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									Fudan University Introduction
Fudan University was founded in 1905, originally called Fudan Public School, is the
Chinese people founded the first independent institutions of higher learning.
"Fudan" word from the founder of modern China, Mr. Ma
Xiangbo well-known educator selected from "The Book of Great
Biography ? Yujia Biography", "ASE China, Fudan Xi
Dan," the famous line, aimed at self-improvement in the hands of the then
Chinese intellectual self-running, education, power of hope.
Fudan University, experienced more than a century of evolution. Fudan Public School
was renamed in 1917 as private Fudan University, consists of arts, science, business
three subjects, and the Department of preparatory and secondary schools.
Sino-Japanese War broke out in 1937, the school move into Chongqing Beibei, and in
1941 changed to "National." In 1946 the school moved back to
Shanghai Jiangwan site. 1949 schools have been set up arts, science, law, business,
agriculture, the five branches of more than 20 lines (branches). Lu Xun, Guo, fen, Lao
She, Zhu Kezhen, Ma and other famous scholars to lecture or teach school. University
faculty in 1950, initially to adjust, Fudan University, Shandong University, into the
marine system; Shanghai Jinan University, law, or business of Hospitals, Tongji
University, law houses, and Zhejiang University, Eishi University, part of the
Department of Section into the Fudan University. The autumn of 1952 the National
Universities of adjustment, Fudan University School of Law, Commerce, Agriculture
transferred out, set up the Politics and Law, Shanghai and Shenyang Agricultural
Finance Institute; and East China, Zhejiang University, Jiaotong University, Nanjing
University, Anhui University, Jinling University, St. John's University,
University of Shanghai, Aurora University, Tatung University, Guanghua University,
Great China University, Shanghai University, China Business College, the China
News College and other institutions of higher learning culture, science has a
relationship Section into the Fudan University. 80 years after the twentieth century,
especially through the Ministry of Education and Shanghai to build, and the
"Plan",             "Eighth           Five-Year",
"Ninth Five-Year" and "15" of the key
construction, Fudan University, and gradually developed into a humanities, social
sciences, natural sciences, technical sciences and management sciences, including
multidisciplinary research universities. Fudan University Shanghai Medical
University in 2000 with the merger, a new Fudan University. Shanghai Medical
University, founded in 1927, is the Chinese people founded the first medical colleges.
When built, and named the Fourth Zhongshan University Medical College, renamed
in 1932 the National Shanghai Medical College, renamed in 1952, Shanghai First
Medical College in 1959 was designated as the central focus of the national 16
institutions of higher learning, in 1985 renamed the Shanghai Medical University.
Combined with the Fudan University Shanghai Medical University, Fudan University,
subject to further broaden the structure of the University for the comprehensive
development goals laid a solid foundation.
Fudan University has a large number of academic history, once master and renowned
scholar, a good reputation. Zhou Gucheng, Chen Wang Road, Yan Fuqing, Su Buqing,
Tan Qixiang, ZHOU Yu, Chen Jiangong, Zhu Dongrun, Hu Qu Park, Yan North Ming,
ZHANG Shi-lu, Wu Chunpu, Lu Hoff, Xie Xide, and other famous scholars long-term
in-school coaching for Fudan laid a strong academic tradition and the foundation. Tan
Zhen, Wu Haoqing, Gu Chaohao, Hu and the students, Wang Xun, Chen Zhongwei,
Yang Xiong Li, Yang Fujia, TANG Zhao, GU, Li potential, Chen Hao Zhu, Shen Yin,
Wen Yumei, Wang Wei-qi, Lu Gu Sun, Pei and so a large number of well-known
experts, is still active in academic arena, as the representative of Fudan contemporary
academic spirit. Fudan University, the school has trained a total of 18 thousand were
all kinds of graduates have emerged, including Ren, Shao Lizi, Chen Yin Ke, Zhu
Kezhen, Zhang allow, Li and other alumni, including many outstanding talents for the
country's construction made outstanding contribution.
Fudan University, current president is Professor Yang Yuliang, party secretary for the
Professor Qin Shaode.
Fudan University School Motto: "learned and focusing, all asked in recent
thinking"; Ethos: "civilized, healthy, hard to make,"
Style: "hard, rigorous, realistic and innovative."
Schools existing Fudan University, Chinese Language and Literature, Philosophy
Institute, Department of History, heritage and Museology Department of Foreign
Language and Literature, Law, International Relations and Public Affairs, School of
Journalism, Economics, Management, Social Development and Public Policy Institute
of Mathematical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Polymer Science, Environmental
Science and Engineering, Information Science and Engineering, Software
Engineering, Lamps and Lighting Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanics and
Engineering Science Department of Life Sciences, Shanghai Medical College, School
of Public Health, College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, International Cultural
Exchange Institute, Computer Science and Technology, Department of Art and Design
and other departments directly under 29, with 70 undergraduate programs, a subject
24 doctoral, doctoral academic and professional point 153 (which own 29, 1 degree),
master degree disciplines, professional point 225 (which own 50, the professional
degree 8) and has 25 post-doctoral research stations.
School wide range of disciplines, the existing philosophy, theory of economics,
Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism and Communication, Mathematics,
physics, chemistry, biology, electronics science and technology, basic medicine,
Integrative Medicine and other key state-level academic subjects; finance, industrial
economics, political theory, international relations, modern Chinese history, historical
geography, computer software and theory, internal medicine (cardiovascular,
infectious diseases, kidney disease), pediatrics, neurology, imaging and nuclear
medicine medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology,
otolaryngology, oncology, Epidemiology and Health Statistics, pharmacy, social
medicine and health management of two national key academic disciplines.
Chinese Language and Literature Institute of the existing school, research center of
China's socialist market economy, the United States Research Centre,
Institute of History and Geography, Institute of Population Studies, Institute of World
Economics, Finance Research, Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Modern Physics,
Genetics Research Institute, Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Shanghai
Institute of Radiation Medicine, Liver Cancer Institute and other 306 kinds of
research institutions, advanced photonics materials and devices, application specific
integrated circuit and systems Surface physics, genetic engineering , medical
neurobiology five national key laboratories, provincial and ministerial research
institutions 39.
Nearly 50,200 students in schools of all types, including doctoral and master 11 976
people, ordinary people of the 14 816 junior college students, 2812 were foreign
students, 11,160 adult education students were the specialist, network specialist health
education of the nearly 9510 people.
The school has a high level of teaching staff, the existing full-time teachers and
researchers 2481, including professor, associate professor of nearly 1,400 people,
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering 35, 831 doctoral
tutors, the Ministry of Education, "Cheung Kong Scholars Programme
"Professor 50, 25 Professor," National Key Basic Research and
Development Scheme (973) "project chief scientist of 11
people," national outstanding contributions to youth expert "33
people. The school also has Zhongshan, Huashan Hospital, etc. 10. Hospital set of
medical services, clinical teaching and research work in one. Advanced medical
equipment, strong technical force, with more than 1,600 people have now, the Deputy
High title, created for the clinical teaching and good teaching conditions.
Fudan University to train with the overall quality of high-quality talent as a
fundamental goal of teaching. Schools to pay attention from their own reality, boldly
absorb the successful experience of foreign universities, with emphasis on
interdisciplinary infiltration, cross, combined, multi-disciplinary comprehensive
university play features and advantages. After a long practice and exploration, we
have established a relatively complete, with its own characteristics of the teaching
program and management system. Discipline full swing, a good momentum of
Schools in accordance with the "deep foundation, wide caliber, and
abilities, and innovation" teaching philosophy, integrated education and
basic education for the characteristics of Arts general education and professional
education Wide Scope organically combined. Implemented from 1994 schools Credit
Management, 2001 Promoting credit systems, by adjusting the curriculum, Open
Choice professional, the implementation of semester system, the establishment of free
elective credits and other ways, from the Initiative of Students of the training on
personality development to give students more autonomy to choose. Schools promote
"professors on the basic course, with Experiment", built with
strict quality assurance system of teaching in the calendar year of the National
Excellent Teaching Achievement Awards Zhonghuojiangshu Shi Zhong finished the
whole country. Schools to set up a set of results, there are characteristics of teaching
management system, research and development of the domestic advanced level with
the "College Online Academic Management System", tutorial
system and a series of measures, the full realization of the scientific, professional
management, and consistently teaching style and exam remediation, forming a good
style of study and school spirit.
The strengthening and development of graduate schools of education as the key to
building a world-class universities, and always to "improve quality of
graduate students" as the core, encouraging graduate students ability to
innovate, to create a sound mechanism and strong talent academic atmosphere.
Actively promote the recruitment system reform, expansion of doctoral admissions
tutor autonomy through Tiqiangongbo, Shuoboliandu and graduate student
recruitment system to attract excellent student. By strengthening the curriculum
development and teaching degree programs in construction to perfect graduate student
system, with strict scientific Xunlian and Nenglipeiyang to Jifa the independent
innovation potential graduate students, the implementation of 学位 Dissertation,
medium-term assessment and examination, Dr. Zi Ge measures to increase the
cultivation of graduate students quality. In recent years, post-graduate papers in the
quality and quantity are greatly improved, the sixth consecutive National 100
Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award, I have 33 selected schools, ranked third in the
country. To meet the requirements of national modernization, focus on graduate
education in recent years, structural adjustment, to develop specialized degree training,
and achieved good results, widely recognized by the community. In 2001, the 13
leading Asian business school to participate in the "Asian Business Plan
Competition" on behalf of my MBA school teams include all individual
and total score champion, in the country, "Huawei's
Cup" competition in the electronic design graduate students, our school has
received many groups and individual champions. 100 countries in the first Renowned
Teachers of the assessment, the Fudan University professor received two awards;
Shanghai Renowned Teachers of the first selection of 52, 8 professors selected,
ranking first in all colleges and universities in Shanghai.
Schools focus on the combination of education both inside and outside the classroom,
encourage students to carry out academic research and social practice. Established the
"Student Technology Innovation Fund", "social
practice Summer College Fund", set up 100 Taiwan boutique lectures,
promote reading 100 books, participate in social practice and 100 experimental
subjects for making moral education as the core of innovation and practical ability to
cultivate , moral, intellectual, physical, U.S. mutual penetration of quality education,
to become the main theme of campus life. Reflect the ability of students to science
and technology innovation in the National College "Challenge
Cup" competition, Fudan University in 1995, 2000, 2001 and 2005 won
first prize four times, won the first prize is the largest school. Student Repertory
Theatre staged the world were often in the school play and a new self-directed and
performed play. School class of men and women volleyball team is the national team.
Artistic gymnastics, shooting is a traditional sport, Fudan University, students in the
national title game again.
Fudan efforts to first-class teacher, class management, nurture top talent Fudan. Fudan
University-trained people, to show their talents in their respective positions, won the
society's validation and the employer generally welcomed. Most graduates
can be implemented in the unit before the end of April, five, six units in battle is also a
graduate of the many examples of the phenomenon. Employment of college graduates
in the country in an increasingly competitive market situation, the employment rate of
Fudan undergraduates has more than 95% in recent years. Flow from the graduates,
but also can be seen in social development Fudan role. Into account the number of
state organs the total number of graduates of 6% to 7%, helicopter or obtain graduate
and stay in the universities and research institutes accounted for about 40%. Financial
units, various types of companies, lawyers, accounting firms have a higher
proportional. Employers generally indicated that the majority of Fudan's
students have strong self-confidence, a spirit of collaboration, adaptability, and many
other advantages, the work can often stand out.
Fudan University Science and Technology for the international scientific work to the
forefront of national strategies for demand, the main battlefield for the guidance of the
national economy in order to carry out original research of scientific innovation, a
first-class talent and scientific and technological achievements, serve national security
and regional development targets to undertake major national and local projects, the
construction of major scientific platform for fostering excellent creative team as the
starting point. As chief scientist of units, now bear the National Key Basic Research
Development Program (973 projects) 6, the National Natural Science Foundation
Project 1. 2004, approved projects of National Natural Science Foundation of 11, six
major projects in Shanghai, by the National Natural Science Foundation of excellent
innovative research groups in one, get the national scientific and technological
achievements awards 4, 105 authorized patents, SCI publication Paper 944. In recent
years, schools, the main battlefield for the national economy, in application specific
integrated circuit, computer network engineering, biotechnology, organic
nano-materials and catalyst research in the field developed a series of scientific and
technological achievements, resulting in significant social and economic benefits. In
the non-linear mathematics, advanced materials, human genome science, basic
sciences and clinical medicine and other fields of science and technology has made
important progress.
Humanities and social science research, in the previous outstanding achievements of
Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Award, Fudan University's
award-winning total of both absolute levels and lead, which "Historical
Atlas of China", "English-Chinese Dictionary",
"Chinese Literature Criticism History "won a top award; have
five results were the first in 2000 National Social Science Fund for Outstanding
Planning Achievement Award, which by the Professor Lu Gusun editor of
the" English Dictionary "the first prize, is the only Shanghai
The first prize winner. In 2003, the Chinese Ministry of Education, Humanities and
Social Sciences University of the third research excellence award in the rating, our
school won the first prize of 5 books, won the first book a few ranked first in the
country. Our school was in 2004, Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Research
Excellence Award 82, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Outstanding Achievement
Award 12 promotion, Jiang Xuemo, Liu Fang Tong received the Academic Award was
first established; in 2004, awards in the Social Sciences in Shanghai, our school
winning the city accounted for 32% of the total. In 2004 our school and thereby
facilitating decision-making advice, Shanghai Research Award, eight, winning
substantial increase in the total number of Universities in Shanghai for the first time
ranked the first. In 2003, 2004, 2005 National Social Science Foundation project
review, I have 20,28,23 school projects were approved and project the number of
Universities in Shanghai for several years ranked first. Fudan University also has won
first prize for Chinese books, "five projects" Outstanding Book
Award, the Shanghai Grand Prize and other awards outstanding books.
Fudan University actively set-tech industry, promoting the production, study and
research association, the promotion of research findings. Through exploration and
practice, drawing on useful experience at home and abroad, the implementation of
multi-mode development of technology industries, and make the school
transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements have
been       considerable    development       work,       and    create     a    vibrant
"Fudan" school-run industry group, open up a road with
"Fudan characteristics" of the industrialization of the road. In
2004, Fudan University National University Science Park, south Wales, set up offices
in the UK, successfully open the door leading to the European market. Existing listed
company three, two of which Hong Kong GEM listed companies, such as Shanghai
Fudan Microelectronics Co., Ltd., is the first specialized in large scale integrated
circuit design, development, production, sales initiation ceremony Co., Ltd., which
listed in Hong Kong's first brand of high-tech enterprise, Fudan University,
in the "Asian Financial" Magazine's 2001 Best
Chinese enterprises list on the mainland, the company classified as 10, its
"divinity 1 "Embedded 32-bit microprocessor projects with the
National Defense Science and Technology Prize.
After years of construction and development, Fudan University has formed
"Two Wings" campus pattern: namely Handan Campus,
Riverside Campus as a whole to Fenglin Campus, Zhangjiang campus for the two
wings. By the end of 2006, the school covers an area of more than 244 million square
meters, building area more than 139 million square meters, fixed assets reached 2.973
billion yuan. 134 existing types of laboratory schools, including five national key
laboratories, 20 provincial and ministerial key laboratories; have 3 Arts Medical
Library, the existing collection of 4.45 million school, ranking the forefront of the
national universities.
Fudan University has become internationally influential academic centers, with
extensive international contacts close, academic exchanges are very active, has nearly
30 countries and regions, more than 150 universities and research institutions have
established cooperation and exchange relations, and to more than 300 internationally
renowned scholars and people granted honorary Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Advisory
Professor and so on. Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, former French President
Valery Giscard d'Estaing, former Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers,
former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, German President Johannes ? labor,
former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and other
foreign leaders have to Fudan University visit and speech. Fudan University is the
country one of the four bases in foreign language teaching, several students ranked
second in China. International exchange and communication in the number of
students increasing students abroad to study abroad in 2004 reached 637, opened up
the horizons of students. Fudan University to actively participate in various major
international university organization, following the success of East Asian Research in
1998 in Hui University in 2000, after the 21st Century University successfully held
the first four the following year will Jiaozhangxiekuai in 2001, successfully organized
a "Huan Association of Pacific University "5th Annual Meeting.
With the international status of the upgrade, Fudan University hosted a significant
number of academic conferences, the school hosted the 2002 International
Mathematical Union's Board meeting, the International Conference on
Synthetic Metals and seventh in the world as a Foreign Language Teaching in
higher-specification, large-scale international Conference, 2004 International
Conference held in 60 sessions. Fudan University actively promote the process of
internationalization, and Yale University, Waseda University, National University of
Singapore and other world-renowned universities have established strategic
partnership in 2004 with 27 foreign universities and academic institutions have signed
exchange agreements. Fudan enthusiastic school council work, school managers and
the annual domestic and foreign financial support to the community.
ASE China, Fudan Dan Xi. Shanghai Municipal Government in the Ministry of
Education and the focus of investment under the prestigious Fudan University is
striving that the centuries into a base in Shanghai, serving the entire country,
world-class level, world-class comprehensive research university, for the progress of
human civilization, constantly explore education, technology innovation and system
100 years, schools in personnel training, innovation and technology, heritage of
civilization, serving the community made outstanding contributions to the country.
Fudan University has a large number of academic history, master and famous scholars,
the history of education in the Chinese academic and far-reaching impact. Fudan
students to remember these "learned and focusing, all asked in recent
thinking" of the school motto; strictly "civilized, healthy, hard
to make" school spirit; to exercise "hard, rigorous, realistic and
innovative" style of study, carry forward the spirit of Fudan University, for
national liberation and rejuvenation, the country's construction and
development of social civilization and progress made important contributions. Fudan
University in 2005 ushered in a century birthday. CPC Central Committee General
Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Hu Jintao sent a congratulatory
message, Hu Jintao, NPC Standing Committee Chairman Wu Bangguo attended the
Centennial celebration of the meeting and delivered an important speech. Fudan
University, one hundred years in the beginning of the second occasion, the school
developed a "Fudan" Eleventh Five Year Plan
"Program" in order to maintain content of development-oriented,
in order to increase our overall strength as the main line for a major breakthrough for
the direction, goal of building world-class universities strides.

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