In the eighth floor on the MBA Development Forum by fdjerue7eeu


									In the eighth floor on the MBA Development Forum
In the eighth floor on the MBA Development Forum
2007-5-21 Renmin University of China
   Man Kwan: Thank you, very pleased to be the eighth MBA Alumni Forum Forum
introduce the EU approach.
   At first, we get this mission, not so that a discussion behind the stage. Did not
expect is to do a keynote address, which is the test of resilience of Central
Management bar.
   Central Europe is a state system school, before studying in the EU can not get the
regular diploma. I read the EMBA 91, when the teacher finally said you is not black
households, and can now Peking University, Renmin University of diplomas as a.
   Alumni Association in Central Europe, just several guests also talked about, well
done. Central Europe is indeed a good school is a good organizer Alumni Association.
Central schools to do their work, these alumni Finally, I talk about specific practices.
First of all I feel this forum itself, I think it seems to me to have a special significance,
is what place? We now have 80,000 MBA graduates, 2 million in Reading, including
the EMBA. Central Europe is this, MBA EMBA is looking down, because the EMBA
is EASY MBA. So in fact I think Yehao MBA, EMBA, we all, as China's
current stage of historical development, everyone more or less, on the one hand we
study the Western tradition of management experience, on the other hand, I believe
that all our Business School, including the China Europe International Business
School, we emphasize, as a Chinese, as Chinese intellectuals of this period
representatives of outstanding, excellent, or about to become the best management,
you need to have such a sense of social responsibility, you need to make aware of
your value. This point, I think it is scattered through a number of ways in promoting
the concept of MBA, MBA preach contribution in all walks of life. Society of which a
view is not correct, MBA is a foreign thing, many places in China acclimatized. But in
fact, from here you can see, Premier Zhu in the grain such a winning glory for the
Chinese enterprises. Including the EU's Mr. Jin Zhiguo, Beijing is very
famous Mr. Li Ming, all MBA careers. And are studying in China MBA's.
What does that indicate? That we have graduated from the 8 million people, and about
8 million people graduate, MBA who, EMBA who have become the mainstream of
society, part of the elite. We are such a sense of responsibility to serve the motherland
and revitalize the spirit of the Republic of China, there should be a more high-profile
publicity it unified things, a lot of people do not understand. I think the Forum as an
inter-school organization, such an organization, I would like to take this responsibility
is the duty of this role. I hope the forum can become a voice, a kind of our MBA,
EMBA for this era, the Chinese nation, a responsibility to promote a sound, I hope, if
we can do for MBA education in China's social status recognized by
society have a significant role.
   Today, the Forum provides us a platform, we are very proud of Central College was
said to me, I Cheung Kong Graduate School student. However, Cheung Kong
Graduate School does not give him a diploma because he is Central College students.
Why participate in two business schools, I think it is expanding its own resources. As
we say that we have alumni, just to have a guest speaker Development and Reform
Commission National People's Congress of the alumni, things are easier to
handle, but if it replaced an alumnus of Tsinghua University, things is not so easy to
handle, because we do not have an inter-school forums. All of our MBA should have a
common language, common voice, common values, I believe that communication
more effective, higher level. We use this resource, well developed, the idea of the
Forum will promote inter-institution cooperation between, as a communication
   In addition to sharing resources, the platform also has a responsibility, I, for
example, two students of cooperation, the two students to cross-class, cross-level,
cross-sectoral cooperation. This co-operation, unfortunately, the result is unpleasant,
the internal mechanism by MBA alumni, we judge some of the results that matter are
a good solution. The reason is because the power of the Forum is the moral power of
the trial and condemnation. China is so, we learned MBA, EMBA, should say the
elites of society, the business community, after all, there are so many, sometimes in
their own considerations, there is always more or less self-serving things, yes . Such
self-interest and sympathy to what standards, what kind of level of division of the
legitimate or not, sometimes the law is no way to trial. This time Zai an internal De
mechanism which make a judge, so the pressure of public opinion formation, will
force everyone will want to do things when this matter can not do this, my approach
can help more people think I am right , and was not received moral support, moral
support is not important, but the moral condemnation is very important. This activity
is significant in this regard.
   I personally participate in the activities of Central Europe is not very large, but the
EU has a very good mechanism, for example, each alumnus is automatically e-mail
organization, we will automatically receive alumni information, all activities will
definitely notice to Each individual, cell phone text messages and e-mail. Because it
regardless of the city in Shenzhen, Shanghai has a branch. All activities shall be
informed of alumni nationwide, because the frequency of our group activities, breadth
is larger. Hard to say you work in Beijing, I was in Beijing, but I went to six cities last
month, is hard to say where I work. From the breadth of speaking, to do this very well.
And we would like the Alumni Association, Mr. sapphire just say, the alma mater will
always concerned about you, so that each alumni feel warm.
   We do a Alumni Association is very difficult to do a cross-school alumni is more
difficult. You more is to find a platform for information exchange opportunities for
more development opportunities and seek opportunities to others. If the Alumni
Association is not a lot of commercial considerations, then it is difficult to succeed.
Europe has done this very well. Central Europe has made a sub-branch of industry, the
automotive industry branch, branch of the pharmaceutical industry and so on. These
industries, like automobiles, auto forums has now become the EU authorities are very
concerned about a place. Two to three times a sponsor please Development and
Reform Commission automobile executive leadership forum attended. Participants at
the Forum have come from different schools, different classes, but most, and the
automotive industry-related, they share together, this mechanism provides an
opportunity for them very, very good. So they do a very high efficiency, with
substantial results. Including medicines do is very successful. If you like this will be
done, in fact, does not require you to consider funding. As far as I know, medicine,
and Bayer pharmaceutical companies scramble to EU forum sponsored for
participating in the forum are some of the management of medicine and important
people, will have great effect on their development, so funding will not problems.
   Europe has a very interesting chapter, I think this chapter well. We noticed a thing,
MBA education, more and more gender balance in the beginning, let's chair,
president, two are female. MBA education among women in the growing proportion
of their business in addition to interest, but also concerned about the family, children.
So, out of a joint China-EU Friendship Club, this event is very well done, including
many of them I have attended the event. Even if such activities, many of the sponsors,
one of them will be interested to hear of women here, we have an EU students is
(Nabisco) R & D Director of biscuits. As it is children to attend, so they
offer hundreds of biscuits, fruit, children free tasting, the children are happy, parents
are very happy, Nabisco has also been tested. This communication a little more female,
gay may be playing mahjong and drinking alcohol. Exchange of women to do more in
this regard. I think that the inter-school organization, as a forum to do is very good.
   Many activities of our organization, no one at the beginning of years, that feeling is
really very painful, we do not do the job have plans for their own, more or less some
of the most fundamental thing for everyone to create a good exchange environment,
but it seems not many respondents, felt very painful. We adhere to good effect for
some time to discover, more and more people. One student said, Man Kwan, this is
the case, you do not see we do not have to, but we have been silently watching and
silently being touched. I am very glad when this moving from quantitative to
qualitative change, he will come. Finally you get all this activity the students will
support the participation of all students. I think we do this inter-institution activities,
the difficulties faced by such a possibility in the future, much more than the same
school, but the same information that I believe that if you reach the place, like in
spring areas in the past, your species of trees will be issued a green leaf, red flower
opening up.
   I hope this forum better and better, as our spiritual sustenance, as I just said, the
launching point of a voice, a platform for the exchange of land, thank you.
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