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Interview with Mr. Cheng Taikun earth preschool Union Chairman


									Interview with Mr. Cheng Taikun earth preschool Union Chairman
Interview with Mr. Cheng Taikun earth preschool Union Chairman

   People cards: Cheng Taikun, 52 years old, Yunlin County, the earth nursery founder,
chairman earth preschool Union.
This year in June, the mainland just to reach the earth chain of 100 kindergartens in
this memorable day, the earth, founder of Cheng Taikun nursery chain to the mainland
for more than a park some inspections, an exclusive interview to journalists during a
brief stay in Xiamen, Mr. Cheng Taikun.
Kindergarten Earth first in Taiwan in 1985, Earth 1993 Early Childhood Education
Union to the mainland, now has several cities in the country set up a chain of 20
garden. Xiamen earth kindergartens since 1994 inception, has been built Lake Ming
Yuen, Ray Court, Wanfang Park, Park hundred and fifty of the text screen.
Early Childhood Alliance is also involved in land related to early childhood education
industry, the establishment of a kindergarten and preschool toy company, software
company, a domestic early childhood education industry has a higher influence of a

When the nursery helper MBA
20 years ago, 28-year-old Cheng Taikun from Taiwan Chengchi University MBA
graduate, did not become a professional manager, and children began to deal with - to
operate a chain of kindergartens friend to help. This is a bunch of busy two years,
Cheng Taikun become familiar with the preschool career path and industry business
In 1985, early childhood education formed his own opinion, Cheng Taikun from the
"helper" role, start their own business. With his MBA
background, grassroots period placid, smooth sailing to open a number of nursery
chain, has become the Director-General of the Taipei Association of Early Childhood
Time, an international early childhood education seminar held in Nanjing Normal
University, Cheng Taikun invited to attend the meeting, that trip to Cheng Taikun to
know both sides of a large number of early childhood industry, "Azeri
circle" for the future development and accumulated a large number of
contacts, allowing him to see the mainland early childhood education industry vitality.
Subsequently Cheng Taikun to Xiamen, China began to study early childhood
education market, comparing similarities and differences between the two sides early
childhood education and development of industrial space, established the chain of Sea
Garden dream. After a few years, he used every opportunity to visit the mainland, the
development of preschool education to constantly adjust the direction of the earth,
preparing to enter the mainland.
In 1993, Cheng Taikun opened in Guangzhou, mainland China's first land
kindergarten, he was particularly large number of friends in Guangzhou, for this
reason that he decided to start in Guangzhou. Huge differences in time under the cross,
was totally unfamiliar to the mainland by Taiwan businessmen easier,
"acclimatization" of friends is important.
Sure enough, Cheng Taikun encountered many unexpected difficulties in Taiwan, it is
resolved one by one by a friend in Guangzhou. From Guangzhou rushing
"landing", the Chengda Kun's "Earth early
childhood education," became even more rampant, the earth was set up in
Shanghai in early childhood development centers.
2002 to 2003, Cheng Taikun preschool toy company established the earth, early
childhood education software company, formed a relatively complete industrial chain
of early childhood. Preschool education in both sides of this piece the sky, Cheng
Taikun was fantastic success.

Education is not cost-
Chengda Kun's "The Good Earth Early Childhood,"
the success of enterprise management is an important reason. For business
management background, Cheng Taikun, the problems are identified through market
research, develop targeted solutions to what he excels.
Pre-market inspection, he discovered the mainland to manage a prominent problem in
preschool 行业, nursery management staff often You good professional teaching
ability, but lack the basic business and management Zhi Shi, Er Shan Zhang business
management are often in Bu Shuxi early childhood education, management talent Yan
Chong binding of the early childhood industry.
Cheng Taikun preschool earth-oriented enterprise management, the establishment of a
preschool Alliance shareholders to ensure that business investment in the rational
direction, the park also trained a group of strong sense of business management,
familiar with the managers of early childhood education to ensure that the many parks
in the enterprise management chain under rapid development.
Cheng Taikun preschool Union created the earth within the Internet
"Yuanyuan links", and the peer network, campus network,
parent network, early childhood education and other public channels, the first
realization of the national network of preschool institutions and systems management.
At the same time, he led the industrialization of the earth toward the direction of early
childhood efforts continued, independent research and development of the
"dadi" textbook, larvae articles, intelligent teaching aids, school
learning tools, recreational equipment such as earth's new profit growth
Enterprise management objective is to save costs, but Cheng Taikun well aware that
investment in education can not save costs. In addition to the earth early childhood
preschool education in the recruitment of highly paid professionals in the country, but
also the use of overseas experts in early childhood education, class teachers as
advisers. In teaching, Cheng Taikun modern audio-visual equipment loan, the
potential for in-depth development of young children.
Chengda Kun said the operation in the agency adheres to save, but not in education,
conservation, for which he deliberately and largest preschool institutions
"KLC" partnership to develop English teaching software, both
using network technology to allow thousands of miles distant Sino-American children
about daily activities and learning interaction.

Difficult early childhood education sector leader
To a preschool education institutions all over China more than 100 chain of parks,
from this perspective, the earth early childhood may be the leader in the domestic
industry. Cheng Taikun is customary to keep a low profile, saying that "the
earth" is not the leading, very difficult to produce the industry leader.
For example, he said, KLC as the nation's largest preschool institutions in
the United States has 1,700 chain of kindergartens, but only 6% of the U.S. market,
coupled with the subsequent row of the four, only 11% of the total, while the practice,
a company only the market share of over 15% can be considered industry leaders.
He, at present there are about 120,000 domestic preschool institutions, 15% of the
market size should be 18,000, and the earth preschool even close. His analysis, early
childhood education like other industry leading enterprises, mainly due to the special
nature of the industry, early childhood education to the local government, business
and other resources in close integration of strong dispersion, which is the
development of large chain is a considerable challenge.
According to his survey, a large nursery groups in the mainland, the Public Garden,
the collective running park, corporate office park, private garden of about 25% each,
but the first three investment channels facing the poor are usually brought on financial
implications and institutional energy is not sufficient, private kindergartens facing
unprecedented opportunities.
In recent years, Taiwanese investment in mainland China for the growing number of
preschool, Cheng Taikun reminded that, can not simply transplant the experience of
Taiwan, and to integrate into the local culture, taking into account local people, things,
places, etc. to operate kindergartens, pre-investment must be carefully assessment.

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