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					Harbin Institute of Physical Education
Harbin Institute of Physical Education
[English] Harbin Institute of Sports

Harbin Institute of Physical Education are located in the northern city of Harbin, near
Hi-tech Development Zone.

College was founded in 1958, covers an area of 2,763,700 square meters, construction
area of 116,000 square meters, the campus built a standard plastic track field house,
athletic fields, and ball games hall, gymnasium, martial arts hall, table tennis hall,
aerobics hall, tennis courts, skating course, speed skating, figure, ice hockey, curling
and other indoor and outdoor sports venues Museum of more than 20; new century
academic buildings completed in the 10,000 meters with modern audio-visual,
computer center, advanced equipment, fully functional test center, speech center;
hospital training center building of rooms, restaurant, entertainment, indoor facilities,
fully furnished, complete several types of national and provincial events, conference
reception tasks.

Xue Yuan 1999, investment and construction of mountain ice caps children teaching
base, National University is the largest winter teaching training base, the past few
years, the base ski train professionals in more than 4,000 people taking part in
provincial and national ski champion has won the race, runner-up achievement. Save
for College of the normal teaching, training, training a large number of community ski
coach; undertook several conferences and meetings and foster and our province,
"millions of young people Shang ice Huo Dong" and the main
Changsuo National Fitness Instructor.

With the constant expansion of school running and skiing industry, the rapid
development of our province, the original resort can not meet the education and
training needs. 2004, 9 kilometers away from the original base of 25 million yuan was
invested with new international standards for alpine ski-slopes. The resort built 1,500
meters long, 50 meters wide, with an average slope of 18 degrees a ski alpine skiing,
with the country's most advanced 1,300-meter-long cableway a double
hanging chair, can carry 850 people per hour; have 350 type cable 1 meter long
towing. More impressive is the 4,000 square meters of snow with bright and spacious
hall, attractive appearance, with modern facilities, can also rest and accommodation
for 200 people. Purchase of imported snow ski equipment effectively to protect the
normal operation of the resort.

Harbin Institute of Physical Education Teaching and Training of the ice cap mountain
base child after four years of development and construction, now covers an area has
reached 2.6 million square meters, construction area of 13,300 square meters. Total
size of the resort are three ski 4, hanging chairs, towing cable type 5, there is a winter
teaching training building, villa-style buildings 10 and built indoor tennis court, gym
and outdoor speed skating field, volleyball courts and other venues. Skiing can
accommodate 1,000 people, 500 people accommodation.

College now has physical education, sport, Department of Social Department of
Physical Education, Department of winter sports, Human Movement Science
Department, National Traditional Sports, Department of Social Science Research
Department, Public Education Department and affiliated Sports Schools (Secondary);
with adult education Ministry of Education and the Graduate Office of modernization;
with one containing ice and snow sports, sports science and sports, human and social
sciences research center, including three research institutes; have a provincial-level
key disciplines and 1 provincial key professional, 5 provincial key programs; with
physical education, sports training, sports, Human Movement Science, snow sports,
traditional sports such as six undergraduate and skiing, tennis, sports, dance, sports
management, sports, English and other 5 professional direction.

The academy more than 5,000 students in membership. 400 faculty and senior staff of
113 professional and technical positions, including 31 professors, 79 associate
professor, 45 lecturers, graduate students and 15 instructors, 10 international referees,
national referees and 26. To strengthen the ranks of teachers, improve teacher
qualifications structure and knowledge structure, the Institute encourages teachers to
continue learning and improving, with more than 30 full-time or in-service teachers
pursuing master's and doctoral degrees.

Institute of Scientific Research formed a multi-disciplinary, multidisciplinary
development of the new pattern. Has undertaken national, provincial and ministerial
key research projects. In recent years, 64 awards tem level or above. Which, by the
national first prize for an outstanding teaching achievements, the State General
Administration of Sport Science and Technology Progress Award 1, third place 2;
State Sports General Administration Outstanding Teaching Award three, first prize for
outstanding teaching achievements of Heilongjiang Province 14, 16 second prize,
third prize of 21, 19 other awards. Papers published in domestic and international
public 1360.

Sports Training distinctive features, outstanding performance. It fostered a figure
skating pairs world champions Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, the World Cup speed
skating women's 500 meters champion Wang Manli, the national
championship men's single skating ice Irrational new items such as top
players, and reelected two Paralympic Games men's high jump F42
champion Hou Bindeng; College established male, female skating team, who has
repeatedly represented the country in the Asia and the World Roller Skating
Championships, were one-two of the good results achieved by the State Sports
General Administration of recognition.

Institute of attention to academic exchanges with foreign countries, to assimilate and
learn from advanced experience in education, now with Russia, Britain, Australia,
Japan and other countries, some institutions have established formal inter-relations
with the United States, Austria, Korea and other countries carried out visits and
exchange of experts and scholars lecture activities.

The 21st century, facing new opportunities and challenges, the College adhere to the
edge of survival, and development characteristics of the school principle, adhere to
the subject construction, teaching and research work and the key point for the
implementation of high quality, and mold personnel training strategy, a high starting
point, high-level development position college, high standards and strict requirements
do a good job of teaching quality and management. Full staff and students adhere to
unity, civilization, hard work, innovation and the school motto, is through the
unremitting efforts, the domestic first-class goal similar institutions.

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