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All the critical faculty of Beijing University Guanghua Zhang Weiying General
Assembly Minutes

Peking University Guanghua School of Management of all critical faculty Zhang WY
Assembly minutes (depending on recording order)

Near the end of the semester, some time ago to become the focus of the Guanghua
School of Management there are two things in the limelight, a routine monthly
meeting of all teachers inexplicably stopped more than two months, another one is a
hospital teacher spontaneous drafting a proposal, in just half a month, 40 people
signed his name above. (Content of the proposal in Annex 1).

As the semester ended immediately, January 9, 2008 15:30 PM, Guanghua School of
Management, a full-house General Assembly finally Guanghua School of
Management Conference Room 202. Weiying nearly an hour with a high-profile
summary of Guanghua obtained in 2007 various achievements, the glow of Zouxia
Tai, waiting for the usual end of the meeting. However, later became the majority of
teachers to speak freely Guanghua teachers accountable leadership on the current
General Assembly. The meeting until 20:30 pm and ended, and there is not even a
staff to leave.

First stage and the Peking University Business Management Research Center
Professor He Zhiyi, who first talked about: "do not know where in the end
is the beginning of the year, Guanghua not give teachers the opportunity to speak
freely. I had wanted to stay in the important North The reason is willing to go to a
simple and safe working environment, but did not expect, to the North or to be a big
hit in my own disaster. I often can not sleep late at night, and out of sleeping pills.

Then he talked about his deep feelings and hard Guanghua He Guanghua not an
official administrative demands, and he wants to stay in Guanghua wish to retire.
Then asked all teachers to understand that he might be some excitement, some may be
sharp. He said: "my yard that deal still hanging on the line - I am serious
infringement of the Guanghua that the interests and intellectual property rights, and to
prevent further use of my case centers on behalf of North harm, against the interests
of Guanghua, so will I removal from office. This is equivalent to set my shame. I was
a 28-year-old party standing party members, I am a professor of dignity, and I think I
did not subjective motivation, has no such fact. I wrote three copies of the complaint
material, five explanatory articles, 21 letters. I spoke with 78 teachers. because the
compound has not let me have a chance to explain the exchange, so I had to talk with
you separately . I just want to explain, I am not a Sungongfeisi person, I am not a
subjective and objective harm or serious harm to the interests and intellectual property
Guanghua, I was not a bully, Professor Dean. "

In addition to the results of handling the event, Professor Ho also referred to the
program's careless handling of the hospital and not do the leadership of the
investigation, did not hear his explanation. He made clear the case centers willing to
do as the management of more than 270 North Imagination Arts Social institutions
case, how to manage, how assessment, how to evaluate, how the person in charge
decided to regulate the appointment and removal and so on. Former Department of
Social Sciences, subject to their own admission, this provision has imperfections.

Explained in brief and their related explanations, Professor He changed the subject,
started talking about the common problems Guanghua. First of all, his hospital leaders
speak only joy of spring, talk about lack of expression of the basic difficulty, and that
Guanghua requires horizontal and Central Europe, Cheung Kong Graduate School are
more meaningful comparison.

Furthermore, Professor Ho points out Guanghua current core issues: "the
system is unclear, ambiguous rules lead to a lot of confusion; one-man phenomenon is
very serious; individuals above the organization or individual kidnappers frequent
phenomena." As a party member, regardless of Professor Ho, or the party
secretary Lu Zhengfei, had been "I do not know where the party at the
Guanghua School of Management What is right"!.

He then said: "The first is the team's leadership problem: a
system is not implemented. The second is the ability of the leadership is poor
communication and coordination. Third, poor leadership awareness of the rules, not
only a clear prohibition of parking parking place, and for firing people, appointment
and dismissal of cadres, do not run according to regulations. Fourth is the issue of
basic human respect, the President repeatedly said that 'vice president of
the cadres of the following can always call him on the spot I get on the
ground' is a lack of respect of human performance. "

Later, he also spoke as a leader, pay attention to public image, one not often go
against public opinion in the community to make some non-academic, unconventional
point of view. Such as "the biggest reform of the victims were government
officials; high fees for the poor children to college." 2 Do not speak, such
as "criticism of the moral standards of my people even to my heels are not;
row in front of me who in addition to the Jiang Zemin outside are dead. ",
or in public evaluation of others, such as:" Lee got a little older its mental
very normal. "

Finally, Professor Ho re-emphasis on strengthening institutional building, to Beijing
University of Chemical Academy of democracy-building initiatives, as well as
in-house fair and open procedures of the need to solve the problem

Professor He Zhiyi speech, returned from the Australian Institute of Economic
Research, Peking University, executive vice president of private single-Zhong Dong
professor immediately took the floor first for the hospital he asked a few leading
questions. First, he would very much like to know when the problem for Professor He
Zhiyi held an emergency meeting, hospital leaders said the report had fought to the
school, then school officials have any instructions on this issue? Professor He Zhiyi
treatment on any specific comments? Secondly, he said: "The courtyard at
the site late last year on the first issue of the statement Professor He Zhiyi, there are
two instructions, wording and decided very intense, asserted Professor He Zhiyi have
a problem, he dismissed the. But then Also in the leadership of the hospital within the
public letter of reply to Professor Ho, said He Zhiyi not on treatment, he was
contributing. If the decision of the leadership of our hospital is correct, it should
adhere to, is not it because he has written more than 20 letters believe we compromise?
"(audience laughs).

One professor said: "I recently attended a lot of outside review would
indeed feel this incident on the Guanghua School of Management has a great blow to
the reputation of Beijing University and Guanghua have had a very negative impact,
Guanghua's reputation to a history of landing the lowest point, I, as a
professor of Guanghua was very distressed. I think it can not be similar Guanghua
vicious incident, and Guanghua can not afford. "

He then hoped that hospital leaders should be more open, more transparent, more
harmonious, more gentle way to solve the problem, "unnecessary for the
staff, every time He Zhiyi To see the first number of hospital leaders how many letters,
or He Zhiyi to the staff section the number of how many letters, my heart would bear
about, head to Om about, shaking hands again. "(audience laughs).

Meanwhile, the single professor agreed to Professor He Zhiyi said democracy
building, and hospital leaders need to reflect upon. He said: "Premier
Wen's government report done, finished after all the results, certainly it is
also about eight questions." Finally, he hoped that in 2008, the hospital
leadership and more down and listen, think, Guanghua teachers to some resentment
aside, work together to build the democratic system, happy work.

Then the third floor is home soon, information systems and logistics management Cai
Jian, assistant professor, Department, he said: "I am back home during the
sars is now before the Olympics, Beijing University Guanghua School of
Management at the time, like Olympic Games, now Guanghua School of like sars, is a
crisis "(audience applause). "Guanghua School of Management
in 2008 as a departure from the ship channel, has been hit over the three icebergs,
there are many very good crew, choose to leave quietly take the lifeboat; the crew
selection of dry its job well, to clean up the deck ; some time to think about the crew
at the helm; some of the crew, with a body block the irrigation water to the cabin; but
I am very surprised to see more of the crew, probably more than 40, not only wise, but
also to see direction, and courage in the confusion which, under high pressure to
express their views. I had been hesitant to take the boat to leave, now, I saw the thing
about this is that teachers of Beijing University, which is the true spirit of Beijing
University, Tsinghua brackets plus Spirit (audience applause), allow me to express to
you the sincerest respect. "

"As a teacher, we take the train the best people the country mission. A
teacher's sense of superiority, should come from the pursuit of the truth of
his courage, his sense of responsibility, his dedication, his love of the natural ; not
from some other conditions, such as the so-called popular subject, it is prestigious
school, whether it is on a central television, or whether returnees. returnees as
academics, I think that deliberately create returnees and local teachers, the difference
between superiority to gain personal political interests, is not only irresponsible, but
also unwise. "(audience applause)

"I respect the teachers please remember, you are not passengers, you are
sailors, Guanghua is your ship, Peking University is also your

Ship. Let us put the boat to the right channel to open up. Thanks again! "

The spokesman was also the fourth returned from overseas, management science and
engineering associate professor YANG Dongning. He described his involvement in
collecting signatures for the ㄒ maple hazel causes, processes and feelings. He cried
out: "Guanghua based system can no longer be missing in this case alone
make the further development!" "We should save their own.
That low, we need to create a better working environment, said the high point, to
Guanghua better to build. "

He thanked the "most carefully looked after a solemn sign their
names" of colleagues, and said that he once said, "It was signed
after a little regret, it does not matter, this thing still by me in any way to tell my name
I can name a very thorough way to erase, "but not a teacher to do so.

Professor Yang believes that Heng-Fu Zou, Professor He Zhiyi things, "the
fundamental reason is that no system, no system for good people to do
good." Although it was suggested that the timing of this proposal may not
be appropriate, but Professor Yang believes that "I do not know when is the
right time, in theory, not the best time. such as three years ago, we need such a thing,
but we did not. Do we have to wait until three years later, after five years?
"Finally, he expressed:" I hope through strengthening
democracy, let us Guanghua this once proud and warm place, has been revitalized,
truly sustainable development can, in ten years, fifteen years inside towards true
world class. "

Fifth floor of a hospital union vice chairman, Professor Jiang Minghua, director of
brand research, he came said: "I have said on many occasions, Guanghua I
the only one in the Pacific ship, I can not leave this boat. For me, the boat is not a
lifeboat. I'm here from the beginning to the school for 26 years until now. I
can not leave this organization, I can not do any damage to anything in this
organization. "maple as ㄒ Hazel's one of the drafters, he said:
"We wish to express their own little mind, the organization has been in
accordance with normal procedures, the ㄒ maple, hazel and handed the school,
handed the leadership of our hospital."

He stressed, "We want to set up a committee of teachers, all teachers have
the opportunity to have the right, duty and responsibility to participate in Guanghua

Finally, he added: "the masses of the leadership required standard may be
high, but that is because people's expectations higher than the commitment
of leaders, guided only pressure that can better our society could progress a little
faster. Made high standards, as a basic right of the people who the leader should be
able to stand the pressure. I always choose to be the people with my ability and, of
course I like the happy life. "

Professor Jiang has spoken, is a short 10 minutes rest, all Guanghua faculty quickly
returned to the conference room. Most people whispering and talking about the
contrast, is Weiying no longer smile in the face. However, when the podium, and
turned out to be the old executive vice president of Guanghua, founder of the famous
scientist Professor Cao Fengqi financial.

Professor Cao first clear up the theme: "Today I am a bit unstable blood
sugar, so feeling a bit out of control, I hope you bear with me." (Shaking),
"I said He Zhiyi not matter today, but it should be said that I was right to
say He Zhiyi's most things, because I was the first director of the Center
case, I am also a Tony skimmer N Peach comment bad addiction reins, everything we
know, but I do not say He Zhiyi things today. "

Subsequently, Professor Cao Guanghua it focused on building democratic institutions,
he said: "Victoria welcome back as the First Vice-President, especially
when the executive vice president and president has made a few inappropriate things,
to the North, a great deal of internal damage to the Guanghua and negative impacts.
"he recalled early in 2007 had written a letter, I hope the new team at work
can listen to the masses, including the different views, to enhance decision-making
scientific, to avoid the blindness and randomness, so that cohesion, unity, democracy
and harmony.

However, he sadly said: "This past year, how these eight characters like
you? Cohesion? There is no cohesion ah! Unity is it? Our College has to split the
point! Democracy? No democracy! Harmony? Fundamental discord ! on this point, I
have a year's work is unsatisfactory. you do a lot of things, but the most
basic things are not good. "

Then, Professor Cao said: "Victoria welcome it, knowing the original rules
and regulations of our college, but when doing the abuse of party Joint Committee, on
behalf of the President's office to the grounds of collective decision, they
want to do some things, to the Guanghua school leadership team and have brought a
lot of passive. "" The key is to meet comrades from Victoria
became the first vice president of the day, the joint party and government will not
open, he opened the President office will, in fact, the party also came to the column.
and then do a lot of this in the name of the decision. But the president's
office simply not appointing and removing personnel! Joint Personnel Management at
the party! these are clear of requirement. "

Cao teacher excitedly said: "Victoria Ying ah! System developed should be
enforced, whose job is whose responsibility. In fact, when we have teacher evaluation
committee title, in the past, when teachers are Li Board of the Faculty too! However,
Victoria Ying comrades in power, you had the Academy will open it? was gone!
so-called compound decision led by the Victoria welcome you too much. It is only
because of this abuse of power behind many of the problems out . Heng-Fu Zou
problems to solve not to solve it? must be solved. But Heng-Fu Zou solve the problem,
the external declaration, "the President's office" took
Heng-Fu Zou gave opened, in fact, no right to dismiss a work meeting the President,
Professor! "(all Field of applause) "to mention the dismissal of a
professor and a professor are the same. to go through the Academic Committee, to go
through a hospital party committee, joint committee to go through a party! went
wrong is not it? comrades!" (Loud applause) "system is set to
everyone is to follow! "

Subsequently, Professor Cao disclosed in April 2006 before the professor review,
modify commentary Title Weiying interim force conditions, leading to Zhi-Xue Zhang,
Li-Hua Chen and Dong Xiaoying three years of efforts, associate professor sudden
failure of the act, Professor Cao asked: "This is academic
Committee's work, not your yard work, something you can respect the
Academic Council! "(audience applause) and to the assessment meeting,
Weiying added: a top-two B Class A Class. Professor Cao commented,
"there is no rule ah! You say on the top of the roof? Actually means that
you would like to mention who. Because of this matter, we have some good
professors qualified, may have on the future life not come. Victoria welcome you
should carefully consider, this is not rule-ah! "Professor Cao this metaphor
of" a player-meter race, has run 50 meters, fired suddenly that do not
comply with the rules !, "such ridiculous things as schools and the State
Department to the academic team members Professor Cao" felt very sad,
very helpless! "" So the end of the academic committee
meetings when I proposed to resign, because I can no longer do it! "

Professor Cao said in earnest, "Victoria meet Yeah, you're
president, you have to distinguish between what the pipe should not care what.
Heng-Fu Zou The problem is that people will open removal of the President Office,
the results are now legal case here, no law school principals deal! President said this
matter is not for everyone, you bring much problem ah! "

Then, Professor Cao has authority for the president Weiying abuse, often by
Guanghua a statement on behalf of such acts of foreign criticism. Professor Cao asked:
"Why do your own thing you Guanghua School of Management in the
name of name of it? You always say that people can not abuse the name of Guanghua
School of Management, you do not abuse it? Concerned only with your own
statements, and the name of is the Guanghua School of Management?! I am also a
member of Guanghua School of Management, ah! how do I not know? "

And Professor He Zhiyi, professor of the same single-Zhong Dong, Professor Cao
also Weiying often irresponsible to talk nonsense in the media expressed their views:
"Another example November 29, 2007, two interviews, you say
'this is not the hospital Professor Cheung is Professor of bullying bully
president. 'You say I could give Dean a little bully example, Professor, you
say I could not even find the President, Professor examples of bullying can not be
found. and then say' who criticize you and call you Moral people do not
like your heel 'that the criticisms I have you, my moral than your heels?

In Weiying had many critics, the highly respected Professor of the current Cao
Guanghua School of Management we need to discuss four issues, distribution issues,
retirement issues, job classification, discipline issues and construction issues.

Finally, Professor Cao with his 90 birthday in his speech, Mr. Min ended his speech to
speak, "the older generation of comrades founded the Guanghua School of
Management and Guanghua established brands, without their efforts, there is no
Guanghua today. We must Like love, like eye care Guanghua School of Management,
there is no reason and excuse to damage and destruction of Guanghua brand, damage
and destruction Guanghua honor, reputation and image. to focus on development,
solid first-class. "

Thunderous applause in the audience and Weiying are becoming increasingly livid
face, the seventh spokesman, the hospital union president Professor Zhang Hongxia
also made a brief speech, she said: "Several teachers expressed the views
of many people, but The idea is to suppress a long time. Guanghua now has so many
problems, damage the reputation of being great, some teachers raised a number of
spontaneous initiatives, trade unions to organize the voice of the masses into maple
hazel. our goal is to establish a democratic , harmonious and happy Guanghua. hope
that today's will promote the institutional building, to ensure we can ship,
Guanghua the direction toward a better, more efficient driving. "She also
said:" The future of the trade union college really should be in accordance
with せ Dai ɑ, drip Ψɑ democratic decision-making in the supervision and work
on some contributions do more to protect all interests, so that everyone can live in
Guanghua a very happy happy life, work and then buried again. "

Then, the accounting department of Professor Wang Liyan as the eighth spokesman
expressed their views. He said: "The next morning I go online to Weiying
Heng-Fu Zou He Zhiyi name three of them into the joint fight, Baidu is 15,200 pages,
GOOGL in 11000 pages. The recent few things to Peking University Guanghua
School of Management directly or indirectly suffer damage, become a media frenzy
bait, friends ridicule pretext, street talk about funding, a small news market, selling
consumer goods! Now I go out lecture, where we all asked me if I have new news,
sad ah! "

In this regard, he made three suggestions. First of all, online publicity in the
processing of these two things, and let the old teachers, old teachers, committees and
special investigation team, watching the college's decision-making matters.
Second is to dismiss Professor Zou Hengfu, and to deal with Professor He Zhiyi,
many doubt verify, clarify. Finally, schools should call attention to this matter, no
longer silent.

In the midst of applause, a spokesman for the ninth, the financial department of
Professor Liu Li stage. He started on the Guanghua now more united and harmonious
atmosphere of the lack of expression of the "special sad" and
then stressed the "need for collective decision-making now." He
thought, "Although the direction of the deviation is not large, but the pace
if we are not going too fast for comfort so, may wish to walk slowly, otherwise
everything will be very difficult to do, and even affect the damage to us. "

Then, the teacher and Li Yining, one of senior co-founded Sinorama the Professor Hu
Jianying, all the participants to do a Rang Du sad statement. She said: "A
lot of new colleagues, may not recognize me. I have been teaching 50 years at Beijing
University, and I love Peking University, Guanghua love, love Guanghua the students,
but my personality is very cheerful, and one day to a very happy night. But last year,
we asked the old teachers were moved to the basement of the office upstairs, to the
new home to children who give. basement is sulk, and we have a lot of old comrades,
gas Bie is not up, but They just continue to work there. My legs hurt, could not make
the basement, then I have not any complaints, I take the lead to put things back home.
This is my personality. "

She continued: "But recently carried out so much, I hurt for a month, I feel
awful. Recently, I received a lot of foreign students to call me, they say very hard to
accept. 50 years, is an operation for joint I have not had tears flow. But now, I
neurasthenia, sleep can not feel, I eat Chinese medicine and western medicine are not
effective. I love Guanghua, and I love the North. "

"Guanghua there are so many problems, in addition to a system that,
building, more importantly, how can put this loss Wanhui it! I tell you all Yue Baibai,
and I want to leave Guanghua, and having to go to one place, so I feel Yukuai 1:00 . I
just hope, sincerely hope to work together, not to become the world's a joke!
I talk more, I can be. "

Professor Hu spoke in the dignified atmosphere caused by the former Vice President
Professor Zhu Shanli also expressed their wishes, "I will try to special
meeting to discuss the college building. Guanghua institutional issues for all of us
should be eligible to change it to resolve it. "

Just have spoken once again came to power, Professor Zhong-East, about a little
problem and a few comments. His question was "as party members Xuxin
Zhong and Wu Changqi joint two Vice-Presidents, all the decision-making in dealing
with Professor He Zhiyi, said objections to a different view, that the decision-making
process in the end is how to accomplish? Now have different views, why also to sign
it! "

He then made several observations, including:

First, issue of institution building must immediately open consultation meeting, to be
specific in so;

Second, you have teachers specific question, want leaders to consider and clear

Third, we should consider the establishment of a democratic society in
decision-making system;
Fourth, it should not help set up an independent panel chaired by hospital leadership,
to all the truth;

Fifth, the Victoria Institute of welcome as a long interview that many is extremely
wrong and should apologize to everyone;

Sixth, the party leaders at least deal with the problem wrong, very short, and consider
not comprehensive, it should also apologize to everyone;

Seventh, Victoria welcome experience in the management of many shortcomings, it
should free up time to think carefully about, on an account for you.

Almost eight times the face of so many teachers took the floor, even when the
president Weiying immediately after being promoted to assistant superintendent stated
Ya No, not surprisingly many of the Weiying views, she said: "I personally
evaluate the current team, I think this session of the team is not mature, they had a lot
of that is from the teacher's position as the leader, they need time.
"" I welcome fights with Victoria, in order to manage the
system, I think this administration is wrong, I said, often confused and Victoria
welcome to share why not? this I often scolded. "" I would like
to promote with everyone Guanghua the standard management, so that it can
Guanghua future. "

In his speech, she mentioned that she often recommended Weiying to
"many of the management of internal listen to your views," but
every time he said Chang, "you do not know, outside competition so fierce,
how do you let me dry the ? "

Finally, she again said: "The first year we have an excuse not to do because
we just started, but we may have an excuse for not more than the second year, third
year is incompetent. I agree that we improve our Guanghua School of Management
system, the initiative to set up procedures. "

Then, do not know what the Party School of the role of the party secretary Lu
Zhengfei and everyone referred to Weiying have power. Lu Zhengfei conditional
expression of regret, Weiying is still trying to defend all their decisions. However, the
three are expressed in different ways, "the new team is still young and
bound to make mistakes, I hope you forgive me."
Annex 1: Shi Fu Ge Air drip ㄒ maple hazel г

First, the establishment of University Teachers Committee, teachers, teachers, elected
by all the output of the Committee, by a certain percentage of professors, associate
professors, assistant professors, college administration and decide on important
matters must obtain permission from teachers to the Committee, through later.
Important matters such as the scope and resolution drafted by the preparatory group of
the Committee of teachers, all teachers meeting to discuss the implementation of the
vote. Teachers meet regularly every quarter the Commission meeting, and may
convene ad hoc meetings as necessary. I think that we want everyone to participate in
the democratic development of our Guanghua, is to correct the past, we may have
committed some mistakes.

Second, to maintain the relative independence of the Academic Council, Academic
Committee of the surface increases, increase the academic committee of the number
of non-executive leadership, administrative leadership in academic committees shall
not exceed 20%, to maintain the relative independence of the academic committee.

Third, to respond to President Xu Zhihong of academic insights and perspectives to
promote the reform of Beijing University of Chemical Institute of experience in the
implementation of Guanghua School of Management Dean of the rotating system,
part-time teaching and research staff of the College President and Vice-President of
the implementation of the rotating, non-renewable term of 4 years .

Fourth, establish and improve University administrative systems, the implementation
of major issues in voting system, the establishment of annual and interim executive
leadership trip system, the College administration and faculty each year the General
Assembly shall be the whole trip, listen to ideas for improving the work of other
administrative bodies at two years recommended by the school after the mid-term
evaluation organized sector organizations.