Bacteria Project Day 2 by BridgeAdmin


									Name: Julianna Bejma
Grade/Class: 7th Science
Date: July 8, 2010

Topic: Bacteria project

Objective: To continue the story the students began the day before

Materials: Markers, paper, colored paper, glue, colored pencils, computer lab (if any
research is not complete)

Hook: In order for the students to complete their assignment, the class will be solely
dedicated to working on their projects

         The students will have the whole class to finish writing their stories and making
their book covers. The stories will have to be at least a page long. The cover will require
a title, a picture of the bacteria, and their names. The rest will be left up to the students
and their own creativity.

Closure: The class will end with the students completing their projects and turning them
into me.

Assessment: I will assess the students by monitoring their work and reading their stories

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