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					Forgotten Sands
(To do with the title of Prince of Persia UBI to commemorate the 7th anniversary,
from the sand to the time of Thrones Warrior Within rural villages to forget the sand,
UBI writing legend continued from generation to generation)
Activities by the end of May this year the company plans a collective hiking
ice-breaking journey, from the planning department out of the demo version is to
Zhujiajian, you can see the sea and sand sculptures, you can hear the change of tide
ebb tidal sound, between morning and evening and early summer can The daylight
clouds were hovering. In short the career development of this year a very significant
milestone, leadership in Monday's morning hanging high-pitched voice at
kick off, hidden in the official version of the egg emerges out of the water, there is no
reward without surprises, Daqing Gu replaced Zhujiajian .
And project a date
December 25, 2009 Spot-platform project team set up the company's
technology development, design staff, sales representatives, the information is
responsible for editing and post-test of the service staff of the focus of the
composition of the multinational force.
Platform as the boss before the stock's future strategic focus has continued
to heap blocks soil base for a year, most of the available functions, the market
operation between the objectives and methods are quite clear, now need to devote
energy to do nothing more than concentrated in two directions Previous: First, layer
on the interaction design, user experience has long been short of our products and
services board; second layer on the performance of the UI design, these two issues as
the final declaration of the flare into the full two rounds, once colorful fireworks into
the sky, the Empire Cross flag will be swept through the Steel City.
Market segmentation, horizontal marketing strategy, push and push air plan, which
has been in the paper and the project brief meeting on the drill do not know how many
times, was first on Jan. 10, time was on March 10, and then was in April 10, leading
to a collapse of all efforts is the time.
You degeneration, I had abnormal
Many people think that time is a river, always flowing in one direction; they are
wrong, I seen the true face of time, time is actually like a storm in the vagaries of
ocean. (This passage was written to commemorate the 7th anniversary of Prince of
Persia, forgotten coast, is the time of the prophets who Pulsatilla, no way ah
sometimes I was too obsessed rambling a)
By the end of 2009 was an eventful winter, the company sales led the first industrial
chain business needs of the Preparatory Fair (now clearing up, and this is leading the
industry this year, the Beginning of the interconnection material, online internet, line
of things, What a comprehensive development strategy), the whole system of products
and services need to upgrade the technology and market to maintain the 12-year
marriage has to wait for boring lubrication.
We kicked the majority of Internet companies in the industry as young and full of
passion, and kicked our industry, like most Internet companies did a lot of things have
committed many mistakes, and kicked our industry is, like most Internet companies
are market-oriented type of company, the allocation of limited resources and
competing on the sales department will always have home advantage and the upper
hand, technology is there for the market, after all, business is not an ivory tower.
Lost time, lost in the work plan for the code line by line and page after page of the
document, the project team members began to lose their confidence, slowly began to
disperse and loss of resources; to do when sitting in mid-sum small room of very
small spot was found a few dudes and babes platform has become stranded in the sea
of time (or in honor of Prince of Persia 7 years) a large salted fish on the beach.
Many of China's product manager for Union colleagues concluded, kicked
industry 80% of the project will end in failure; barely Fortunately, I finally stood in
such a way for the first time a majority of the queue.
Pathological anatomy project
The next thing, and meet in the big boss with only two toilets in the meeting
participants, acquiescence spot platform marked by a full stop, but this does not end
Spot platform launched against all the odds the big boss was undoubtedly the man of
foresight, the whole structure of the strategy and on March 9 this year, the 1688
platform, open almost the same strain, the network must be involved in the process
industry, the concept of chain of trade can be described as accepted by the people
from the information developed to Emergence of Capitalism in business intelligence
is like the field of business transformation, as capital to capital, is a great leap;
Unfortunately, the reasons for the Orange Health Huaibei, the entire project from the
start there is too much criticism on, like on one side of copper Mirror, flip it back
detractors, pointing to the mottled rust denounced it ugly, like a devout supporter of
the minstrel, tell everyone they mirror bright.
Over the past 4 months of the day, Friday afternoon to re-tune the document appears
cargo platform checked page by page, cf now operating similar to this have seven or
eight e-commerce into a platform, a list of all the positioning, characteristics and
status of market development, repeatedly comparing the industry a few more
influential large companies operating in similar platform into the integrity of the
process system (315 Network Exchange has been the focus of the project team to
study), the original design of the bank account regulatory and business intelligence
review, no faith in the real face of malicious things to control the trade, or when both
seem to have appeared to be inadequate after review, Baosteel steel trading company
led the development of the South, double-blind trading system and in the magic net,
eventually destroying the very full of strong frustration in my career.
At 0:00 on the April 20, 2010, e-mail sent to the big boss, the proposed temporary
storage spot platform project.