How To Handle Defiant Employees

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					Employee Insubordination

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    How to Deal With Defiant staff?
             Errant Employee
●As a management team, do you have
problem dealing with defiant employees?
This type of incidents have to be handled
immediately, tactfully and professionally. Any
delay will encourage other employees in the
organisation to follow suit. Inappropriate
handling will lead to chaos in the workplace,
losing your reputation, credibility and ability to
manage your workers in the long run.
            SOP on Handling
●Firstly, you must confront the staff using
rules and regulations in place. A systematic
and unbiased approach is crucial. Take the
time to sit the employee down comfortably to
find out the reason behind his errant
behaviour. Next, explain to him clearly and
firmly that his errant behaviour is not
acceptable, he have to make an effort to
change and comply to the rules and
regulations by all means. You need to monitor
him on a regular basis, set the goal and
resolve problems that arise if necessary
                     Last Resort

●If the staff repeat the bad behaviour again,
then a disciplining action have to be enforced
against him. Lastly if no improvement is
observed, reprimand him by employment
termination as a last resort.
              Company Policies

●In order to protect your organisation against
such errant behaviours and unpleasant
scenarios, you need to ensure your company
standard operation procedure, company rules
or regulations, employment terms and
conditions and company policies are in place.
A proper training program is essential for all
employees to learn the workplace rules and
company policies.
                   Defiant Staff

●Be aware that employees who disrespect the
management team will not be productive,
may not retain our regular or potential clients
by all efforts, and may not cooperative and
coordinate well with other employees. Hence
this will effect the overall productivity,
performance and efficiency of the company.
So if a defiant worker selects to challenge the
company systems, you shall not retain him.

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