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Harrison Ford

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					                                            Harrison Ford

       In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the tall man with the hard handsome features looks like a local,
regular guy. A former carpenter, Harrison Ford has fashioned by hand a film career of
unprecedented proportions.
       When pressed, he will grudgingly admit that he is in show business. But make no mistake,
Harrison Ford is not into show; he is all business.
       He has been in more blockbuster movies than any actor in history, staring in many of the top
grossing films of all time. From Hans Solo in Star Wars, to Indiana Jones, to The Fugitive
Harrison Ford is the thinking man’s action star. He projects an intoxicating combination of
bravado and vulnerability. His motto seems to be “always let ’em see you sweat.” American
Graffiti put him in the company of producer/director George Lucas, who was planning a risky
follow up project—a science fiction fairy tale that the studios predicted would bomb. It could be
argued that Harrison became a star near the end of The Empire Strikes Back when he ad-libbed a
line instead of sticking to the script.
        (Off-screen voice)
       Princess Leia: I love you.
       Solo: I know
       Barbara Walters: Do you think that     Underrated as an actor, or do you feel pretty. (Harrison
       Pretty good about your thing? No? I mean or that you’re overrated as an actor?
       Harrison ford: Possibly…
       Barbara: Are you proud of your career?
       Harrison: I’m delighted with it. I don’t know whether I can say I’m proud of it or not. I mean
there are moments that I, that I, yes I’m proud of it. I’ve been enormously lucky. I’ve worked with
some really great people.
       Barbara: In an interview a few years. OK, American Graffiti was the breakthrough, but Star
Wars was the… Wow…
       Harrison: If you think you’ll remember that, that the order of success that film enjoyed had
not happened before that, you could not have imagined.
       Barbara: Yeah! That kind of success.
       Barbara: Yeah.
       Harrison: You couldn’t have imagined, because the special effect weren’t there. And. Uh.
Regardless of how well George Mike described them to up. It was not there to be seen. So you,
you…my paltry imagination would try and fill in the blanks. When I saw the film the blanks were
filled in big time.
       Barbara: The success now. I mean, that it has been reissued and that there are lines and box
office and…surprising?
     Harrison: Uh…No, I mean, to release a 20-year-old movie, and have people…and have it
make frankly, more money than it did the first, and have this kind of interest and excitement. It’s
phenomenal and a testimony to how truly important the work that George did there is.
     Barbara: Have your little kids seen it?
     Harrison: Oh, yeah.
     Barbara: Do they like it? Can they separate…I mean, and say “that’s daddy.”… or do they
totally believe?
     Harrison: Georgia saw me on something on television, someone leaned to her across and said
“Who’s that, Georgia?” and she said, “That’s my other daddy.”
     Barbara: Would you play Hans Solo again?
     Harrison: That’s pretty thin a character for me at this point.
     Barbara: would you play Indiana Jones again?
     Harrison: In New York minute.
     Barbara: Fort would.
     Harrison: It’s a question of Stephen Spielberg and I finding a slum that we have in common.