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Internet Marketing Tutorials-SEO Internet Marketing chapter _on_


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									Internet Marketing Tutorials-SEO Internet Marketing chapter (on)
Network marketing is all by the target user with authorized network application
service platform to guide the user to carry out the acts or activities of concern to
promote products online sales and expand its brand influence
Web1.0 era of the Internet, commonly used in network marketing are: search engine
marketing, email marketing, marketing, instant messaging, BBS marketing, viral
marketing; but with the development of the Internet to the web2.0 era, the growing
Web application services, network marketing more and more enriched, including:
blog marketing, podcast marketing, RSS marketing, SN marketing, creative
advertising marketing, word of mouth marketing, experience marketing, fun
marketing, knowledge marketing, integrated marketing, event marketing.
We need a profound understanding of the many internet marketing strategies,
combined with wider use of its resources to the promotion of products and brand
building to, and so most of the marketing strategy of how to understand and
effectively, following the old black my personal opinion:
1) Search Engine Marketing
Two types of search engine marketing: SEO and Search Engine Advertising
SEO or search engine optimization is through the web site structure (internal link
structure, site physical structure, logical site structure), high-quality website subject
matter, rich and valuable external links related to optimize the Er Shi and search for
users more friendly engine to get the advantage in search engine rankings for the site
into traffic.
A good understanding of search engine advertising, is to buy the search results page
advertising to achieve marketing objectives; major search engines have launched their
own ad system, just a different form each other; search engine advertising advantage
is related , due to advertising only in relevant search results or the topic page,
therefore, search engine advertising is more effective than traditional advertising,
customer conversion.
2) E-mail Marketing
Subscribe to e-mail marketing is the way to industry and product information via
e-mail provided to the needs of users, in order to build trust with users and the
relationship of trust between. Most companies and websites have been using e-mail
marketing. After all, the message is already one of the Internet-based application
3) instant messaging marketing
As the name suggests, the use of the Internet chat tool for real-time promotional
marketing. Such as the recent spam messages using MSN crazy hair
"Chinese Yuan" (now continue to write this article, has received
a spam message, see Figure)
Even do not like this strategy, in itself does not benefit from brand building, may be
no small flow, can the user has not recognized the name of your brand, or even have
your brand name dragged into the black list; Therefore, to carry out effective
marketing strategy requires us to consider to provide users with valuable information
on their individual.
4) viral marketing
Viral marketing is not the use of viruses or rogue plug-in to carry out promotion and
publicity, but through a set of reasonable and effective integration system to guide and
stimulate the user to initiate publicity, is built based on intentionally marketing to user
5) BBS Marketing
Without detailed explanation, I think this application is very common, especially for
individual owners, the majority to stop forum portal irrigation while leaving their own
websites, every day brings hundreds of IP;, of course, For businesses, BBS marketing
professionals must also fine.
6) blog marketing
Blog marketing is to establish corporate blog for the enterprise and the interaction
between users and the manifestation of corporate culture, the industry generally, such
as comments, working thoughts, feelings and other essays, and expertise as a
corporate blog content, allowing users to further deepen the trust company brand
Blog marketing can be a company blog or through third-party BSP self achieved
through the blog to communicate corporate communications, to improve customer
relationships, improve business results. Blog marketing advertising is an indirect
relation to the marketing, business and consumers to communicate through the blog,
publishing business information, collect feedback and ideas, enterprise and public
relations, which while not directly promote products, but allow users to close,
listening, sharing The process itself is the best marketing tools. Corporate blog and
the role of corporate website is similar, but more the general public free of some blog.
Another, is the most effective and feasible is the use of blog (people) for marketing,
this blog community has a very hot topic, Xu Jinglei and the interest of Sina blog
rapid, KESO of blog advertising, and information of blog ad networks recent
evaluation activities, etc. Rising's blog, blog marketing, this fact is the
mainstream and direction. Blog marketing low-cost, divided, close to the public, fresh,
etc, blog marketing, everyone's talking about are often formed to achieve
the good effect of secondary spread, the many successful cases of foreign countries,
but relatively few in the country!
GOOGLE introduced since the latest corporate blog, called "GOOGLE
blackboard" As for how, see the article "How to Play Blog of
the interactive marketing function"
7) Podcast Marketing
Podcast Marketing is the wide dissemination of personal ads or embedded video
podcast site in the assembly and other creative means of advertising the brand
publicity and promotion, for example: A while ago, "Pepsi I create, Wang
Shi I create" ad creative collection activities; abroad the most popular
video podcast site www.youtube.com (video Carnival World Internet users),
well-known creative video advertising company released an extension of the brand
concept, brand continued to be deepened.
8) RSS Marketing
RSS marketing is a relatively mature marketing, even in developed countries like the
United States still does not know a large number of users. Using RSS, the majority of
Internet industry, to subscribe to the log and information-based, and allows users to
subscribe to advertising messages is very unlikely
9) SNS Marketing
SNS: Social Network Sevice, the social networking service, Internet, web2.0 is a
special one. SN Marketing is based on the circle, contacts, the concept of Six Degrees
generated such that the subject-specific circles, clubs, self-expanding marketing
strategy, generally members of the recommended mechanism as the main form,
provide the possibility for the precise marketing, and the conversion rate of actual
sales preferences, such as: GOOGLE GMAIL-mail that is the recommended
mechanism to send you invite only people you have the opportunity to experience
GMAIL; the same time, when you have a GMAIL can also send invites to other
people, by inviting the user mechanism for expanding its social network, while,
GOOGLE GMAIL people constantly passing through the association with each other
to achieve the brand's delivery. This can also be said that viral marketing of
sublimation, which recognized the brand for the user to play a strong role;
10) Creative Advertising
Creative advertising marketing, perhaps after reading "youtube hot video
of" the number you will be inspired, creative and innovative advertising
companies can deepen the brand impact and brand plastic requirements. Lattice site, I
have money that is pure creative advertising
11) knowledge-based marketing
Knowledge-based marketing as Baidu's "know",
through the questions and answers between users a way to enhance user stickiness,
you extend the user's knowledge level, the user would like to thank you,
imagine the business may wish to establish an online troubleshooting this interaction
channel, allowing users to experience the enterprise level and high-quality
professional and technical services, or may wish to set up a regional, specialized
knowledge to the users popularity, regularly updated every day and so on.
12) Event Marketing
Event marketing can be said to speculation, can be valuable information or emergency
practice points within the platform or platforms the way for speculation to increase
the impact, such as: DISCUZ forum has just been attacked by hackers a few minutes,
I discovered, was the shortest time to write an article a brief incident and issued a
number of regular activities, groups and forum on QQ, of course, if the event of
writing according to the depth of coverage will be better, more people will notice that
I the blog.
13) word of mouth marketing
Although word of mouth marketing is not only 2.0 times, but the 2.0 was more serious,
even more important.
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