Are YOU Looking for WEDDING MUSIC SUGGESTIONS? by Rusdianto2010


									A Guide To Wedding Music Suggestions
By: Omettokun

Can you celebrate your wedding day without music? Of course the answer is yes – with or
without music you can still get married, but it’s just less magical atmosphere, like Cinderella
without the magical pumpkin. And what kind of marriage would that be if there’s no music, can
you feel the atmosphere? Your wedding music can be the most memorable original sound track
of life in you very special moment. Thus I say that music is one of the most important parts of
both the wedding and reception.

But, what kind of music that fit your wedding theme? Well, since there are so many of music
that will fit your wedding day, whether it is classic, rock or pop, you can pick one of the kinds to
be your wedding original soundtrack, but make sure it fits in. It’s impossible to play a rock music
in your traditional themed-wedding, and so the contrary, right?

Wedding music can be so magical because psychologically tells the guests or audience the
meaning of their coming and tells them about love and union. Moreover you can write your
own music for your wedding, it’s sure you succeed giving the personality touch in it and make
your wedding ceremony and reception altogether as the best memorable wedding for you and
to them.

So, no matter what kind of music that you play in your wedding day, you have to make sure
that the music really fits in.

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