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					      AJP, west county’s premier commercial
      real estate service is proud to announce
                       its   20th anniversary!

Our Story…
                                                                                                    nized and that makes us as important as a larger size firm in the mainstream
                                                                                                    of the market. The nice thing is we can do that and be successful at what we
                                                                                                    do and still be a family. Although we have name recognition and long length
                                                                                                    of service from our staff, our growth has really come from the ideas and per-
                                                                                                    sistence of this little family that makes it up,” said Winer.

                                                                                                                That persistence and innovation helped us through the economic
           rofessionalism. Creativity. Service. Those are the first words you                       decline of the early ‘90s. So much so, that we aggressively built a sister to an
           read in our brochure and the ones we continue to do business by.                         existing class A office building in Odenton in a 16 week timeframe! The very
A. J. Properties was born out of a need and 20 years later we’re still meeting                      successful Johns Hopkins Odenton-Meade Health Center is housed there, as
that need. The circumstances are different, but the ability to                                      well as other medical and technology offices in 65,000 square feet known as
serve and serve well is the same.                                                                   Winmark I & II.
             In the early 1940’s, the Winer brothers developed a
plastics business in the Odenton area and it became some-
thing of a company town. Over the course of their business
years, they acquired property which eventually needed to be
managed. Turns out, one of the sons was just the right man
for the job—Jay Winer.
             After his uncles retired, Jay worked with his father
until starting his own official property management business in
1983. Named after his two sons, A. J. Properties was born.
Most of the Winer-owned properties had since been sold off
and new opportunities were pursued.
             A. J. Properties (AJP) became the facilitator, devel-
oper and manager for several new projects including a new
partnership to buy the Historic Savage Mill (an 1820s textile
mill) in 1984. Over 16 years, three phases of renovations
measuring 175,000 square feet, have been completed and
the Manor house (used for catered events) has been pur-
chased and renovated. Today you will find the Mill on the Na-
tional Register of Historic Places and 99% leased! It is home
to artisans, craftsman, home furnishings and the largest an-
tique dealers on the east coast.                                               (L-R) Debra Quickel, Sabrina McCallum, Ray Bruce, Jay Winer, Stuart Title, Donna Wilner, Evelyn Kellner, Michele Waits
             With an undertaking such as the Mill, you may be
surprised to find our staff so small—just eight members strong. You may be                                Our investment lies not just with our clients, we are also invested in
more surprised to find that more than half of them have been with AJP more our community. It has been both a pleasure and a challenge to be part of
                                 than half its 20 years. What isn’t surprising is Odenton and west Anne Arundel County. We have volunteered our time to
                                  the dedication staff members apply to getting actively participate in the AA Economic Development Corp.; Chamber of Com-
                                  the job accomplished. Our ability to be diverse merce; Corridor Transportation Corp.; Heritage Society; Improvement Assn.;
                                  and flexible is why we’ve been here so long. Jay Small Area Plan; and Town Plan. Serving benefits everyone. Our commitment
                                  credits the company’s ability to stay competitive ensures a better future our clients, our community and ourselves.
        incredibly                with the high quality of the staff. “We’re incredi-                     From Piney Orchard’s 4,700 unit predevelopment to the Midway
                                  bly efficient for our size,” said Winer. Another Industrial Park development and sale, restoration of Historic Savage Mill and
          efficient               surprise might be finding out that we don’t just Academy Junction development and leasing, we can do it all.
                                  do the deal, we form long-term relationships.                           The next time you’re thinking brokerage, development, consulting
      for our size”               When you do business with AJP, you meet with a or management—think A. J. Properties. Our 20 years in business proves we
                                  principal. And more times than not, our paths give reliable, attentive and quality service and we owe you our thanks.
cross again for repeat service or new ventures. Clients have become friends
and mutual bonds are cultivated.
             Whether you are starting, growing or well established in your busi-                                            Success is a good feeling,
ness, we provide customized service. An example—our rapport with our ten-                             let us share the wealth of our achievement with your business.
ants. We don’t use cookie cutter methods; we stay flexible to serve individual
needs. While our methods aren’t traditional—they work. Whether leasing or
managing, we’re not just processing, we strive to meet the needs of our client.
When you are small and specialized, you have to have the ability to work well                                 AJP, Not bigger, just better!
together as a team and we do that successfully! “We’re effective and recog-                                    
                                   THANKS TO YOU…                                                                   Presorted Std.
                                                                                                                     U S Postage
                                                                                                                    Odenton, MD
                                                                                                                    Permit No. 45

                                   20 Anniversary
                                       th                  WE’RE CELEBRATING OUR

                                                             Remember When?
(410) 551-9116 *
8373 Piney Orchard Parkway

                                                                   President: Ronald Regan
Odenton, MD 21113

                                       In the News: Terrorists Bomb US Embassy in Beirut, Over 239 Marines & Sailors Die
A. J. Properties, Inc.

                                                           US and Caribbean Troops Invade Grenada
                                                               Dow Exceeds 1200 for the First Time
                                                                Cost of New Home: $89,800.00
                                                            Median Household Income: $20,885.00
                                                                     Gallon of Gas: $1.24
                                                                   First class stamp: $0.20
                                                    Top Grossing Movie: Return of the Jedi—$309,161,884
                                                        Big Grammy Winner: Michael Jackson, Thriller
                                                           World Series Winner: Baltimore, Orioles!

                                                               Property Management
                                                              Tenant Representation
                                                             Construction Management

                                                         From conception to completion
                                                          A. J. Properties can meet your
                                                           commercial property needs.

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