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INSEAD also by the United States, "Business Week" and the
British "Financial Times" as "the world's
four major business school" (Business Week, "the
world's four major business school": INSEAD, Harvard,
Wharton, Northwestern Kellogg), ( Financial Times, "the four leading
business schools": INSEAD, Harvard, Wharton, London Business School).
And is the world's most authoritative professional journal business school,
"International MBA Career Guide" and the world's
largest "international MBA Tour Exhibition" awarded
"Global Business School, the highest institution" title (the
English original as "the award for the best business school in the world

【INSEAD is the world's most international business school】

INSEAD is located in a United Nations World Cultural Heritage: Paris suburb of the
French Emperor's palace in Fontainebleau, it is still in Singapore, a large
modern campus in Asia, while it formed with the Wharton Business School, INSEAD
Global Business Coalition highest - WHARTON Union. So that it become the
world's only cross Europe, Asia and the United States three state schools.
INSEAD's most taboo others that it is the French school, because it thinks
it is global, so it is accepted that the location of the Singapore government funding,
but never received any financial assistance the French government. This school
known for the international trade business school is very concerned about the Chinese
market, which is the Western world of Chinese economy, with many well-known
Chinese business schools such as Central Europe, Beijing, Yangtze River, Hong Kong
Science and Technology, National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University
have cooperation.

【INSEAD is the world's most influential business school】

According to INSEAD Alumni Association in January 2004 statistics, the
world's "Fortune 500", some 88.4% of enterprises
INSEAD alumni as the most senior positions, this ratio just overwhelming Harvard
(81.5%), and third row Wharton miles behind (42.5%). INSEAD talented people, its
alumni monopoly business in Europe and America, Siemens, Europe to elegant,
Philips, Nokia, McKinsey, Boston Consulting, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, JP Morgan,
Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and many other large companies from INSEAD,
president or general manager of subglottic . INSEAD alumni in more Portuguese
Prime Minister, the European Central Bank, the Dutch central bank, the German
central bank, Bank of England governor, French Minister of Commerce, the Russian
Minister of Commerce, the Netherlands Minister of Commerce, the Singapore
Minister of Commerce and other relevant government and business people.
【INSEAD is the world's most stringent business school】

INSEAD's teaching approach is "forcing you to drink water in
the fire", his famous opening ceremony of the "Welcome to a
work schedule for the 2AM-6AM for school." That means you only 4
hours sleep a day. "Forces you to drink water in the fire" in an
important position in the history of Western education is an important educational

【INSEAD business school in the world's most】

Direct support by large consortia is the world's richest INSEAD business
school, just EXECUTIVE project, INSEAD 133 million dollar annual profit, is 4
times the MIT School of Business (contrast: 80 million Harvard Business School,
MIT School of Business 36 million). This ensures that they have sufficient financial
resources to attract talent. And, because INSEAD aristocratic atmosphere and
attention to the family business, the global chairman of the royal family, descendants
of a large study like to INSEAD, and the Harvard study is the manager of the main
class,     so     Europe     and      the     United     States     business     sector
"INSEAD's chairman, Harvard President, MIT's CIO
"," MIT working for Harvard, Harvard, INSEAD, working for,

【INSEAD is the world's best business schools】

INSEAD headquarters is located in the translation from the Chinese poet Xu
Fontainebleau, it is the only United Nations world heritage site located in the Business
School. And in general 10 000 INSEAD nearby castle, Chartres Cathedral, Versailles
Palace, the castle is still Bo, Seine River and other six United Nations World Heritage
site. In order to protect the world cultural heritage, INSEAD has been moved out of
Fontainebleau Palace, near the palace made huge new campus, but major school
graduation ceremony was held or in utero. INSEAD is only 30 minutes from Paris
city center, away from the love of Napoleon Fontainebleau forest just 2 minutes, only
5 minutes away from the Seine River, have both bustling cities and forests of wild, is
a rare seek sanctuary.

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