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					I am from Xinjiang

Xinhua News Agency on April 24 before the CPC Central Committee decided:
Comrade Wang Lequan concurrently deputy secretary of the Central Political Science
and Law; no longer serve as party secretary of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,
Standing Committee member. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee
Secretary Zhang comrades of the Standing Committee, and secretary. Vibration state
of the Earth has been transferred to
Wang Lequan emotional farewell: I thank the support of all cadres and the masses for
nearly 20 years
Xinjiang Wang Lequan leaving the meeting feeling that the work in Xinjiang in recent
20 years, from the bottom of my heart to thank the trust of cadres and people of all
ethnic groups in Xinjiang, concern and support. I believe we will be with Zhang
Chunxian as the squad leader of the autonomous region party committee, to build a
better Xinjiang.
Wang Lequan Resume
December 1944 Health, Shandong Shouguang people.
Central Party School graduate qualifications.
Former deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League, Shandong Province,
Shandong Province, Liaocheng Prefectural Party Committee secretary.
In 1989, Vice Governor of Shandong Province.
In 1991, he was appointed the Standing Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous
Region Party Committee, Vice Chairman.
In 1992, he was appointed deputy party secretary of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous
Region, Vice Chairman.
In 1994, he was appointed deputy party secretary of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous
Region, Vice Chairman.
In 1995, he was appointed party secretary of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the
first political commissar of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.
In 2002, the Central Political Bureau member, party secretary of Xinjiang Uygur
Autonomous Region, the first political commissar of the Xinjiang Production and
Construction Corps.
Is the Fourteenth Central Committee alternate, fifth, sixth, seventh session of the
Central Committee, 10 sixth, seventh session of the Central Political Bureau member.
Zhang Chunxian assumed office comments: efforts to achieve lasting peace and
stability in Xinjiang
Zhang Chunxian just took over, said to be under the strong leadership at the central,
unite and lead all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and the people at all levels of leadership,
the foundation laid in the former, innovation, seek truth, do solid work, and strive to
achieve a leap forward in Xinjiang development and long-term stability.
Zhang Chunxian Resume
May 1953 Health, Henan Yuzhou people.
Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute of Machinery Manufacturing Technology and
Equipment Department of forging common class professional university graduate,
Harbin Institute of Technology Management Science and Engineering Graduate
Training, Master of Management.
Former Ministry of Machine (Electrical Division) 10th Design Institute of Party
Secretary, Vice President, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department in the
Ministry of Supervision to monitor the Deputy Secretary, China Packaging and Food
Machinery Corporation vice president and general manager, assistant governor of
Yunnan Province .
October 2002, he was appointed Minister.
December 2005, he was appointed secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee.
January 2006, was elected director of Hunan Provincial People's Congress.
November 2002, the CCP Central Committee elected Shiliu Da.
October 2007, at the CPC congress elected the Central Committee.
Zhang Chunxian open style a consistent
■ People
March 12 this year, during the Third Session of the Eleventh National
People's Congress, NPC, when he was secretary of the Hunan Provincial
Committee Secretary Zhang interviews to the media, and finally, Secretary Zhang
smiled and asked us: "There is not a sensitive issue?" Cited to
press their laughter.
From the former Minister of Hunan Provincial Party Committee Secretary, as one
news reporter in the article, the 57-year-old Zhang Chunxian referred to as
"open the ministers and party secretary."
49 years time, this became the youngest minister
Secretary Zhang was born in 1953, 1970, soldiers from the past five years, after
working at grassroots. In 1991, he was appointed to monitor the Ministry of
Supervision in the Department of Electrical and Deputy Secretary, after the general
manager in the business, served as assistant chief of Yunnan Province. In 2002, the
49-year-old Zhang Chunxian wagons became the youngest minister.
The article also recalled the reporter, said the former Minister of Communications
Zhang Chunxian at any time, the Secretary of the Hong Kong and Macao's
mobile phone number to the public, but "he may also be one of the few
journalists receive business cards, greeting cards sent to reporters by address
April 2006, the International Road Union special award Chunxian "2006
Person of the Year Award" in recognition of his leading the development of
China's road network and its international connectivity achievements. He
also became the first awards by the International Road Union, certain Chinese
"Super Girl competition to see almost all of phase"
Secretary Zhang's style is open.
December 2005, secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee Secretary Zhang Ren.
December 26 is the birthday of Mao Zedong, Secretary Zhang Shaoshan Mao Zedong
Bronze Statue Square to lay a wreath. Visits to the people recognized him,
"Is not that Chunxian secretary of it?" Zhang Chunxian
immediately stepped forward and shook hands with them: "I am Zhang
Chunxian, I came to your service."
A year later, Zhang Chunxian inspection in Hunan, a media encounter to the
"Super Girl" before the 7 strong Changsha, Zhang Chunxian
one by one, and they shook hands: "Super Girl competition I see almost all
of phase. You guys have confidence in you? Good performance ! "
February 5, 2008, the Hunan against snow disaster relief, cultural nights, Zhang
Chunxian at the scene said emotionally, "Tomorrow is New
Year's Eve, I also miss my parents. The two old people are old, but because
of the reasons I can not accompany them, I can only put people in Hunan Province as
to honor their parents, brothers and sisters to Hunan as their brothers and sisters, I
wanted this situation, with the work I am most grateful in public, fulfill their duties, to
contribute to the Hunan people ", and bowed deeply.
"If necessary, I take the lead in public property"
Third Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress this year, during
the interview, officials from the property declaration to tell the truth, from heavy
metal pollution to public opinion, Zhang Chunxian on sensitive issues were not
avoided. Speaking of officials, public property, the Secretary Zhang said with a smile:
"If necessary, I will take the lead in public. I can now announce, because I
do not how much."
Wu Peng reporter
Central research long-term stability in Xinjiang
■ News Background
Politburo meeting of 23 to study the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to promote
the work of leapfrog development and long-term stability.
The meeting, conscientiously sum up valuable experience working in Xinjiang,
in-depth analysis of the development and stability of Xinjiang is facing new situations
and new problems, to boost economic and social development in Xinjiang, to work
out a solid long-term stability of Xinjiang, is a global and strategic significance of the
important and urgent task .
The meeting stressed that, should adhere to scientific development to solve all the
problems of 基 础 Xinjiang to promote social good and fast development of
Xinjiang's economy, Jizhongliliang Youxianbaozhang and Gai Shan
people's livelihood, Shi Xinjiang more Fuyu all Qunzhong happy life. To
uphold the Party's ethnic policy and religious policy, the promotion of
different nationalities, people of different religions live in harmony, to consolidate and
develop harmonious and stable social situation in Xinjiang. To adhere to the central
concern and support, eastern and central regions of support and self-reliance cadres
and the masses of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, the principle of combining hard work,
and seriously do counterpart support work in Xinjiang.
The full implementation of the national counterparts Yuanjiang next year
■ News Background
Counterparts to support the work of the National Conference of Xinjiang March 29 to
30 in Beijing. Hu Jintao, Vice Premier Li Keqiang attended the meeting and delivered
an important speech.
Conference content is studying and implementing the central government counterparts
on the organization of a new round of important decisions to support the work of
Xinjiang, to further strengthen and advance the work of their counterparts to plan and
mobilize support for Xinjiang.
Li Keqiang said in his speech, according to central policies and arrangements, and
establish a talent, technology, management, counterpart funding to support a full
range of effective mechanisms of Xinjiang, to protect and improve the livelihood of
the people on the support of priority, focus on helping people of all ethnic groups to
solve employment, education, housing and other basic livelihood issues, strive to
support the development of competitive industries in Xinjiang characteristics. This
year, in-depth investigations and studies, preparation of special planning, and
personnel training, pay close attention to the preparation counterpart Yuan Jiang. Full
implementation next year, the work of their counterparts in Yuanjiang. After 5 years of
hard work and strive, in the key tasks to achieve significant results; After 10 years of
efforts to ensure the well-off society in Xinjiang to achieve goals.