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Human Resource Management ---- Crisis Management


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									Human Resource Management ---- Crisis Management
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"Every crisis contains in itself the root cause failure, but also breeds the
seeds of success. Discover and nurture in order to harvest the potential of success is
the essence of the crisis public relations." Highest state of crisis than
planned, smooth, stress ease. Compared with the crisis management strategy
Skyworth, Erie becomes slightly inferior to a domain. First of all, the attitude of the
media,       the     Erie      adopted     a     "hiding"        and
"evasive" manner, but also refused to interview senior Erie, this
desire Mi synergetic way more to stir up the public relations man's
"appetite" and "curious heart ", so that in
just is not conducive to Erie of the direction of the deep development," by
the media impact of Erie stock markets opened down limit. " Second,
corporate communications slow to respond, missing public relations
"wedding day." Although the incident occurred early on Dec. 17
Mass, but "until the morning of the 21st, Yili Group began to expand
public relations activities," At this point, a large number of rumors on the
Erie has been "surging" from "blackout",
"avoid             interviews"           to       the         dealer,
"unfavorable" suspicion, after several setbacks, Erie
"popular" it has become bad to worse. Finally, contrary to
"public opinion", the move pushed hard to make people
satisfied. In the crisis of "critical juncture", the Erie Company
should adopt any strategy to respond positively to the media and
"popular", but it is disappointing and disappointing that the Yili
Group is still not a convincing position and the "argument"
"Investors are unable to request a timetable," really makes
"anguished." That public relations, people from becoming a
sorry. Though the Erie would also like to take timely "remedial"
measures, from the Xinhua website "positive guidance" to
"just three days, arranged to meet four times more concentrated in the
media will", and the leaders went to Hohhot Erie headquarters inspection
to show "solidarity", but related measures of specific attitudes
and ambiguous and "unknown", the result is still a critical
situation has been set, does not help. Long thin ice, hit home run in the brink of
entrepreneurs, managers may be more profound experience of this
"crisis-prone" On the never occurs in good times. Past half year,
China's giant can of calcium, Skyworth Group, China Aviation Oil
companies have suffered a series of crises hit; now, Procter & Gamble, KFC,
McDonald's, Lipton tea a large number of foreign brands has suffered a
crisis of "Black March" . The incidence of crisis, clearly
indicates that Chinese enterprises to "crisis-prone period" ahead
of schedule arrival. Bill ? Gates catch-phrase "Microsoft bankruptcy is
always only 180 days." Even Microsoft are so careful to treat corporate
crisis, what businesses can escape the threat of crisis it.
In recent years, Chinese enterprises crisis frequency seem to be increasing, Top, CAO
and other critical incidents, one after the occurrence of these companies almost have
one thing in common: once high-speed growth, the growth rate far higher than other
similar enterprises, in the face of the rapid decline even after the crisis is quickly
closing down.
Business continuity management crisis from the financial texture, management
quality and governance performance of three key factors. Any business of going all
the financial material, management quality and governance performance of the joint
outcome. Determine the effectiveness of quality management and governance crisis in
the evolution of the trend going. Financial Crisis disorder is the fuse, as long as
management quality, improving corporate governance, financial imbalances resulting
from the crisis easier to pull through; and management quality and governance
performance is deteriorating or not affect the underlying causes of the crisis. Result of
these enterprises the crisis in the underlying reasons have one thing in common:
products lack the core competitiveness, the company itself growth model there is the
trap event of the external environment, adverse changes, they very easily become
unable to turn a crisis situation.
Crisis management is a comprehensive, multi-polarization of the complex issues
companies during crisis, we must follow some basic principles of crisis management
   1, attached great importance to senior attend to personally, can not be complacent,
   2, timely response, immediate action, not procrastination, delay and harm the
   3, vision, overall situation, can not care too much about, runs the risk;
   4, reasonable and legitimate, have taken a house, not to non-suppression of
non-neglect of law of the land;
   5, remedy, rectify the increase can not hurt good forget the pain, a repeated
Enterprises in compliance with the above principles, while also keeping to a
reasonable procedure to plan the handling of crises, be done dignity that chaos,
relaxation prudence. In general, the crisis management procedures should be carried
out as follows:
The first step: to listen to the report and assessment of crisis
Crisis events often are very sudden and fast, but this must not affect the head as a cool
company. Thus, when a crisis event occurs, the responsible persons first and foremost
thing is to call corporate executives briefed on the crisis incidents. Report should be
front-line staff or experience the staff report, accurate, comprehensive, detailed and
objective. Can not crises important details hidden and not reported and must be from
an objective position on the report because most of the time to report in to report
would intentionally or unintentionally, for himself or for the company from their
responsibilities, to conceal some of which may involve himself or corporate
responsibility facts or circumstances which will affect the risk of events fully and
properly assessed. When listening to the head and senior staff to report, you must in
the shortest possible time within the crisis of the developing trend of 公司 potential
impact and consequences, the company Nenggou and you can take to fight Yiji on
Crisis Chulifangzhen , personnel, resources, security and other important things to
make a preliminary assessment and decision-making.
Step two: set up a crisis management team
When the head of the company made an initial crisis assessment and decision-making
after the work is to immediately set up crisis management team. Crisis
Group's mandate should be to address the crisis of the highest authority and
coordination body, which the right to change Gongsi of all resources and the right to
independence on behalf of the company to make any compromise or promise or
statement. Under normal circumstances, a crisis management team to the enterprise,
the head as the group leader. The Group's other members, at least including:
corporate counsel, public relations consultants, management consultants, business
executives, administrative head, human resources managers and team secretaries and
support staff. Crisis management team, where necessary, can be divided into two
groups, namely, the core group and coordinate the group. Core team primarily by
corporate head of legal experts, public relations experts, business experts and skilled
negotiator, composition; coordinate the group executive responsible person, business
executives, human resources managers and other logistics staff. Among them, the core
group of task is the implementation of negotiation, negotiation, decision-making and
coordination tasks; and coordinate the group is responsible for implementing solutions
and providing logistical resources to support tasks. All core team members must have
the following basic qualities:
   1, cool-headed, responsive, strong, big Fangzi Xin;
   2, professional excellent, good communication, comprehensive thinking, trapped in
a degree;
   3, objective and impartial, instrument dignified, energetic, good health;
The third step: planning crisis management plan, a comprehensive deployment of
material resources
Crisis Group was established, the first step is based on existing information and
intelligence, and enterprise owned or available resources to develop crisis
management plans. Plan must reflect the crisis management objectives, procedures,
organization, personnel and the division of labor, logistics and timetable for action
and the various stages to achieve the goal. Which must include the mobilization of
social resources and domination, cost control and implementation responsibilities and
their goals. Plans to develop a complete and agreed upon, to coordinate the group
immediately began physical resource allocation and preparation, while the core group
members will have to immediately rushed to the crisis site, launched a comprehensive
crisis management actions.
Step Four: Crisis planning
Crisis core group arrived at the scene, must first conduct the event of understanding
and verification, and reporting to find out whether there are discrepancies in the facts
and circumstances, if any shall be immediately targeted for Tiaozheng crisis
management plan, if carried out without Ze original plan . Crisis management under
the crisis nature of the incident and the situation is different, generally follows for
If the crisis has not hit the media, then to control events, in the incident was fully
investigated to understand the basis, according to law and justice, determined to make
treatment decisions. At this stage, companies can provide reasonable and lawful under
the premise of an appropriate compromise, for the expense of small profits in
exchange for the incident fast processing, so as to avoid the situation deteriorate
further brought beyond the control of reputation loss. But it should be noted that, at
that stage of processing programs, must include the other party's
confidential crisis responsibility and liability for breach of strict regulations to prevent
its later regret, leading to our passivity.
If the crisis has been the media openly and has wide implications, the crisis should
shift the focus of media, public relations up. Of course, the handling of the crisis
events themselves also need to be completed as soon as possible. On the media public
relations, the main way to the media know the truth, to guide its objective and
impartial coverage and evaluation of the event. If the truth bad for business, the crisis
management team must demonstrate genuine remorse and the correct determination,
and stressed that the incident of accidental and business corrective measures and
timetable, and corporate responsibility in the manner and scope in order to gain the
trust of in the media and their audiences. If the truth is good for business, the crisis
management team must make full use of the media reveal the truth, so that the media
fully informed of the incident the whole story and to guide them on the event itself to
objective reporting and commentary. Efforts to portray the victims of corporate image
and win public sympathy, especially for those who had been negative reports on
companies not to blame the media, and to guide their attention, arouse their
conscience and justice of the heart, allowed themselves to their previous The reports
were corrected. At the same time, a crisis management team have to go through legal
experts and consultants, the other party to the crisis put pressure on legal action to
force their mistakes, take responsibility for reaching solutions.
In addition, the crisis management team through the boot media for event coverage at
the same time, to the enterprise's operation, performance, products and
services, features, and corporate culture, extensive publicity, so concerned about the
events the audience learn more about the business and recognition enterprise. In
necessary cases, also can be the strategic corporate development and business plan for
the appropriate the description, or on crisis-related business product or service
description and 说明, in order to arouse public concern and interest. This is called
using the crisis, turning crises into opportunities, will be a bad thing into a good thing.
In the crisis management process, whether with the media or with other parties
dealing with the crisis management team must pay attention to trade-offs, the camera
moving, ready to adjust treatment strategies, avoid impulsive and petty grievances. In
addition, the Crisis Group, also in the process to maintain contact with the local
government may be necessary to seek local government support and help. All of the
crisis management process must be careful to respect the local habits and customs,
respect for local culture and religion; which of course includes the respect of
competitors. The survival of enterprises is the plan for centuries, but only one story of
crisis, companies must be far-sighted, resolute choice when the choice, do not stick to
one occasion.
Processing enterprises in crisis all the performance will be a mirror of public opinion
as a business. Enterprises in the process of crisis management has shown grace and
attitude, sincerity and goodwill, as well as sacrifice and compromise will become an
important part of corporate image. Therefore, all involved in crisis management must
consistently demonstrate a good accomplishment, not for personal acts affect the
image and reputation. Instead, companies should use this opportunity in the public
mind set up company a positive image.
Corporate crisis management process, from the outset, should be regarded as business
and public communication of a process. Whether the crisis incident involved rival
individuals or enterprises; the Government and the media, we should take full
advantage of this opportunity to make friends, especially with the media and the
government when dealing with especially. Proved a successful crisis management, can
often bring a fresh relationship between resources and public support.
Step Five: Reporting the results, lessons learned
Crisis solutions reached and implemented, does not mean the crisis management
process is over. Of the enterprises, the most important part of crisis management is the
lessons learned. This link is so important because companies can see from the links
found in business management problems, and targeted to improve and enhance. Same
time, enterprises can also learn lessons learned, and the conduct flourish.
In the crisis management process, companies often find some of the problems usually
failed to find, especially with issues related to the crisis event. Some of these
problems is accidental, some are systemic, some are man-made. With the crisis
treatment, these problems are gradually exposed, and these problems exposed will
find some related links, and with the crisis has nothing to do but it is also very
important. Enterprises can issue exposed by the analysis of the necessary reforms and
adjustments in order to avoid committing more mistakes business.
Similarly, in the crisis management process, enterprises will find some companies
usually can not find the strength, or the failure to find resources. This finding will
help this part of the company effective use of resources or further strengthen this part
of the strengths, highlighting its importance. In addition, enterprises can also crisis
management to accumulate, including crisis management experience, including
experiences, and establish a number of usually no opportunity to establish social
relations resources, such as media relations and government relations, or with
consumer confidence relations. Some of the more successful crisis management will
also through crisis management to carry out enterprise wide range of positive
publicity, in expanding the social impact, enhance corporate visibility and reputation,
and thus to accumulation of brand resources.
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