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Hisense A motion


									Hisense A motion
    Zhou Houjian, Male, chairman of Hisense Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Muping who
was born in August 1957, July 1982 from Shandong University of Technology,
engineering technology fellow, of the Ninth National People's Congress.
    Took office in January 1992, Qingdao TV Factory director, in August 1994
appointed general manager of Qingdao Hisense Electric Company, in February 1995
took over Qingdao Electronic Instrument Industrial Corporation chairman, president,
president of Qingdao Hisense Group, Qingdao Electronics industry management
office, in March 1999 Ren Haixin Group President, in March 2000 Hisense Group to
decision-making and management layer separation, the Ren Haixin Group Company
Because of superior performance, has been named Qingdao City, Shandong Province,
professional and technical elite talent, Shandong Province Outstanding Entrepreneur,
the outstanding young entrepreneurs, the former Ministry of Electronics Industry and
was awarded Outstanding Entrepreneur "Golden Bull Award."
Won the national "May 1st" Labor Medal, the national labor
model, won the 1998 national title of young experts with outstanding contributions,
won the "World Cup" Grand Prix World Youth Entrepreneurs
"business to the Special Award" (the only person honored ),
2000, was named CCTV "2000 Economic Person of the Year"
in 2002 won the "outstanding contributor to the National Quality
Management Award." Enjoy special government allowances.
January 2002, Hisense launched the "interactive television", and
with Sina, four-way, interactive television sunlight to form a strategic alliance to
jointly promote the development of the domestic information technology in the
integration of PC and home appliances to do things. Hisense get rid of the computer in
the household appliance enterprises have business background, focusing 3c, in
software, computer and network security equipment, access to comprehensive
development of the three main products, the formation of "Two
Wings" industry structure. Undertake 863 projects "digital
home information system", launched the "Sea of
Dreams" series of new computer and Hisense dual-mode computer,
firewall, network security products, not only in the domestic first 5 categories by the
Ministry of Public Security to detect 26, also received secret network used at the
national qualifications.
In addition, complete with Hisense Hitachi of Japan, Beijing Snowflake, U.S. optical
company, Sumitomo, Japan's Hitachi air conditioning joint venture, formed
Hisense Research and Development Center as a "leader" of the
"three parks for a building" industry structure. And in mobile
communications, has been fully equipped with a CDMA mobile phones and other
communications technology R & D capabilities.

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