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Vol. XXXI No. 5
                                                                           First Presbyterian Church
                                                                                     Kannapolis, North Carolina

May 2009                                                                                                            Kannapolis, North Carolina
                                    Our mission is to know Christ, to serve Him, and to make Him known.

        Busy Month Offers Activities for All Ages!
                                             As usual, there is a lot going on in May.   lives by his own rules. As they prepare to
                                          No matter who you are, you’re going to find    enter divorce proceedings, Caleb’s father
                                          something interesting, and something you’ll    asks his son to try an experiment: The Love
                                          want to bring friends to enjoy with you!       Dare. But is it too late to rescue the
                                             Be sure and read all through this           marriage?
                                          Forecast, mark your calendar, and invite           Following the film, the church will
                                          some friends!                                  provide a pizza and salad supper and a
                                                                                         time for informal discussion. A nursery
                                                                                         and children’s program also will be
                                          F ir e p r o o f Movie                         provided.
                                          Especially for Couples
                                                                                         Pentecost Features
                                               First Presbyterian will present a free
                                          showing of the exciting film Fireproof on      Informal Worship &
                                          Sunday, May 17, at 4:00 p.m. in the
     Forec ast is published               Fellowship Hall. All married couples and
           monthly by                     those in committed relationships are
  FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                                                                  Sunday, May 31 is Pentecost Sunday,
        201 Vance Street
                                          encouraged to come view this exciting
                                          movie starring Kirk Cameron about a            the traditional birthday of the Christian
     Kannapolis, NC 28081
                                          firefighter and a marriage important enough    Church. This year, we will celebrate with a
                                          to save.                                       special Hymn Sing and Informal
  We are located at the south end                                                        Worship Service at 10:55 a.m., followed
       of Cannon Village.
                                               Fireproof was created by the same folks
   The church office is open              who produced Facing the Giants. Although       by a church-wide lunch.
    Monday through Friday,                playing in only 1,000 theaters nationwide in
     9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                          September 2008, the movie opened at No.
      Phone: 704-938-4623
       Fax: 704-938-4631
                                          4, remained in the top 10 for three weeks,                  and was No. 11 for two more weeks. This
                                          made it one of the top grossing independent                  (Continued on Page 2)
       Dr. Joe Crawford
             Pastor                       films of the year. The book, The Love Dare,
                                          originally a plot device, became the No. 1
        Kris Edscorn                      bestseller on the New York Times paperback     Inside this Issue!
     Director of Ministries
      for Church Growth                   advice list.
      and Forecast Editor                                                                From the Pastor: Encouragement . . . . .                    2                                                              Children’s 100th Birthday Party . . . . . . .               3
       Dr. Don Simmons                                                                   Grades 6-8 Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         3
   Director of Music/Organist
                                                                                         JOY Group Picnic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          3
                                                                                         Music Ministry Recognition . . . . . . . . . .              4
    Mike & Cheryl Lange
    Youth Ministry Directors                   The story involves Captain Caleb Holt     Bible Teaching Association Dinner . . . .                   4                   (Cameron), who lives by the old                MS Walk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   4
      First Presbyterian is a             firefighter’s adage: Never leave your          HIS-story: Mr. Bill Goodnight . . . . . . . .               5
       congregation of the
  Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).
                                          partner behind. However, at home and in
                                          his marriage to Catherine (Erin Bethea), he
                                    Encouragement—The Help Everyone Needs!
                                       “Let us not give up      3. Most people can tell when someone has faith in them.
meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let
us encourage one another...” Hebrews 10:25                      An Epidemic of Hope
    What do you think everyone in our community needs?              Do you have someone who brings hope into your life?
You probably can list any number of things. But what kind       Are you a person who brings encouragement to others? Is
of help does every one of us need in times of challenge,        there someone within your reach that is standing in a cold
stress and difficulty? One that I know for sure is this . . .   bucket of troubles, discouragement and frustration? What
encouragement.                                                  if each of us decided we would not let a day go by
    An experiment was conducted years ago to measure            without sincerely encouraging at least three people?
people’s capacity to endure pain. Psychologists measured            Perhaps we could create an epidemic of hope—a good
how long a barefooted person could stand in a bucket of         virus that progressively infects more and more people with
cold water. They found that one factor made it possible for     practical deeds and words encouragement. Actually, this
some people to stand in the ice water longer than others.       is what those who claim the name of Christian are already
Can you guess what that factor was? It was                      called to do.
encouragement. When another person was present, giving               “Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you
support and encouragement, the sufferers could endure the       will fulfill the law of Christ.” - Galatians 6:1-2 “To bear
pain much longer than their un-encouraged counterparts.         one another's burdens simply means to help each other
                                                                along. If you see someone leaning, prop them up; if you
Giving Others Faith in Themselves                               see them stumble, help them get their footing; if they fall,
    When a person feels encouraged, they can face the           pick them up.”
impossible and overcome incredible adversity. As the root           There’s no lack of opportunities to encourage people
of the word implies, the help we all need is courage that       today. You can make an incredible difference in many
grants faith and hope. Here’s a couple of thoughts we           lives! In these difficult and challenging days . . . let’s make
should all ponder:                                              the most of it!
1. Most people don’t have faith in themselves.                      Praying we all may become fully engaged in the joy of
2. Most people don’t have someone who has much faith in         bringing encouragement to others!

Pentecost Service (Continued from Page 1)
     The service will include lots of favorite hymns, and       time of great joy and thanksgiving. It was on Pentecost
some newer songs. There also will be an opportunity for         that the followers of Jesus received the Holy Spirit,
folks to share what the Holy Spirit has been doing in their     evidenced by tongues of fire and the sound of a rushing
lives and in the life of this congregation. And Dr. Rick        wind. They then immediately took the Good News to the
Efird, a Son of the Church, will bring the message.             festival streets, with three thousand people accepting
     The lunch will feature a sandwich and salad bar,           Christ as their Savior in that first day!
prepared by our kitchen committee. Donations will be                 Thus, for us too, it is a day of celebration, as we focus
accepted.                                                       on the Holy Spirit and his work in our life. And it should
     Rick Efird is the son of Don & Iris. A graduate of         be a time of thanksgiving, as we recognize how God’s
Bryan College, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Phoenix         spirit has led to the harvesting of soul’s for his kingdom.
University, Rick has been the lead Pastor at Desert Springs     Plan to join with us in this wonderful day of rejoicing!
Bible Church in Phoenix, Arizona since 1986.                         Dress will be casual. We do encourage the
     Pentecost is a Jewish feast, marking 50 days from the      congregation to wear red, the traditional color of Pentecost
Passover Feast. In the Jewish culture of Palestine, it was      (symbolizing the tongues of fire?).
a time of celebrating the conclusion of the grain harvest–a

2 Forecast - May 2009
Children’s 100th Birthday Party
     Our Centennial Celebration turns its focus on the          may bring friends too!
children this month. As they conclude the program “year”
for Discovery Club and our Wonderful Wednesday                  Discovery Club Recognition on May 10
program, the children will celebrate with a 100th Birthday          We have completed our third wonderful year of
Party for the Church on Wednesday, May 6.                       Discovery Club! About 25 children were enrolled, from
     The Party will take place                                  age 3 through 5th Grade, and on many weeks we had about
from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. If the                                   20 children in attendance. Another twelve or so youth
weather is nice, meet on the                                    were involved in the FUEL Study for Grades 6-8. We
playground. Otherwise, meet                                     greatly appreciate our wonderful Discovery Club Staff:
in the Fellowship Hall.                                         Debby B., Alpha B., Judy D. G., and Luanne W., who
Activities will include                                         made this program such a crowd pleaser!
games from 1909 and                                                 We will recognize the children and staff in
those that involve                                              Discovery Club and their accomplishments this year
“100.” All children are                                         during the 10:55 a.m. Worship Service on Sunday, May
invited to come, even if they                                   10.
have not been participating in Discovery Club. And they

Grades 6-8 Go Racing
    The Grades 6-8 Group will spend an afternoon at             going to the Great Escape Middle School Conference at
the NASCAR Speed Park at Concord Mills on Sunday,               Western Carolina University on June 28-July 2. The Great
May 3. Bring a change of clothes to church–departure will       Escape is the oldest conference for Middle School youth
be right after worship. Bring $ for rides and fast food         in the United States, and is put on by Youth Conference
lunch. V i s i t w w w . N A S C AR S p e e d P a r k . c om/   Ministries, an arm of Presbyterians for Renewal. The
ConcordPricing.html for information on ticket prices.           deadline to register is also Sunday, May 3. Please see
Please let the Langes know in advance if you plan to go         Emily for more information. Checks for the $90 deposit,
(704-644-0044).                                                 or for the full student amount of $156 should be made out
                                                                to “First Presbyterian Church” and designated “Great
Great Escape Registration Deadline                              Escape Conference.”
    Emily G. is coordinating a group of Grades 6-8 youth

Seniors Head to Country for Spring Picnic!
    John & Brenda Gail R. have invited the JOY Group                In case of rain, the event
for a picnic at their home on Saturday, May 16,                 will be moved to the Fellowship
beginning at 4:30 p.m. All Seniors and Retirees are             Hall. The R’s live way out
invited to come along! Please bring a covered dish. The         Centergrove Road. Meet at the
R’s will furnish the tea.                                       church at 4:00 p.m. to caravan
                                                                to their house.

                                                                                             3 Forecast - May 2009
Music Ministry Honored on                                   Bible Teaching Dinner Coming
May 17                                                      Up!
    We have experienced a wonderful year in our music           The Kannapolis Bible Teaching Association’s
ministry with beautiful seasonal musicals and special       Annual Dinner is Monday, May 4, at 6:00 p.m. at the
music by both the Kidz Khoir and Chancel Choir.             Shoe Show headquarters on Trinity Church Road. If you
    Our Director of Music, Don Simmons, wishes to take      are interested in attending this event, please see Steve G.
a few minutes during the May 17                             or Bill J.
Worship Service to recognize the
accomplishments of our music
volunteers. Let us join
together in expressing our
gratitude to these hard-
working servants!

MS Walk Comes to Kannapolis!
    The Cabarrus County Multiple Sclerosis Walk is          of our congregation are affected with MS, including
Saturday, May 9, here in Kannapolis. Registration is at     Briana L. and Charles S. Recently Kannapolis and the NC
8:00 a.m., and the walk steps off at 9:00. It is a 3-mile   Research Campus became a hotspot for MS news. David
loop, beginning and ending at the North Carolina            Murdock, with the help of Charlotte businessman and
Research Campus, and going on the new 8th Street            philanthropist Herman Stone, established a fund to finance
Greenway, Bakers Creek Park and Greenway, and Cannon        a research team on the campus that will specifically study
Village. You may pre-register to walk with “Briana’s        the disease. A top geneticist and MS expert from Duke
Team” online at the MS Society’s website                    University, Dr. Simon Gregory, is being brought in to lead
(, using the password “Briana,” or    the research. He will build on a recent discovery that links
by contacting Brian or Kathi L. “Briana’s Team” t-shirts    a specific gene to MS. His research will seek to determine
in “Wonder green” are also available for $6.                what environmental factors trigger the gene to cause the
    Several of our members and extended family members      disease.

Coming July 19-22

Crocodile Dock
Vacation Bible School
Where Fearless Kids Shine God’s Light

4 Forecast - May 2009
Oral HIS-story
                      NOTE: At the request of the                would take up offerings to buy the Bibles, then we'd get
                       Centennial Task Force, long time          together to wrap and mail them. I have, also, been a part of
                       members of First Presbyterian             the Men of the Church.
                          Church have been interviewed so
                                                                 Describe the church buildings when you attended this
                                 that current members of the
                                                                 church. How have they changed?
                                    church may learn more
                                                                 They have changed enormously!! The old church was
                                    about the faith journey of
                                                                 never finished. It had a temporary roof. I can remember
                                   that person, the history of
                                                                 opening windows with chains attached because we did not
                                   the church and of that
                                                                 have air conditioning. Everybody had hand fans to try to
                                   period of time. The
                                                                 keep cool and in the winter it was pretty cold. The old
                                Centennial Task Force
                                                                 church was torn down because state laws wouldn't let you
appreciates members who have so willingly shared
                                                                 remodel or add on to it. There was no steel support. I
intimate and personal details with us to the glory of God.
                                                                 remember the G. brothers, Ray, Aubrey and Ralph, along
In Psalm 78 it is explained so well, “…we will tell the next
                                                                 with Herman S., helped tear it down.
generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power
and the wonders He has done…so the next generation               What are your first memories of church life? Describe
would know them, even the children yet to be born, and           a typical Sunday at church when you were young.
they in turn would tell their children. Then they would put      We were always expected to be at church and Sunday
their trust in God and would not forget His deeds but            School. I can't ever remember playing “hookie.” I wouldn't
would keep His commands.”                                        dare. Our Boys S. S. Class was downstairs in the basement
               ~ Judy D. G., Centennial Task Force Chair         of the old church. Some of the boys I remember were Gip
                                                                 W., Sonny W., Don E. and the McK. twins. Between
                          Bill G.                                Sunday School and church the men would gather under a
                Interviewed - April 2009                         Carolina Poplar tree to talk. The younger boys liked to
                                                                 play on the iron rails in front of the church. Our family
What is your full name?                                          always liked to sit on the back pew on the right side of the
BILL GIBSON G. (Son of Jim and Eula G.)                          church.
When did you come to this church? How old were you?              What were some memorable events in the life of the
Were you baptized in this church?                                church in your early years here?
My dad's family (Mr. & Mrs. H. H. G.) were members of            Vacation Bible School was always held in the morning for
Bethpage Presbyterian Church which is the mother church          two weeks during the summer. I don't remember the
of First Presbyterian. Dad grew up in that church and was        church having picnics in the early years, but they are good
probably baptized there. I can remember they said it would       now. We always looked forward to Christmas programs
take about an hour to get to church by horseback. My             and especially the “Christmas pokes” filled with fruit and
grandparents are buried at Bethpage. It was after Mom and        candy. It made everybody feel special.
Dad married at Organ Lutheran Church, where mother                      I can't remember being too involved with youth
grew up, that they became members at First Presbyterian          meetings and I was never in the Boy Scouts, but my
Church, so, this is where I grew up and was baptized here.       brother Jack and I had a friend, Oscar B., who was a scout
                                                                 in another church. Our only scouting adventure was with
What positions have you held in the church? In what              his troop when a group of boys met at the Concord
organizations and ministries of the church have you              Armory and were bussed to Lake Waccamaw for a whole
been involved?                                                   week. It rained the whole time. We slept in pup tents and
When we had Deacons and Elders I served on the Board of          cooked out of doors. Everything was soaking wet all week
Deacons. I have always been active in Sunday School              . . . all our clothes . . . everything. When we got back to the
since a child. We are members of the Walter Goodman              Armory we couldn’t get in touch with our parents because
Sunday School Class. The class had a project of sending          we didn’t have a telephone. We walked along the road
Bibles to children in Africa in answer to some letters           from the Armory to the hospital and then walked the
written to the “Good Man” Sunday School Class. We                railroad to Kannapolis. That was at least ten miles to get

                                                                                                 5 Forecast - May 2009
home. Besides all that, that was my first trip away from       I had to unload and warehouse essential supplies to be
home as a young boy.                                           airlifted over the Berlin wall for military and civilians.
    As far as weddings, I remember when my sister,             There w as a lot of the trouble in Germany the U. S. didn’t
Carolyn, was married to Tom S. by Rev. Fain, the preacher      hear about. We couldn't communicate then like we do now
then. Mary Iris Goodman played for the wedding and I was       but we knew our people were praying.
the one that had to take her back to Charlotte after the
                                                               How do you feel the church has changed in the years
                                                               you have been a member?
Do you have a favorite memory about a pastor, church           We don’t have evangelistic services like we used to, but I
leader, Sunday School teacher, Boy Scout leader?               think our people are a lot more friendly.
Preacher Goodman was like family to all of us. He visited          Another thing, when we were growing up we had
in homes a lot.                                                special clothes for school, another kind of clothes for work
                                                               and different clothes to wear to church. It's different now.
Why are you Presbyterian? Why are you a member of
Kannapolis First Presbyterian Church? In your                  Do you have a favorite hymn? Bible Passage?
opinion what makes us different from other                     My favorite hymn is Onward Christian Soldiers. It's kind
denominations?                                                 of like the military. We need to carry out the orders. God's
My Parents raised us in the Presbyterian Church. They          ways are not our ways. He is the Pilot of this world.
loved this church. They did not teach or anything like that,        The Bible passage I like is the Twenty Third Psalm.
but they were faithful and loyal and worked hard as the
                                                               Were there any special awards given at church? Did
Caretakers of the church for years, looking after both the
                                                               you receive them?
inside and outside yardwork. They wanted our church to
                                                               When the church gave out perfect attendance awards for
be well kept and took pride in doing that.
                                                               Sunday School I received fifteen awards for perfect
     The way we are different is our form of government.
I think Presbyterians have a better form of government
than most other denominations.                                 What is the funniest thing a child or grown-up ever did
                                                               at church?
What have been the significant events - good and bad -
                                                               Daddy expected us to be good with no foolishness. He said
in the life and history of the church and how did we
                                                               that we were to be seen and not heard.
I was in church when Pearl Harbor happened. That was a         If you could pass on one special thought or memory
low day. Later after World War II, I went into the U. S.       about Kannapolis First Presbyterian Church what
Army Air Force, June of 1948, and served 3 years in            would you like to pass on to others?
Germany as a Supply Technician. Germany had been               I believe in Jesus Christ and the Word of God. You don't
divided and Berlin became a divided city. Russians             have to understand it, but you need to believe the Word of
controlled East Berlin and Allied Forces controlled the        God. Our church is a special place. The church is a family
Western part. The Russians blocked passage into the area       . . . a body of believers who belong to Christ.
controlled by the Allied Forces, so, as a Supply Technician          Don't look back . . . look forward!

6 Forecast - May 2009