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					                       SEO FROM THE BEGINNING
Before you begin developing your new website, you might want to take
some time and come up with a plan. That plan should include the way in
which you’re going to use SEO to better market yourself online. If you
wait until you finish writing your code and content for the site before you
begin SEO, you will have wasted a lot of your time and probably money.
Whenever you incorporate SEO, it’s necessary to adapt the code and
content anyway, so why not use it from the very beginning.
SEO & Web Development
First, begin by planning your SEO project. Decide on the Web
development technology you want to use to build your site and consult
with a SEO expert and ask how easy it will be to incorporate SEO into the
development itself.
Know your Customers
It’s also important to do some keyword research. You need to understand
your customers if you plan on keeping them. Know how your customers
describe your products or services and what their top searches are when
they choose your business or company. If you understand this, you
understand the key words and the content you need to use in your site.
Don’t forget about Content!
The most important thing you have to keep in mind for your website is
content. If you have well-written, good content about the services and
products you provide, you will certainly get more traffic to your site. Why
do you think Wikipedia appears at the top of every search engine when
you type in a key word? Because Wikipedia has at least one page that is
multiple paragraphs dedicated to that topic, its history, its place in the
modern world and so on. Don’t just mention your services, explain them
and let people read about them. Became an expert on what your business
has to offer and share it on your website.
Link Building
It’s not fun and people wish they could ignore it, but you can’t if you want
to have a successful site. For all those who are unfamiliar, Link Building is
a process in which you create inbound links to your websites. Link
building is necessary to get traffic and rankings. It gives your site
exposure, credibility, and visibility.
It will be helpful for your business if you know about search engines and
SEO. I recommend having some training for your staff, including the
decision makers of the business. The more knowledge you have about the
subject, the more equipped you’ll be for the development.
How will you market your site?
How do you want to market your site and your services and your
products? First, what are your products and services? What do you want
to be able to do online to see your services? What do you want to say
about your products? How do you think your website will help? Do you
want to use Social Media to expand your business? How will you use other
sites to link your site? How will you get other sites to make a link for your
site? What will the structure and design of the site be? You have a whole
lot of questions to answer before you start.
You have to find a way to have your new site stand out from the rest of
the sites that are selling the same exact products. Somehow you need to
have creative content, good key words, great links, a media campaign,
and web development that will incorporate all of these things. And there
you have it folks; numerous reasons for beginning with SEO.

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