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When you raise funds to create a world free of MS,                                               sponsored by

you can earn great prizes! The Stand host that raises
the most money in each age division will receive a prize.
Have fun and go for it!                                                                           Welcome to The Stand Against MS.
                                                                                                  Thank you for hosting a Lemonade
DIVISION I - Stand Host is 5 yrs. and under WINS four one-day                                     Stand! In this handbook, you will find
admission tickets to LEGOLAND® California and SEA LIFE™ Aquarium                                  everything you need to host a
                                                                                                  successful Stand.
DIVISION II - Stand Host is 6-12 years old WINS a Nintendo Wii
                                                                                                  Inside this handbook…
DIVISION III - Stand Host is 13-18 years old WINS two Disneyland
one-day park hopper admission tickets                                                                       What is multiple sclerosis?

DIVISON IV - Stand Host is 19 years and older WINS a choice between
a Toshiba - 19" LCD HDTV or a Canon - PowerShot Digital Cameraand                                           Where will my money go?
FUNDRAISING DEADLINE - You can mail in and receive online
donations until midnight on Friday, June 12th. The stand host winners
who raise the most money in each age division will be announced on                                          Important Information
Tuesday, June 23rd.

Mail checks to:
National MS Society                                                                                         Safety Information
Pacific South Coast Chapter
Attn: The Stand
5950 La Place Court #200
Carlsbad, CA 92008                                                                                          Tips on having a great Stand

Don’t forget to email a picture of your Stand to win The Stand Decorating                                         National MS Society
Contest! Email your picture to by June 12th.                                        Pacific South Coast Chapter
The prize and winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 23rd.                                                     5950 La Place Court #200
                                                                                                                  Carlsbad, CA 92008
* Stand winners must raise a minimum of $300 to qualify for prizes. The National MS
Society reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value. Restrictions apply.                     ph (800) 486-6762
                                                                                                                   fax (760) 804-9266
Questions? Contact Heather Cavazos:                                                                       or (760) 448-8446
        Multiple sclerosis affects families.
     Multiple sclerosis affects children too.
                                                                 Tips for making your Stand
 This is why we are taking a Stand Against MS.                            a success!
 On Saturday May 30, 2009 families all over the
                                                                 There are many ways to have a successful stand:
    area will host lemonade stands to raise
         awareness and funds for MS.                                Make it a party! Invite all your friends for a
                                                                    fun lemonade event.
    Thank you for taking a Stand Against MS.
                                                                    Send out letters to everyone letting them
                                                                    know what you are doing and ask for their
                                                                    support. Letter writing campaigns are easy
                                                                    and very effective. You would be amazed at
                                                                    how many people will send you a check in
                                                                    the mail.

                                                                    Make your Stand a festive site! You can do
                                                                    this by having a theme with decorations and

                                                                    Have your Stand in a busy, well trafficked
                                                                    place. The children will have more fun if they
                                                                    are in a place where they make a “sale”. *If it
                                                                    is in a public place, make sure you get the proper
                                                                    approval before setting up your Stand.
What is MS? Multiple sclerosis interrupts the flow of
information within the brain and between the body                   Download the signs and flyers from
                                                           and have children
and stops people from moving. At least two to three
                                                                    make their own posters for their Stand.
times more women than men have been diagnosed,
typically in the prime-of-life years, ages 20-50. An                Email your contact list – send all your
estimated 8,000-10,000 children under the age of 18                 friends, family and colleagues an email to
also live with MS.                                                  help promote The Stand Against MS. Check
                                                                    out the email templates in your Stand
                                                                    headquarters online.
About the National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Locally, the Pacific South Coast Chapter provides programs and
                                                                    Try to raise at least $300! Have a
services designed to help the 18,000 people and families
                                                                    fundraising goal of $300 per Stand
affected by MS in San Diego, Orange and Imperial counties
                                                                    is as easy as this:
move their lives forward. Additionally, nearly $3 million is
currently invested on MS research in our area. We are people        $3 per sale = 100 sales
who want to do something about MS NOW.                              $5 per sale = 60 sales
  Safety Information                                    Where will my money go?
                                                      The money you raise for The Stand Against MS can
Safety First!                                         help provide a variety of programs and services for
                                                                    people affected by MS.

An adult should be present AT ALL TIMES.          •     44% of the funds we raise support local programs and
                                                        services for people living with MS and their families.

                                                        *Emotional Support: newly diagnosed programs,
Never leave children unattended.                         professionally-led and self-help groups, counseling and
                                                         friendly angel visitation
                                                        *Wellness: aquatic and specialized exercise classes,
Do not set up your Stand too close to the curb.          medical clinics
                                                        *Direct: medical equipment loan, financial assistance,
                                                         transportation assistance
                                                        *Family & Social: caregiver support, holiday and family
The children will be excited and want to “wave           events, respite care
in” cars. Please monitor this activity and make         *Education & Advocacy: outreach, community and
sure they stay clear of traffic.                         professional education, information, referral, research
                                                        *Independence: care management, employment
                                                         resources, financial planning
Please be mindful of cars pulling in and out as
well as foot traffic.                             •     33% of the funds we raise go to our National
                                                        organization to fund research. Currently, nearly $3
                                                        million in MS research projects are funded at local
                                                        institutions including the Scripps Research Institute,
                                                        the University of California at San Diego, the University
                                                        of California at Irvine and the Burnham Institute.

                                                  This means that 77¢ of every dollar you raise will go
                                                  directly towards funding vital programs, services and
                                                  research for people affected by MS.

                                                  •     And only 23% of the funds we raise go to fundraising
                                                        and administrative costs.
                                                                         During the Stand:
      Important Information                                               Help us raise awareness by having a presence at The Stand
                                                                          Against MS.
     Here are steps you can take to have a very
                                                                          Set up a table and chairs and decorate your Stand with signs
successful Stand! Use this check off list to make sure                    and flyers from the Stuff to Download section at
                  you are on track:                             
Before the event:
                                                                          Ice your lemonade so it will be cool and refreshing to drink.
  Identify the volunteers (adults and kids) to help run
  the Stand with you. The more the merrier!                               Put out signs on surrounding streets to advertise your Stand.

  Distribute volunteer assignments and emphasize the                      Guide kids and volunteers as needed. Be safe and have fun!
  importance of safety.
                                                                          Take a picture of your Stand for the Stand Decorating Contest.
                                                                          * details on back of handbook
  Complete and distribute the Stand Advertiser Sign
  from in the Stuff to                             Be sure to give each person a Thank you flyer from the Stuff
  Download section before your Stand date.                                to Download section at along with
                                                                          their lemonade.
  Make decorations for your Stand by downloading and
  printing all signs and flyers from                                      Collect and count the money from your Stand and put it in a in the Stuff to Download                         safe place.
                                                                          Tear down your Stand by removing all trash and supplies.
  “Talk it up” with neighbors, friends, family and co-
                                                                          Congratulate yourself on such a great job!
  workers. Spread the word!

  Call your local community newspaper and ask to be                      After the event:
  interviewed to promote your Stand.                                      Continue to raise money both online and offline by sending
                                                                          out emails and letters.
  Shop for and purchase your Stand supplies (lemonade,
  cups & money jar) before event weekend.                                 Before Friday June 12th, complete the enclosed Stand
  *Check out different lemonade recipes from in    Summary Sheet. Include checks and The Stand Summary
  the Stuff to Download section.                                          Sheet in the enclosed self-addressed envelope and mail to
                                                                          the National MS Society.
                                                                          * You may either deliver the cash that you have collected OR you may
                                                                          write a personal check for the total amount raised.

                                                                          Watch for the email announcing the Stand winners on
                                                                          Tuesday June 23rd. See back of this handbook for
                                                                          information about prizes.