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Minutes of a Meeting of Hook Parish Council by absences


									              Minutes of a Meeting of Hook Parish Council
                   held on Wednesday 18th June 1997
                     in Hook Village Community Hall
              at the conclusion of the Planning Committee

Present:                  Councillors:               Mrs. J. Bonnin
                                                     Mr. M. Clark
                                                     Mrs. J. Deller
                                                     Mr. P. Edmonds
                                                     Mr. P. Jennions
                                                     Mr. P. Moore
                                                     Mr. A. Saltmarsh

                          Parish Clerk:              Mr. D. Deadman

[Note: Councillor T. Taylor arrived at the meeting during consideration
       of Item 38]

23.   Apologies for Absence

      Apologies for absence were submitted from Councillor D. Burke who
      was ill and T. Taylor who was attending a meeting regarding the
      closure of Odiham Cottage Hospital.

24.   Appointment of Chairman

      In the absence of both Chairman and Vice-Chairman, Mrs. J. Deller
      was appointed Chairman of the meeting.

25.   Minutes

      The Minutes of the meeting held on 7th May 1997 were confirmed and
      signed as a correct record.

26.   Appointment of Garden & Cemetery Committee

      Arising from discussion of the Minutes dated 7th May 1997, it was
      agreed that under Minute No. 7[c] a letter of appointment be sent to
      Mr. F. Sopwith.

                                   - 2 -
27.   Elizabeth Hall Committee

      Arising from Minute No. 9[b] [7-5-97] the Clerk reported that Hart
      District Council would fund the provision of a permanent ramp/
      wheelchair access to the Hall if a request was made to the Chief

      Resolved that Councillor J. Deller report this information to the next
      meeting of Elizabeth Hall Committee.

28.   Committee Minutes

      The Minutes of the following meetings were confirmed and adopted:-

      [a]    Planning Committee 7th and 21st May, 1997.

      [b]    Amenity Committee 21st May, 1997.

29.   Police Report/Security Strategy

      Resolved that the Clerk try to arrange a meeting on 14th or 15th July
      1997 at 8.00 p.m.

30.   Highway Matters

      The following matters were raised and comments made as follows:-

      [a]    Clearance of footpath A.30 -

             Work had been undertaken and noted.

      [b]    Clearance of footpath B3349 -

             No action had taken place and Clerk asked to progress this

      [c]    Highway matters arising from meeting of 7th May 1997 -

             A letter was submitted from the Area Surveyor and read to the
             meeting and it was agreed the letter be circulated.

      [d]    Weight restriction on Hook Station Bridge -

             It was noted that Hampshire County Council proposed to make
             a Road Traffic Regulation Order to restrict the Gross Vehicle
             Weight to 7.5 tonnes, with an exception for buses and
                                   - 3 -

             emergency services provided gross weight of such vehicles
             does not exceed 17 tonnes.

      [e]    Holt Lane -

             A request was submitted from a resident in Holt Lane for a
             sign to be erected beyond the railway bridge requesting
             motorists to drive at low speed and with care. Agreed the
             Clerk ask Area Surveyor if this request could be agreed.

31.   Parish Reception

      The Clerk reported that he and the Chairman had attended the
      above on 11th June at Civic Offices, Fleet when it had been made
      very clear that Hart District Council would keep to the programme for
      its Replacement Local Plan. It was also reported that a Home Energy
      Survey was to be undertaken for each householder to complete in the
      Hart District.

32.   Accounts for Payment

      Resolved that cheques be drawn and signed in payment of the under-
      mentioned accounts:-

                                              Cheque No.          Amount

      B & K Building Services                     805             £3,500.00
      Griffith Credit Services [Printing]         806               £548.73
      Edge Designs Ltd.                           807               £333.70
      Relate                                      808               £150.00
      A.V. Gosling                                809               £648.17
      Hart D.C.                                   810                £66.50
      S. Ryeland                                  811                £82.61
      H.V.C.A.                                    812                £25.00
      Hook Village Fete Committee                 813               £150.00
      D. Pitter                                   814               £602.50
      Movie Express (Photocopies)                 815                £47.25
      S.E.C.                                      816               £521.39
      F. Sopwith                                  817               £150.00
      Zurich Municipal                            818                £86.60
      Harpers Computer Care                       819                £61.10
      Hart D.C.                                   820               £497.47
      British Telecom.                            821               £126.64
      H.V.C.A.                                    822               £383.75
      S. Ryeland                                  823               £122.93

                                      - 4 -

33.   Millennium Celebrations
      A letter was submitted from the Reverend Neil Vigers which invited
      Hook Parish Council to become involved in the above celebrations
      for Hook; it was suggested that members of Hook Clergy could attend
      a meeting of the Parish Council, possibly in September, to share

      Resolved that the suggestion was a good idea and the Clerk to invite
      the Reverend Neil Vigers and other clergy to the September meeting
      as suggested.

34.   Parish Paths Partnership

      [a]   Change of Parish Paths Officer

            A letter was submitted from Hampshire County Council which
            stated that Simon Barnett was leaving the above post on 13th
            June and Robert Thompson would be covering the day to day
            work until a new officer is appointed.

            The letter was noted.

      [b]   Provision of Kissing Gates

            Mr. Kenneth Bezant, Parish Footpath Representative, submitted
            a letter regarding problems on certain footpaths near Shirlens
            Copse and Twelve Acre Copse. That the land owner had been
            erecting stiles, or railings and Mr. M. W. Johnn, HCC Rights of
            Way Officer, had agreed to replace these stiles with kissing
            gates at £200 each, 3 would be required which would be within
            the allocation of £1,000 for the Parish Paths Partnership. That
            agreement was being obtained from the landowner and then an
            application would be submitted to Hampshire County Council.

            Resolved that the action of the Footpath Representative be

35.   Hampshire Association of Parish & Town Councils

      Preliminary Notice of the 50th AGM of the above Association was
      submitted for the AGM on 11th October 1997. This was noted for

                                    - 5 -

36.   Cycle Facilities in Hart & Rushmoor

      The Clerk reported and read to the meeting a letter he had sent to
      Oscar Faber on the above, who were assisting the County Council with
      a bid in terms of cycle facilities in the area based on previous Hart and
      Rushmoor studies. The strategic network had been defined with the
      top four routes highlighted. As the Parish Council views had been
      requested by 17th June a letter had been sent after discussing the
      matter with the Chairman.

      Resolved that the Clerk’s action be ratified.

37.   Land at Hartletts Park

      A letter was submitted from Fulchers the Council’s Solicitor, which
      indicated that all but Nos. 1 and 3 Rookswood Close were proceeding
      with the sale of the land. Members noted the letter and confirmed that
      the land should now be pegged out, if necessary at Nos. 1 and 3.

38.   Hampshire Tree Warden Scheme

      The Clerk reported on a second request for a contribution towards the
      above scheme. Resolved that no contribution be made.

39.   Country Watch

      The Chairman, Councillor T. Taylor, reported on his meeting held on
      15th May and it was Resolved that a £100.00 donation be made to
      the above.

40.   Hook Action Group/Parish Council/Whitewater Preservation

      The Chairman stated that the Hook Action Group and the Whitewater
      Preservation Society were considering the need for professional
      representation at the Deposit Draft Hart District Replacement Local
      Plan Enquiry.

      Members expressed concern at any expenditure that was undertaken
      with a suggestion of open ended commitment. The Chairman stated
      that was not the intention. Members were informed that £5,000.00
      was allocated and available from last year’s budget for Planning
      Appeals, with additional monies allocated in this year’s Budget.

      The meeting expressed a support for the principle of funding a
      professional witness but were not prepared to agree a figure,
                                   - 6 -

      however, after a lengthy discussion it was -

      Resolved that the Chairman be authorised to commit no more than
      £10,000.00 towards the budget for this provision.
41.   Hart District Replacement Local Plan Deposit Consultation on
      “Omission Sites”

      A document had been circulated on the above and after a discussion
      it was -

      Resolved that the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the
      Planning Committee be authorised to instruct the Clerk to send a letter
      to Hart District Council in time for the end of the consultation period at
      1st July, 1997. [See Appendix 1]

42.   Odiham Cottage Hospital

      The Chairman reported on his meeting at Odiham earlier this evening
      and it was noted that the Cottage Hospital was not yet shut, the
      process for this would take time. The position was noted.

43.   Hampshire County Council’s Local Information Points [LIPs]

      A letter was submitted from Hampshire County Council regarding the
      above, the Chairman stated that a suitable site for a “LIP” could be the
      Hook Village Community Hall. Members agreed with this and the
      Clerk was asked to make contact with the Information Centre Manager
      to progress this suggestion.

44.   Parking Problems

      The Clerk reported that the Technical Officer at Hart, Mr. J. Pitkin,
      was interested in arranging a meeting to discuss parking problems in

      Members agreed that a meeting be arranged.

45.   The Chairman Closed the meeting in accordance with Standing Orders
      at 10.30 p.m.

D. J. Deadman
Parish Clerk                                                    4th July, 1997.

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