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					Images over the years the National Day parade
The People's Republic of China established, in accordance with the
CPPCC National Committee decided to bring the National Day parade as an
important part of the ceremony. From 1949 to 2003, founding ceremony of the
founding of 54 years, held a total of 13 National Day military parade.

From 1949 to 1959 the tenth anniversary of the founding of a total of 11 National Day
military parade was held. Since then, successive National Day military parade in 24
years did not hold. Until 1984, according to Deng Xiaoping's proposal, the
central decision to resume the military parade, and in 1984 the 35th anniversary of
National Day National Day military parade held at large. In 1999, the CPC Central
Committee decided to hold grand century in Tiananmen Square military parade to
celebrate the birthday of the motherland five years.

In general, the parade consists of two parts, one parade, that is, by the reading unit
from the parade were passed before the queue, for review; second-past, that is, by the
reading unit through the parade from the reviewing stand, accepting
parade's review.

1949 National Day military parade

Parade founding ceremony in 1949, by the reading unit to the Navy for the leading
two rows; then the infantry division, division artillery, tank divisions, cavalry division,
a total of 16,400 people, moving from east to west. Air Force 17 aircraft flying over
from Tiananmen Square by the reading of which four are carrying bombs flying.

1950 military parade picture

In 1950 the second National Day military parade, Zhu De in the parade on the decree,
the Korean War broke out, the situation in Taiwan require People's
Liberation Army ready for battle. The parade is the most spectacular sight of the
cavalry forces of 1900 White Horse Road to six columns of Tiananmen Square.

1951 military parade picture

The third National Day parade in 1951, by the reading unit square the forefront of the
military academy training team is being experienced and virtuous high-ranking
officers. The parade was also the first time the militia brigade.
Military parade 1952
The Fourth National Day parade in 1952, first refer to the security forces. The parade
Brigade militia members from the Han and the various ethnic minorities, who wore
colorful ethnic costumes, new weapons in hand. There are 160 motorcycles ride
motorized infantry phalanx.

Military parade 1953
Fifth National Day parade in 1953, the Chinese People's Volunteers
delegation of the reviewing stand in Tiananmen Square. Rocket Artillery side team for
the first time by reading in the ranks.

Military parade 1954
Sixth National Day parade in 1954, there has been paratroops side team, but there is
no parachute. People's Liberation Army cavalry troops is the last time in

1955 military parade picture

Seventh National Day parade in 1955, the rank system for the PLA to implement the
first parade, troops wearing the new standard uniform, wearing the rank, collar,
military capacity of a new look.

Military parade 1956
Eighth National Day parade in 1956, is 13 times the only time the National Day
parade carried out in the rain. Invited to participate in the Eighth Party Congress of
the more than 50 countries, GCD, party workers participated in the ceremony. Parade
unit in a car that is the liberation of the first factory-made brand car.

Military parade 1957
Ninth National Day parade in 1957, domestic jet bombers, fighters for the first time in

Military parade in 1958
Tenth National Day parade in 1958, most notably in the founding of the PLA Military
Academy and later created the infantry, artillery, tanks, engineering, Air Force, Navy
and other military schools, the participants will be school.

1959 military parade picture

Eleventh National Day parade in 1959, all walks of life participated in the ceremony
was the first National Day military parade in the top ten largest number ever, up to 70
million people. Troops and equipment by reading the latest type of automatic rifles,
artillery, tanks, high-speed jet fighters, by our own manufacture.

1984 military parade picture

Twelfth National Day parade in 1984, is the largest since the founding, equipped with
the latest, highest degree of mechanization a major military parade. By the reading
unit's weapons and equipment are all made modern weapons, finale of the
Navy missile units side team, the Air Force air missile forces and strategic missile
forces side team is particularly noticeable side team. Which is the first strategic
missile forces appeared to the world.

1999 National Day military parade
October 1, 1999 the 13th National Day military parade. See all military branches,
arms and more. The reference to land, sea, air, Second Artillery, armed police and
local militia, composed of representatives of our armed forces all the ingredients. The
National Day parade grand scale, spectacle. See the troops are elite division, so that
the size and lineup, is unprecedented in our history, and in the world is rare.

National Day Festival for 50 years, participated in military parade in the
capital's military heroes with a strong team unit, magnificent momentum,
excellent equipment, high morale, to show the world the new era revolutionization,
modernization and regularization of the great achievements, show a mighty army,
victorious army of the new mental outlook.

1999 National Day parade - armed guard of honor

The three armed security guard of honor of the People's Army was Zhang
Side banner before his death his regiment. Purpose of serving the people in our
military force has a long history. It is the spirit of Zhang Side cast a ceremonial team,
"guards of honor cause more important than life, honor above all else the
motherland," the team spirit. From March 1952 has been formally
established, they perform to meet foreign heads of state, government leaders, senior
military visits and a celebration of important events ceremonial ritual task of more
than 2,000 Division, plays second million is lost and won for the Republic of dignity
and honor, was awarded the Central Military Commission, "Military
Model" of the title

National Day Parade 1999 - Air Force academies side team

Green on blue Air Force academies side team training by the Air Force, the highest
institution of commanding officers - Air Force Command College of the trainees, and
representatives of the Air Force 17 schools to receive the motherland and the people
of the review. Air Force College at all levels of command of the Air Force officer,
flight commanders and the cradle of professional and technical personnel. From
March 1, 1946, the establishment of the Northeast Democratic coalition aviation
school, through 50 years of struggle, the Air Force educational system and training
system has been improved. Air Force College Air Force has more than 40 million
transportation commanding, flight personnel and professional and technical personnel
at all levels.

1999 National Day parade - sailor side team

Isshiki black border sailor hat, same color of the blue bar scarf, the same color gold
anchor ribbon, the same color of white sailor suit, high waist same color shoes, like a
galloping waves, like the flow of maritime territory. Together, this formed the Naval
Submarine School students sailor side team, to bring the sea of fresh Tiananmen
Square. Their average age was 19 years old, is the National Day by the reading unit in
the youngest side team, they asked the people of the Navy raised the hope of
1999 National Day parade - female side team

This is a youth Masamori daughter Lin. Red edge large dome cap, orange tie, dark
blue Tongqun, high waist leather boots, both power and grandeur, without losing the
daughter of Jiao Yan. Together, this health defense and communications, arts soldiers,
composed of female cadets side team, on behalf of the Republic of female soldiers
solemnly accept the party and the people of the review. Of them are Han, Hui,
Manchu, Miao, Mongolian, Korean, Tujia and soldiers more than 10 nationalities, of
which the oldest 26 years old, the youngest only 16 years old, accounting for half of
child soldiers. Mother's eyes where they can not do without wings or a
child, but tall and straight, like mountains, sea and magnificent as read by the team,
the women's government side team as their male colleagues, is the camp
taught them fortitude.

Zhang Weiwei, Zhang Lili is a pair of twin sisters, born in Anshan City, Liaoning
Province, spent 12 months in the Spring and Autumn Military --------- knowledge that
she was both easy to learn, love brigade, dedicated leadership of a military spirit has
praise, known as the "Army Sister."

1999 National Day Parade - Marine Corps side team

Wearing Marine camouflage, the Marines Jiankua new Gang Qiang Fang Meng Tigers
team brought to Tiananmen Square-like majesty month. This is a people emerging
naval arms. She was born May 5, 1980, the outstanding officers and men equipped
with first class weapons and landing tool. 19 years of tide, wind and rain for 19 years,
19 years of temper, to make this bear a special forces mission to become a
"ferocious tiger, sea dragon, sky eagle." This "new
forces" appear, and surface ships, submarines, naval aviation, coastal
defense forces together constitute the modern naval navy five major arms, the blue
land and coastline in the motherland, the co-build three-dimensional Great Wall at

1999 National Day parade - one of two Army infantry side team

Infantry troops from the people a way through the birth went with the party, set for the
liberation of the people had illustrious military exploits, Republic of indelible
historical record of their achievements. From the Beijing Military Region army of two
infantry phalanx, hundreds of excellent soldiers wearing helmets and holding a Gang
Qiang, dressed in camouflage, Tata forward. Sonorous, powerful enough sound, like
footsteps march; courage of the heroic, like the millions of bold warriors crossing the
river in the figure, showing a 72-year experience of the glorious history of heroism of
the people's army.
This is the two long-term revolutionary struggle through the test ------ an elite division
participated in Laiwu, Menglianggu, Jinan, Huaihai, cross the river, famous Korean
War battle; Another of them took part in the Northern Expedition and the Nanchang
Uprising "Red Erlian", join the Autumn Harvest Uprising
"red series" and detachment from the Northern "Red
series." Have come from the Baise Uprising "Red
Army", have come from Henan, Anhui base rush ahead "Red
Barracks." Force a crossing the Dadu River, fly won the Luding Bridge,
seize Lazikou; Pingxingguan World War, Hundred Regiments, guerrilla warfare
behind enemy lines; in the anti-Japanese war, the Japanese killed, "the
flower of famous" A Ministry of Planning show. Liberation war, attack,
Shek Mun, the liberation of Taiyuan, Lanzhou, bloody battle, invincible. Korean War
battlefield, the emergence of such well-known En-Zhi Guo war hero! !

1999 National Day parade - airborne side team

Dressed in blue and white camouflage uniforms, black boots foot climb back, head
silver bullet-proof helmet, holding a glossy black short Gangqiang, this
eagle's posture posture Tiger athletes taking to the skies for a parachute
ride show the earth and the unstoppable spirit of pride .

The birth of our people in the Air Force's Airborne 60s of this century.
Megatron from the Shangganling of a gall of ground forces into enemy paratroopers.
Super Heroes is the force flag Huang Jiguang. More than 30 seasons, they snow from
the northeast of Hainan Island to Shiwandashan, roof of the world, from the plains to
the mountain lakes, forests, areas in the complex airborne combat exercise, so troops
can fly around with the everywhere to drop everywhere can play a special combat
skills. 90% of airborne forces formed to form a new team into a new umbrella
airborne aircraft capacity
1999 National Day parade - the pilot side team

The composition of the Air Force Flying College pilot side team, the same color of
blue clothes, they have been associating with the blue and white eagle array, today
they walk side with the sounding of the queue line, their pride in the blue sky
sprinkled on the Golden Water Bridge River of the motherland and the people on
behalf of the Air Force fighting the main force to review the outlook.

1999 National Day parade - armed police guard side team

An olive green of youth, the elderly to maintain a smile, the child's dream,
to maintain the peace of the people, the city's tranquil. Beijing Armed
Police Corps formed by the armed police guard side team, on behalf of hundreds of
thousands of armed police officers and soldiers on duty to accept the motherland and
the people's review.

1999 National Day parade - Female militiamen

Formed by the Chaoyang District, Beijing. Participate in review of female militia
members, mostly 18 to 25-year-old unmarried young women in the self-employed,
private enterprise owners, foreign workers, cadres, workers and college students just
out of school. Female militiamen responsible for training the Beijing Garrison
Command, "the old & Tiger & group" of 15
instructors. Team members to the selfless dedication and their patriotic passion into
hard military parade training in each of them who have had a moving story.
Female militiamen to their heroic stay in Golden Water Bridge River. They displayed
a strong national defense reserve force is my heroic fighting, the women who embody
the deeply patriotic sons and daughters, the efforts of Chinese people's
awareness of national defense. They are ready, listen to the call of the motherland, for
the defense of the territorial integrity and national security contributions! !

1999 National Day parade - mechanized side team
National Day military parade in 50 years, shows a variety of new equipment in China,
although some of the weapons we expected so we have no regrets, the Army unveiled
a new type of equipment or make us feast for the eyes, and in particular the
representatives of 98 world-class style main battle tanks and a number of advanced
equipment, In addition, the Navy's new anti-ship missiles, the Second
Artillery unveiled a new strategic missiles are so many people air ----------------
The first tank side team

The first tank side team from the Beijing Military Region, consisting of an armored
regiment of medium tanks side team. Regiment in the army military contest, Xingtai
earthquake relief, the military exercises in North China have excellent performance,
but also many times by the Beijing Municipal People's Government as
"Loving the advanced unit."

1999 National Day parade - the second tank side team

By the Jinan Military Region, an armored regiment. This is a glorious traditions and
achievements of the troops. Returned fire in self-defense operations in the border,
owned a business and the CMC series were awarded the "Hero Tank
Battalion" and "Heroes tanks with" honor.

1999 National Day parade - tracked infantry fighting vehicles side team

Tracked infantry fighting vehicles side team from the Beijing Military Region
mechanized infantry regiment. This is an uprising in Pingjiang distinguished itself in
the birth of the Red Army team, has undergone Jinggangshan, Long March, the War,
Liberation War and Korean War combat

-------- According to statistics from this team, out of the 170 has a number of senior

1999 National Day parade - tracked armored carriers side team

Tracked armored carriers party team from the Beijing Military Region mechanized
infantry regiment. This is a full honors military history, Red Army took part in four
Jinggangshan against "encirclement and suppression", the
liberation war in the Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign, Tianjin Campaign and the
liberation of the battle set in Guangxi immortal feats! ! 1950 entry into the war,
written by famous writer Wei Wei, "Who is the most lovely
people", and records their bloody battle scenes peak bone of the living
"martyrs" Li Yu'an, well Yuzhuo on from this unit.

1999 National Day parade - Wheeled Armored Vehicle Team

Wheeled Armored Vehicle Team, formed by the regiment, the group formerly known
as the famous "Ye Ting cat flutter. Love life group", known as
the Northern Expedition in the "Iron Army", had participated in
the Nanchang Uprising, Jinggangshan against "encirclement and
suppression." Long way, force a crossing Wujiang River, fly wins Luding
Bridge, surprise Lazikou. Liberation war, from the northeast hit Hainan, established
illustrious military exploits

1999 National Day parade - anti-tank missiles side team

Anti-tank missiles party team from the Nanjing Military Region, composed of an
anti-tank missile regiment. The unit was born in the famous uprising of jute, took part
in Jinggangshan five against "encirclement and suppression",
Pingxingguan, Huaihai Campaign, a Major combat. Peace-time, has emerged Keqin,
Wang Jie and GUO Xing-fu and other heroic figures and models.

National Day Parade 1999 - 122 self-propelled howitzers side tracked team

122 self-propelled howitzers side tracked by a team composed of an armored regiment
of the Beijing Military Region. The group was born in the anti-Japanese war, it has
participated in Menglianggu, Huaihai, the arrival of campaigns, the national liberation
immortal feats. In the new historical period, the entire regiment serious study of
military high-tech knowledge, increased military training in the science and
technology, in 1998 by the Beijing Military Region as "high-tech learning
advanced units."
National Day Parade 1999 - 120 self-crawler smoothbore gun side team

120 smoothbore gun side tracked on their own team from the Beijing Military Region
army artillery brigades. The force was born in the anti-Japanese war, the liberation
war wounded to the People's Liberation Army had provoked the HMS
"amethyst" was, by the * President of the recognition. After the
founding, in the Tangshan earthquake relief and other difficult and perilous task of
making important contributions.

National Day Parade 1999 - 152 self-propelled Howitzer Crawler side team
152 tracked self-propelled Howitzer party team from the Beijing Military Region,
composed of an armored division. The division was formerly established in 1949 in
the Northeast Tank Battalion, was the first PLA tank. In the Liaoning-Shenyang
Campaign, the liberation of Tianjin Campaign, and the border war of self-defense, this
unit has played a powerful shock effect.

60th Anniversary of National Day military parade HD
   Friends do not know what today's parade feel? Is not it shocking? I
really am shocked that 99 years of the parade, I was still small, and not too deep
feelings, see today's parade, I was not the most shocking self-developed
China's total overall advanced weapons, because I am a layman,
appearance from the weapons only if you do not listen to explanations, and can not
know the advanced and the most shocking to me is that all arms of neat, strong pace!
The military is really handsome! We can not imagine them to the parade, imagine how
much hard work of ordinary people, I only know when my school military training
bitter, but out of the way of the big difference with them is!
   Another shock is that I put people, I'm sure the chorus to sing the song
for so long will not feel tired, old children stood for so long would not be tired,
because they have been drowned in the excitement fatigue, from their eyes and facial
expression can be seen, the kind of input and excitement is not fake!
   We complain that China has too many corrupt officials, there are too many people
make dirty money, there are too many people are selling out the interests of the
collective! Seen the parade, we must remember that many people work hard for the
country! If you and I will be for countries to work for, at least do not do damage to the
country, our motherland will be a real powerful harmony, we will be more prosperous
days of happy happy! With the efforts of you and me, all will be fast!
   Friends, read today's military parade feel? What is your most shocking
scene? Welcome to my friends a message, we share together!

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