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									Hong Kong media: China's new line is bold!
  ? 【 Hong Kong's "South China Morning Post"
website on April 7 article】 title: China's new line of bold
    However, there are "strategic ambiguity"
    After various interest groups up to 3 years of intense debate, the Chinese
government's blueprint for health care reform finally baked. But the key
question remains: 1.3 billion people can enjoy affordable, acceptable health care for
    The Government has promised from now until 2011 to invest 850 billion yuan of
medical care. The government also pledged to make most people enjoy medical
insurance. However, the civil service, urban and rural residents in different
development projects. Protected the rural poor is still low.
    Any of a dozen government departments, the drafting of the final program, there
are still many issues unresolved. One prominent issue is how to reduce the price of
prescription drugs hospital. Program committed to explore effective ways to gradually
reform the asking price mechanism additional drugs, but the plan did not provide any
concrete solutions. The media before the government may require the hospital to
independent pharmacies guess not mentioned in the plan.
    Nixon Center for Chinese Studies, Drew Thompson, who said that the ultimate
solution is to increase the transparency and credibility of the hospital. He said:
"The priority is to improve the credibility within the system. For hospital
pharmacies to achieve independence and adjust the health insurance plan may not
change the behavior of doctors and hospitals. It might even encourage more bad
behavior, such as doctors, hospitals, pharmacies even the secret relationship between
the pharmaceutical companies. "
    Ministry of Health proposed that the medical institutions of all income to the
government in exchange for public funding. However, there is a problem not solved,
that is, how to evaluate hospital performance and operating costs. Medical industry
practitioners criticized the proposal back to the planned economy.
    Under the new plan, primary care organizations will explore the revenue and
expenditure and other management. The training program uses the vague wording,
apparently leaving a room for local governments to enable them to determine their
own program of reform of public hospitals.
    Medical industry practitioners urged the Government to hospitals and practitioners
to open up new sources of revenue, such as allowing for public Yiyuan then in private
investment, private and public medical service providers to create equal environment,
allowing doctors to practice in different locations. Said the new scheme, the
Government will "appropriate" increase the proportion of
private hospitals.
    China Europe International Business School scholar Zhang Wei (voice) said, the
plan deliberately left many key issues ambiguous statement, as policy-makers set
aside space for future operations.
    Thompson said: "Transparency and some form of effective regulation is
essential. In this system, must be argued on behalf of the interests of patients. Unlike
the U.S., Chinese lawyers and the courts do not perform this function. The biggest
challenge is to control, rather than to price or service. "
  ?【Agence France-Presse, Beijing, April 7 -】 China today issued a landmark health
care reform program, aiming to 2020 for the universal provision of basic health care,
and reform the health care system is not satisfactory.
   With the transition to today's highly competitive capitalist society, from
cradle to grave social security system has been systematically neutralized. Since then,
medical and health services has been a source of discontent in the country one of the
   For a large number of rural poor, the situation is worse. They must use their meager
income to pay for backward and ill-equipped clinics and hospitals to provide low cost
medical services.
   A serious illness can exhaust the family's life savings - Many economists
have criticized the restrictions on consumer spending in China, because
China's family will save money up to deal with such contingencies.
   "China Daily" reported that 2020 will be the construction of
about 7,000 hospitals and clinics. On fears of economic slowdown, rising
unemployment, and lack of government services could lead to social unrest the
occasion, this is the Government's latest commitment to the social safety
net to cover the loopholes.
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