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  ?Heng-Fu Zou, my master teacher, who I most respected universities. He is now at
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  ?After the founding of new China, he graduated from Harvard University, the first
Ph.D. in economics. Was named the most influential economist of the 10, one of
CCTV's 2005 Person of the Year People's Network and was
known as the China Western economics scholars, "The
Godfather"; 1990-present, World Bank economist , from July 1986 to
December 1988 Research Assistant, Department of Economics, Harvard University;
in 1994, he founded Advanced Economic Research Center, Wuhan University and its
director. Peking University Guanghua School of Management was the Head of the
Department of Applied Economics. World-class academic journals published in 40
articles, is the study of overseas Chinese economists one of the best
macro-economists. Lang said: "Professor Zou Hengfu is my most
respected people in the country, not one, but the only. Can be said that Heng-Fu Zou
economic circles in China is the only thing I respect, admiration and economists can
use the only the word. "
?Some media said: As the Heng-Fu Zou repeatedly derided in public, academic
Weiying no inflow, is to deceive the Chinese people, sea turtles, to vote in Weiying
asked Heng-Fu Zou, Peking University Guanghua School of Management elected to
the post by Heng-Fu Zou rejected, Weiying when the president of the revenge
Heng-Fu Zou, a professor at Peking University dismissed his duties.
"Heng-Fu Zou incident" became sensational news.
Heng-Fu Zou A Northern Li
June 23, 2007
Lee north: Guanghua disputes about you and, may I ask why in the open letter to
Zhou Ji, the way to start? When you say home, and Chen Zhili met to discuss this
Heng-Fu Zou: In the U.S., university professors, judges of the Supreme Court is the
life system, tenure is sacred, and once after, unless he killed people, committed rape,
or can not expel him. Even if expelled, but also to lay the case for many years. This is
why I do in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore to become the number one education
news. But I did not receive a major international media interviews, I want to maintain
the image of the Chinese nation.
I did not so many years in the United States green card, like you are citizens of the
People's Republic, I only had one more sign the United Nations
Secretary-General of the passport, I hit his car in China is not dead drunk, I do not any
responsibility, but I do not will abuse my rights; I have never abused my right.
I have given Peking University, for so long consideration, I put the letter in April to
pass the Beijing leadership, no response, they continue to torment me, to my office
and removed the, to my house to vacate my The Professor Dong removed, these
things do not say hello to me, I only go to the alms that ah. I told Zhou Ji, Chen Zhili
are familiar, does not look the Minister of Education whom ah, the United States the
first thing the Minister of Education is concerned about this. Minister of Education
does not care about me, do not care CHEN Dan, do not care Zhang Ming, do you care
about who?
Lee north: you do the ultimate objective?
Heng-Fu Zou: Professors Well. This is not simple.
Lee north: Why did you promise Weiying invited to Peking University to teach it?
Heng-Fu Zou: I was on the praise Weiying ah, do you dare to ask a higher level than
your people to. But he is to use me he wanted me each time to as little as possible in
the North only when I want to vote, because I am voting station in his side.
He then (1999), Professor Wan Yuanmai say 50, you know how I told Weiying said? I
say you are engaged in discount, count the money in my life instead. What a nasty ah
about money, I used my own money and friends, money, school, and most enjoyable.
Lee north: Why did you vote in support of Weiying it?
Heng-Fu Zou: Because he wants to reform, and we were inseparable. We have to hit
someone else's job, at this point is the same.
Lee north: Do you not have much time to work in Beijing, this is the reason you
Weiying dismissal.
Heng-Fu Zou: Weiying most want me to spend less time in the North, this big mouth
or I can not stand him every day. Why did he kill me? Because I am a professor at
Guanghua one of the best, he is looking to kill tigers to monkeys.
Lee north: In addition to this contradiction, you are and Weiying there any other
personal grudge?
Heng-Fu Zou: No, you do not know how funny this man's character, how
could it be? He is to take advantage of me, and Li Yining Zhang Weiying people
thought I was, caught in the middle from time better. You do not know Weiying rogue
means. Tian Guoqiang said he did not call Weiying, he called Liaocheng. Spiteful
enough of it.
I have 87 years to 97 years in Wuhan University, 97 years later began to focus on part
of Sun Yat-sen. I was a National Natural Science Foundation of Outstanding Young
Weiying simply can not touch the wind, 95 years of his bag and it is also to Lin Yifu.
97 years he was Professor of comments, I write reviews for Lin Yifu said that he
simply is not enough to full professor, associate professor is up to his research center
in China are mixed with a deputy director of the not on the hands after the return to Li
Yining. 1999 Weiying pulled me rebel, the president pulled down, and sent me the
ticket. He also said that I engage in 78 Heng-Fu Zou, Li Yining is dead. Weiying is a
Sangjiazhiquan, not just was not academic, I know Scrapped the whole people. He
and Li Yining need me, I hit 50 on both sides of the plate.
Why Weiying the whole of China blowing his mentor, a person is a Nobel laureate
Eighth Route? Qian Yingyi how they do not say? This is in the United States is a joke.
With an old Eighth Route Army, looking for a job can only be a disservice. After 60
years of age who are willing to Friedman, Arrow, Samuelson ... ... When the students?
After a 40-year-old economist is not much creativity on the.
I am a man singled out Beijing Tsinghua. Although we are Peking University, but we
do not pick him, how he progress ah. Enjoyable bar.
Lee North: Zou teacher has already well-known economists, one by one criticized the
returnees. I ask why you do it?
Heng-Fu Zou: They deceived people, that they are the economics of the emperor. We
have allowed the Li Yining, Dong, Wu Jinglian these do not integrate with the West,
who became emperor of China economics.
This is unforgivable, as long as I live one day, I'll expose them to the
bottom. As Stiglitz says, they are definitely not third-world, I am sorry to do this is to
the public. As Marx said sarcastically Proudhon, Proudhon in France, said he was a
philosopher Proudhon in Germany, said he was an economist. Marx you to taste how
spicy ah! Unfortunately, I did not Marx's literary grace.
Marx's book is the 1977 must read. Qian Yingyi even as the
"Capital" volumes do not know, learning mathematics, Tian
Guoqiang do not know how it got, they talk about rise and fall of great powers! Five
Dynasties and Ten States, which they even name the Five Dynasties and Ten
Kingdoms which are not. When I reported the university entrance exam of history and
philosophy, I studied philosophy when it is like math, I can top them an eight.
Mathematics, music, poetry, history is at all, as long as you like metaphysical
academic, mathematics is the most fun of course. Unfortunately I did not
mathematical genius ah. I Harvard professor with Qiuxian Sheng Chengtong studied
differential geometry; with SERGE LANG studied real analysis professor; with
PERSI DIACONIS learned professor of probability ...... through the math, I know I
used to study undergraduate mathematics curriculum in China is very backward. but
also through these math class, I learned that I and Qian Yingyi, Li Daokui they are not
learning math materials! but I better than them, the more I is bad science, the more I
want to learn; the more I worship! They only know that yin and yang, then, that math
does not work. Why should there be with? no use even more fun!
Stiglitz said that third-doctoral only to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund,
United Nations, a second-class all to college, not only to the inflow of investment
banks. Fred Hu, Xie, I curse them to death, they do not ask economists, they are
economic analysts. We are in the World Bank, the only research personnel called
economists, other economists call. A total of 13,000 people, only 80 economists. This
is a sacred title.
I said no inflow Li Yining, Li Yining angry feet to beat faster, to my teacher Dong
called, say just how constant so wicked, sarcastic me. Dong said, Well you would
have no level. Enjoyable bar.
Lee north: a blog reply to your note said, "They all love my
nature." How you can determine who can be criticized like you?
Heng-Fu Zou: If you find it strange, we must ask, Why do not they fight back? I have
the ability it! I do not Nabo Shi at Harvard in 1987, before Sheng Du, Wang Qishan,
Deputy Director gave me the treatment, let me go back. Jeffrey Sachs said, how is a
deputy director, at least should be a minister, do not go back.
I called so many years and Fan Gang, Qian Yingyi, there Xie, Fred Hu, why not fight
back, ah, they are my school brother, did not I noble, are back to touch the money. I
criticize them, they feel it is an honor. You see what my grade school, please people,
China is among the worst Xiaokai this. I am the greatest warrior. I was with Dong,
Liu Guoguang their blows, and Ding Xueliang a bit older, is with the Sun Yefang,
Zhou Yang, who blows the.
I criticize them, they forgive me, can afford to laugh. Five virtues, Hai Zhang Yang, Li
Bai and Du Fu, rich and strong country. Du not found, is the Tian Guoqiang Guoqiang,
and Zhou Guofu Tan Guofu country is rich. Tian Guoqiang said I Gaosi him, and he
invited me to go to Shanghai Finance and Economics Seminar, I learned that you Gao
Ge CES is a self-prostitution.
Fred Hu, Xie's work that I recommend. They told me they do not go out
knowledge, which I had recommended. I want to keep the investment bank can go ah.
CICC is a lot of our World Bank. Useless, are fakes, Chinese Meixue Hao, English
does not pass. The most important thing is: they are not economic research into the
door! Some of the door a few came running out. To the investment bank only MBA,
then read with a doctorate degree at Harvard and MIT! Harvard and MIT, we All
teachers have called them to investment banks. they are most to support my school in
China, although my knowledge is the same as third-Lin Yifu.
Beijing University students like me, I class at Beijing University, students say, you are
most North spirit. You'll like me, Beijing University students like me. Why
do not you like me?
Lee north: you are not criticized economists, is not that you do not despise the people?
Heng-Fu Zou: highly of, ah, I very highly of Li Shi, engage in income distribution.
There Zhu Ling. Earth which they engage in learning. I am so mad how would it? I
am most know what's what.
Lee North: Mr. Zou school activities in the country to help a lot, not only in military
Japanese Peking University, and now again to the central fiscal great work. A
person's energy is limited, I ask you how the distribution?
Heng-Fu Zou: IAS 1994, the name was changed officially listed, compared with Lin
Yifu, Zhang Weiying, Qian Yingyi, Tian Guoqiang them much earlier, so I am Lin
said organizations and institutions than any contribution is large. Liu Guoguang in
July 2005 placed a gun, liberal economics, is the largest winter pen Wuhan University,
they finally found, not Guanghua, not the CCER. They had not to engage in teaching,
I helped them to engage in teaching them, I put in a large force of more than 200
students get full scholarships to study the United States to take a doctorate to a. Lin
Yifu know that I was the godfather of contemporary Chinese economics Well. Lin
Yifu Why admire me? He knows I'm in the World Bank to take the
life-threatening than their lot, and I in 1991 in Romania (on mission) was nearly a riot
to Gaosi; in South Africa, 7 knife at me, what big winter, leaving only a pair of shorts
back to the hotel. I heard more than one with the same, is not only a poet, or a soldier.
Enjoyable bar.
I have more than 300 PhD students studying in the United States (except Wuhan
University, I also recommend several 10 Beijing University student, I also
recommend the People's University, and Fudan University, Beijing Normal
University, Tsinghua University ... ...) They are all powerful, I can just pull tall, we
can be in any consecutive hands of a university education! do not need a man I
Scrapped. To give full play to the role of doctoral students just graduated!
Lee north: at home how much energy your school holds whether the World
Bank's work in conflict? These two parts which is your main job?
Heng-Fu Zou: no conflict, the World Bank to pay it. World Bank, the year of two to
three months without a salary deducted from 6 to 80,000 U.S. dollars, and then a half
months of vacation every year I have at least four and a half at home. My time at
Beijing University professor has more than some, because I can not talk outside, and I
quit those bastard things. Head is a course, magazines are two classes, I have
completed three courses of. I would also like to send 30 students each year to the
United States, get a full scholarship, today I sent 48. My students know that from 87
years to the present, in addition to the presence of Fred Hu, I never invited them to
dinner. (Fred, to touch the money went to Goldman Sachs, Harvard University, he was
betrayed. He treat it should be.)
I return to school in support of developing countries, "basic research of
human development," the important work is a major task, in 1989, no one
wants to go back to China School Yeah! This is a huge sacrifice. I do too much to do
in China, Latin America and Africa do not, only on two to three months without
We take a penny out of the World Bank are to be reported, not Guanghua, unlike the
Chinese government officials, but also outside money. What kind of wages that point
Guanghua ah, so that they must take me 98 years from now Guanghua get every
penny published in People's Daily, the same time they also announced that
there were not looking I took five of their one. Their Distinguished Professor, six
weeks Take 260,000.
Lee north: According to your resume, you are 89 years in August to enter the World
Bank Research Department, but soon returned home school. Take it that you are
sponsoring activities in China to the World Bank is also part of your job?
Heng-Fu Zou: The World Bank's main task is not running, but they are
supporting me.
Lee North: Can talk about your personal economic reform in China's
efforts to do, such as how involved the establishment of tax system?
Heng-Fu Zou: tax sharing, exchange rate reform, WTO provisions, tariff reduction,
poverty alleviation projects, much more attractive. I am most proud of is that we must
ensure free education, free medical care, social security spending should account for
every 5% of national income, social security support 2. This is my most proud, and
now Chinese people know. Each solid, and can be written directly to the Prime
Minister's office. Lin Yifu know ah, I am more powerful than him, why he
praised me is the economics first people? Economics is not only the first person, but
also the first person to economic policy. Lin Yifu not talking nonsense, and I is the
identity emerging international civil servant; Fred Hu, Xie, Li Shan them, including
Roach, speak to them all for their company's interests, that is flattering, is
unfair. I represent the poor, on behalf of national interests, on behalf of the interests of
185 countries; Qian Yingyi people like them, they simply have nowhere to serve the
country, where they engage in recommended it? The black brick kiln incident, as I
wrote a letter to the State Department went on, they must accept ah.
I counterparts, the State Council, Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform
Commission, People's Bank of China's economic policy, I can
not invent big mouth, I can not in vain in the media. They know I support the Chinese
Government the number of strokes, if I did Luanchui as Weiying do not know how to
blow up.
On every major economic policy I have participated in the 88 years began to
participate. At that time Weiying do not go abroad, also reform institute as a research
assistant. He mixed a Ph.D. 94 years, I have fame, he of course make use of me.
I not only at home Return Weapon, also all countries around the world to Return
Weapon. Romania, Hungary, India, Pakistan, Nepal, South Africa, where running all
over. World Bank annual meetings every year to open the world more than 360
ministers, prime ministers, presidents have come.
Lee North: Mr Chow said that hate is the right combination of money and the gold
and government together, and invented a word to satirize. Your work and ultimately,
to deal with the officials of the world's presidents, ministers seen enough.
How do you grasp the scale of cooperation?
Heng-Fu Zou: This is Mr. Dong Meikan Sun Yat-sen, then freedom of rugged bone
scholar, favorite friendship most repulsive government. No official hate light,
combined with power and money are more annoying, so I created this character, the
right combination of money, time for Tiger.
They all like me, academics are the most popular style, not to tell lies is not flattering.
Nobel Prize winner in front of flattery, he suddenly kicked over you, so in Sachs, Paul
Samuelson, Barrow, have challenges in front of Lucas, that you come out of the right,
then it enjoyable. I met with China's leaders are like this. I said I rarely see
you once or twice a year, I will not sing your praise, I said all the Chinese nation Jide,
the response of the problem. 94 years I have dinner with a minister, he was I inspired
to death, he said, did not eat rice, so constant is just to listen to full. Enjoyable it!
They have every day people praise them.
How much they like me ah, or hate me very selfish. Ding Xueliang said, just deal with
the constant, or like him or hate him, like he would like to incredibly hate he resented
extremely, absolutely no room for the middle. He also said that only two Harvard
graduate is not scum, one Heng-Fu Zou, one Ding Xueliang. Haha.
Lee North: Mr. Zou has been called China's economists are 35 streams and
garbage economists to measure the scale of economics in English, published in the
journal article in English, you, I also run a domestic English AEF. Ask whether this
standard is appropriate?
Heng-Fu Zou: Of course it is appropriate, academic standards Well, are not economic
policy. If the evaluation of economic policy, Deng Xiaoping should get the Nobel
Prize. Lucas on the laugh, the things that I had no effect, Greenspan effect every day
there. But the Nobel Prize for Lucas, not to Greenspan. Many economists dispute the
reform of China's credit, they think there will be a Nobel Prize out of
reform. This is Friedman and Justin Lin is right madness! This can only cheat people
and students do not understand economics.
Lee north: English world of the merits of the judgments necessary article of
China's practical problems with the distance, some scholars have criticized
that China is a half we have not yet entered the modern state, but we have already
post-modern academic, and that Research out of touch with reality, theory can not
provide guidance for the reality. How do you think?
Heng-Fu Zou: economist, economic policy makers with nothing, one is economic
theory, one is economic policy. Mundell's theory into the practice, Lucas
reasonably be expected to put theory into practice, this is the tremendous impact
theory of reality.
My theoretical and practical articles published 4 50. I also used some paper into
Lee North: your theory and your practice necessary link between it? Do you feel the
tension between the two?
Heng-Fu Zou: course link. Like Lucas said, even without contact, others will be
established. Einstein came up with a theory of relativity, did not think of pursuing an
atomic bomb, but Oppenheimer these practitioners and theorists to engage in out.
Theoretical sometimes not solve the problem, said they did not come out ah. In Sudan,
we have always advocated fiscal decentralization, but the Sudanese civil war, because
too much decentralization, so the financial centralization, but not found the right
authoritarian political slogans but to engage in fiscal federalism. I have this on behalf
of the international forefront of research results, I believe that the financial focus of
developing countries that, contrary to the promotion of economic growth. I have
practical experience and theoretical models are the most popular in the international
arena. Qian Yingyi and Justin Lin's article is that they made with me in the
back against me, but did not work, it keeps me more famous.
Lee North: Mr Chow said the piece of paper, a pen, sitting on the toilet can engage in
economic research. Economics is the study of human learning in the final analysis,
research community, learning, leaving the real economy have transformed into a
"harmless intellectual game" may be?
Heng-Fu Zou: Wu Tai IAS did not even have toilets, but I train a number of students? !
Guanghua Gong 6, are being taught, my students. My students all over the world, Lin
Yifu, but than I, Weiying somewhere.
I said sitting on the toilet is the meaning of the library, so I say that is a good toilet
Guanghua. Guanghua now is the cradle of entrepreneurs, is money, engage Lecture
Series. I saw ads in the eyes bleeding! I do not know how they tolerate other
professors have ah?
Lee north: You said in the blog, is the Democratic Party in the Harvard economics and
the economics of the Republican Party divided, the two parties professor position to
fight for badly. You economics education in the country could spread this political
perspective with analysis and treatment?
Heng-Fu Zou: Harvard University 菲尔德斯坦, Barro, Mankiw are Republicans,
they can not account for the dominant position, mainly the Democratic
Party's base in Massachusetts, Chicago, and Stanford is the Republican
base. This does not matter, they joined the Democratic Party the morning and
afternoon can be changed into the Republican Party.
I represent the working class economics, so I recognized exploitation, Marx in this
part is right. This has become the international part of the mathematical economics. I
have sinned against three people, one the original home of Marxist Economics for the
elderly; Second, the Li Yining, Gao Hongye group of people who study abroad come
back to drop it's almost a job; third, running back 02 returnees, Li Daokui
them back, they I found so much influence in the country. Three factions unite to fight
me, how horrible. They like me, I am also jealous.
Lee North: The World Bank is a very political organization, and closely linked to U.S.
national interests. How can people be convinced that a World Bank economist in the
economics of communication allowed, with no political leanings?
A: Wrong. I put Bob Zoellick accused of being a asshole, this is an insult to people in
the United States because he bullied the women of our country, Vice Premier Wu Yi. I
met Brits, said the World Bank, and you Opium, due to our hard-earned cat out.
In all of the economic research institutions, the World Bank is one of the least
political leanings.
Lee north: Please talk about your new neo-classical poetry. You have been boasting of
the new neo-classical poetry first people.
Heng-Fu Zou: I want to restore traditional Chinese, and I do not want to throw away
the rhyme, but to abandon the tonal pattern. Our original Chinese pronunciation is
pentameter, the music is seven tones. Jinghu and music of our work against that, many
people first heard the tones of feeling completely ridiculous. The original poetry is to
the pentameter (five notes) with the, now assigned to Qi Yin, Wu Yin everything by
Gubuguolai, Qi Yin more photos Gubuguolai. Now do not sing lyrics, and also control
his tone, what? But the rhyme and the antithesis to control. My poetry is to bring the
new neo-classical tone, destroy, all other things remain unchanged.
Ding Xueliang know I was the first poem, I 45 years old, not bragging, many
sentences will become eternal Masterpiece of. This is too easy: We compared the
number of Li Bai and Du Fu saw a new thing ah. I want to sing out new things. For
Since ancient times, has Hing literary inquisition,
Literati ink mine away.
Sing pressure heartbroken songs
Write a song away tears.
Another example,
Asked the monarch to have your misery,
Am grateful to repent quickly tied the Big Dipper.
Withdraw but I prevent mouth Qiang,
Beam off the book and seeking only rice.
See mine go `literati ink ': How modern! The life of a tiny, how thrilling!
While` am grateful to repent quickly tied the Big Dipper' is through the
Anti-Rightist Campaign and the Cultural Revolution, every people can understand. I
now published my 500 a new neo-classical poetry. If there is five masterpieces of our
times, I'll be satisfied. many of my friends read my poetry, there is a kind
of special cool freshness!
I can not stand Yu, a man how can Henghengjiji it, I started at their own expense from
the school in 1987, how it will feel hard, I feel the joy, forthright, which I said Shi Yan,
and others increasingly hit me, the more I am pleased: his life by the music CD
grievances! The more people hit me, the more motivated I am running. I certainly
know I find her hanging out in China better. Mr. Zhang Peigang the most praise I:
Hang just 15 years from now you are 45 years old, no change in 30 years a bit, this is
the Mencius said, no guarantee that innocent heart ah!
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