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					                                   A.W.I. COLORADO CHAPTER
                                 BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                                              January 18, 2008
                                           LOCATION: Little Shanghai

Chapter President              Eric Peterson, New World Millworks        
Chapter Vice President         Don Graefenhain, Flood & Peterson Insurance, Inc.
Chapter Secretary              Rick DeSimone, Gold Plane Custom Cabinets 
National Development Council   Casey Peterson, New World Millworks       
Associate Representative       Ron Kaemingk, Stiles Machinery            
Webmaster Dave Molliconi       Integrated Machinery Solutions            
New Membership Coordinator     Robert Hopkins, Larson Distributing                 troutbumhopkins@hotmail.
Guest                          John Niedzwiecki, Weyerhauser             

Chapter Treasurer              Tony Slavec, Precision Interiors          

Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM

Treasurer’s Report:
         • The treasurer was absent but a review of past expenses reveals the chapter has a
            healthy balance to enter the new year.

New Business:
     1.) Marketing
     - AIA Colorado and Colorado Construction ads consume about ½ the annual budget. The
     efficiency of the current marketing campaign was brought to question. Ideas were solicited for
     a more direct marketing approach.
     - CP presented a direct mailing flyer that the Texas Chapter uses as its manufacturing
     member and associate directory.
     - All BOD members agree that a flyer is worthy of investigating and that suppliers should be
     included in these promotional materials.
     - EP to ask Greg at Incognito Marketing to develop an estimate of the costs associated with
     the development of this flyer.
     - Mailing lists from AIA, AGC and ABC will be obtained.
     - RH to probe Blue Book for a mailing list of AIA members.
     - AWI National ( Greg Heuer) is in development of a new program to develop and monitor
         the skills of woodworkers in the industry. The North American Skill Standards Committee is
         requesting donations from state chapters for this purpose. USDA and The US Forest
         Service are granting them a total of $92,000.00
     - RK motions that the AWI Colorado Chapter donate $1000.00
     - RH seconds the motion
     - EP to ask TS to send the donation to Greg Heuer.

        2.) Recruitment
        - Companies to be contacted by RH for membership
            • True North
            • CAS Interior Solutions, Lou Casados
            • JKH Millwork, Ron King
            • JK Concepts
            • RD to send DM an updated list of Chapter members
       4.) Development Council
       -    CP reports that there is a new initiative by AWI National to have members that join
       National, automatically become members of their local chapter. He reports that there has been
       marked resistance to this initiative by local chapters concerned about national control of their
       More information will be provided as this movement develops.
       - CP’s term as Development council Representative will expire October/08. The board will
           need to seek his replacement or investigate the possibility of a second term for CP.
       - The next Development Council meeting will occur this spring. Its date will be provided when

Event Schedule Planning 2008

   -   March 6th:           LEED for woodworkers - Margaret Fisher, Saunders Wood Specialties
                        •   CP to contact Margaret to confirm (Our date is tentative according to her
                            present scheduled presentation in Florida Feb 27 - Mar 1)
   -   May 8th:             Plant Tours- locations TBD
   -   June 20th:           Sales & Marketing presentation by AWI National speakers
   -   August ?:            Golf Tournament
   -   September 18th:      Shop Meeting - Finish
   -   November 6th:        Shop Meeting – Veneer & Adhesives
   -   December 5th:        Christmas Party

RD motions to adjourn meeting
DM seconds

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM

Next BOD meeting: Breakfast King, February 13th, 6:30AM

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