly higher in men than
   in women (137.2/84.0 mmHg v.s. 130.9/81.2 mmg, p=0,0001). Blood pressure lower than 140/90
   mmHg had 67% of respondents and blood pressure lower than 120/80 mmHg had 29%. In treated
   hypertensive patients had BP lower than 140/90 mmHg 36.3% and BP lower than 120/80 mmHg
   only 8% of respondents.
4. Mean value of total cholesterol in whole population was 4.82 mmol/l. There were not a statistically
   signifficant difference between men and women. The level of total cholesterol higher than 5.0
   mmol/l had 33% of respondents. We analyzed respondents with hypercholesterolemia (18% of all
   respondents) and we have found out, the normal level of total cholesterol had 65.9% respondents.
   In untreated persons normal values of total cholesterol were presented in 77.7%. We have found
   out a slight decline of persons with hypercholesterolemia (34.9% in the year 2008, 33% in the year
5. Lack of physical activity was presented only in 21% respondents (42% in the year 2007, 44% in the
   year 2008).

     High school students processed during the World Heart Day a short questionaire on the whole
sample of 5 164 accidental persons (3 162 women, 2 000 men). The questionaire contained 5 simple
questions. The mean age of examined persons was 48.8 years. Students created 25%, employed 41%,
pensioners 29% and unemployed 5%. Those, who has known their blood pressure values, were
signifficantly older than those, who hasn’t known their BP (44.8 years vs 35.95 years, p=0.0001). Similar
findings were found during the knowledge evaluation of the total cholesterol level. Those, who has
known that value, were signifficantly older than those, who hasn’t known the level of total cholesterol
(47.78 years vs 38.98 years, p=0.0001). 20% of respondents has reported, they were doing exercises
(at least 30 minutes) only once or twice per week. 56% has reported, they were doing exercises at least
30 minutes daily.

     The World Heart Day in the Slovakia has fulfil it’s expectations. The informational campaign has
registered 30% of population, and in comparison with the previous year 2007 and the year 2008 is the
most until now. There is an increasing number of people who knows the optimal value of blood pressure
and the correct level of total cholesterol. Likewise the number of smokers is decreasing. Therefore The
Slovak Heart Foundation is planning to continue with these activities.

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