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					Insurance and Reinsurance (76)
?Berkshire Insurance Group's main business is selling car insurance, the
business income accounted for nearly half of the group revenue. In addition, they also
involve the sale of the business card auto insurance, earnings insurance, housing and
residential insurance, fire insurance, and even include the company's
principal officers and board members of the policy. For years, Berkshire has been in
the taxi for the Omaha area to provide insurance, but is no longer engaged in the

Insurance sector also farmers, businesses and auto repair shop to provide insurance to
employers. Their coverage also includes luxury cars, marine accidents, earthquake,
damage and theft of goods. The company also provides personal and commercial
package insurance policy.

Berkshire owned hi caramel fruit companies, Berkshire at a discount price through the
company's earnings to buy the policy.

Berkshire insurance companies are engaged in a large number of re-insurance
business, through the business, they can assume reinsurance risk other companies, but
also get the payoff of reinsurance.

Reinsurance business, led mainly by 阿吉特杰恩 National Insurance Company
(Stamford, Conn.) professional bodies.阿吉特杰恩 was born in New Delhi, and in
the famous Indian Institute of Technology received an undergraduate degree in
engineering. Later he has been in India for the IBM company, until IBM's
business in India until the close. Since then, he had been studying at Harvard Business
School for some time, then returned to India.

Since then, he again returned to the United States, for the well-known consulting
company McKinsey. In 1986, he received Maikegede Berg gave him a call, inviting
him to join the Berkshire. They had worked in the consulting firm McKinsey. Mike.
Goldberg left in 1982, McKinsey & Company, came to Berkshire.

Ajit. Jayne recalled an experience that said, "When I entered the Berkshire
does not know how to spell the insurance and reinsurance two words, but my work is
in the national insurance companies reinsurance sector representation.

Jayne in Omaha for one year and a half before being transferred to New York. Ting
He and his wife live in New York, Ley library area, and his wife founded their own in
a local Indian news and entertainment-based public television station. They have two
twin sons are in college.

Fox had laughed at the company's annual meeting of the various views put
forward by Jayne. Jayne The answer is: "In this company, only an

"Every night I will discuss with 阿吉特杰恩 reinsurance company. I
regard this work as one of their own entertainment. But not me, as he did a good
job," Buffett said.

阿吉特杰恩 said: "Warren and I can only talk for 30 seconds, it can be a
30-minute conversation, but he engaged me in every task, every task or even every a
minutiae are very interested. "

In Berkshire's 2000 annual report, Buffett wrote: "The
regeneration of the company's business is almost entirely single-handedly
responsible for the 阿吉特杰恩 year I will not forget his work to in recognition and
praise. no matter how interpreted 阿吉特杰恩 on Berkshire the value is not too
much. So, we do not have to worry about my health; but on Ajit Jayne care.

"Last year, Ajit. Jayne, a large British company to provide reinsurance
policies, the business brought us 24 billion dollars in reinsurance premium income,
this may be the company's history reinsurance premium income, the
highest on record. Later, he and the Texas Rangers Alex Rodriguez appears on the
lifetime of disability, signed a huge amount of the policy. all the fans know,
'superb' and the team signed a value of up to 252 million U.S.
dollars of contract revenue for the players, it is also a record, no doubt, the company
signed the superstar disability insurance is an unprecedented record. "

In Berkshire's 2001 annual report, Buffett wrote: "through the
national insurance company's reinsurance, Berkshire as the company
continued to bring great value. Although only 18 aides, but he it manages the assets of
the world's largest reinsurance organizations, and in accordance with the
personal risk tolerance level, he is undoubtedly the world's largest
re-insurers. "

The acquisition of its rival - Stamford, Connecticut, General Re's process,
he has played a central role. In addition, General Re's reinsurance business
was his biggest customer.

Reinsurance business primarily for the other insurance companies providing insurance
and reinsurance business because of the existence of any one company can not afford,
such as caused by such disasters as earthquakes all costs, even for one have thousands
of customers and policyholders large insurance companies, this situation can also lead
to bankruptcy.

Reinsurers can own re-packaged policies underwritten deal, handled by the original
policy, the main risk to the substantive onto others, through risk diversification to take
only one part of their risk. For reinsurance business, must find a risk tolerance than
their partners. Berkshire is precisely such a company owned by his side in the strong
financial strength, so he can for those seeking insurance and reinsurance market
provides an ideal combination of tools. Berkshire's insurance companies
can accept them, and these policies received considerable funding, but when the event
of a catastrophic accident, Berkshire also requires that the payment of substantial
compensation. Buffett's Annual Report in 1996, wrote, "If there
is one city there is a large-scale earthquake or a place in Europe there snowstorm, you
can only seek a candle for my point was."

However, Berkshire is still relying on its own assets, to bear this huge risk.
Buffett's 1996 annual report, wrote: "The reason we never give
up our underwriting risk, because we have other insurance companies can not afford
to bear the risk of ability to compensate."

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