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?Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was a 18th century American industrialists,
scientists, social activists, thinkers and diplomats.

He was born humble, 10-year-old will drop out of school to work, age 12, apprenticed
in the printing, helpers. But he put into prison, in mastering the printing technology, it
also has a wide range of reading literature, history, philosophy books, self-study math
and four foreign language, practice writing with great concentration, all of which was
made in his lifetime achievements in many aspects laid solid foundation.

Self-reliance in the prevailing social order, he twists and turns, set up his own
business - printing. As the hard-working, emphasizes the prestige, attention
management, he not only fierce competition in the printing industry in its feet, and the
business expanded to several neighboring states and the West Indies, to become North
America's leader in printing and publishing industry.

His attention to the observation of natural phenomena to study scientific problems.
His departure from the practice, engaged in scientific experiments and observations,
the electrically answer the "power of the mass" problem, under
different electrical referred to as "positively charged" and
"negative" Electricity in the proposed "first-class
theory ", in terms of atmospheric electricity reveals the nature of lightning
phenomena, known as" the second Prometheus. " The landmark
research on electricity made him famous world-class scientists. He optical, thermal,
acoustics, mathematics, oceanography, botany, etc. also has research and has new
stove, lightning rod, electric wheel, 3 minutes, double focal length glasses, automatic
BBQ machine, glass musical instruments, overhead device to take the book, new
lights and a series of inventions. Thus, he only read two primary education, was
Harvard University, Yale University, University of Oxford, UK, University of
Edinburgh, St Andrews University and other universities awarded 67
master's degree or doctorate.

Franklin became famous after the colonies in North America, cultural transmission
and social welfare, a lot of work. He has organized the establishment of a
"total social time", "American Philosophical
Society," "North American Scientific Association",
newspapers, libraries, bookstores, hospitals, universities, fire brigade, local militias
and other academic, cultural, health, fire , security organizations and institutions; He
also reformed the postal system in colonial North America, the North American
colonies to establish a unified postal system. He is a distinguished social activist,
became influential figures in the North American colonies.

He not only good at solving specific problems and Science in the social and political
activities of the practical problems, often explore the many philosophical and social
problems. He is a deist, that the spirit of the attached materials; He believes that
poverty is due to the social workers who must support the parasitic; he loves freedom,
and peace, against war, hatred of racial discrimination and slavery, in favor of
safeguarding the interest of blacks and Indians . He was the most profound thinkers of
bourgeois liberalism.

Franklin live in a time when the United States from the colonial to the independence
of the bourgeois state towards a major turning point, he was an active part in the
revolutionary movement, the victory of the War of Independence and the United
States, the initial construction of the national system has made a significant

North American colonies in 1754 leaders of the Albany attend the meeting, he made
his famous "Albany Union" scheme, was adopted as early as
this United States of America coalition indoctrination into the minds of colonized
people to people.

In Pennsylvania, he has to work together with the colonial peoples rampant with
unscrupulous landlords ① group to fight. In 1757, he went to London on behalf of
the state legislature to petition the King, to require owners to pay taxes, success; in
1764, his second went to London, asked the king to protect colonial interests, no
results. Subsequently, the British Government to strengthen the crackdown on the
North American colonies, inspired the struggle against colonial peoples stronger.
Franklin's position completely to revolution.

Owners of the original colony of Pennsylvania, is a 1681 and Wei Lianbin King
Charles II gave the land. Later, Wei Lianbin two sons of succession. Colonies in their
licensed owners have appointed officials including the Governor, veto parliamentary
motion to exempt from taxes and other privileges.

May 1775, he returned to America, immediately put into the revolutionary struggle.
He served as Pennsylvania's Public Safety Committee Chairman, chaired
the local Military Commission, and cooperated in the preparation and Penn State Xian
Fa; Ta subcontinent as Pennsylvania Daibiaochuxi second meeting is an American
Declaration of Independence one of the drafters; he served as U.S. Postmaster General,
Zuzhizhanzheng Post period, significant achievements; U.S. military operations in
case of repeated setbacks, he, as three members of the Committee in consultation with
Washington, decided to implement the state's mobilization of 13 in North
America, making the War of Independence to adhere to six years.

Britain and the United States weak in strong situations, colonists had to fight for
foreign aid. Upon the order of the Continental Congress Franklin was in France, for
the United States and France form an alliance to jointly fight against the British. Help
the United States at the time the complex and intractable foreign environment, he to
the United States win the faith, perseverance of the patient, ingenious flexible foreign
wrist, using the contradictions between European countries, seize the favorable
opportunity, the conclusion of the United States and France alliance Covenant, for the
human, material and financial resources of a large number of foreign aid, to ensure the
victory of the War of Independence. Late in the war, he participated in and presided
over the US-British peace negotiations once the negotiations, signed a peace treaty
favorable to the United States, Britain, successfully completed a difficult diplomatic
mission during the war. After the war, he became the first new U.S. Ambassador
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in France Working in France, until returning in

After returning, he was elected Pennsylvania governor for 4 years. In the United
States Constitutional Convention, he is member of the Constitutional Drafting
Committee, he delegates to mediate differences of opinion and put forward a
bicameral parliament, to become one of America's basic national system.

After 1788, he was no longer in public office, but still publish articles on politics for
the Government to select and adopt, and is committed to promoting the activities of
the abolition of slavery.

April 17, 1790, Franklin passed away. The day of his funeral, his number as many as
20,000 mourners, the American people to fully express his feelings of mourning.
Meanwhile, the U.S. Congress decided to not only mourn for him a month, the French
National Assembly passed a resolution mourning for him, that he belongs not only to
the United States, also belongs to the world