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					How to improve the efficiency of terminal sales (2)
5, the current promotion process of the terminal alcohol problems
1. Promote rather than marketing, fruitless. Many wine companies often have such
confusion: after another to engage in promotional activities, but the end is not seen
significant growth in sales. This phenomenon is due mainly to sales promotions and
competitors outdated or homogenization of promotions, such promotions are often
unable to create new competitive differentiation, it is not effective in attracting the
attention of consumers, consumer spending desires can not be aroused. If the winning
rate of fraud is very low and there are many activities open end awards for enterprise
to control effect of alcohol, the more and not let the consumer s heart.
2. Promotional stops, sales plummeted. Some promotional activities carried out, the
short sales will be rapid growth, but if a stop promotions, sales plummeted
immediately. Into shops such as a small price and the retail price difference, the profit
margin of a few terminal Di Dangjiu class, wholesalers or liquor business in order to
make these products quickly into the terminal shop store front will be implemented in
such as "buy 10 get one free", "5% cash rebate
settlement" and other promotional policy. Terminal store sales gained from
the expected profits, it will actively purchase. After the termination of sales if
manufacturers often occur decreases the profit margin of the terminal, the terminal
operators to reduce or stop the purchase. Wholesalers and liquor business if it
continues to promotion, marketing costs are too high will make it unbearable.
Over-reliance on promotional sales to liquor companies unable to stop.
3. Costs surge, the profit decline. Some liquor companies to quickly open up the
market gap, especially in the development of new markets or new products to market,
regardless of the costs anxious to various forms of promotional activities on the
terminal market bombing, although the market coverage and share of the rapidly
improved, high marketing costs led to a sharp decline in sales profits, even huge
losses. Such as Jinan, Qingdao Beer market in the attack, regardless of the cost to
engage in promotion battle, actually put on some terminal branch of a million high
into the store charges, and some terminals store delivery vehicles are equipped with
Iveco, and some were long-term free drinks, so the market in Jinan, for a long period
of time, the profit is negative. Tsingtao deep pockets of course, adhere to the market
first and then thought to be profitable, there is a line move of strategic importance.
For some small wine business if such investment, would not be suicidal?
4. Rival fights, riding a tiger. Some liquor companies and competitors to compete for
the same end market, will launch sales for the competitors, the challenges of this type
of marketing initiative will often lead to competitors of the fight, resulting in a
protracted war would ignite sales. If the two forces rather, they refused to give each
other maneuvers, such as display cabinets you send, I send you the sales lady, and I,
you give the waiter corkage, I have to. Then we will be riding a tiger, not playing, not
playing is not the end of the market do abuse, and no one has an advantage, but have
paid a heavy price.
5. Price confusion, the market downturn. Some liquor store business promotions for
the terminal to direct or indirect price reductions to achieve the purpose of sales
promotion, such as "buy 10 get one free", "a
one-time purchase 100 discount 2 cents per bottle." This store promotions
to end because of the decrease of the actual purchase cost of a single bottle in the
profit guarantee under the same, to promote the sales increase and lower retail prices.
And because different terminals different stock cost shop in the retail price will appear
non-uniform, leading to confusion in the retail price, easy to influence consumer
sentiment for such alcohol consumption, reduce customer loyalty. A certain extent,
affected the terminal sales, more effective if its competitors at this time to fight, it is
easy to put this product out of the market, creating a market downturn.
6. Promotion fights, neither side gains. The current liquor terminal market, more and
more intense marketing battle, or even promotional fights between competitors and
ultimately a lose-lose. If a certain brand of beer market in the Distribution Issues A
when none other 1 per carton, B brand of beer on none other two yuan, A re-cap
exchange 0.5 yuan each, B convertible immediately raised 0.8 yuan per bottle, A was
presented 300 cases per sales incentives hotel a freezer,, B on 250 cases made each
award a hotel bar. Promotion of this protracted war played both selling at a loss, not
too long both parties does not survive, and to the end of the promises, the terminal
was refused purchase and Withdraw, distributors refused to sell unprofitable,
eventually and had to withdraw from the market two brands.
7. Imitate each other, fits. Present alcohol promotions end short of ideas, imitation of
a serious, content and form of monotony. If you open end awards, and I open end
awards, I also send you send freezer freezer, on the terminal for the goods and who is
the same. Homogeneity can not create a competitive advantage promotions, sales
appear inefficient or ineffective, a waste of resources.
8. A promotion in the end, immutable. At present, many businesses can not stop once
you start marketing once immediately stop sales decline, not necessarily a consumer
has a reaction, but the dealer did not move, over time, manufacturers do not dare to
stop marketing, so the loss will be greater . Caused many companies to market
products from the delisting, promotion one day can not stop, a stop immediately no
longer marketable. Thus, short-term sales into long-term loss of profits, some
companies, said: "not to pursue the promotion is to die, a promotion is the
court death." This phenomenon because there is no long-term brand
planning. Lack of promotion mix strategy planning, promotions, single, etc., will lead
to promotion into the habit of the problem. For example, a long-term large-scale
enterprises engaged in beer, "beer for every three to send a packet of
washing powder," the promotion, to create a customs terminal, into the
beer with a detergent, no detergent can not. Promotional items,
"detergent" has become an essential product of beer sales, has
become bundling has really lost a beer, save a detergent factory
9. Arbitrary commitment, acting in bad faith. A liquor brand new products to market
around distributed DM, what to say to celebrate the tenth anniversary of business,
special section commemorating the launch of products, packaging boxes with 24K
gold necklace, so eager consumers receiving DM widely advertised, so In the end the
name of the product purchase rates soared, sales soared. However, after several
months in the past, drink a few gold necklace, and poor-quality gold-plated copper
necklace, told the court by the consumer, by the local media speculation and widely
criticized, brand image plummeted, devastated. This is not the credibility of the
promotion can only be "playing with fire by the outcome of
self-immolation", consumers trust the brand is very fragile, as a victim of
injury is irreparable.
Effective promotion of the implementation steps
An efficient promotion is a systematic project, need to be fully prepared and the
various coordination and support. An efficient and integrated marketing activities
under the following steps:
1, Market Research
2, development of programs: a comprehensive marketing program including:
promotional, promotional objects, promotions, marketing tools, promotion time, the
scope of promotion, marketing budgets, sales forecast, personnel security,
implementation monitoring, emergency measures and so on.
3, communication identity. Programming is not to immediately after the execution,
but to the full implementation of the program staff's intention, objectives,
and steps to learn more about, to fully understand the marketing goals and objectives,
a clear personal responsibility, control the implementation of steps to fully mobilize
the personnel enthusiasm and initiative.
4, personnel protection. Promotion program is implemented by people, but also a
wide range of personnel, such as promoters, to reward staff, end tally clerk, market
supervisors and so on. Personnel protection is to put in place in time for the staff time
and staff necessary to advance communication and training, ensuring excellent quality
of personnel to be competent at their work.
5, information dissemination. Promotion is for the second side, must POP advertising,
flyers, etc. I get to convey the marketing message spread quickly and efficiently to
promote objects, such as terminal owners, attendants or consumers. Rapid response to
promotional objects, and actively participate in marketing activities to.
6, organization and implementation. Organize promotional activities directly
determines the level of success or failure of marketing. Implementation process in the
organization in place to ensure that the three: product in place, staff in place, cash in
place. Products shop in time to the terminal, and to ensure that no out of stock,
promotion, distribution, merchandising, supervision and other related promotional
staff in place in time, promotional items, incentives should be on time.
7, the process of supervision. To send in promotional activities and supervise the
activities supervised the implementation of the general managers or marketing by the
regional market, marketing staff is responsible for process monitoring, timely
detection of activity in the subjective and objective problems arise, monitoring
products, people, the situation is fulfilled , monitors the implementation of the
capacity and service level, through the process of monitoring and timely adjustment
of strategies to solve problems, to ensure the implementation of activities in place.
8, assessment. Each end of a promotion after the impact assessment should be carried
out, through the promotional activities of the preparation, implementation, and effects
of feedback, assessment of the promotional feasibility, implementation efforts,
whether to Yuqimubiao, Fei Yong is overrun, Xiaofei Zhe reaction, the problems
found in past experiences, make up the gap, to continuously improve marketing
program creativity, execution and marketing effectiveness, sales and brand value to
achieve the double upgrade.
How to improve the effect of terminal sales promotion
1. Promotions have new ideas and personality, can strongly attract consumers.
Differences in the marketing process is to create the process, there is no difference
there would be no competitive advantage. To create competitive differentiation, they
must promote innovative ideas and marketing tools, promotional activities are full of
new ideas each and personality. Blue Horse as Venus Group Night Christmas beer in
2003 in Zhengzhou, the office engaged in several promotional activities, to invite
foreign students went to the hall and consumer Poets Dance, sway with passion, both
in the whole climax of the night among the Blue Horse wine into the night and the
release of the consumer feeling the only thing to convey not only the consumption of
alcohol the night the sharp rise in the Blue Horse, Blue Horse and a strong brand
image of American culture is more clear and full, rapid enhancement of brand image.
2. To maintain the product end price stability. Can not affect the end result of
promotional price stability, or promotions not only at the expense of the interests of
the current market, but lost the ability to future market access. Regardless of
promotions, in particular, directly or indirectly lead to terminal operators promotional
purchase costs, retail prices should strengthen the terminal management and control,
must require the terminal operators in the wine business within a limited range of
prices to sell, on privately raise the retail price reduction or excessive terminal
operators should be sanctioned. Such as terminal operators on the implementation of
policy to buy 10 get one free, but must be limited to the terminal are required to pay
the retail price of 2 yuan per bottle, or the cancellation of the preferential policies.
3. To carry out personalized promotions, help enhance brand value. A reference
terminal promotions, many marketers think of opening the lid immediately awards,
prizes and some utilitarian set cover of promotions. Only meticulous care for and
meet consumer demand, to carry out personalized promotions to attract consumers, to
achieve effective consumer. Personalized promotions to consumers not only the
number of benefits in kind, but more of a concern are often unexpected, and thus
enhance the brand value. If a certain brand of beer in Wuhan market for the college
entrance examination in the list the students placed Teacher Appreciation Banquet
larger phenomenon, timely launch of any specified terminals store at Teacher
Appreciation Banquet and consumption of the brand of beer, be offered a free gilt
commemorative photo 1 and congratulate the banner of a promotion , rapidly enhance
the spirit of the brand value, create a good brand affinity.
4. To promote the reasonable control of costs. Sales promotion is an investment, the
investment must be income. Promotion for promotion before the implementation must
be brought to market efficiency has a relatively accurate forecasts and investment
costs account for promotions, according to a decision on how much the cost of
promotional tools, options and short sales time is long. Only in this way can the
promotion of scientific cost control, effective control of marketing costs, to ensure
market efficiency.
5. To use a flexible combination of promotional tools. Effective marketing is a
systematic and continuous process, rather than think of where to got to where,
intermittent, random. So effective promotional activities must be detailed and careful
advance planning and deployment, for different objects to choose the best
promotional marketing tool. Demand due to the diversity of promotional object also
determines the diversity of promotional tools, such as middle and low end stores for
the consumer promotion, you should choose a direct interest of promotional tools
such as buy two get one free tasting, while the high end store promotions, we must
choose culture, emotion and promotional tools, such as Valentine's Day
when a high alcohol consumption by the shop to give consumers a female companion
Rose, as a blessing.
6. To strengthen the promotion process management. Efficient marketing strategy for
seven one-third of the implementation, good process management to determine the
effective implementation of promotional activities. Through the whole process of
tracking management, enabling the process of marketing programs at any time found
in the implementation of marketing problems encountered in the process at any time
adjust the marketing strategy; promotion process management to solve the
"people" issues (terminal management coordination, terminal
Zhoubian the coordination of relations between stakeholders and create a better soft
environment, promote recruitment, training, placement and promotion of each and job
responsibilities related to personnel, etc.) to ensure the promotion of the personnel in
place, promotional items are in place; the promotion process should be timely
information about competitors, such as competition, the status of the brand, with or
without promotions, promotions on our reactions, and accordingly for flexible
response; process management to Jiaqiang materials management with clear
management regulations, so that each person all clear what the role of propaganda
materials, the use of publicity materials, and equipment and management to develop
rational principles, gifts, there should be individual responsibility, issuing a clear
principles and management, not the hair of a few should not be issued one is not
multiple, so that it is necessary to give full publicity, but also save materials, the best
7. To enhance the terminal shop attendant marketing initiative. Terminal attendant
marketing initiative is to raise the level of sales of the key. How to improve the
attendant marketing initiative? To seduce the order of emotion. Material incentives is
most often appear corkage, and addition to holidays, birthdays send small gifts, or
send sunscreen in summer, autumn and winter moisturizer, are all effective delivery
attendants provide long way to promote a positive and important. In addition to
material incentives in addition, marketers have to attach importance to strengthening
and attendants of communication, sincerity, passion 地 help each other solve
problems, Chuan Di corporate culture and information, enhance understanding and
friendship, and enhance brand affinity attendants make the initiative to introduce your
products to consumers.
8. Strengthen the promoters of skills training. In some business is good, the large
number of terminals competing brand stores, liquor companies are often dispatched to
boost sales "woman commando" --- Miss promotions. However,
many companies are temporary promotions Miss recruited in society, these people
mixed cultural level, with training time short and simple, so very little information on
the products and brands, often consumers 一 问 三 不 知 , Or is the lack of
communication skills and the arts, or stammered, or talking endlessly to sell products
to consumers, consumers can easily lead to resentment, consumers are likely to
produce a bad impression of the brand, then turn to other consumer products. Miss
promotional effectiveness has not fully, be detrimental to brand image and marketing
expenses to increase substantially. Therefore, the training of the sales lady is very
important, one should pay attention to pre-job training, recruitment of new sales lady
asked for full, detailed business etiquette, communication skills, corporate culture,
corporate profile, product technology, drinking knowledge, nutritional ingredients and
function of the characteristics of the brand or product such as training; other hand,
uninterrupted time to time Miss marketing site on the education and retraining, but
also enhance communication between the sales lady, a good class after class before
will sum up experiences, lessons learned and constantly improved; then one of the
best promotions lady to continue using it, rather than the season with a burst, firing
off-season, next year move, so you miss the training of outstanding promotions for the
competition is likely to be training.
Case 1: Wenjun Liquor emotional Promotions
A few university students gathered in a hotel, the two boys with his girlfriend to go
with, a girl is very enthusiastic to meet us and guide us into the room seated, to help
attendants to order, she said: you are to get over it (with insight force), once again
welcome you to our restaurant, I'd like to tell a story. Western Han Dynasty
One wealthy beauty called Zhuo Wenjun, she resign and return phase, such as Sima
Qiong run away from Sichuan after the Pro, and Sima to open pub with living in
Chengdu, Wets talented woman, Fuchangfusui, when the dead of night, after the hotel
closed Gemen , They still drink side side song, singing "Search"
of the song: Myth and Myth and go home, surf the universal demand of its Phoenix.
Strong flame of love, never put out, the two enjoy the joy of human life marketplace.
Although the later phase, such as by Emperor Di Zhao Sima into Chang'an
official, Zhuo Wenjun has been played off life, but Chengdu and Qionglai people, it is
difficult to forget Mother's day Zhuo Wenjun as wine. According to
"Bei" The book is written, began Wenjun "When the
clay for the industry", "Shu Scholars, everyone Gu
Jiu" and its far-reaching consequences, we can see unusual. Over the years,
she was named after the local to the "Wenjun wine", has been
selling well, is the most telling. Today this situation at the moment there is beautiful to
see two handsome well-being accompanied by appearance, as if we back thousands of
years ago, I wish the two of you are here love sweet, romantic and always, I Wenjun
wine promoters, can be If you love to you poured like sweet, pure literary drinking
wine is an honor culture. Girls tell of romance and genuine blessing to us deeply
moved, almost without hesitation place the text of wine, drank four bottles of seven or
eight individuals, and even how I do not drink liquor in the drink. We drank a very
wonderful time, feeling all drink wine than any meaningful time. Although the matter
for years, Wenjun wine but in my heart forever.
Case 2, a white music promotion
A liquor brand from the art colleges special recruitment will play saxophone, Hulusi,
flute, clarinet and other instruments in the time students do after school promoters.
Guide the guests are seated, self-introduction to the guests after the promoters, would
say thank you to our restaurant to, on behalf of certain hotels and certain wines give
you a, according to the guests dining types, send a different tune, is a business type
them a "business is booming," is a gathering of
"friends", "friendship million long" is
family gatherings, the elderly would send "birthday song, a child would
send songs, is the birthday party would send" Happy Birthday " .
And then promote their own products, but most guests will be very happy to point the
brand of liquor, that is, no point for other reasons, because this song will deeply
remember the brand.
* Emphasis on marketing effectiveness assessment. Only effects on the
promotion-depth analysis and assessment, to constantly sum up and continuous
improvement marketing programs to make maximum promotional effect, not only to
achieve a period of rapid increase in the consumer, is also able to achieve this long to
maintain strong spending power. Promotional assessment needs to consider the main
issues: the target completion before the promotion, how? Relevant staff to meet the
requirement does not? Whether the officers with the tacit understanding between?
Whether the configuration of materials in place, it played a desired result? Whether
the promotional material prior to the issuance of the request to release? Where do the
promotion of good, and we continue to carry forward the future? Where do enough
work in the future on how to avoid? Only the promotion process of a comprehensive
summary of gains and losses, can each promotion more than the previous on the floor.