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                                                                             MY PALS ARE HERE

Singapore’s most successful Primary Maths series continues to provide pupils, teachers and parents alike with an
enriching learning and teaching experience. Designed by skilled educators to build a strong foundation in Maths and

proficiency in problem-solving, the                                        series further strengthens the development

of mathematical concepts from Primary 1 to 6.

My Pals are Here! Maths Textbook
1, 2, 3, 4, 5&6*(2 nd Edition)
Specially designed so students can have fun while learning essential mathematical concepts, skills and strategies.
Filled with activities and entertaining games that can be carried out in cooperative learning groups. Research has
shown that students gain a better grasp of Mathematics when they have “hands-on” experiences!

        9789810163921      Pupil's Book 1A (2E) NEW !        9789810163983        Pupil's Book 4A (2E) NEW !

        9789810163938      Pupil's Book 1B (2E) NEW !        9789810163990        Pupil's Book 4B (2E) NEW !

        9789810163945      Pupil's Book 2A (2E) NEW !        9789810185404        Textbook Book   5A (EM1/2)

        9789810163952      Pupil's Book 2B (2E) NEW !        9789810185428        Textbook Book   5B (EM1/2)

        9789810163969      Pupil's Book 3A (2E) NEW !        9789810194246        Textbook Book   6A (EM1/2)

        9789810163976      Pupil's Book 3B (2E) NEW !        9789810194253        Textbook Book   6B (EM1/2)

    My Pals are Here! Maths Workbook
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5&6*(2 nd Edition)
    Contains activities and exercises that reinforce concepts
    taught in the Textbook.

          9789810177706    Workbook 1A Part 1 (2E) NEW !   9789810177805     Workbook 3A Part 2 (2E) NEW !

          9789810177713    Workbook 1A Part 2 (2E) NEW !   9789810177812     Workbook 3B Part 1 (2E) NEW !

          9789810177720    Workbook 1B Part 1 (2E) NEW !   9789810177829     Workbook 3B Part 2 (2E) NEW !

          9789810177737    Workbook 1B Part 2 (2E) NEW !   9789810177836     Workbook 4A (2E) NEW !

          9789810177744    Workbook 2A Part 1 (2E) NEW !   9789810177843     Workbook 4B (2E) NEW !
          9789810177751      Workbook 2A Part 2 (2E) NEW !   9789810185411   Practice Book 5A (EM1/2)

          9789810177768      Workbook 2B Part 1 (2E) NEW !   9789810185435   Practice Book 5B (EM1/2)

          9789810177775      Workbook 2B Part 2 (2E) NEW !   9789810194260   Practice Book 6A (EM1/2)

          9789810177799      Workbook 3A Part 1 (2E) NEW !   9789810194277   Practice Book 6B (EM1/2)

                          “Designed for high achivers”
                          My Pals are Here! Maths Enrichment
                          1, 2, 3, 4, 5&6*(2 nd Edition)
                          Used by more able students after they have completed relevant topics in the Workbook. The
                          books contain graduated questions of varying complexity, challenging problems and
                          questions with cross-curricular links.

My Pals are Here! Maths Homework
1, 2, 3, 4, 5&6*(2 nd Edition)
Contains a series of revision practices. A section on challenging questions
at the end of each chapter develops students’ creative thinking and problem
-solving skill. A revision test at the end of each school term prepares students
 for their school examinations. These student-friendly books encourage
excellence in Maths through consistent hard work and practice.

                             My Pals are Here! Maths Tests
                              1, 2, 3, 4, 5&6*(2 nd Edition)
“Bestseller”                 Designed to complement the highly successful My Pals are Here! Maths students greater
                            confidence to face their continual and semestral assessments. Challenging problems
                            included after every two tests develop students’ problem-solving skills.

My Pals are Here! Maths Reteach
1, 2, 3, 4, 5&6
Ideal for those needing special attention”
Used by students who require additional help after they have completed relevant topics
in the Workbooks. It contains extra practice questions specially designed to help students
grasp concepts, skill and strategies.

                            My Pals are Here! Get Set for Primary 1 Maths
                            Ideal as a Maths introductory package
                            Designed to be a gentle introduction to formal Maths lessons for students preparing to
                            enter or who have just started Primary 1. It features fun-filled and challenging learning
                            activities which prepare children for school. The activities are designed to recap the
                            knowledge of mathematical concepts,
My Pals are Here! Maths Teacher’s Guide 1, 2, 3, 4, 5&6 (2 nd Edition)
The Teacher’s Guide provides a comprehensive set if materials to cater to teachers’ needs in the classroom. Based
on the My Pals are Here! Maths core curriculum, the Teacher’s Guide provides teachers with lesson suggestions and
materials and allows for customized teaching to suit students of differing abilities.

The Teacher’s Guide contains:
 Overview of the pedagogy underlying the package
 Scheme of Work (SOW) to show the learning outcomes and progression for the entire year, detailed lesson plans
    with lesson-by-lesson suggestions, identification of thinking skills taught,        suggestions for cross-curricular
    activities, and recommendations for appropriate heuristics for problem-solving activities.
 OHT Masters for suggested activities
 Heuristic-based questions to supplement teachers’ resources for developing students’ higher-order thinking skills
    and skills in solving non-routine questions
                                                                                                     Shaping Maths

    Core Curriculum

MORE approach, thus enabling pupils to explore Mathematics
in relevant and interesting contexts, and to integrate
classroom concepts into their daily lives.
This popular series now contains enhanced and new features
which benefit pupils, teachers and parents!

                                 Shaping Maths Coursebook 1, 2, 3, 4, 5&6*(2 nd Edition)

                                 An up-to-date instructional package which offers a wide range of learning experiences,
                                 taking students from the concrete mode to the abstract mode of mathematical
                                 representation. It also encourages active student participation in the learning of
                                 Mathematics through its clear presentation and highly structured approach. The series
                                 gives students a thorough grounding in basic mathematical skills and develops
                                 higher-order thinking skills. The package also offers support for teachers and parents.

                 9789810164003              Coursebook 1A (2E) NEW !            9789810164065               Coursebook 4A (2E) NEW !

                 9789810164010              Coursebook 1B (2E) NEW !            9789810164072               Coursebook 4B (2E) NEW !

                 9789810164027              Coursebook 2A (2E) NEW !            9789810185299               Coursebook 5A

                 9789810164034              Coursebook 2B (2E) NEW !            9789810185305               Coursebook 5B

                 9789810164041              Coursebook 3A (2E) NEW !            9789810193799               Coursebook 6A (EM1/2)

                 9789810164058              Coursebook 3B (2E) NEW !            9789810193805               Coursebook 6B (EM1/2)

                                 Shaping Maths Activity book 1, 2, 3, 4, 5&6*(2 nd Edition)

                                 Contains activities and exercises that reinforce concepts taught in the Coursebook. My
                                 Maths Journal encourages students to reflect on lessons learnt.

 9789810165246   Activity Book 1A Part 1 (2E) NEW !   9789810165284    Activity Book 2A Part 1 (2E) NEW !    9789810165321   Activity Book 3A Part 1 (2E) NEW !

 9789810165253   Activity Book 1A Part 2 (2E) NEW !   9789810165291    Activity Book 2A Part 2 (2E) NEW !    9789810165338   Activity Book 3A Part 2 (2E) NEW !

 9789810165260   Activity Book 1B Part 1 (2E) NEW !   9789810165307    Activity Book 2B Part 1 (2E) NEW !    9789810165345   Activity Book 3B Part 1 (2E) NEW !

 9789810165277   Activity Book 1B Part 2 (2E) NEW !   9789810165314    Activity Book 2B Part 2 (2E) NEW !    9789810165352   Activity Book 3B Part 2 (2E) NEW !

 9789810165369   Activity Book 4A Part 1 (2E) NEW !   9789810185312    Activity Book 5A Part 1               9789810193812   Activity Book 6A

 9789810165376   Activity Book 4A Part 2 (2E) NEW !   9789810194796    Activity Book 5A Part 2               9789810193829   Activity Book 6B

 9789810165383   Activity Book 4B Part 1 (2E) NEW !   9789810185329    Activity Book 5B Part 1

 9789810165390   Activity Book 4B Part 2 (2E) NEW !   9789810194802    Activity Book 5B Part 2
Shaping Maths Teacher’s Resource Pack 1, 2, 3, 4, 5&6*(2 nd Edition)

The Teacher’s Resource Pack features:

    A new “wrap-around” format that provides a user-friendly layout for teachers as lesson Guides appear
    together with the relevant pages of the Coursebook with answers included

 Scheme of Work (SOW) with suggestions on how to integrate Core Curriculum, IT, shared values, thinking
  skills and problem–solving heuristics

 Specific Instructional Objectives faced by students and error patterns in students’ work

 Useful notes on learning difficulties faced by students and error patterns in students’ work

 Lesson Guides with step-by-step suggestions for conducting lessons

 Reflections among students to encourage metacognition

 Blackline Master to facilitate lesson preparation

Supporting Materials
Maths Builder

 Provides exercises and challenging problems that correspond to each topic

in the Course book, thereby reinforcing and consolidating concepts learnt.

Problem-Solving Strategies In Maths

Enables students to develop their ability in mathematical problem-solving skills, and learn to
apply Mathematics to practical tasks.

                  9789810165741    Maths Builder 1A (NEW) !   9789810165857    Maths Builder 3A (NEW) !

                  9789810165758    Maths Builder 1B (NEW) !   9789810165864    Maths Builder 3B (NEW) !

                  9789810165833    Maths Builder 2A (NEW) !   9789810165871    Maths Builder 4A (NEW) !

                  9789810165840    Maths Builder 2B (NEW) !   9789810165888    Maths Builder 4B (NEW) !

Maths Interactive Posters

 Cross-curricular content helps students explore mathematical concepts in everyday life

 Manipulatives are provided for use with the poster to facilitate interactive learning

 Guide on how to use the posters and accompanying worksheets included
                                                                  IN STEP MATHS
                                                                2007-2008 GRE Reference
                                               Core Curriculum (Textbooks)

                                                 In Step Maths is a series of textbooks and workbooks specially
                                                 developed to meet the mathematical needs of primary school students.
                                                 This series adopts a learner-centered and lively approach to learning
                                                 Mathematics through stimulating questions and games. At each level,
                                                 the Core Curriculum is supported by a comprehensive range of
                                                 Textbooks, Activity Books, Teacher’s Resources and IT Resources for
                                                 teachers and students.

Key Features:
 Chapter Separator and Warm-up activities provide opportunities for mathematical concepts to be introduced
 Stop-Think-Go consists of questions that require students to reflect on and apply to what they have just learnt.
 Work It Out allows teachers to assess pupils’ understanding of basic mathematical concepts.
 Enrichment engages students with activities that are fun-filled and promote creative and critical thinking skills.
 Wrap-Up! Provides an overview of the key mathematical concepts taught.

                 9789814116398   In Step Maths Textbook 1A      9789812526694     In Step Maths Textbook 5A (EM1/2)

                 9789814116404   In Step Maths Textbook 1B      9789812526700     In Step Maths Textbook 5B (EM1/2)

                 9789812425324   In Step Maths Textbook 2A      9789812527622     In Step Maths Textbook 6A (EM1/2)

                 9789812425331   In Step Maths Textbook 2B      9789812527639     In Step Maths Textbook 6B (EM1/2)

                 9789812089489   In Step Maths Textbook 3A      9789812526755     In Step Maths Textbook 5A (EM3)

                 9789812089496   In Step Maths Textbook 3B      9789812526762     In Step Maths Textbook 5B (EM3)

                 9789812426185   In Step Maths Textbook 4A      9789812527684     In Step Maths Textbook 6A (EM3)

                 9789812426192   In Step Maths Textbook 4B      9789812527691     In Step Maths Textbook 6B (EM3)
                                                                     IN STEP MATHS

Core curriculum (Activity Books)

                                         Key Features
                                          Adopt a structured approach to reinforce the concepts and skills learnt
                                            in the textbooks.
                                          Provide sample worksheets, skill practices and revision papers.
                                          Provide worksheets which focus on specific skills.
                                          Contain Skill Practice at the end of every chapter to consolidate what
                                            has been learnt in the chapter.
                                          Provide 2 revision papers in each work book to assess students’
                                          Comprise a wide range of drill and practice exercises, fun-filled
                                            activities and challenging problem sums.
                                          Integrate the use of Information Technology (IT) and Thinking Skills.

Teacher’s Resources
Key Features
 Schemes of Work listing learning outcomes, thinking skills, IT related activities and other related resources in the

 Key ideas and lesson development for each section to make teaching more effective and creative.

 Suggestions on how to use the Warm-Up, Brain Power and Enrichment sections.

 Games, classroom management strategies and instructions for computer based lessons.

 Solutions to all questions and activities in the Stop-Think-Go, Work It Out and Enrichment sections.

 Keywords for each chapter.

 Highlight Common Errors to pre-empt problems.

 Additional Enrichment in the form of IT activities, project work and problem-solving questions to enable students
   to explore, experiment and discuss mathematical ideas and to develop higher-order thinking skills.
                                                                    Longman Primary Mathematics

        The new Longman Primary Mathematics series fulfils the aims of the new curriculum. Through reasoning,
    inquiring and project learning, students are able to manipulate basic mathematical knowledge, enjoy the process
    of invention and apply problem-solving skills in daily lives.

 Follow the new Mathematics Curriculum Guide (2000) prepared by the Education Department.
 Cute characters are designed for the books so as to increase the motivation for learning. So students may enjoy
      learning Mathematics using the books.

 Use real-life situations throughout the contents.
 Provide useful and relevant exercises for consolidating basic mathematical knowledge. (There are worksheets for
      books 1A to 2D.)

Components of the Longman Primary Mathematics series:

For students

     Student Books

     Workbooks

     Companion Website

Student Books (1A to 6D)

 4 books for each year, books A and B are encouraged to be
      used in the first term while books C and D in the second term.
      (Books 1A to 2D contain Worksheets.)

 Introduce the theme of each chapter through real-life

 Arouse pupils' learning interest by beautiful illustrations.

 Provide a great variety of activities to help pupils understand
      mathematical concepts.

 Develop pupils' communicating, conceptualising and
      problem-solving abilities through discussions.

 Use daily life examples in Maths is fun to encourage pupils to
      apply basic mathematical concepts to practical situations and
      learn to observe the surroundings.

 Summarise the main points in the Summary of each chapter.
      Pupils can do revision on their own.

 To cater for learners' differences, enrichment topics are
      provided. Teachers can make use of the spare periods for
    teaching enrichment topics so as to broaden pupils'

    ISBN               TITLE                                ISBN              TITLE

    9789620093555      Longman Primary Mathematics 1A+WS    9789620093678     Longman Primary Mathematics 4A

    9789620093562      Longman Primary Mathematics 1B+WS    9789620093685     Longman Primary Mathematics 4B

    9789620093579      Longman Primary Mathematics 1C+WS    9789620093692     Longman Primary Mathematics 4C

    9789620093586      Longman Primary Mathematics 1D+WS    9789620093708     Longman Primary Mathematics 4D

    9789620093593      Longman Primary Mathematics 2A+WS    9789620093715     Longman Primary Mathematics 5A

    9789620093609      Longman Primary Mathematics 2B+WS    9789620093722     Longman Primary Mathematics 5B

    9789620093616      Longman Primary Mathematics 2C+WS    9789620093739     Longman Primary Mathematics 5C

    9789620093623      Longman Primary Mathematics 2D+WS    9789620093746     Longman Primary Mathematics 5D

    9789620093630      Longman Primary Mathematics 3A       9789620093753     Longman Primary Mathematics 6A

    9789620093647      Longman Primary Mathematics 3B       9789620093760     Longman Primary Mathematics 6B

    9789620093654      Longman Primary Mathematics 3C       9789620093777     Longman Primary Mathematics 6C

    9789620093661      Longman Primary Mathematics 3D       9789620093784     Longman Primary Mathematics 6D

Teacher's Guides (1A to 6D)

     Dimensions tables

     Overall plans

     Project guides

     Overviews of Units (including learning objectives, reference books and websites)

     Suggested teaching procedures

     With overprinted answers and teaching notes

Workbooks (Teacher's edition) (1A to 6D)

 Follow the learning objectives of the Student Books closely.

 Offer varied and interesting exercises to help consolidating learning.

 With overprinted answers

Teaching Kits

     Suggested projects
     'Problem of the week' flip chart
     Overhead transparencies, posters and picture / number cards

     Relevant tools such as 3-D shapes, clock, pin-board, etc.
     Teaching Kits
       ‧    P1
       ‧    P2
       ‧    P3
       ‧    P4
       ‧    P5
       ‧    P6
       ‧    Teaching Aids (Key Stage 1)
       ‧    Teaching Aids (Key Stage 2)

PowerPoint Presentation CD-ROMS (P1-P6)

 1 CD-ROM for each year

 tailor-made PowerPoint presentation for each unit

Question Bank CD-Roms

 1 CD-Rom for each key stage

 Provide different types of questions, including pictures, column forms, horizontal
    forms, problems, etc.

 Provide numerous questions. Enable teachers to add, delete or edit questions on
    their own.

 Provide tool bar for teachers to add, delete or edit questions easily.

 Updated questions are posted on the website regularly.

 Automatic page make-up.

 With 'Longman Editor' which provides the same function as the software, Word.

 Enable teachers to save exercises, test and examination papers.

Companion website

 1 test paper for each term.

 Automatic marking.

 Provide reports for the test results.

 Provide analyses of the student, class and level.

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