2nd Rhythmic Gymnastics

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					                           2nd Rhythmic Gymnastics
                            International Tournament
                           in Pesaro (ITA) - JUNIORS
                           August 25th – 30th, 2010

                                              To the Presidents of
                                           Gymnastics Federations
                                                   Affiliated to FIG

                                           Pesaro, 7th January 2010

Dear Gymnastics Friends,

The President of the FGI Gymnastics Federation of Italy and the O.C of the
City of Pesaro have the pleasure of inviting you to participate at the
2nd Pesaro International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament for
Juniors, which will take place from August 26th to August 30th, 2010.

The 2nd Pesaro RG Tournament will be organised under the control of
Gymnastics Federation of Italy together with the FIG World Cup Series

The seaside town of Pesaro, on the Adriatic Sea, is one of the most
important cities of the Italian region “Marche”, internationally recognized as
one of the most interesting cities as regards tourism, culture and arts,
besides being the city that gave birth to musician Gioacchino Rossini.

We are looking forward to seeing you as well as the gymnasts of your team.

Our kindest regards,

Riccardo Agabio
President of the Gymnastics Federation of Italy
                           2nd Rhythmic Gymnastics
                           International Tournament
                           in Pesaro (ITA) - JUNIORS
                             August, 25th – 30th, 2010


                                          Pesaro, 7th January 2010

Dear President,

The FIG has authorized the organisation of the above mentioned Rhythmic
Gymnastics International Tournament to Italian Gymnastics Federation.
The Competition will be organised following the FIG Statutes 2010 edition, the
Technical Regulations 2010 edition, the Code of Points 2009-2012 and all other
Rules and Guidelines, as well as any complements or amendments decided in the

We are pleased to send you the following information:


Italian Gymnastics Federation
Viale Tiziano, 70
00196 Roma - Italy
Phone: + 39 06 3685 8477 Fax: + 39 06 3685 8113


C.O.L. World Cup Series Pesaro 2010
Via Gagarin – 61100 Pesaro – Italy
Phone: + 39 0721 400272 – Fax: + 39 0721 400317


Date: from August 25th to August 30th, 2010
Competition Category: International Tournament for Juniors
Competition Name: 2nd RG International Tournament of Pesaro

Via Gagarin – 61100 Pesaro – Italy
Phone: + 39 0721 400272 – Fax: + 39 0721 400317

Capacity: 10.500 spectators


Competition I: Individual exercises – team competition
- Each team must be composed of: min. 2 - max. 4 gymnasts.
- Each team must participate with: 4 exercises.
- Each gymnast: max. 2 exercises.
(In the case of individual participation, the gymnasts must perform 2 exercises).

Competiton III: apparatus finals
- The top eight gymnasts per apparatus (rope, hoop, ball, clubs).


Entries can only be made by FIG affiliated federations. Late entries cannot be taken
into consideration.
    April 26th 2010 – provisional registration
    June 26th 2010 – definitive registration
    July 26th 2010 – nominative registration


The organization will take in charge local transportation for all delegations from
August 25th to August 30th (dates of arrival and departure).
Travel expenses, accommodation costs and meals costs have to be borne by the
respective federations.


All necessary payments must be made in cash (EURO) to the O.C to the following
bank coordinates:

Beneficiary name:    C.O.L. “TURISMO&SPORT”
Account number:      100000001860
IBAN:                IT71J0574813314100000001860
BIC:                 IBSPIT3P

Please integrate the payment’s purpose as follows: RG WORLD CUP PESARO
Your federation is responsible for covering all bank fees in connection with the bank

Gymnasts from FIG affiliated federations in good standing. The maximum size of
delegation, according to the Technical Regulations, is the following:

Coach (Head of Delegation): 1
Junior gymnasts: from 1 to 4
Judge: 1
Total: from 3 to 6


Each Federation has to nominate one judge with 12th cycle FIG brevet (any


€ 30.00 each participant


The accreditation of all delegations will take place at the arrival in the AdriaticArena.
Heads of each delegation must check the names of the members of their
delegation, the hotel reservations and they must afford all necessary payments.
Moreover, heads of each delegation must bring to the accreditation office:

   A passport photo of each member of delegation.
   A CD with the national anthem and the national flag.
   20 copies of the fiches for individuals D&A.
   Certification of insurance for all members of each delegation, concerning
   illness, accidents, repatriations.

Accreditations will be distributed at the AdriaticArena upon delegations’ arrival.
In order to speed accreditation procedures, please send to the Organizing
Committee a photo of each member of the delegation (in electronic format or
passport photo) together with the nominative registration.

Note: Photos taken upon arrival shall be charged to the National Federations at a
cost of €10 each.


August 25th, day 1: Arrival of Delegations
August 26th, day 2: Training and podium training
August 27th, day 3: Qualification
August 28th, day 3: Qualification
August 29th, day 4: Finals
August 30th, day 5: Departure of delegations


Please check immediately if you need a visa to gain the entrance into Italy. The
Organising Committee will be happy to assist you with an official invitation.

Manufacturer: Janssen & Fritsen
Colour of the floor: beige


Hotels in B&B, price per person and per day:

Superior Four Stars hotel
Triple room € 75,00
Double room € 80,00
Single room € 110,00;

Four Stars Hotel
Triple room € 70,00
Double room € 75,00
Single room € 95,00;

Superior Three Stars Hotel
Triple room € 62,00
Double room € 65,00
Single room € 90,00

Three Stars Hotel
Triple room € 57,00
Double room € 60,00
Single room € 80,00

The prices charged for all the hotel rooms will not exceed the usual hotel rates. The
Hotel rooms will be allocated on a “first come, first serve” basis. The invited
participating federations must pay for their Accommodation costs. At the time of the
Definitive entry (2 months prior to the event) 50% of the Accommodation costs must
be paid to the OC. Entries without the payment of the 50% of the Accommodation
costs will be considered as invalid and will be refused.

In case of cancellation, costs will be refunded as follows:

Before August 1st 2010: 80% of the total amount
before August 15th2010: 50% of the total amount
after August 16th 2010: no refund


Meals can be taken in a site close to Adriatic Arena, booking and buying coupons
through the O.C.

Meals prices are: lunch € 15,00 / dinner € 15,00 / lunch and dinner € 25,00.

N.B.: Additional cost for one meal at the hotel: € 20,00.
The cost for the meals must be paid to the OC by 26th July 2010.
In case of cancellation, costs will be refunded as follows:
before August 1st 2010: 80% of the total amount
before August 15th 2010: 50% of the total amount
after August 16th 2010: no refund


Local transport from Ancona or Bologna airports to the official hotel in Pesaro and to
the Competition Venue will be provided by the Organising Committee to all
Regular shuttle bus will secure all transfers during trainings and competitions.


The draw of the starting order for the gymnasts will be carried out during the Head
of Delegations meeting and the draw for the judges will be carried out during the
judges meeting under the control of the Competition Manager and Organizer.


The participating federations guarantee that all members of the delegation are fully
insured against accident risks as well as for repatriation during their travel to Italy
and their stay.
The FIG and the OC decline all responsibility concerning this point.

Federations who show evidence of insufficient coverage or cannot give proof of their
insurance (copy of the policy e.g.) will have to take out an insurance or complete it
in Italy for the whole duration of the event (at charge of the federations).


• Federations which have not fulfilled their financial obligations towards the FIG and
O.C. (e.g. annual membership fees, insurance, etc.) will not be allowed to
participate in the World Cup or in the International Tournament.
• All participating Federations commit themselves to respect the Statutes and all
FIG Rules.

You will find all the forms (provisional, definitive and nominative entries and flight
plan) on the website of the competition:

                                                      Organising Committee
                                                          Paola Porfiri
                                                         (OC President)

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