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					Sino-Swiss Hotel Management School
Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute in the Swiss Hotel Management School is
in accordance with the new mechanism, new model from universities and enterprises
to organize the general undergraduate colleges and universities. Sino-Swiss Hotel
Management School of the Beijing International Studies University and Beijing
Capital Tourism Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Quartet Seven Generations Investment Co.,
Ltd., Beijing Star Brand Group Co., Ltd., R & F Properties Group Chairman
Li Sze Lim President, Co-Chairman, President and Mr. Zhang Li co-sponsored in
2008 the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of five periods, and
enrollment in that year.
Sino-Swiss Hotel Management School is an international, application-oriented
university. Beijing International Studies University College to quality education
resources as the basis, the introduction of the internationally famous Lausanne Hotel
Management School Training Mode and core intellectual property. College in the
preparation process has been Lausanne Hotel Management School in the school
building, curriculum, management team and teacher training, advisory services and
academic support to teachers in all professional courses have received strict training
in Lausanne Hotel Management School. University School of Hotel Management has
Jiaruluosang academic certification system, sharing its global teaching, internships,
employment and other resources.
Sino-Swiss Hotel Management School by a high level of self-employed full-time
teachers employed Beijing International Studies University of experienced
professional teachers and educators to employ tourism and hotel industry experts, and
gradually established a high level of teaching staff, formed a trinity teacher system.
College will firmly grasp the market demand for high-end hotel management
personnel, a higher ability to highlight an example of practical application. Students
become with leadership ability, organization ability, practical ability and applied
research capacity and the sense of teamwork and dedication, to adapt to new
environments and challenges, multi-cultural awareness and open-minded senior
international, application 型 Jiudianguanli personnel.
Sino-Swiss Hotel Management School aims to: based on the capital Beijing, for the
hotel industry, running a government assured the people satisfied with distinct
features, internationalization, application type, a high level of socialist new type of
university, with 10 years or so become the best, Asia's leading hotel
management institutes and industry recognition, the internationally renowned hotel
management training bases and Certification Center.
Sino-Swiss Hotel Management School of Hotel Management has the
world's advanced teaching conditions and teaching facilities and equipment,
administrative and living by the teaching service area composed of two parts. Campus
quiet, garden water run through simple architectural style atmosphere. School has a
professional wine tasting room, teaching kitchen, according to the construction of
four-star standard hotel unique teaching, teaching resources fully functional, fully
meet the hotel management students of the teaching needs.
In order to meet students across the country and rapid development of hotels, tourism,
aviation and other fields demand, Beijing Second Foreign Swiss Hotel Management
School in addition to general admission program four-year undergraduate students,
but also recruiting and International Credit Transfer Financial Aid Foundation 2 +2,3
+1 and other levels of students. All over the country interested in postgraduate study
in Beijing, business development, study abroad offers students a good learning