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Santa Clara University in California accounting degree, MBA, the world's
largest securities firm Merrill Lynch first
Chinese vice president and general manager of the California branch. Is the highest
office in Wall Street. Wall Street is recognized as "the stock market
genius," he then most of Wall Street's customers are world-class
big bosses, including many well-known Silicon Valley electronics magnate. 85 were
invited back to the end of the Asian service in central Taiwan, political science
professor at the University Equity and Stock Market Development Fund as the
Secretary-General, launched an unprecedented investment boom, the media is known
as the "stock market Godfather" author of the book title list
"he replies in the stock market 100 move" "younger
he replies 100 strokes to create a future" "how to
succeed" "God of shares you buy stocks," and so on.
Known as "shares Tan Godfather," he replies to many of the
securities    market     in     Western     terminology    to    Taiwan,    such   as
"comprehensive securities firms," "financial
derivatives",               "Index                Futures"
"Gaokaidizou" as well as the translation and dissemination of
technical indicators , these terms with the birth of the mainland stock market has
spread     to     the    mainland.     Even     more    interesting    is   that  the
"pundits" in 1987, Taiwan's media is described by
the charm of his speech is addressed to him.

The total he replies can most profound knowledge in the most humorous way to
express, to see any one of the best-selling book written by Mr. Hu Liyang, or listen to
his speech, are like reading a movie, both relaxing and enjoyable. His speech on Wall
Street compensation has been ranked the top ten, his speech screening in Taiwan,
much to break the Guinness World Records, the audience listened to his speech is also
the world record.
Famous saying:
   1. Do not listen to "friends", they will only make you become
"ordinary people."

2. Not only "study hard", it is important "to read the
3. Do not just "hard work" is important to "do the

4. Do not just make "like-minded" friends, or you will forever
be "half" of the world.

5. Do not just "behaved" wait for the promotion, under the
checkers to the same as a way to "asking for the moon."

6. Do not just "ready for such opportunities to" take the
initiative to "create opportunity" to gain an advantage.

7. Do not think that "money does not fall from the sky", but you
have to "stand on the place" then.

8. Not only "positive thinking" to "thinking outside
the box" and "not normal" people can come out

9. In the stock market, the other is nervous and committed every mistake, are hard for
you accumulate wealth.
Investment tips:
Some people asked me why I roll around in the stock market in a lifetime never to
make money? I am a speech in Shanghai, I was asked, Hu, bull market more than a
year, the index was 3,000 points, 4,000 points, I do not make money. I said, it is not
easy, he admitted from the 900 points, rose to 3000 points not money, is not easy. He
said Hu, you tell me the answer, I will ask you to eat Shanghai's most
expensive "Kobe steak." Then he really asked me to go. He said,
"Hu, You teach me, let me figure out what where they went wrong, how
the matter in the end? How I even pay for do not know, I wasted step." I
said, okay, I'll Hu teacher save you, you sit down and tell me,
"Are you normal?" he said, Hu, how can you ask this question?
I say you answer me, are you a normal person? He said, of course, I was normal. I
said, "you laugh a me." Who would not laugh laugh. He smiled
to me. Then, I say you cry one for me, he cried, cried when she also asked me to take
toilet paper. Then I quiz him on his knees, struck his left knee on a couple of chances
had. He is very normal. Then I said, Mr. Chang, you go home, I beg you not to buy
stocks. He asked, "What is this so?" Because normal people in
the stock market, the last is definitely a loser.

Today, I really have no way, because time is too short, or I want to change you. I
found that 90% of the people in the stock market is normal, I can only say so painful.
Because normal people will not stand in the stock market to the final, and perhaps
good luck this month, hit the stock market is up 1000 points. But normal in the stock
market is definitely all lose miserably, and everybody is the loser in the world are no
exception. Investment in Africa too, are the same all over the world. You try to make
myself into a "not normal" people, so I hope to have more time
to get everyone into a "not normal" people. Of course, many
ways to change, the fastest way is to change your genes. So you can ask your doctor
to examine. One way of course, is to listen to Ms. Hu's speech has become
crazy, the "abnormal" after, you can be successful. You know
Ms. Hu also lectures in addition to what the stock speakers? I have been to Beijing
University Guanghua School of Management lecture, I teach them young people to
come out on top eight rule. The eight principles are simple: First, do not listen to their
friends. Because more than 90% of the world's people are ordinary people,
can only give you an extraordinary proposal. Second, do not study hard. I want you to
read the book. Many people read the wrong book, he thought the textbooks, history
and geography, triangular geometric algebra can get ahead, so you will not be the boss
in the community of all ages. You might as well say something other than the two
books, talk about what astrology, golf invented 400 years ago, he would say that you
erudite, but you are so moved by his heart. If you talk to my boss triangular geometric
algebra, he immediately transfer you to another department. Third, do not work. Many
people say that Ms. Hu to succeed was to work hard ah. Stage so that I can teach you?
To succeed is not hard work, but do the job. I went to the world famous university
lectures, many students asked me why I did not get ahead, I say, because you are a
normal person. Normal people only know how to work hard in school and hard work,
I spoke, you are not without hard work, you are wrong job. A suitable person to run
100 meters as accountants, engineers, a suitable person as a doctor, he can succeed?
Want to get ahead of the eight rules, the final one is is to become an
"abnormal" people.

Not long ago I went to lecture, someone asked me the stock market in Kuala Lumpur.
He said there is 10 yuan to buy a stock, and now the price to 21, do not increase the. I
said to sell quickly. Shares rise more than doubled to care, which resulted in his
selling, then that stock a whopping. I do not know who investors say the stock do?
But if you ask me, the rule of thumb to tell me that is up from 10, then Xianpao trip,
can be secured.

We can not buy low and sell high, we must promise to do great teachers make Hu a
small compensation, each transaction you can do it, 3000 points, you can do it, 6000
points, you can still do, believe Hu teacher said. I ask you, you really can do big make
small pay it? 20 yuan a share, Hu teachers a variety of customer contact, 20 yuan of
stock, rose to 22 yuan, 80% of people will sell, and that 80% are boys. I have said on
television, I do not know if you heard my speech yet? Boys in the stock market has a
very bad problems, because the male personality traits and characteristics of winning
stocks for just grams. Boys have a personality, 20 yuan to buy the stock, 22 will be ill
at ease, want to sell. Because male personality is a hurry, the boys of nature is a hurry.
Girls more calm, more stable point, girls will see more of. Sold after the boys of the
next action again, this is the worst male personality defects, male grass is always
greener. He said Hu, the next one to buy? He must have asked me this one. I say you
only sell such a good stock, and also asked me just under? He said, you do not say
that buying stocks is to increase the amenities you? I am tired of cement blocks, and
we played a technology stock. Boys in the stock market in the grass is always greener,
girls prefer single-mindedness, good and bad of course, single-mindedness.

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