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									Insurance and risk management awareness
After the Wenchuan earthquake, the earthquake could birth catastrophe insurance, and
who should pay for the catastrophic losses from the insurance industry and other
major voices, give rise to many ask: Is the quality of the national safety level, it was
decided the number of disaster incidents do ? Is the public insurance rate, only the
public's own reason? Is the insurance on the public in the event disaster
does not help, there is no insurance industry's responsibility?

As many years of professional workers involved in disaster prevention and mitigation,
I am most impressed that the end of each year or early next year may see Swiss Re,
Munich Re and the relevant agencies to countries around the world submitted by the
disaster of the previous year report, which not only detailed data on disaster losses, as
well as for the annual classic "big disaster thing" done by
analysis of insurance claims. Obviously, the functions of the insurance industry
developed very clear that shouldering the insurance and disaster relief.

Germany is a disaster-prone countries, from history point of view, insurance
companies, the amount of the debts of the general account losses of 20% of the world
is a high level. But because of its actuarial science and management, and constantly in
the public promotion of the effectiveness of the insurance disaster relief, and
continuously serve the public interest with the insurance means the improvement of
disaster prevention concepts, so although the high damages, but did not cause a loss of
German insurance companies and even bankruptcy. In addition to traditional
catastrophe insurance in Germany, but also actively use the capital market to enhance
the insurance industry catastrophe underwriting capacity, the most effective tool is to
issue a catastrophe bond. Zai this regard, the Swiss Re is strongly advocate of public
education while strengthening disaster prevention awareness to catastrophe insurance,
property insurance from the general to separate out while giving catastrophe insurance,
certain tax incentives Deng.

In contrast, the South China snow disaster caused economic losses of 110 billion yuan,
the insurance payment only 1.6 billion. This is so mainly because commercial
insurance companies do not want to set foot in this system, government agencies are
reluctant to increase the cost. However, the insurance industry developed the greatest
benefit is that it is a social risk manager, the social forces set foot the bill for the
Government to reduce the Government's disaster prevention and disaster
recovery on the pressure.

Therefore, the commercial insurance as a disaster shock absorbers, to effectively
reduce the burden on the government and the public, disaster risk-sharing and resolve,
often in the disaster must not jump to complain, but to advance to play the role of
insurance, the real take on the whole community disaster preparedness disaster
reduction education functions. In this context, simply ask the public to consciously
put is invalid, because so far in the earthquake catastrophe on our country there is no
"insurance" to protect.

To do this, put forward three proposals:

First, the government and insurance companies should work together to promote the
catastrophe insurance system and policy research. As the successful experience of
foreign and domestic catastrophe insurance system have been in long-term studies, so
the deadline established the right time to catastrophe insurance.

Second, in order to achieve pre-disaster precautions, disaster methodically, focusing
on the insurance industry asked to assume the task of national education, disaster
prevention and mitigation, fostering the culture of self-protection through the safety
promotion of education to achieve universal insurance culture, thus enhancing public
confidence in the insurance industry and awareness.

Third, by "the State Emergency Response Law" amendment
"Insurance Law", the insurance company to change the face of
disaster relief responsibility bear the status of a relatively small, but to realize the
insurance and disaster relief coalition, and ultimately people purchase earthquake
natural catastrophe insurance risk increasing the ratio of fundamental to achieve
diversification of disaster prevention and mitigation of economic aid

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