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Godson open innovation should be encouraged


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									Godson open innovation should be encouraged
Science 2010 No. 2 section Policy Interpretation
Godson has always been considered to be a banner of independent innovation, but
when people understand the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing
Technology (R & D team that is located Godson research institutions) from
the MIPS microprocessor architecture enterprise purchased MIPS32 TM and
MIPS64TM structure of authority After the public uproar. Godson whether we are
signing MIPS innovation? Does that mean "CPU core" failure
of independent innovation strategy? International cooperation in science and
technology innovation Godson how to play the role? Godson of independent
innovation inspiration to us how?

Magofuku whole (China Institute of Science Technology Development Strategy
Comprehensive Development Research Institute, Research Fellow)

R & D and industrial development of Godson
Godson is the first independently developed generic computer microprocessors. As
we all know, computer systems and microprocessors are the core of all electronic
equipment, its design and manufacturing is the symbol of technological power.
Because of lack of independent microprocessor design technology, many of the core
of China's information industry mainly relies on imported technology and
products, not only technically controlled by others, 而 且 information systems
security Ye Naizhiguojia face potential threats. In addition, the microprocessor has a
broad market space and the huge market value, China's information
industry as well as for improving the competitiveness of national significance.
In 2004, China's chip import and export trade deficit of 400 billion, chip
over the aircraft, petroleum, automobile, to become China's largest imports.
Based on the above circumstances, Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2001 where
the computer is developed Godson processor, introduced in 2002 32-bit Godson-1
processor, low power consumption of good, average power 0.5 watts. Godson 2,
released in 2005, power consumption is 3 to 5 watts, and based on the introduction of
the 90nm Godson 2E (Enhanced) and Godson-2F (improved), performance to
"Pentium 4" level.
Currently being developed Godson 3 processors for servers and high-performance
machine is high performance, low cost, low-power multi-core 65nm CPU chip.
Godson processors through the development, the establishment of ICT to meet the
self-developed high-performance general-purpose CPU based design platform, and
CPU to achieve a number of patents related to design, gather a group of CPU chip
design talent.
Godson products in applications, set up in Beijing in 2002, BLX IC Design Co., Ltd.
Beijing, bear the heavy industrialization, and constantly develop a variety of
CPU-based intellectual property products, such as Godson Jingjian computer
monitoring equipment Godson, Godson Wang Luo equipment.
In order to accelerate the industrialization of Godson, 2005 and Jiang Menglan Group
cooperation, established in Section Menglan company, established in 2006 in Kelon
dream company, established in 2008, two subjects re-Godson Menglan Technology
Co., Ltd.. Government departments at all levels of industrialization Godson give great
support. April 28, 2009, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province signed with the
Godson-Godson computer purchase 10,000 units for the local primary and secondary
education; the Jiangsu provincial government procurement Godson Godson PC 150
000 PC units to support the use of large-scale promotion; in March 2009 the State
Council 9 document clearly the central government for the purchase of 150 million
computers in central and western education, which the computer belongs to the
procurement area Godson.
Overall, the Godson's industrial infancy, the future is still a long way to go.
Godson taking the road of open innovation
First, from the R & D point of view, is based on the MIPS architecture
Godson R & D is based on the MIPS architecture, and structure of the
company has been authorized by MIPS. Accordingly, some people think that
innovation Godson not even think that means authorized by MIPS architecture
independent property rights "CPU core" strategic failure. This
incorrect understanding of the main stem from the MIPS architecture and CPU
technology do not understand. MIPS instruction set architecture is actually a decision
whether a CPU independent research and development, not what instruction set is
used, but in its ability to achieve its instruction set.
For example, X86 instruction set, since its inception in 1978, Inter and AMD have
been using, but the CPU performance has doubled every year to achieve
improvements. Thus, in chip design, the instruction set to achieve a self-developed
core. Abandon the existing structure of the original innovation, self-design a new
processor architecture, not impossible, Godson would have tried to work in this area.
However, the structure of completely original innovation likely to face the current
mainstream in the Information System docking problem, is difficult to structure the
actual original innovative technology into productivity.
Godson architecture in the selection process, X86 and MIPS instruction set, two
options exist. X86 market better matched with the hardware and software support is
greater. But the X86 is a relatively closed architecture, design based on X86 AMD
chips must be Inter and hit the chip design can not achieve self-control, in national
defense, personal information, and other potential security risks.
The MIPS is an open framework structure, after the market's long-term test,
very mature and advanced. And the MIPS chip companies do not engage in the
development, the development of Godson relations will not compete with them.
Calculated by the purchase of a license, MIPS's Jiegou is permanent, and
principal is to use the MIPS Jianrong of the brand and the alliance by joining MIPSS
compatible sharing intellectual property, Goumai structure of authority on our own
after the still Xu Yao 设计 processor core, within our autonomy Ke control mode,
the core technology is not controlled by others.
Godson of independent innovation is reflected in three aspects: First, Xian You MIPS
instruction set, based on technical requirements in accordance with new 了 more
than 500 instructions, Bing computing the caching and also made some of the
technical 改进; 2 is Shixian The improved chip design technology, improve the
operation speed, lower power consumption; 3 is independently designed processor
core and with the market-CPU Xing Hao, and can Anzhao own development and Guo
Neiwai Qiyehezuo or own production tape, Bu Godson exist in the future
development of restricted problem. In addition, out of market considerations, Godson
processors, MIPS-compatible way to go and easier to open up the market.
Secondly, the aspect of product engineering, and STMicroelectronics to improve
engineering and management capabilities.
STMicroelectronics is the world's fifth largest semiconductor company
holds a leading position in many markets, is the world's first specific
analog chips and power conversion chip maker, the world's largest
industrial control chip, chip set-top boxes and portable devices and consumer
electronics with the MEMS chip suppliers. STMicroelectronics and Godson 2E
cooperation in 2004 on the scientific and technological cooperation between China
and France within the framework of cooperation, Godson authorized
STMicroelectronics foundry and underwriting. September 25, 2006, President Hu
Jintao and French President Jacques Chirac signed the Sino-French joint declaration
after, and attended the signing ceremony of cooperation agreements involving
cooperation in space, nuclear power project development, to buy Airbus planes,
multi-core processor development other 14 projects. This marks the
country's foreign cooperation Godson become an important part of the
strategy. This Godson development of great practical significance.
Godson-2E is the early laboratory products, from the actual market of large gaps still
exist. In the process of cooperation with STMicroelectronics, the Godson
STMicroelectronics R & D team and the flow of film production sector on
the chip design requirements, the need to achieve product performance was repeated
communication and exchange, through the design of the continuous adjustments and
changes to keep abreast of silicon production engineering requirements and quality
management requirements, makes the Godson chip design capability R & D
team constantly improve, and ultimately make chip design to meet the product from
the laboratory to the scale, mass production required to process and quality
management requirements. Therefore, cooperation with STMicroelectronics to
improve ICT's engineering capabilities, design capabilities and quality
management capabilities, to make up for the Godson chip production process flow
defects and deficiencies may occur.
Industrialization and from product point of view, Godson purchase a license (MIPS) is
intended to open up market space.
Chinese Academy of Sciences calculated with MIPS structure of a permanent license
and copyright, the actual cost of less than 500 million sale of a Godson chip each pay
1% of the cost. Godson was authorized MIPS architecture, its main intention is not to
design their own CPU, but mainly on industrial and product integration. In
industrialization, can Godson products posted "MIPS"
Compatibility tab, easily recognized by the mainstream manufacturers, to further the
international free software community to support and help. Product integration, can be
added to the structure using the MIPS technology alliance will continue to integrate
existing software in the Godson.
Alternatively, you can try to cooperate with Microsoft, will Microsoft's
software embedded into the Godson. This makes not only ruled out Godson
mainstream player in the domestic obstacles to cooperation, solidarity and abroad
software design company, also makes the process of Godson future international
cooperation in reducing barriers.
Therefore, the Godson architecture authorized by MIPS not only help improve the
Godson of the industrial environment more conducive to develop markets, to further
promote independent innovation strategy Godson provide firm support from the
Godson Open Innovation and Inspiration of international scientific cooperation
Through the development of Godson chips from scratch to achieve the Chinese
General, the level of chip design has also been considerable improvement in the
current is at a crucial period of industrialization. Godson of international scientific
cooperation in the whole course of development has played a crucial role, but also on
the growth of other industries and technology provide important experience and
First, choose the right innovation path to innovation. Innovation is not behind closed
doors, the international science and technology cooperation is conducive to reducing
the difficulties of independent innovation, detours, reduce costs and speed up the key
focus areas of common technological leaps and bounds. Godson R & D
process is the path to constantly adjust the course of innovation, from initial attempts
to achieve a comprehensive source innovation to the "third path"
to learn design concepts and ideas abroad, and finally based on existing technology
innovation and development, to achieve China chip design technology breakthrough.
Godson of the development process, he explains the development of any technology
can not ignore the open, not behind closed doors their practice, must be good
cooperation in international scientific and technological development of their own, in
the ongoing process of development of international scientific cooperation, the only
way to speed up innovation process and reduce the difficulties of independent
innovation. On the other hand shows innovation does not mean that all from scratch,
based on rational use of existing technology, full use of international resources to
identify the appropriate path of independent innovation of China's
Second, in cooperation to achieve self-control. Godson CPU and industrial
development and environmental goals: on the one hand the technical approach or
reach the world advanced level, the national security and economic development of
information security; the other hand, the formation of independent information
industry, increase the national economic development, new of growth. To achieve this
goal requires the actual development process must be to achieve self-control.
Therefore, international cooperation in the process of Godson, the architecture
selected MIPS open structure, such as in the processor core can be designed according
to actual needs and achieve self-control technology; in product engineering, through
technology STMicroelectronics and authorize companies to produce computers with
Dexxon to Godson PUC as the core, the core technology to achieve self-control; in
the implementation of intellectual talent on the introduction of increased endogenous
R & D capability, R & D team to achieve self-control.
Third, cooperation in innovation in each other to achieve shared interests. Godson as a
technical R & D team, quality management, engineering and other
non-communist as good. Godson and STMicroelectronics joint production Godson 2E
chip, co-production with France Dexxon computer, with red, never the middle
software design to co-operate to make their own characteristics and advantages of the
process of cooperation is fully in play, to achieve win-win situation.
Meanwhile, the Godson also continue to learn the process of cooperation to improve
the quality of their management, engineering capabilities. "Without the
cooperation of forever, only permanent interests." MIPS,
STMicroelectronics and Dexxon Godson and other enterprises is to see the
development prospects of cooperation only with Godson, Godson trying to achieve
benefit from future development. The Godson is currently in the early industrial
development, through cooperation and exchange, to create the conditions for their
own development.
Fourth, focus on endogenous technological ability. After development, Godson chip
design has made great progress, but also a chip design team. And this team is mainly
Chinese Academy of Sciences by its own computer training.
Godson R & D team in the growth and maturation, the core idea is that two
aspects, one is "red and expert, the red is more important than
expertise"; second ability is far more important than the introduction of
technology and talent. In the process of personnel training, first pay attention to
ideological unity. On the other hand, in the process of building Godson R &
D team, mainly through the computer the ability students start their own, rather than
directly from the imported talent and skills. Leading experts and scholars with
overseas exchanges and cooperation, hired his lecture to the computer and, through
their own efforts and learning, to knowledge accumulation and technological level.
Through a combination of both, under the idea of forming a unified chip design
capability with independent R & D team, to achieve controllability of the
chip design. At the same time with STMicroelectronics Godson Godson 2E chip
production, and France jointly launched Gdium Dexxon Godson notebook computers,
learning ways to improve their technical capacity.
Godson promote independent innovation and industrialization of the countermeasures
Godson on national security, defense of great strategic importance to nurturing
emerging markets, create new economic growth point of great significance. Godson
sign of success not only in their technology reached the international advanced level,
is more important is whether Godson and related products in every household, realize
industrialization. Current Godson in independent R & D, industrialization
needs to make strenuous efforts to further promote independent innovation Godson
and industrialization, as an international scientific and technological cooperation
Godson role of independent innovation, the urgent need to take measures accordingly.
One of the continued support given to independent R & D Godson, Godson
independent research and development to achieve a virtuous circle. Inter have been
able to consistently occupy the leading position in the heart of the chip market is
mainly based on market demand, business development idea, "never stop,
continuous innovation", R & D and marketing to achieve
positive interaction.
Godson-based strategic significance and market value, the government needs to
Godson's independent research and development support for sustained and
stable, the level of its technology at the international forefront. At the same time
further developing the national level to encourage participation in research and
development and preferential policies and measures to increase R & D
investment, attracting participation of social capital, expansion of participation of the
main R & D investment and shorten the development cycle, so that the
performance of Godson to meet the needs of multi-level, technical level of the
industry to maintain leadership. In the Godson foothold in the market and be able to
occupy a certain position in the market, the technology research and development to
achieve positive interaction, the Government then gradually reduce support for R
& D investment.
Second, efforts to increase government procurement to promote the industrialization
process Godson. Godson is of great strategic importance, will the Government to
expand the market demand from the perspective of the support is very necessary.
Central departments, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, and support through
government procurement and related products Godson industrialization, protection of
national emerging brand, develop new national industry of great significance.
In the future, to further expand the scope of government procurement, is not limited to
education sector, on the other hand to expand the field of government procurement, is
not limited to central or Jiangsu province, to be gradually expanded to its provinces
and cities nationwide. Godson Chanye by the Government of the initial stage of
support, to accelerate the industrialization of Jincheng Godson, Godson promote the
core upstream and downstream industry chain, Xing Cheng, Bao Kuo software design,
computer and other electronic products Sheng Chan.
Third, be the international management team, improving tone to expand capacity.
Godson to fierce competition in the market place, and ultimately to international, need
to have an international outlook and market operation experience of the management
team. Godson is the current R & D as the main team, the implementation of
topic group responsibility, in Kelon dream of key management personnel are mostly
technical background. From the actual survey found that a lack of talent Godson
market operation, lack of marketability, but also the lack of appropriate industrial
planning to expand capacity if the market can not be strengthened, Godson of
industrialization inevitably face great difficulties, and may lose valuable market
Fourth, identify the market positioning, cultivating core competitiveness. In the
survey found, Godson introduced low-cost, low-price strategy will be encountered in
the real market is extremely difficult. Intel and ADM can also be the appropriate
strategy to squeeze the Godson, after all, the loss of Intel and AMD is only short-term
profits, but to maintain long-term market, Nanchang Godson lost market opportunities.
But alone to support the areas of government procurement is not clear that the core
chip will be bigger and stronger industrial chain, the cultivation of emerging markets
and new economic growth point of form there is nothing.
Godson to the current education industry as a breakthrough that "deep
plowing education sector, in order to win the overall solution" to education
products as its core market position and thus foster a competitive and be able to obtain
significant economic benefits, but also in a very Godson big procedure to improve the
market competitiveness. But in the long run, Godson should focus on chip design to
chip technology and service providers as the main body.
Fifth, adopt market-oriented operation, the establishment of industrial base.
Re-established in the 2008 Division Godson Menglan Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly
responsible for the Godson of downstream industries that industrialization and the
computer program integration, and the chip industry, lack of support. In order to chip
as the core part of the information industry bigger and stronger, it is necessary to
establish the appropriate base for industrialization, as the basis for a complete
industrial chain.
Currently, the Godson is ready to co-invest 1 billion yuan and then the power to
establish an industrial base, need to speed up the advance, otherwise it will delay the
timing of industrialization; the same time, the central government and local
governments should take appropriate measures to support and guide and encourage
State-owned capital and private capital to actively participate in building the industry


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