Insurance Brokers Professional Liability Insurance

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					Insurance Brokers Professional Liability Insurance
Insurance Brokers Professional Liability Insurance
Where by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission approval to obtain
"insurance brokerage business license" and the administrative
department for industry and commerce registration, in the PRC (excluding Hong
Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to establish the insurance broker, may as the insurance
Analytical articles
Insurance Brokers Professional Liability Insurance Policy
Where the first by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission approval to obtain
"insurance brokerage business license" and the administrative
department for industry and commerce registration, in the PRC (excluding Hong
Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to establish the insurance broker, As this insurance may be
The second schedule of this policy set out in the insurance period, or retroactive
period, the insured in the PRC (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to process
the insurance brokerage business, due to negligence or fault to the client losses in the
insurance period, by the client for the first time to claim for the insured according to
law shall be liable for the insured, the insurer under the insurance contract to pay
Insurance brokerage: refers to insurance policyholders develop programs, select the
insurer, handling insurance procedures; assist the insured or the beneficiary for the
claim; re-insurance brokerage business; for the client to provide Loss Prevention or
risk assessment, risk management consulting services .

Third the cost of the insurer is also responsible for compensation:

(A) the prior written consent of the insurer arbitration or litigation costs and attorneys
(B) the time of the accident insurance, the insured loss of control or reduce pay the
necessary and reasonable costs.
Article For each accident, the insurer on the second and the third (a) and third (b) the
amount of compensation under the insurance policies were not more than stated in the
schedule of compensation limit for each accident; in the insurance period, the insurer
does not exceed the aggregate amount of compensation stated in the Schedule of this
insurance, the aggregate compensation limit.
Liability Exemption
Article V of the following reasons damage, costs and liability, the insurer is not liable
(A) of the war, similar to an act of war, hostilities, military operations, armed conflict,
terrorist activities, strikes, riots, insurrections;
(B) The Government's administrative actions or enforcement actions;
(C) nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation and radioactive contamination;
(D) the insured's intentional act;
(E) the insured and the illegal practice of insurance or the insurance intermediary
business entity or individual insurance brokerage business;
(Vi) operating beyond the insured China Insurance Regulatory Commission approved
scope of business operations;
(Vii) the insured beyond the scope of the client's authorization to transact
(8) is not a valid "certificate of insurance brokerage professionals
practicing" the officer engaged in the insurance brokerage business;
(Ix) the insured's insurance broker employed privately entrusted or other
insurance brokers in practice;
(10) defamation or disclosure of the principal clients of trade secrets;
(11) to the client making false propaganda to mislead the principal insured;
(12) misappropriation, invasion or insurance premiums, compensation;
(13) the insured person is revoked, "the insurance brokerage business
license" shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification or after the
period to continue to transact business.

For the following Article, the insurer is not liable for:
(A) the insured and the client did not enter into a written commission contract claims
occurred in the case;
(B) the computer system data loss or damage caused by the indirect losses;
(C) the insured material damage caused to the client;
(D) fines, penalties, punitive damages;
(E) The policy set out in Schedule to the deductible.
Article VII other responsibilities are not within the scope of the insurance losses, costs
and liability, the insurer is not liable for compensation.
Article VIII of the insurance premium for the insurance, the insured person within the
period expected revenue and the premium rate of the product, but not less than the
policy minimum premium specified in the Schedule. The insurance premium for the
advance in the insurance, within thirty days after the expiration of the insured within
the insurance period shall be the actual business income to the insurer written notice,
as the basis for calculating the actual premium. If the premium received in advance
less than the actual premium, the insured should pay the difference; the contrary, the
insurer shall refund the difference, but the insurer paid insurance premiums shall not
be less than the minimum insurance specified in the Schedule fee.
Insured, the insured obligations
Article truthfully inform the insured should fulfill the obligation to provide all
registered practitioners in the list, and honestly answer queries raised by the insurer.

Article shall be the insurance policy the insured shall pay the premium.

Article in the period of this insurance, insurance matters stated in the schedule is
changed, the insured shall promptly notify the insurer in writing and in accordance
with the requirements of the insurer handled the change.

Article XII of the insured was informed that the claimant may be to the courts, or in
receipt of a subpoena or other legal instrument, shall immediately notify the insurer in

Article XIII occurred within the scope of the insurance liability accident, the insured
shall take the necessary measures to control or reduce losses; immediately notify the
insurer and in writing the reasons for the accident, and losses through.

Article XIV of the insured person shall comply with the relevant departments of State
and Government to develop the relevant laws, regulations and requirements,
strengthening management, to take reasonable preventive measures to try to avoid or
reduce the responsibility of the accident.

Article XV of the insurance period expires, the insured person shall within the period
of this insurance, all written with the client sign a copy of the commission contract
insurer filing.

Article XVI, if the insured or the insurer does not fulfill the above-mentioned Article
Article XV agreed to any of their due obligations, insurers are liable for, or from the
termination notice is served to cancel this policy when the insured .
Compensation deal

Article XVII occurred within the scope of insurance liability accident, without the
written consent of the insurer, the insured person or his representative, the claim shall
not make any promises, refused, bidding, contract, payment or compensation. When
necessary, the insurer can be insured in the name of the arbitration or litigation to
defend or deal with matters related to claims.

Article XVIII compensation insurer to court or arbitration body, or by the claimant,
the insured and the insurer the Tripartite consultation should be insured by law
liability as the basis.

Article XIX insured to the insurer for compensation, should be submitted to the
original insurance policy, claims for loss of inventory, responsible for the accident that
the insured person and there is proof of the employment relationship, responsible for
the accident person's qualification certificate, cause of the accident
certificate or award, and the client signed the original contract in writing delegate the
necessary valid documents and other materials.

Diershitiao occurred within the scope of the insurance loss, should be the responsible
party liable to pay compensation, the insured shall immediately in writing to the
responsible party claim, and take active steps to claim to the responsible party. The
insurer to the insured from the date of payment, made in the amount of compensation
within the subrogation rights. The insurer to the responsible party to exercise
subrogation, the insured shall actively assist and provide the necessary documentation
and information.

Twenty-one received the insured's claim application, the insurer shall make
timely approval, belonging to the insurance, the insurer and the insured should be
reached within 10 days after the compensation agreement, to fulfill the obligation of

Article 2 compensation insurer, the aggregate compensation limit should be reduced
accordingly. Need to increase the insured, the insurance should pay, the insurer issued
an endorsement by the endorsement. Should pay the insurance premiums as follows:
original × insurance, accident insurance premiums to the insurance limit the number
of days between the date of termination / insurance period (days) × increase in total
compensation limit / original aggregate compensation limit.

Article 3 of the insurance loss, damage, cost or liability, if there are other insurance
exists to protect the same, regardless of whether the insured or any other person on
whose behalf insurance, and whether or not the insurance claims, the insurance
responsible only for indemnification responsibilities. By the other insurers on liability,
the insurer is not responsible for advance.

Article 4 of the insured person insurer the right to request compensation from the
insured knew or should have known of two years from the date of the accident does
not exercise, as waiver.
Dispute Resolution

Article 5 of this insurance contract dispute resolution between the parties from the list
below choose one of two ways, and set out in the Schedule of this Policy:
(A) the performance of this insurance contract dispute by the parties through
consultation. The negotiation fails, to arbitration committee for arbitration;
(B) the performance of this insurance contract dispute by the parties through
consultation. The negotiation fails, according to the court.
Other matters

Article 6 of the insurance contract comes into effect, the insured may apply in writing
at any time cancel this policy, the insurer may advance on the 15th issued to the
insured notice of cancellation to cancel this policy, premiums Jun An average daily

27th article this insurance contract dispute applicable laws of PRC.