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					Name: Julianna Bejma
Grade/Class: 7th Science
Date: July 6, 2010

Topic: Bacteria

Objective: To learn the negative and positive roles of bacteria and how they function

Materials: Posters, markers, printouts from the internet about bacteria in general.

Hook: I will have the students each find something in the room (that belongs to the
bridge or me) that they think is covered in bacteria. We will then discuss which they
think has the most. This will lead into our discussion of the role of bacteria.


       5 mins: Question of the Day
       10 mins: Hook
       25-30 mins: The students will be split into three groups and assigned colors.
       They will then be sent to different stations that have print outs about bacteria.
       Each group will be required to right three facts on a poster in their color. Once
       each group has done this they will switch stations and continue until all stations
       have been visited. No group is allowed to repeat a fact on a poster. (Each group
       will have no more than three minutes at each station)
               Information provided will answer the following questions:
                      How are bacteria shaped?
                      How do they move?
                      Where are they found?
                      What do they eat?
Closure: The students will meet back as a class, and we will discuss some of the
interesting facts they found.

Assessment: I will walk around listening to what the students are finding. The discussion
at the end will also let me know what they have learned.

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